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  1. @Cosmic Impack (add me sometime) I've moved 4 alts into Excelsior-perhaps we can team up again...for ole time's sake.
  2. It's been far too long...I missed all of y'all. Gaming life has never been the same after Doom's Day (the day CoH came to an end). But I'm so happy the game is back; walking down the streets of Paragon...reminiscing the good ole days of kicking butts and taking names. I must admit, I too am an altoholic. Heroes: - Mystic Healer (Bikini Bottoms) -- Emp/Dark Defender - Shangri-La -- Dual Blades/Willpower Tanker - Cosmic Impack -- Fire/Kin Controller - Sailor Pewter Fox -- Peacebringer - Sister Verchiel -- Sonic/FF Defender Villains: - Sister Zen-Aku (Bikini Bottoms-Gone Wild) -- Necro/Dark Mastermind - Lady Trakeena (BB-Gone Wild) -- Plant/Thorny Dominator - Dark NeoPhoenix (BB-Gone Wild) -- Fire/Psi Dominator - U B. Delinquent (BB-Gone Wild) -- Thugs/Poison Mastermind So where does everyone hang out these days? I was fortunate to get all my chars up and running again unfortunately they're all on the Reunion server, which I just found out is a European server. No wonder there's never anyone around when I log on to play.
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