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  1. Long single braid hair for men and women. Like mid back length.
  2. Now that we have access to the code and be been able to figure out what numbers go to these terms?
  3. Tight jeans option for males. Like how is that not all ready a thing?
  4. Currently slotted in Rending Fury but that seems counter productive as I try to pop it only when I have 5 stacks. Suggestions? Comments?
  5. There are a couple of powers that have two effects like High Pain Tolerance and Rise to the Challenge. Do most people slot for one thing or franken slot?
  6. I don't think the can do that now let alone with tech from 2004.
  7. Kheldian eye glow. PB and WS.
  8. I checked Full Masked but I can not find those options. I think I'm just missing something simple.
  9. I can not for the life of me find the pices that make up the "head sock" mask. You know like Spiderman or Deadpool. Any help is apprciated.
  10. Great job. I had missed this kind of stuff from live.
  11. How about alternating animations? In cases where they are two or more animations to chose from you can select an option that will rotate them randomly. So it's not always Foot Stomp or Floor Punch. Popeye whined up or Starfleet double hammer. Sorry those are the only examples I can think of right now.... Oh yeah. Minimal FX for everything.
  12. I've become enamored of Boxing as of late and have a Sonic/MA blaster. I've been thinking of taking all of Boxing as well as Combat Jumping and Acrobatics (Super Jump for the travel). And maybe Air Superiority. I'd have to skip some of Sonic's powers and the mez and hold seem ripe for this. What could I skip out of MA? Suggestions on slotting? Or am I gimping myself? Keeping in mind that I'm not crazy and am not expecting to run this at 4/8. P.S. I find Mids confusing and cumbersome.
  13. Open suit jackets with out the stupid vest. Move the shirts that are under the jacket heading to shirts.
  14. God damn Galaxy Brain. Thats some good stuff. I'm so jealous.
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