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  1. Thanks, D. I was afraid that was the answer but thought I'd ask anyway! It's not a deal-breaker for the story to have the ally somewhere else on the first floor. Maybe I'll just have her say something about how she got a little lost but is ready to go now!
  2. I'm trying to set up a mission with an ally that starts the mission with you, kinda like some of the Praetorian arcs do. I've created an Ally and set it to spawn single (so no enemies) and Front location. But the ally always seems to spawn somewhere on the first floor other than the entrance room, usually after a few mob groups. Is there a way to have the ally start right by the mission entrance?
  3. Got the badge today, thanks @sundew for organizing! I'll do my best to drop by on future runs to help others get it, too.
  4. I'd definitely like to get this one on my badge toon (EbonFlame, blaster). Be happy to stop in for practice, too, when are those happening?
  5. Another vote for this one! I tried removing the purples from the enhancement DB to avoid them, but then the AI code crashed. I can't post in the MVP thread, it's locked somehow. Another thing that would be useful is a way to tell the AI that a power needs to have a certain enhancement type/amount. For instance, a damage power needs to have at least 80% damage enhancement, so that the AI doesn't try to slot up your Golden Dragonfly with only defense debuff.
  6. Sadly, the combat log parsing method is extremely limited and that's why you're not seeing a lot of the stats. If we ever get the API mentioned up-thread, perhaps something can be done. Until then, though, the limited combat log functions are all you're going to be able to use.
  7. I'm just the messenger on these, I'm afraid. It's more a starting point collection than intended as an evergreen build archive. Plenty of ideas for how to improve things if you post over in the AT forums, though! I just tried the download link, worked fine for me. It's possible your browser and/or connection is blocking downloads of files, in which case you would get a blank page.
  8. Try shutting down HeroStats then deleting the two configurations files - HeroConfigurations.xml and HeroStatsConfig.xml. It will recreate them when you restart. But be aware that I've not been updating the game scanner (see messages above for why) so it may still not work.
  9. I've pretty much given up updating the scanner because of the change in development - see the last dozen or so posts above. You can use the file log option if you like, but that's a pretty minimal set of functionality.
  10. Yep, here it is: As for the source code, it's all on SourceForge. Warning: technical stuff! If you want to look at the scanner part, it's in the CityOfHeroes project. Probably want to start with MemlocFinder (FindChatList) and CohMemoryScanner (ScanHeroData and ScanTabs). My current major problem with the new client is that I can't find string pointers in memory. The process works like this: a new client is released, and I need to update the scanner. I open up a memory debugger attached to the game client, and go find "HSData" (the name of my chat tab) in the client memory - say it's at 0x00e8ab34. In the old client, I could then look for "34 ab e8 00" in memory and that tells me where the chat tab name pointers are stored (and by extension, the larger chat tab info structure). That lets me adjust the code so it can find that stuff on its own. But in the new client, that search for "34 ab e8 00" returns nothing (or occasionally garbage). I've tried it with a bunch of different types of data - chat messages, character name, etc - and that same problem pops up every time. There's probably a simple solution, but it's certainly not one I know!
  11. https://sourceforge.net/projects/herostats/files/HeroStats - Stable/v7.6.1.0/ Version Bug Fixes: - Fixed chat log reading functionality. You can enable it in Hero Options, and it will work with all the game client builds, but only a subset of HeroStats functionality will work. We can! I'd pretty much forgotten about that functionality, but it already existed from back in the pre-shutdown days. It needed some updating, of course, thus the release above. If we want all the same functions as the direct-read method, we'd need that. Just to list a few of the very basic things, the chat log doesn't say which character is logged in, or what powersets they have, or what SG they belong to.
  12. So, good news and bad news. The good is that I have a working version for the Safe Mode client that was released today. (I had to modify my latest unstable build since it apparently changed in just the few days since I made that update, as @Unknown Magi noted above). https://sourceforge.net/projects/herostats/files/HeroStats - Stable/v7.6.0.0/ Version Bug Fixes: - Updated scanner to work with Safe Mode Homecoming beta build. Other builds will not work. The bad news is that I have no idea how to get HeroStats working with the other builds, either 32 or 64 bit mode. I don't know what "based on modern development tools" in the patch notes means but whatever it is, it completely changed how the internal client memory structures look. I can't find the combat log messages that HeroStats relies on any more. If any developers want to clue me in, I'm happy to listen, but for now the other builds simply will not work.
  13. So, it turns out this is *really* complicated. HeroStats is a 32-bit application, and as such, can't access a 64-bit application like the 64-bit game client. (At least not with the .NET Framework. It may be possible with low-level Windows programming but that's well beyond my limited understanding of Windows programming.) Making a 64-bit version of HeroStats might be another option, but I tried some simple x64 complication in Visual Studio and just keep getting tons of errors. So for now, I'm afraid we're stuck with the 32-bit client version for running HeroStats. As long as the development team is creating both clients, that should be feasible. If they ever go to 64-bit only, I can try again to figure this out, but I'm not optimistic. Maybe by then we'll have an API built into the client and this will all be academic.
  14. I've got HeroStats working with the 32-bit beta client, at least mostly. I've released it as an Unstable Build. If you're only playing on the live servers, you can ignore this update. https://sourceforge.net/projects/herostats/files/HeroStats - Unstable/v7.5.3.0/ Note that since this is an Unstable build, it will by default install to its own directory separate from the Stable version. That way if something breaks with the Unstable builds, which can happen as I'm trying to keep up with beta changes, you can always go back to your Stable version for playing on the live servers. Still looking at the 64-bit beta client. Going to take some monkeying with how HeroStats uses the .NET Framework to interact with the game client.
  15. This surprises me not at all! New builds often break the scanner and I have to adjust things. (Which is why a true API would be so awesome....) I haven't yet used the beta servers. I generally don't bother with those since most folks are on the live servers, and since beta builds often change frequently it's hard to keep up. If I have time later this week, though, I'll look into it.
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