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  1. FYI, we GMs are just volunteers who have very little to do with the development or running of the game. We're just ordinary players who donate some of our time to help others. And we don't give up our right to have personal opinions—or, even, professional opinions, given that he's a mental health professional IRL—just because we volunteer to yank mobs out of walls for people. Arcanum doesn't "speak on behalf of all HC Leadership." He speaks on behalf of Arcanum. Nor do I speak on behalf of HC leadership. I just speak on behalf of me. That said, I'm not a huge fan of the name either—not because I necessarily think it's bad (although I am leaning that way), but because I know that lots of other people think it's bad if not downright triggering, and there are plenty enough controversies surrounding Homecoming/CoH already that there's no need to court one more. So I do rather hope they pick a better one. (And I think it's probably a bad idea to talk about "reclaiming" things in general.) But that's just my personal opinion. I don't speak for Homecoming. I just yank mobs out of walls for people.
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