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  1. I have a human-only PB and I had the power slotted into my AOE blast power but it never seemed to proc. I also never saw it proc on any other power. I found a post from a while back (do a search for Essence Transfer in this forum) where someone suggested the proc was broken and either not actually global or didn't work in AOE powers. So I moved the set from my AOE blast to a single target blast and it's working way more now. I did a test and it seemed like it was proccing from my T1 power as well. So I think moving it out of orbiting death and to a single-target power might work better.
  2. I picked up Sting of the Wasp power from the Ninja Tool Mastery and not only is there no way to change the Katana weapon the Katana weapon does not appear when the power is used. When clicking the power it performs the weapon stance and attack animations but no katana is displayed either in game or in the power adjustment screen
  3. It would be great to add the Hover animation from the Flight power pool to the Peacebringer Combat Flight as an alt power choices for Peacebringers.(keeping the glowing eyes fx of course)
  4. So I managed to find out. Here is a list of New emotes that weren't in live WalkieTalkie DoubleFacepalm SLRCamera Smartphone LookUp LieDown Shocked Despair Text Cameraphone If anyone knows any more list them out. Otherwise enjoy and have fun :)
  5. So today I saw someone doing the /e text emote where you pull out a smart phone and type with your thumbs. I totally didn't remember it from Live and when I checked Paragon wiki I didn't see it in the list. So does anyone have an updated list of emotes in the game with maybe some new ones that got added from Live?
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