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  1. Thought I would share, I was keeping track of inf across my characters and charted it all out over the past 3 months. It's a net, so I haven't been keeping track of when I bought IO's for alts or bought some ATO packs. I haven't bothered restocking my postings for the past month or so (maybe middle of August) so cash inflows is now just my existing AH postings closing out. Across my characters I have around 500 total posting still so gradually they get filled. Some point I plan on buying some more ATO packs or doing something with it, but right now it's just a hoard of inf sitting there on my
  2. I've found 20mm to be a nice sweet spot also. They don't sell right away but I'll check back every few days and I see most of them gone in a week or two.
  3. Going to necro this post since I haven't seen too many good posts on Dark/ builds for defenders. The build you posted looks pretty inexpensive which is good. Going to give the above a shot. I only see one 6x of purples in the build. If I want to dip heavier into purples (maybe 300-500mil inf budget) any suggestions / alternate builds?
  4. I am trying out the build here -- two notes: 1. Boxing is taken as a level 49 power. This seems weird, so I moved it since I was using as a leveling build since it needs to be taken before Tough/Weave. 2. How are your thugs supposed to heal? There's not any healing powers as far as I can tell.
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