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  1. I do agree that high level enemies need more variety than less. What's strange about the Circle of Thorns' case is that a lot of their lower level mobs do show up in the form of the possessed scientists, powers unchanged and ranks much the same. There's really no reason we shouldn't be fighting Air, Earth, Fire, and Ice thorn casters filling out the minion ranks, nor why Succubi and Hellfrosts can't go to level 50 and add some good variety to the CoT bosses alongside the additions of madness and ruin mages. Sadly, with Nemesis troops, not much can be done there was their entire mob in general is kind of small, only thing that could add variety is making sure some of the dudes with the smaller rifles and the medics remain in the ranks and that is pretty much it, every other change to them is the minions getting those gatling guns, or a new name and color scheme if that. Admittedly though, I can see an in universe reason the CoT stop using Ruin and Force mages to fight heroes. Their descriptions mention Ruin and Force mages are the mages used to protect Oranbega from cave ins, so they might realize it's a bad idea to send their most important civic workers to be beaten up in droves and put out of work.
  2. This is a very good question since, at the heart of the Cottage Rule is "don't remove any function that would effect IO set slotting" as I've seen. So basically the Cottage Rule is less "build up cannot be changed so it builds up a small cottage" as it means "Build up CAN build a small cottage but it must still be capable of slotting all the same enhancements and general functions" meaning somehow residential contracting will boost ToHit and Damage in this scenario. The rule's a lot more flexible than you'd think, like the only thing the blaster changes altered to one of the powers tends to be 'adds on +recovery and/or +end and possibly also restores HP in some way or another' along with all original functions sans usually the removal of being able to slot non-set endurance cost reduction powers. (as normally +recovery and/or +end powers do not have end costs)
  3. Much as I think on this, the more I realize I'd be more about building who new sets and maybe ancillary pools than pool powers. I feel like existing pools cover a lot or at the very least I can't think of what could be added that hasn't already been said or isn't in the works, and I'd personally just want to see existing pool powers maybe get some changes, buffs, etc. (It's silly, but I'd love it if the fighting pool attacks were just as valid choices for a character as picking up tough and weave, or maybe tough and weave had synergy that made the attacks more viable.) That said, my big feeling on pool powers is that I'm not quite a fan of the limitations on how many you can take, especially the origin pools, I understand the reasoning for this, especially the origin pools, but it would be nice if there was another way, or even just a way to get more pool powers. Maybe, since I feel the tier 4 in origin pools is the biggest breaker, have a sort of 'cross power lockout' where instead you can only pick one origin pool tier 4 power and once you do you could no longer select the others? A total hot take and really imbalancing, but it might even be cool if once all the origin pools were released, your origin also meant you got that origin pool basically for free, each power unlocking at a certain level and freeing up a chance to pick another. Admittedly, this in of itself runs into the problem of 'one origin has better powers than the other'.
  4. How about just letting incarnate shards and threads be acceptable alt currency for certain things at the P2W vendor? Or some special version, like 100 threads/20 shards for one of the Buff Amplifiers?
  5. forgive me for bringing anime into this but Saitama, of all his powers, explicitly does not fly. He jumps good. Speaking of, debatable he's a super hero but Samurai Jack learned to Jump Good.
  6. Serious question: do you have a private server and tried to rig this up yourself? I'm really not sure any suggestion should ever be prefaced as 'easy', because what seems easy for us might not be so easy from the code side.
  7. Warning: this gets kind of dark. Despite being a weaboo with only secondhand knowledge on Japan, I've kicked around some ideas over the years for what Japan as a whole has become in the city of heroes universe, particularly as my live namesake was a 'too old' magical girl brought out of retirement and a traumatized Rikti War veteran. I don't have a specific zone in mind (I had a pitch on the live forums for a trio of zones, one hero, one villain, one neutral) which were purely ficticious locations, more recently I thought about Urayasu in the Chiba Prefecture in the Tokyo Bay since that area does have this stark divide of 'the traditional Japanese settlement Circa Tokugawa Shogunate' and 'Shin-Urayasu' which is expressly a modern area and includes the freaking Tokyo Disney park. But the general ideas I've had were: Japan outwardly presents itself as 'Animeland' and it's not far off from the truth, the JDSF remains on high alert since the Rikti War and have cooperated with the Vanguard making extensive useage of salvaged and reverse Engineered Rikti assault suits creating a mecha-nized national defense force, there's government trained mages who are inducted from an early age when they show potential and at taught in specialized occult schools in places like Mt. Osore. The hero scene in Japan, in truth, is highly bureaucratic and commercialized (think a cross between One Punch Man and Tiger and Bunny) in which even a hero capable of fighting off certain crimes will be forbidden due to it not matching their public image as well as it simply not being what they're registered to do. This in part was started due to metahuman warriors and even full lords of the the Sengoku and Edo period causing flareups in power discrepancies and civil unrest and by Meiji the Emperor sought to keep better control on these individuals, further compounded by WWII surrender agreements which brought the Super Hero Registration act to Japan and brought a hard cap on how many registered heroes were allowed to be active. Unlike the limits on Japan's military, the 'legal hero' limit would remain in place until the Rikti War. This, along with various injustices in the Japanese Justice System (IRL reference point: Japan has a 98% conviction rate and judges have confessed to knowingly convicting innocent people to save face of the system, crime in general is also not 'non-existent' so much as under reported due to societal pressures and police not wanting to bother) have led to a rise in Japanese Vigilantes who dub themselves 'Shin-Ronin' (New Floating Men) and operate outside the system to dispense justice as necessary. They're often reviled by the Japanese populous at large and commonly associated with Yakuza (which for some isn't always baseless) and are publicly hunted by both local police, heroes, and JDSF. (in private many have their sympathizers whether to Shin-Ronin as a whole or individual vigilante heroes) Despite this, many 'Shin-Ronin' are under trained, often minors, and suffer from a high mortality rate. As magic became a known weakness of the Rikti, it's estimated that young girls as young as 6 years old wielding basic magical powers were killed or captured en-masse by Rikti 'mage hunters' who could dispatch with these unprepared magi and were able to crush the more centralized hero agency of Japan at large. However, Shin-Ronin both magical and otherwise proved indispensable in the Rikti War and restrictions on hero registration were (largely) lifted and heroic associations were (mildly) decentralized, and in other cases, public and government opinion softened on Shin-Ronin, both as a result of the Rikti War and their aid in situations such as dismantling the Yakuza and various disasters which racked the country and the world since the start of the 21st century. Because of all this Japan is reluctant to accept the aid of non-Japanese heroes, though those that manage to break through the redtape and/or win over the populous are viewed with a certain awe and inspiration to the local heroes, though they are quick to try to talk to these foreigners in what is often mistaken as 'helpfulness' but rather is done in desperate attempts to avoid international incident or the high property damage western heroes are stereotyped as causing. Rose Star is a registered Japanese hero and on the up and up, her partner Spark Blade however is a Shin-Ronin and perhaps one of the most well-known in Japan, which, to the consternation of authorities and even his partner, means he can avoid much of the Shin-Ronin stigma on pure popularity. Spark Blade avoids registering both because it would violate his own persona as a cool, loner-badass, but mainly because he genuinely dislikes the commercialized and regulated system that could stop him from helping others. Mecha, piloting, and combat are done very carefully in Japan, with such heroes only being called into an urban area (or populated areas in general) if conventional hero forces are exhausted or if a 'kaiju class archvillain' has appeared within population centers with no forewarning. Engagements are urged to be taken away and dealt with outside these areas. Also regulations stipulate Mecha models are not allowed to be built higher than 7 meters (or 23 feet). Enemies in the country There are dark rumors circulating that hidden circles in the Japanese government is in cooperation with Malta. Urban legends persist of independent 5th Column cells who sought sanctuary after the fall of Berlin or even settled in as early as Japan and Germany's initial alliance. More rumors still haunt the country of a remnant faction of the Imperial Wind, and relatedly experiments of Unit 731 smuggled back to Japan and having subsequently broken loose, or the dark research continued. Not all Shin-ronin are necessarily Heroes, sadly more than a few can best be summed as 'villains with a cause' and end up fueling public sentiment against vigilantes. likewise, more than a few modern 'villains' seem to be nothing more than exaggerated performance arts actors who do wild and absurd stunts for attention, meeting their favorite heroes, and generally just to act out their (hopefully non-sexual) fetishes in public, at worst they might be petty bullies and thugs with a flamboyant streak. Naturally these types of 'villains' ended up dubbed as Chuunibyou. (Japanese authorities advise heroes deal with these people with a public unmasking and calling their parents or completely ignoring them, robbing them of their power.) A lot of scientific disasters can, with deeper investigation, be traced to the Crey rival: Kasa Pharmaceuticals*. Yes, there's also oni, other youkai (just not that weirdo that has an eye in it's butt) And an obligatory J-horror mission Oh, yes, can't forget the most important type of enemy to fight: SHOKAH~! (Or rather kind of kitchy and cheesy senair baddies.) *Yes, it's a reference. Just count yourself lucky I didn't make it Orochi Corp. So, it's a rough idea that could probably be focused down into a zone, my ideal would, again be making a zone where there's that divide between the new and the old. Heroes would probably be brought in as 'Shin-Ronin' by Spark Blade to help with maybe the Fifth Column ("primarily a Paragon problem") then a storyline would continue to reveal the various forces tugging at Japan. The options of the story would focus on whether you would deal with these threats yourself, opening Japan up to the idea foreign aide better or merely serve as a guide to help the Japanese people fight against these threats on their own, encouraging independence. Villains meanwhile would be brought in to assist a remnant of the Yakuza (which you would have the option to betray and take over/wipe out) and build them back up by corrupting Shin-Ronin into a life of full crime and disrupting Japanese Authorities, ultimately culminating to robbing either a warehouse of JDSF Mechs/Drones (either to keep for yourself or unleash on the populous) or going on a heist to steal one of the Imperial Regalia, specifically the Sword of Kusanagi. (Either to keep for yourself or force the Japanese government to pay up). man, I came up with those storyline synopsis on the fly, but I kind of like the choices I managed to give to them. I do admit that maybe this all seems like I'm being a little too hard on Japan as a country, but it made for some great trauma sources for my magical girl back in the day.
  8. Yeah, pretty much, and I don't think it's ever too late to update a mission, but if you're going to update a mission it might be better to give the zone a bit of an update overall. Still bugs me that the Cabal is the only Croatoa mob that has more than three critters.
  9. @Eva Destruction I probably should have clarified that the army would be in a massed formation on a set part of the map than scattered to the ten winds.
  10. yeah, I tried to remove the 'continue watching' but it breaks the damn link.
  11. Fun time I've had on Titan Weapons with all it's knockdown is to smack someone to the floor then follow up with Arc of Destruction, going from a shockwave attack into a coup de grace on a floored opponent. Kind of like this Thanks @VileTerror for fixing For Honor wiki trying to take too much after ubisoft.
  12. I do agree that Croatoa as a whole is a nice break, but the missions and so forth do need some massive revamping, and on a personal level I feel like all the mobs need tweaking and the zone and mission maps could use some updates. Off the top of my head, I'd say if I were to remake that last mission, I would have three mages already at the stone circle and the ritual started, counting down from 15 minutes (sorry), enemy mobs are already ambushing in earnest, but throughout the town you (or preferably a splinter of your team) can split off and find hostage mages, they don't need to be escorted, they will teleport to the hedge, but each time you free one the ambush size scales up, but with this the timer drops down. With all six mages (who are, by the way, unkillable) the ritual will only be 90 seconds and the three will cast a tripled stacked HoT on the Stone Hedge objects. The downside is that with all six mages an EB snaptooth and Jack-in-irons spawns in. Now, I imagine the initial wave of ambushes would be pretty manageable and spaced out, maybe even leaving the exploit where you could leave one alive and the next ambush wouldn't spawn, this is meant to give the player a chance to grab the first two mages (who shorten the time down by five minutes each) while activating two independent ambush spawns that will spawn enemies at a timed interval in contrast to the first one needing mob completion. Another idea for the 'Stop 30 Fir Bolg' mission is pretty simple: instead of necessarily waiting for each group to spawn one by one, the whole army starts spawned in on the map, in formation and 'protected' by a trio of bosses. So you can take the more preemptive and aggressive approach to smash the army before they start sending squads in (and also if you listen into some dialogue and explanation why only so many are going in at a time) and face a whole army, or you can wait by the gates as the come in squad by squad. Or try something in between where you wait for the army to weaken to a certain point before diving in. Would you like to know more?
  13. One thing to also remember is that even if the servers were on good terms with one another, the fact is each one has a different vision of how the game should be developed, cake does not equal thunderspy does not equal homecoming, and it probably would reflect poorly between playerbases if one were to blatantly copy the other without some express permissions, even the perception of it can mar the image to both communities and foster further bad blood. This is, sadly, a prime example of politics not even confined to games like this. All I will say also is that I personally disagree with various choices Cake and Thunderspy make for their servers with ATs and powersets, a lot of it feeling very rushed. Some of the things I personally do like that they've done are not related to player powersets so much as making it possible for all mobs to scale up to fifty and opening up some of the NPC costume options. (and maybe Empathy could use something to help is stand out further from others)
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