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  1. Might at least give me a better idea how to base the build. Please link it, if you don't mind. Thanks,
  2. Looking for assistance on a decent budget WM/SD build, I am not overly good at making builds. Thanks for the help.
  3. Renmazuo


    These are great builds, I will be trying them out. I haven't ever had an issue with fury on this brute and I still continue to play it.
  4. Psylenz0511 did you find a way to resolve this issue?
  5. Renmazuo

    Ice Armor/?

    I plan on doing farming/TF's (group pulling as per usual) as a tanker but I am pretty sold on Ice armor but wondering which melee setup to go with. Anyone have good suggestions/builds?
  6. Renmazuo


    What are your guys thoughts on a Ice/Ice brute? I am currently rolling one but wanted to hear other peoples opinion on the overall set up itself.
  7. Fei and Morgie here! We were in Knights of Chivalry (SG) on Guardian. Can reach me @Fei, current shard is Indomitable. Cya in game!
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