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  1. Has anyone compiled a list of where to find each zone's Long Range Teleport Beacons to unlock it? And are the LRT unlocks account wide I hope, or do we have to do all of them over and over on each new character?
  2. I tried 1.5 and it didn't change a bit. Have you been able to change the size of *your* Incarnate window, specifically?
  3. I know that I can do a "/window_toggle incarnate" to bring the Incarnates window out and put it away again, put when I try to rescale it using "/window_scale incarnate 2" it does not double in size. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I have a character on Homecoming that I don't want to redo, but whom I made too short. I notice that the height slider is not available in the costume tailor. Is there ANY way for that character's height to be altered, although using the other sliders (legs, physique, etc.)?
  5. Apologies; I thought that's what the "Check for updates" was supposed to do. 😉
  6. Any Homecoming compatible hero builders with the latest elec sets in them? My version of Mids says no updates available.
  7. Well, I for one WANT to be TOO super. I want to be in the middle of a fight and laughing hysterically at how much pwnage I am delivering. I would love for a finished Incarnate to be able to stand toe to toe with a GM or AV on equal footing - not the way some extreme builds do now, but on their OWN level, trading equal blows. In essence, I want a full incarnate to BE an AV or GM! But I get your concern with the ATs losing their flavor if they can do too much that is out of their general theme. That's why I focused my ideas often on having the last four incarnates buff only subsets of one's powers. Perhaps instead of it being a choice which subset it affects, it is instead based on your AT somehow.
  8. Pardon the l33t speak in the title, but one thing I would love to see the last four Incarnate slots Genesis, Mind, Vitae and Omega filled out with even more awesome abilities than the previous six. Some possible ideas (probably bad ones) off the top of my head: Genesis - gives 2, 3, 4, or 5 more slots to be used on one category of power only: Incendiary - gain more slots to allocate to damage dealing powers Palliative - gain more slots to allocate to healing and support powers Obdurate - gain more slots to allocate to defense and resistance powers Manipulative - gain more slots to allocate to control powers Leadership - gain more slots to allocate to buff/debuff powers Mind - another boost like Alpha, additive with Alpha, but only for a power subset, not all powers. Battle-tested - gain a damage and/or a minor recharge and recovery buff to damage dealing powers Medic - gain a buff to healing and support powers, and/or a recharge buff for those powers too Discipline - gain def/res buffs to defense and resistance powers, and/or an a significant recovery buff Charisma - gain +1 magnitude and/or extra recharge to control powers Nobility - gain stronger buffs and debuffs and/or a significant recovery buff to buff/debuff powers Vitae - up to complete immunity at Tier Four from some common threats: up to immunity to Smashing/Lethal damage up to immunity to Fire/Cold AND debuff effects up to immunity to Energy/Neg Energy, Knockback, and Immobilization up to immunity to Toxic, Psionic, untyped damage ("everything else"), and all other control effects Omega - as you use a certain subset of your powers, you fill a ring around this power, at a rate similar to the speed Domination grows. (For balancing this ring might need to refill a lot slower, testing will tell. Hopefully the ring does NOT reset when logging off. And when the ring is full, you can use this power, which empties the ring again. Recharge on this power is something like seven minutes and is not affected by recharge buffs. Also, the powers affected by the Omega slot cannot miss during the minute it is active. Nihilus: damage dealing powers fill the ring. When activated this power makes all your damage dealing powers do an insane amount of damage for one full minute. At tier four, any (non aura) damage dealing power at all is enough to one shot a boss, three shot an EB, and twenty shot an AV or GM. Anima: healing (life or end) powers fill the ring. When activated this power makes all your healing powers fully heal their target in a single application, leaving an immunity to all forms of damage and control for 30 seconds (at tier 4). This state lasts for one minute. Dominus: control powers fill the ring. When activated this power (at tier 4) makes all your control powers work regardless of magnitude, for a duration of a full minute. The state of being able to cast such strong controls lasts for one minute. Prometheus: Buff powers fill the ring. When activated, makes all buffs much stronger for one minute. Any buff cast during that time has a minimum duration of one minute, and a buff of triple what it would normally do (at tier 4) - not triple the base, triple the normal effect. Malus: Debuff powers fill the ring. When activated, makes all debuffs much stronger for one minute. Any debuff cast during that time has a minimum duration of one minute, and the debuff lowers the quantity affected to the lowest possible level (at tier 4). Now I am sure that the ideas need work - they may even be unworkable - but I would love to see and use the last four incarnate powers, and find out they are even more powerful than the first six! Are there any tentative plans to work on the next four Incarnate slots?
  9. My fastest time was 11 minutes 45 seconds. I can reliably hit 13 minutes plus or minus. (Superspeed helps.) This mission was the reason I asked the original question. 🙂
  10. Thank you, this is exactly the answer I was seeking. 🙂
  11. So after an incarnate mission you can choose, among other things, an Empyrean merit, or a piece of Incarnate Salvage which might be common, uncommon, rare or very rare. Since 1 rare Incarnate Salvage = 8 Emps, and 1 very rare Incarnate Salvage = 30 Emps, for all I know it may be advantageous to take my chances with the random piece of salvage instead of the 1 guaranteed Emp merit. Does anyone know where I can get info about the drop chances of incarnate salvage as and end of mission chain reward? Thanks.
  12. When you choose Titan Weapons as a Scrapper (and possibly Brute/Stalker, didn't check) and you go to get detailed info on several of the powers like Defensive Sweep, Titan Sweep, Crushing Blow, Rend Armor, etc in the place (Enhancement, Manage, Show Detailed Info Here) where you normalyl can see the exact power effects, damage, buffs, debuffs, it's completely empty. 😞
  13. I'd like to start a new character that feels lightning quick to play. What Scrapper primary best fits this goal?
  14. I meant Time. I just found it so darn fiddly. I rerolled a archery/tac blaster and liking it more now.
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