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  1. This, so much. i think a good start might be taking Malestrom and maybe foreshadow’s hairs since I think those are Player model compatible and just need color tweaking, and to top it off both characters have plenty of unique thing about them that giving out their hair shouldn’t water down their identity.
  2. As someone who has long wanted a “shieldless” shield defense, I’ll accept this. though part of why I like shield is that grant cover works conceptually for a frontline fighter being a tactical leader and shield charge being shield charge.
  3. If hasten and combat jumping weren’t things I’d suggest making travel pools (or rather one travel pool) not count towards the limit. But I’d also like it if (one) origin pool pick didn’t count towards the limits either for conceptual reasons. But I also do understand some of the concerns others have, I feel like this is one of those issues best approaches after we do something about the game’s difficulty balances. Which, even if we had the live team working on things will admittedly be a long long time.
  4. I too think it'd be cool to play Valkyrie or Spartan warrior in City. That said, I think spear should be it's own set (notice how much you're smacking people with the sides in staff) that would call for basically double the animation assets of normal. A two-handed version and a single handed version that could be paired with shield. I'm not even sure we could have tech for weapon sets that could make such alterations.
  5. Time for some comfy base building streams to lo-fi music!
  6. Let’s not forget there’s launch powers with names like “decapitate” and “head splitter”. Edit: correction, the tier 1 for battle axe is BEHEADER, also broadsword has both headsplitter and DISEMBOWEL, and we can't forget claws has Eviscerate. Yeah, and these were all powers given to heroes before it redside was much more than maybe discussion around the water cooler at the offices.
  7. I can agree with the OP idea, though I've also thought that to preserve the feel of Kallisti as now (namely a pretty cozy place), all mobs spawns should be something triggered as zone events or something like that? Basically, if you want to find trouble in Kallisti, you need to look a bit harder for it (this might also deter people from clocking into Kallisti and never checking anything else out), everything else is found through contacts and mission content. Though this could be insanely complicated as zone events have always been kind of sparse in City, so I'm guessing they might not have be
  8. I think (at least back when the game was live) they were deliberately vague on such stuff to allow players room to mess with combined with a possible concern over Marvel (which has both Thor and Hercules as characters and already came after Cryptic/NCsoft once before) and DC throwing a tizzy. Heck, in a few AMAs it was even mentioned the whole 'Incarnate of Zeus' thing was literally just Statesman and Imperious' takeaway from their acquired powers and otherwise have little to do with actually being related to Zeus. (Recluse is a prime example, he calls himself the Incarnate of Tartarus but loo
  9. Seeing as the Warriors and Freakshow/Vazhilok have/are getting revamps, I'd like to suggest that, if possible, Wyvern and the Legacy chain could be next on the list. Appearance wise, they're overall fine, but as some of the rare 'hero organizations against villains', it's tragic they vanish before level 30 and just stop being relevant than being able to pop up and oppose villains from 1-50. My own proposals for some changes in addition to level range expansion would include: Legacy chain branches do not vanish over levels. So you'll encounter the legacy of the sword and legac
  10. You know what the Echo shard could also be used for? Giant Monster summoning parties. just like, a @#$% load of people fighting against a dozen giant monsters at once.
  11. If I could change how sally works I’d make her immune to damage or something. To get the badge, you’d need to pick up a “camera” temp power and use it to snap a picture of her. We have the emote that could be used for the power animation. that said I have a bigger idea that’s a bit more elaborate but I figure this is a hood start.
  12. Personally I always saw the deadlock thing as a hint that BAB would basically get a “respec” from invul/energy melee to the more thematically appropriate willpower and street justice. And maybe a bit of a new look to really distinguish him from Marauder. Edit: I even have a bit of a mockup of how I think he could look updated. I might have gone a bit wild, but I sort of liked the idea of his age being shown/worn proudly (now has a relatively bigger beard, clear greying, more-dated looking sunglasses), and then gave him a leather jacket to make him look a little more 'civil' or some
  13. Personally, I'd actually prefer not to just copy Dual Pistol's thing. If I were to come up with an 'gimmick' thing, my own idea would be a sort of two stance power: Full choke and Full Bore. Full Choke would turn many of the cones into Single Target attacks, sacrificing AoE in exchange for range and accuracy. Full bore does the opposite and turns all Single Target attacks into cones, giving up accuracy and range for AoE Damage. The default stance basically gives the powerset a mix of AoE and ST
  14. Forewarning: this MIGHT be a bit of a hot button topic, so I apologize to both moderation and userbase in advance. Basically spun off from the Warriors revamp talk with Piecemeal, more than a few people have suggested adding female warriors. Now, I myself am not against equality in my enemies, I'll punch anyone breaking the law regardless of gender, age*, race, but would the factions of the Rogue Isles, Praetoria, and Paragon see it the same way? So basically this thread is to ask: what groups do you see as being equal opportunity or racist/sexist and explain why, I'll share my own
  15. I think +recharge is pretty important to about all characters and should be nerfed a bit. That said though, I'd also like to see Resistances and other such buffs get a bit of a boost (maybe like a 10-20% effectiveness boost) to encourage people to diversify their builds. Also, energy/negative energy resistance is surprisingly a rare bonus that I've noticed when trying to build an invul tank.
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