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  1. To be honest, I wouldn't mind it if a team wipe was a 'mission fail' that forced restarted the mission (as that would basically mean you could respawn out of the mission and try again with an adjusted strategy), I do get we should have maybe tried it at a lower difficulty or done it a different way. In fact, we had done this mission before on a team we built expressly to be as well balanced as possible (they struggled), so it was natural to assume maybe we could have handled it. But the design issue comes from the fact that once you fail, it's basically impossible to recover within what could be suspected as the developer intentions. I highly doubt they had planned for players to either be forced to log out, repeatedly die until an enemy's strongest powers were on cooldown, nevermind the base teleport exploit. In the end though, the root problem is still that these types of ambush mobs lock onto players and will track you across the map (happened when we did managed to get out and reenter with one teammate dropping at one end of the map then the mob flying over towards me at the other end) and just as egregiously nearly negates an entire archtype (the stalker) with this kind of programming on top of all the other frustrating aspects of it.
  2. No offense, but this kind of seems like a bit of a mess. For one thing, it's only hold is an AoE one which will probably be painfully long cooldown, and every single Control set always has at least one ST hold. The next is that the AoE stun requires a corpse, which limits your options for controls that actually mitigate damage. (Immobilize is honestly worthless in many respects). A time control set sounds interesting, sure, but with what you presented it's honestly going to be frustrating and lackluster.
  3. Hellions (and skulls until they were updated) have Submachine Guns (gunner, the ones wielding the UZIs) and fire burst, the Buckshot Lt.s are the ones you're thinking of, and that was it. The skulls got updated to include the Death Head soldier with a full assault rifle that had Burst, Heavy Burst, and Lead Spray. (which makes them a real pain in the ass. Also upsets me because I feel like a third Hellions/skulls Lt. should have used thugs MM Dual Pistols)
  4. We were at base difficulty, but as a team of 4 with two of us sidekicked up, it meant that for half the party the mission was +1. We were a controller, a stalker, a dom, and a fort. So what's the lower difficulty "break the team and run solo"? @Onemantankwall @aethereal Ah, and here's the 'git gud, challenge should be frustrating and painful!'. We were getting locked down by timestop bosses with holds, forbidden knowledge lt.s with immobilizes, crystal balls and ice clouds with massive collective -recharge and we would be hit with this all before we even finished the respawn animation. It was not a damn challenge, it was impossible until we cheesed the system using the base macro.
  5. So, I'm running the finale of the Ward arcs from Night Ward where you defend the Midnight mansion. I have three friends with me and the spawn size when Ward turns against you is literally impossible because not only do you face multiple bosses, all with control powers and ward himself who is an elite boss, but the respawn location is just off to the side of the mansion itself, and if you die, you are in aggro range of the mobs and even respawn in base forces you to teleport at the mansion in the mission instead of in your base. You are stuck in a cycle of dying and returning only to be held and killed again. Edit: the problem isn't the location of the hospital, it's that the ambushes are permanently aggroed onto players, meaning the second you spawn into the mission or even if you can survive getting up and fleeing, the mobs will lock on and follow you, even if they downed another teammate on the otherside of the freaking map. What moron at Paragon studios came up with this?
  6. You're right about natural origin not necessarily meaning 'someone who trained to achieve their powers', but Superman's origin is science since kryptonians are not inherently capable of those feats in their natural habitat (a planet with a red sun, also possibly higher gravity since he's a John Cart of Mars expy), it's being on earth that made Superman special. (which, from a narrative standpoint you could read as: it's earth that gives superman his strength to defend it. He's an outsider who was charged with the earth's protection)
  7. Well, I'm not big on making them buy only, but the idea for this was to have an inf sink, right? So, it needs to be something you need to spend money to obtain and restock on if you want to use it. Or at least have SGmates stock up and throw into a bin. The idea of it being sold strictly by NPCs also regulates its value so people can't just get them and resell them on the market.
  8. on the note of confused engineers, something weird I notice is that the generator seems tied to the engineer's loyalty, even if it doesn't despawn after death, which implies the two are lastingly connected. how the heck does that work? Does this mean pets dying with players is something they have to actively flag on a summoned entity?
  9. that seems to be a two-fold issue of fire-damage generally being 'too good' (doesn't seem terribly often resisted and it's secondary effect is more damage) combined with dual pistols on it's own being a lethal set, and lethal damage is honestly awful right now, but that's another matter, really. DP does seem a little slaved to Incendiary ammo though and it makes me question if anyone makes decent use of the other two munition types at all. Honestly, if a change was made to Dual Pistols, I'd like Executioner's shot to deal bonus damage against Stunned/Slept/Held opponents, giving it a synergy with suppressive fire.
  10. I like these ideas as with a lot of your stuff, @Galaxy Brain, but to be honest I'd rather just abandon the assault rifle set to develop an 'Automatic Rifle' set, a 'Sniper rifle' set, and a 'Trench Broom' set. Edit: I should note I don't seriously want Assault Rifle abandoned. But I still want a dedicated 'sniper' and 'shotgun' powerset. @Yomo Kimyata Maybe in a higher level version, but one thing I kind of hate about the new Skulls is that they have 'Gravedigger soldiers' and 'graverdigger strikes', and 'death head assailants', all three of whom kind of break the pattern of those lowbie gangs in exchange for loading them up with extra attacks with extra -def which, like with the Praetorian Syndicate, really freaking hurt in the sub 20s game even if you're not a defense oriented character.
  11. For not a terribly serious suggestion you certainly seem pretty defensive about it.
  12. That really does not make it any better, honestly. Are we really going to start balancing this game purely around IOs and Incarnate abilities? Because for more than a few people, none of that stuff even comes into play until level 50. Plus, you know what other powers are built entirely around the Tier 9? Stone armor, and that's considered a very VERY troubled set because of how it's Tier 9 effectively invalidates the rest of the set.
  13. I'd like to add to this suggestion: tier 1 - 20% +recharge tier 2 - 40% +recharge tier 3 - 60% +recharge Incarnate tier - 100% +Recharge Mechanics: does not stack, only increases duration (maximum 5 minutes) Does not naturally drop, must be bought from vendors. smalls can be purchased at hospitals for 5000 inf, mediums can be purchased from high level enhancement vendors for 10,000 inf, larges are bought from higher level contacts (give the contact stores some use) for 50k inf. Incarnate tiers are bought from Ouroboros incarnate vendor for 10 threads and 100k inf.
  14. @aethereal I won't say I'm completely opposed to this because I made a similar suggestion, but you CANNOT JUST raise the tohit of enemies across the board without some player compensation. Yes, Defense is king, but do you know what makes Defense king? Sets with incredible resistances too. Willpower, Invulnerability, BioArmor, Rad, etc. all have powerful resistances and other mitigations and get only better through softcapping defenses. You raise softcap by adding accuracy to enemies and guess what? those powersets will still be strong. You know what sets will be screwed over hard? Super Reflexes, Ninjutsu, Energy Aura, Ice Armor, and other sets with negligible if any resistances (trust me, I've gotten /nin's resistances up to around 35% across most damage types, still drop fast without defense) because you just kneecapped their primary survival means. So if you wanted to just stonewall non-melee ATs from being able to take on higher difficulty mobs, that's one thing, if you want to make it so high resist/regen/absorb can't just body all content thoughtless, that's understandable, but doing this and telling defense based characters "lol, just use your tier 9 at the very beginning of a spawn" is an awful idea because you're basically dragging out gameplay by forcing them to be on constant stop and go as they have to balance themselves around their crashes between mobs. And if they happen to be stuck fighting for longer than the 2 minutes you get? Well, it doesn't sound like you care so why worry?
  15. @WindDemon21 Having played Willpower and lost endurance, there have been times when I find myself suddenly wishing more sets used click mez protection toggles.
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