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  1. Personally I always saw the deadlock thing as a hint that BAB would basically get a “respec” from invul/energy melee to the more thematically appropriate willpower and street justice. And maybe a bit of a new look to really distinguish him from Marauder. Edit: I even have a bit of a mockup of how I think he could look updated. I might have gone a bit wild, but I sort of liked the idea of his age being shown/worn proudly (now has a relatively bigger beard, clear greying, more-dated looking sunglasses), and then gave him a leather jacket to make him look a little more 'civil' or some
  2. Personally, I'd actually prefer not to just copy Dual Pistol's thing. If I were to come up with an 'gimmick' thing, my own idea would be a sort of two stance power: Full choke and Full Bore. Full Choke would turn many of the cones into Single Target attacks, sacrificing AoE in exchange for range and accuracy. Full bore does the opposite and turns all Single Target attacks into cones, giving up accuracy and range for AoE Damage. The default stance basically gives the powerset a mix of AoE and ST
  3. Forewarning: this MIGHT be a bit of a hot button topic, so I apologize to both moderation and userbase in advance. Basically spun off from the Warriors revamp talk with Piecemeal, more than a few people have suggested adding female warriors. Now, I myself am not against equality in my enemies, I'll punch anyone breaking the law regardless of gender, age*, race, but would the factions of the Rogue Isles, Praetoria, and Paragon see it the same way? So basically this thread is to ask: what groups do you see as being equal opportunity or racist/sexist and explain why, I'll share my own
  4. I think +recharge is pretty important to about all characters and should be nerfed a bit. That said though, I'd also like to see Resistances and other such buffs get a bit of a boost (maybe like a 10-20% effectiveness boost) to encourage people to diversify their builds. Also, energy/negative energy resistance is surprisingly a rare bonus that I've noticed when trying to build an invul tank.
  5. I'd say Gaia Redeemer could fight with heavyweights in other universes in terms of ability, mostly because said ability of his is "screw your supernatural protections, you now bleed like your average joe when I hit you" (probably would lead to some interesting slugouts when Brainiac is killed by pillow smothering). But attitude wise, I don't see him as being able to get along with most of the DCU, he believes in 'old justice' too much and thinks some people just need to die for the world to be better. Might be okay in the Marvel universe though and be helpful for stopping hulk rampages with a
  6. I've personally thought that if we went through with The Coming Storm arc (and we probably will, way too many hint drops to cop out now) there'd need to be some big changes. 1. being that I think they should be a pure science/tech incarnate threat. Praetoria was a bit of a mix and Mot was pure magical, so let's focus in on some science fiction stuff, perhaps? 2. Maybe kind of clean things up so it's not 'a crapload of allied races' or whatever but just a handful of subjugated ones and a ringleader. Also, no spess vampires, the council ones are already those due to nictus impla
  7. I would kill for a color tintable version of Maelstrom’s hair. Men in general are freaking starved for hairstyles.
  8. There's about three other powers in this game that do what lightning rod does (to varying extents): Shield Charge from Shield Defense (as you can imagine, this led to a lot of electric/shield characters) Savage charge from Savage melee (works like a targeted AoE so you don't need to click the ground) Spring attack from the Leaping power pool (this can result in some builds going for electric/shield/leaping to launch an onslaught of teleport attacks)
  9. my personal thoughts would be to have origin pools either be a special pick that doesn't count towards the cap, simply make the 'mini tier-9' an exclusive pick across the power pools (so you can have sorcerery and force of will, but only have either Rune of Protection or Unleash potential), and or extend the pool cap to 5 or 6. If I were really allowed to go nuts and the coding was possible, I'd suggest selecting a powerpool at character creation which becomes an 'inherent pool', and you automatically unlock the powers as you hit certain leveling points (like 6-10-14-18-22) and not
  10. Bah! I've actually been working out my own ideas for a Shotgun blast (or 'melee' set if we want to take Thunderspy's approach), just been too lazy to make my own posts. Some of my own ideas for powers included: Sabot Round: Single Target, lethal damage with -res Full Choke: Either a tier 1 or 2 ST damage attack or a replacement for buildup where all the cones become Single Targets and gain a boost in damage. range, and accuracy, but slower recharge and cost more End Rock Salt: low damage either cone or ST, deals a pulsing Mag 2 hold that causes enemies to use the ghoul
  11. Because instead robotics got Richard Simmons
  12. There's a Vazhilok surgeon probably called 'Grinder' who doesn't understand the snickering.
  13. There's soooo much I'd want to wish and ask for so it's really really really REALLY hard to pin down or even word broadly. So I'm going to cheat and technically make two wishes. Total revamp of the PvE experience dealing with mobs and missions. New powers, new looks, tidied up lore, improved story contacts, and new maps to battle them on. It wouldn't be easy, of course not since it's such a broad thing, but this area would give quite a new life to the game and bring back some of the challenge. Partly by, you know, giving Incarnates more to do than faceroll through content neve
  14. @Piecemeal Kind of sad I know almost none of my own ideas could happen since they're require new assets. But I think in general you're able to start working on these things because they're common and old issues people have. I remember folks back on live complaining about the Warriors as just plain stupid.
  15. @Rishidian Now now, I don't think that's wholly accurate. They weren't really too interesting to begin with because they lacked a great deal of plot relevance to begin with. In that respect, that's why the whole 'They're a reference to a 1970s film, you can't change that!' argument is honestly awful. The Warriors blandness is partially because they existed purely as a referential joke on part of the live developers. It'd be like if I made a super hero game and made a mid level mob based off early 2010s 4chan, spouting memes as old as '08 and existing as a cheap mortar between other, more
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