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  1. Basic premise of this thread is asking what real life historical events or mysteries are your characters tied to if any or if you prefer to avoid such things to not 'step on the toes of others'? I would also like to start off by saying to those who want to post just because you see someone else using an event, there's no need to worry, just share the thing you had for your character. This topic came strongly to my mind because one of my two main heroes, Gaia Redeemer, is an ancient reincarnating soul and monster hunter, so he's basically gotten around history in more ways than can be imagined. Just a few examples I've used for him include: He's only been famous in two past lives, specifically as Queen Ametis of Babylon for whom the Hanging Gardens were built for and Ashur Bilit who was the first head of the Akkadian Empire. (i picked these figures partially due to their relative obscurity) He claims he wasn't, but he slayed a demon once in the back alleys of early Imperial Rome's markets, the demon exploded in a burst of flames upon death and the blaze quickly spread causing the Great Fire of Rome in 61AD. In another life, he Nikolai Orlov, and actually a cousin to Grigory Orolov, one of Catherine the Great's prominent lovers (which factored into his later execution) Lastly, his first life he claims to have been Adam of Eden, or at least 'a version of it', and Eden was despoiled by a serpent he's since learned to be have been an early nictus, the disaster caused created what's now known as The Eye of the Sahara. So what historical events do you tie your heroes and villains to? For extra fun, every hero or villain tied to either WWI or WWII who are not 'canon' to the game's lore, take a shot.
  2. interestingly, even that's not that big of a whole form what I observed as any AoE attack is going to by flagged as "ranged" or "melee" still, so like with s/l softcapped blasters, unless you have (presumably) locational AoEs like burn, rain of arrows, etc. it will still check against the Melee or Ranged portion and be negated than the missing AoE.
  3. it's actually got 'a lot' of holes in it. It only gives a buff to ranged and melee defense, no typed defenses and no AoE. (guess that's why my Titan Weapons guy was never bothered by it. Well, that and being willpower)
  4. I don’t know about the vengeance stacking not adding lethality but I like to play as high defense characters who have little in the way of resists so their stacked to hit buffs hurt. that said, what I find odd is how it all fits into the group lorewise. Nemesis’ army isn’t really said to be the type to inspire loyalty of individual officers when avatars of their master tend to be around every corner, but what’s really weird is why nemesis automatons have it when they’re not only robots, they’re expressly crappy robots who constantly glitch and show plenty of obvious signs of their inhumanity with few exceptions. but this is all off topic. And going back to fake nemesis, how about as a challenge, the personal forcefield heals the fake nemesis for half his total HP?
  5. Actually, they can't. I am with the OP that nemesis bubble is pretty useless, but rather than remove it I'd rather see it changed into something else, maybe at least make it so it boosts his Recovery and Regen, or better still, have him also summon some Nemesis Jaegers to back him up and attack while he gets breathing space? Hell, it would make more sense for him to have detention field. In general, Fake Nemesis just feel kind of disappointing as enemies, especially since the AV nemesis is exactly the same but with a bigger health bar.
  6. I feel your pain, see my earlier space station map suggestion. the interesting thing about a lack of windows in office spaces is that they do not even make just opaque windows you can’t see out of even though they exist in even the older warehouse map sets. I do see one of the issues being that city of heroes mission map Tilesets are permafrost by using procedural generator from a selection of parts, then a human dev went through and made sure the pieces completely lined up. From there one can extrapolate windows were not included because it’s too easy to have windows that “face out” in impossible ways. however, there are a few maps that avert this and do have windows, noteably, two are single room missions (Cleopatra and Odysseus’s office seen in Responsibilities arc and Mortimer Kal SF respectively with appropriate outdoor scenery, though the offices themselves are almost identical aside from praetorian propaganda), the other is the top floor of Marchand’s office in a villa inside Ouro arc. (Which was partially recycled for the new vigilante arc made by the SCORE team). the last big exception being the new Kallisti Wharf offices currently only viewable (and useable) in mission architect.
  7. try being an RPer where you have to remember just because it's a certain time for you, it's North American Eastern time in Paragon since it's set in Rogue Isles. (let's not talk about how wonky it is that the Rogue Isles and Paragon share time zones)
  8. This one one might be a bit far off in terms of 'doability', and slightly off topic, but one thing I'd really like to see if to take the bosses of each enemy faction and basically make EB and AV versions that you can fight in newspapers/radios and tip missions. Actually, related to that, let's throw in EB and AV versions of the generic heroes and villains (like Mangle, Desdemona, Savage Siren, Doc Quantum, Etc.)
  9. I mean, while it's understandable to want to keep NPCs unique, maelstrom's hair is HARDLY the only unique thing about him. He kind of has that fancy armor.
  10. another thing I'd do for a City of Heroes 2: Hazard Zones would be clearly defined by being levelless zones in which an endless series of large-scale zone events take place, representing the push and pull of the battle between authorities and outlaws in the area. There would be repeatable contacts who would give out a small array of mini-arcs, similarly scaled to be effectively 'infinite' in level that could help push things in favor of one's preferred side of the law, and allow street level heroes and villains to remain street level should they wish.
  11. My suggestion: add more P2W temp powers, specifically charges for temp powers you can get from mayhem and safeguard missions. Basically everything listed in these two boxes: https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Temporary_Powers#Mayhem_and_Safeguard_Missions_Powers Possible additions could include the minigun temp power and the heavy pistol from the Going Rogue missions. Also, the 'Deevolution' form shift power you have a low chance to get from the secondary evolution buff for pure giggles.
  12. Six months was a time frame held by a full development team of some fifty or eighty people who were all professionals and had in-depth orientation with the code. We have little of that, our team is smaller, volunteers, and figuring out the code even still. Next there's potential animation matters and coding new powers. Expanding on existing Incarnate powers is a maybe, but I don't see Genesis, Vitae, and Stance being something we'll see anytime in the near future.
  13. On the note of travel powers, one of my own ideas for a City of Heroes 2 travel powers included: fast travel waypoint system Not sure if the way points should be physical things in the world (like maybe public transport stops so those without travel powers could use it) or just locales you tag and interact with through the map. all travel powers would automatically possess a combat mode and a long ranged mode So basically one’s travel power is a three for one pick. The long ranged mode would work a bit like long ranged teleport does now with an interruptible wind up animation followed by your character flying, rushing, vanishing, etc. off, becoming invisible and phased out* while a menu offers you a selection of zones to choose from, possibly including the extra options of going right to your base or even the mission door. *this is mostly so you’re not just standing there like an idiot like with the present long ranged teleport while you select your target. This would also have a “spawn-in” animation appropriate to the power like speedsters appear in a flash, skidding to a stop over a short distance, flyers would drop down from above, super leapers would drop down and do the three point super hero landing, and so on.
  14. no arguments there, in the Kallisti weekly discussion I wanted to note them down as possible enemies to be included who could be fleshed out, but as mentioned, lorewise, the KoA are sadly not strong enough to be a faction of their own again anytime soon unless we make some story about the survivors who still hold out for the Knives of Artemis as an organization go recruiting. Actually that would be the perfect arc to flesh them out and expand on their roster.
  15. Alternatively they should have made it so KoA defeat animations showed them teleporting away or sometimes having hidden spawns where they teleport in to suggest you might avtually be fighting the same damn groups in every single mission.
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