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  1. I don't know if this should go here or not but we need more non caucasian faces.
  2. Anyone know where I can find images/screen caps of the female variants of villain factions that were added late game? specifically Tsoo but any will do.
  3. Winter mittens. Blouses for women. Winter style coats, like parkas. The Tsoo pants patterns that are on the more elite units. Jet packs that work like emotes so when I hit my bind for flight the jet pack appears.
  4. Donated. I know it's Christmas but come on. Everyone just give a little
  5. Tights with a short sleeve options. I know, I know t-shirt but it's got a different texture.
  6. Any one having issues with this? Some attack animations aren't playing (although the do go off) or are playing after another attack has been executed. Always interesting to see a defeated enemy go through the air superiority animation. It's not always the same powers and it's seems to be all my toons. Also when I click on doors they don't open and there's no opening sound effects. However I can then go through them. It doesn't seem to be a general lag issue and flight and SJ seem to be working properly. Reinstall or is there something else I should do?
  7. Men's/Women's braided hair. Single braid mid back to waist length. Zig jumps suits, long sleeved and short/rolled up. Tactical vest (might be in the game but can't find it)
  8. Man back on live this thread was a million pages long. Where all my costume Ho's at? How about boots that don't go to the knee. Work boots in particular. How about jackets that are tailored for women and don't look like potato sacks?
  9. Pretty standard stuff. I'll be taking Body Mastery for laser eyes (you know why). Really interested in Dull Pain and Invulnerable slotting. Any powers that are skippable and their substitutions would be helpful. Thanks for the help. I don't do Mids so English please.
  10. Sadly mostly solo except for SF. Melee Mace. Pets? Meh. Maybe? You know the basics. Say cloaking device. "Oh man you gotta six slot it and put Statesman Fart in it" I'm not grinding for purples.
  11. I'm currently playing a AS and created additional uniforms for different occasions. I'd like some options on them and to know if anyone else has done this. Additionally how to you RP (rationalize) coming out of hid for attacks and the "Poison Ray"? Official Occasions Training/PT For use when the traditional or duty uniform is inappropriate.
  12. Not really what I was looking for. Requests for new pieces to be added to costume creator. I found it anyway. Thanks for the help.
  13. That title says it all. Comments on slots and what goes in 'em? Not looking for anything fancy. Not looking for min max (I don't have the patients for that grind)
  14. Jodhpurs, pith helmets, polo shirts, tie dye t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts. Loin clothes short and long. Short sleeve options for some shirts. Especially official. Speaking of shirts. Can we move the shirts that are under jackets to shirts. I'm looking to use certain belts and as they (the shirts) show as jackets the belts are not available. Post Apocalyptic in particular. Also can we got this stickied?
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