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  1. Holy cow. Everyone. The answer is no. I love this game but it's so causal friendly that if you're a hard core gamer/min maxer then the only answer is no. There is not challenge like what the OP is looking for. In all honesty if that's a deal breaker for him I'd uninstall and never look back.
  2. Cryro and I are both 22 and have moved on to First Ward.
  3. Once we all hit 20 I'm guessing First Ward.
  4. Sorry Ed but I don't find that to be a bug. It's a feature. But to each their own. Anywho! Every Thursday 6 EST the more the merrier!
  5. The only nictus and dwarfs you find are mission specific. Everything but quants have been removed from the game because some people haha.. found it....hahahahaha.... to....hahahahahahahahahahahah... hard... snigger... hahahahaha with those elements in the game.
  6. 15 minutes to go! Everyone is welcome!
  7. I don't get role playing in an MMO. I mean I don't get what it seems to be, which is standing around and talking about kittens or passing around cookies. This is mostly what I've encountered and all that it consists of. If that floats you boat cool but it's not for me. I understand that in the silver, bronze and to a lesser degree modern ages, super hero comics are soap operas. And there is a place for that in the comics and in this game but at some point shouldn't you go out and punch someone in the face? Maybe I've just had a string of bad experiences.
  8. Jeez I see alerts for Scrapyard a couple times a week
  9. SMH. Leeched XP. FFS you can go from 1 to 50 by breathing hard. I don't even know what to think.
  10. You spot a group. tab through them until you find the one you want. Cue attack of your choice. Kill special enemy. It's very easy. Heck after lvl 18 it's one two three. Cha, cha, cha. Identify, Energy flight, inner light, Cue up incandescent. Fly in, attack goes off, radiant and usually dead enemy. Very rarely will I need to follow up with something else. Yeah some times you miss and the get a shot off. And then it gets a little hairy but aside from checking groups I never really worry about them after about lvl 8 or 10. I've have never understood why everyone thinks they are a big deal. Sure they slow you down because you have to be a little careful in a game that doesn't often force you to do that. But otherwise... meh.
  11. I'm unable to find anything that states that Voids were removed during live. I also can't find it for Homecoming although Voids and Cysts being removed seem pretty obvious.
  12. Khelds weren't, and still aren't, nearly powerful enough to justify massively-overtuned enemies spawning just to fight them. Utter nonsense. Just means you can't just run willy nilly from group of badies to group of badies. OH NO! I have to put some thought into what I'm doing. This game hasn't been based around teaming since I5. Maybe earlier. All teaming does is allow you to level faster. I mean c'mon. You can solo Task Forces.
  13. Well that's disappointing. What are they gonna do next? Just put in a "win" button?
  14. Have they been removed from the game? I have a lvl 30 PB and a lvl 18 WS and have yet to encounter any Voids or Cysts.
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