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  1. The Council are hiding the Shadow Seed and only Classic Hero can find it! And oh look, a big boss guard robot: Funny, he didn't look nearly as dangerous without any End. And that was enough to get her to level 40! Finished out the mission with some vampyr smiting for good measure: It's been quite the journey to get out of that time eddy! But she made it. If others want to organize events or time to team up for their own classic heroes, I'd be happy to join in!
  2. I hope to be on a little tonight, here in about an hour after dinner! Check in the classics global channel if you don't see me in the SG list.
  3. You should put that in an AE arc @Xiddo(or as close as you can) and maybe it'll get a Dev Choice! I do think it's important to point out that there's a difference between modifying the existing TFs and creating new ones. Modifying the old ones should be quite a bit easier than creating whole new ones, so I'd love to see the Dev team put some effort into revamping older TFs first. More efficient time management.
  4. Congratulations! I'm still a little behind you, got distracted last night getting another character through the weekly Hess TF. It's likely I'll also be using that same arc for the final stretch to 40. Glad to hear that the classic challenge process gave you a chance to see some of the older content - those of us who have played since the beginning sometimes forget that not everyone has seen all the background.
  5. I was thinking about this the other day when running the Citadel TF (which was the weekly at the time). We don't really need massive changes to these older TFs, though a few extra flourishes would be fine. What's really needed is just streamlining. Cut 3 or 4 of the Citadel missions, don't swap from IP to Talos on every mission, perhaps change a couple of the defeat-all to defeat-boss. One power station is plenty for Synapse, and one patrol-Steel-Canyon. These should be fairly minor changes that would be great quality-of-life improvements that don't require a huge amount of development time.
  6. Got a few missions in tonight with @Mysterious J - only 3 bars to go to 40! Might get that tomorrow night, if the real world doesn't conspire to keep me away from Paragon City.
  7. Only had 3 people tonight, so we just ran a couple missions and called it a night. Citadel can go clean out his own Council caves! I'd like to run some classics next week. Should have time Monday (probably around 6-8 PM Eastern) and Tuesday (a bit later, probably 8 PM start). And if someone wants to organize another TF, by all means go for it! Doesn't need to be the weekly, just one of the classic ones.
  8. I've been MIA a bit this week, playing too many other games, but I'm still planning for the task force Friday evening at 8 PM (US East)!
  9. Next week, the weekly strike target rolls over to the BastionCitadel TF! How does everyone feel about another Friday run? Feb 12, Friday, 8 PM US Eastern time - who's in?
  10. I'm gonna try to be on for a couple hours each of Tues, Wed, and Fri evenings this week, probably starting around 7:30 PM US Eastern. Either red or blue, whatever folks are running. Hope to see some of you there!
  11. Welcome! Look for us on the Launch Re-enactors global channel so we can get you an SG invite.
  12. There was quite a bit of interest in doing a classic villain (CoV release) team night. I was thinking we could run a low-level mayhem or two - good for temp powers before you get your travel power, and besides, mayhems are the best parts of villainy. 🙂 When are people free? I could do Tuesday, Wednesday, or go for Friday evening again.
  13. Another great TF run tonight! First we hit the Council and Nemesis for a couple of missions, getting Sythestesiatica up to level 20. Then it was off to Ouro to talk to dead Sister Psyche through the magic of time travel, but first, had to show off a bit... On the far left is @Ceejerfrom Repeat Offenders, and all the rest are classics. Most activity We Have No Issues has seen since the Synapse TF! Sister Psyche really likes to send you after Freaks. A few Council, too. And lots of sonic bombs. Spent a lot of time all over Steel Canyon, Talos Island, King's Row, and
  14. Make it so! If anyone wants to participate but can't make that time, let us know what does work for you, we might be able to run twice.
  15. What days work for folks? Friday or Sunday 8 PM Eastern again? I should be good for either.
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