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  1. I don't recall those, I always looked for the "featured" real toon in every issue.. That was hella epic
  2. Here's the Way I have mine working, and It's still Epic.. Everything is under the DATA folder.. You might have to add the Text Folder to add the list.. Here's the Examples. custom.window Within the Custom.window Also, You may have to create a folder Text - English - Menus - Then the .mnu within the menu folder A Handy menu.mnu Feel Free to modify the script below.. It works for me, but everyone's got their thing Which ends with this! Good Hunting Mate!
  3. Another Trick, also Removes UAC check issues that can arise, is to Head to your User Folder Make a Game folder, and Install everything like Steam - GoG - CoH etc.. Also everything is located in one area, so it's not a mystery! Not needed, but helps a lot.. Good hunting mate!
  4. I tend to start with Recharge, then Dmg, then building my def up for whatever it may be.. Broots and Scrapper types, I focus on Melee softcap, as most of the attacks have that element attached so fire/cold/energy melee just 'miss' 'miss' It's pretty epic, especially with perma hasten and the buffs.. My Fire/Time rupptor, he's a BEAST, all buffs overlap it's insane, same with my fire/dark troller.. Get crafty and experiment, and then possibly learn to profiteer with your extras on the markets lol
  5. Apologizes.. I've been super immersed in studies for almost a year, and found these in a folder within a folder, and felt like sharing.. I know how annoying multi-posts of identical things can be, and My forum Ninja skills have devolved so I'll be more mindful before getting swept away... Someone earlier shared that with me on a post I made about it.. I love that someone nabbed it and rebuilt for all of us.. Good hunting mate..
  6. Just as another example of builds. My blasters/rupptors Ranged softcap and -to hit buff to lower the %. I have a lot of spare IOs and boosters if needed. 👊🏽
  7. Absolutely Beautiful Man.. I've been super busy with Classes this last year, and mine is 2.71 and this is not 3.06!??!?! Can't wait to compare the advances, a lot of my built popmenu's aren't needed anymore, only the badger type ones if they still work lol... Truly thanks mate, I had completely forgotten he returned last year-ish.. Good hunting!
  8. HELLA ya!! It was in some random folder within a folder on my GDrive, in ePub and PDF.. Perhaps I nabbed them from there ages ago?!?!? Thanks for the link, Time to Bask into Our Past... The other EPIC super deep hidden gems I'd forgotten about.. GABB-v115.pdf- Gunner’s Advanced Basic Bindfile CoH-CoV-Technical-Guide-v271.pdf- (formerly Keybind, Macro & Emote Guide)
  9. My GDrive with SnapShots of IOs and their End Buffs Numbers Not exactly the order I took them in, but close enough.. Without the Accolades to buff, only incarnates and set bonuses Capped Range def at 45%, perma-hasten and a few others.. All the generic IO's are+5 even loTg def/end etc.. I'll screen shot when I'm by my mac! Good hunting mate This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/Reborn-Team/MidsReborn Level 50 Magic Blaster Primary Power Set: Ice Blast Secondary Power Set: Temporal Manipulation Power Pool: Speed Power Pool: L
  10. Recently I stumbled on ALL the Comic Books released from 2002-2008... I have them in Vol 1(12) and Vol 2(20), the Promo release from 2002 and when Manticore got Hitched... All free to download, in PDF/ePub with JPG Covers on My GDrive.. Safe Travels! Oh the Beta Days... Then they got all settled down, and all of Paragon came
  11. Recently I stumbled on ALL the Comic Books released from the Promo until i12.. 2002-2008... I have them in Vol 1(12) and Vol 2(20), the Promo release from 2002 and when Manticore got Hitched... All free to download, in PDF/ePub with JPG Covers on My GDrive.. Oh this wedding... It ALL Began Here.... And Ended here....
  12. Are you asking about SuperSpeed/SuperJump Or like fighting and leadership? Or just an all around example? Like ice/time superspeed w Combat Jump and SJ + tough/weave + leadership? Or would you prefer a softcap 45% def build (more endGame)? Let me know and i'll work it out
  13. Only sure way I can think of, is setting to default. Then turn off ultra and try to set to default again, completely close Rum and then see if it’ll load properly. Or Enable Experimental graphics settings , the option right above graphics. I don’t have any idea how to replicate to work out a fix lol
  14. Setting - Under Ultra Mode, there are MANY options and adjustments you can make.. If anything, hit "set to default" and then start over... At least that's what I'm guessing is going on...
  15. Fantastic!!!! I love when things come together and you get back to Saving days and collecting badges and all the other goodies.. The reason I was so detailed and expansive, was to cover most issues that could potentially arise, Including the Mac Version of Mids and all the various dependencies and requirements to have a stable platform.. I tried to maximize only the essentials to limit the background sapping of sources.. My old iMac 2011, is my testing site... I've also found that, if you save the CoH folder in applications, and clear out wine and homebrew, with scripts and digging around fold
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