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Guardianites Assemble!


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Caslomyr returning to patrol duty!


As no one else has mentioned cookies, I've taken the initiative to schedule a delivery.  Also, fireworks.


*checks watch, looks up*


Say, does anyone know the temperature cookie dough can reach on reentry?  I might have the recipe wrong.

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*slips slowly out of the shadows and looks around at the other heroes*




Ryker here... *he bows and smiles as he turns away from the group, taking time to look around the area before rising into the air and turning back towards them* Heroes of Paragon City, we have work to do!


*as he turns away, laughing happily as he rockets away from the group, smiling as he returns to the city he loves*


Excelsior Guardians!!!

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My Dear you deserve the services of a great wizard but youll have to settle for the aid of a second rate pick pocket



So you mean you'll put down your rock, and I'll put down my sword; and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people?

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I'm only here to a/s mental maiden:)


You finally dropped that extra 'R', hmm? =P


...unless you're not '@Servere'

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@KlSMET - (kLsmet)


@Kismet Angel/@Angel of Fate/@One Kismet - on live

Heroes on Guardian/Villains on Victory

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Here are the Heroes that I have so far:


Stormwillow - Electric/Energy Blaster/Blapper currently Level 5


Mister Klean - Super Strength/Regen Brute currently Level 5


Major Freedom - Staff/Regen Scrapper currently Level 5


I will have more.

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I'm still working on getting the game up and running. But I was a Guardian player. :)


Toomanyalts was my forum name way back in the day. My main was an AR/DEV blaster named Redstreamline and my primary alt was Race Car Roy a fire/fire tank.


looking forward to my first Atlas Park dance party in years!

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