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  1. Here is a Copy of My SS/Elec build.. He's Melee Softcap, pretty unstoppable, Lord Recluse and the Incarnate trials are typically the only time he dies.. I've farmed pill boxes solo is RV, can farm +4/8 AE Smash/Lethal Farms(EEP Rage Crash) just a solid build.. There is one 5 set Bonus Cap, on Annihilation in Ball, so you can adjust how you like.. Added his totals and Incarnate stuff as well.. I have a spine/elec that's 0.3% from Melee Softcap,(in game totals vs Mids) he's only just unlocked his incarnates, so who knows how That build will evolve, I'll attach him to.. Both are higher endgame builds, Got lucky on drops and converting, Excellent Walkthrough on the Marketeering/Money making Side of the Game Best Advice: Get crafty, mess around on Mids and slot strange things with bonuses you need and 100% Certainly, look into the Test server!! You can Auto 50 a creation, ondemand IO's and Inf, all incarnates are free to unlock and craft, on and on.. Here's a link to that Forum post, It's incredible!!! Macro to Auto Lvl to 50, OnDemand IOs. I used to build for Smash/Lethal def, which was EXHAUSTING, melee softcap covers many more DMG types and Scenarios.. Also Hybrid: Melee Radial Embodiment is good if you're still on a budget/Higher #s for Debuffs.. Good Hunting, and if you have any question, I'll try my best.. Also, All Generic IO's, Rech and End Mod types are +5 enhanced, quite a huge difference that makes. SS/Elec Melee Softcap, No end issues, super fast recharge and Very fun to play. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1503;681;1362;HEX;| |78DA6594594F534114C7E7726FAD8596B662294B015B64870AEABB51011F040321F| |A5A6A19A1492DF5B64DF4D14FE012137D5064757BF00BF8557C3131EE2C6ED1C4A5| |9EDEFF5F4AD2496F7E73FFE79C9E336766EEE4D551EFF333D74F28A3EE742699CF2| |74ED9C582769F4B168A7632632A196E795A1C3931A9335AC7678A396D27660AB6CE| |CE171622308DEA4B3A9BD7F1B18C4E15EC742A71D2BEBC68ABDAA9C5C54C7C26A7F| |59CD7994EE8642E9D9DF7392FE3E9F98582BCF9FF9BE6B49D5F48E74263B9742ACE| |9CC5C464325FD0F6B5262964409E98A1384A969A158C58AAE6229902AD3952836B6| |57727AE64AA6FA6A3EDFB4EFE04F7FF003BC5CF80AFCB58A66D05AC5D25D740EF3A| |B9016E4894C93C26F3D4334F3DF3049827269D75611D866B007506C82EF90F376B7| |07B2D473BE023EBC1837E32003606C14712E5610D1ED6D0C81A9A98BB89B5744A0D| |75F035EA3C358E36E2061BC5E683ADC617321CAD25409E45FC63B1FA99CB1F96499| |BA52247618BC4F0DEDE0EF60882CE26945CC125E4687F482E838756C855720D7C22| |510DC8A31A86D0A3B0D41742FF54E825FC0CD1C2D4C22519CA14A5991536B31B517| |623CA6E44D98DA7E2D58A6857EB3B76E83DF981FC081EFE446E82EB12D5C61D6B7B| |45DB0A76A4FB3EF9805C027B96C13E89EB60DE8E5F5849CF6FF20FD8F7972C910A3| |99E956F04BAAA623760B364CD5DACA56B0B7EFDDBE0D00E78E433F985FC0ACE0A7A| |518BD97B13BB3D788BBC030EDD0693266E64F9840CBC45FCE01BE6790D768B6B9C3| |EF12C4FD815320706A5DE61EEEE304F5AC4DABDE5F22BEF647F95325CA58C5429C7| |AA94E355CAB8B5FB75284D5459A72C1A45311CC51350CA8452DAACDDFD5AD0BA5D5| |16A8C0B584DFF79328AAE6C5545EDEC55EEA22FD30D02D6351EAECCEFEDD15FC42A| |73674C872AC23FB0100698| |-------------------------------------------------------------------| Spine/Elec, Also Melee softcap(44.66%) in game at 50, still adjusting IO Levels as they drop. | Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Hero Designer to view the build | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |MxDz;1499;696;1392;HEX;| |78DA6594D94E53511486F76E4F299DE800A52020A548196A2B93C62921CA6062688| |221F1C2A93665439B54DAF494442F7D022F790027F4C22BA3BE82637C00AF1CE2C8| |E014350E75F5AC1F4A724EDA7C67FF6BEDBDFE3D9DE4C509F79D6397C784748DE7D| |3BA9E3A5A5A2A2B5B32BD90CB58851021955771BD985B54E124BDAAF06C61BE3C9E| |2EDA2916307253869E98ADE6E8ED2C4DA879B5A8ABC4645E65CAA55C2675A474A15| |012CE9942214F994ACDB98DD76995A66E0B1EA331955BC896A9E5DD0CCDA9929ECD| |158393C55C26815A4BA9645A2FABD2A51632D04FFF875181A76213A708BD9A68394| |DEC209EE1F68EB3E039E6408A79B5DA4D1A7DADE21B4D77481396EFE04FA6F683F9| |288A54AA237F5B0C6DD71F66FC2F73CF3FB0020AEE7B9D7A5951C78A3A1AEAD4A14| |E3DEA4468656D5C47DA628273C027E4C1CE31CDEED6D8838739D4007A411FF30665| |3B50DB81DA4ED476A2A61B1EBA697017E70A9783E7D04C9A87358B27280DADE105E| |6ED93C63ADFA4A81735BC21D67CC33CA6AF83DB815FDC7E4673F0631DFD63AC05EA| |D86B931D74309B9DA08BB942BD1AE1AF31CE6BF294C60BF2782298655F923C87A08| |52AF488C794D50AA515AB798BD006276DEFD849FB7BF00373E747F013B8CABC563D| |60ECC4D6E16777E1FD5C3D7C003CC8EC3A0C1E623E272F9DD8C5CE61C44698DDA3E| |05E701FF33C958DA04FE42E76FE1EB3F73EF8007CCB1EADB40A3DD8951EEC7C143B| |1FC5CE47374F39E5F6613E7D6BACF5AF831BE067E6C017F02B334D88C15B0CB577B| |F045F816F98F1D7CCDB949D30EE534524AEF01CFDE46110BB3B8893D6AE6DDD6EFA| |557772C0A40C9A942193326252464DCA94B6F535A84C9BA233DAD6FD17D2501C3E5| |1BDDF46FEAA93A2727B74BDA6586417EED949DC9FE3D2F8FEAC997A6DD414299779| |5DEAC37C5E4F3412E0AFB5A9F6BEBC4D5F89D4DEFF03201D028F| |-------------------------------------------------------------------|
  2. I am SO incredibly Thankful for this handy!!! Back in the day, I played around a bit with popmenus and mapmove, and was fairly decent in the bind macro game, but Between yours and the Macro/Bind Technical Manualhttp://www.shenanigunner.com/ it was a total refresher in my long Lost art, with SUPER powered LvL up.. The only thing I might suggest for the Crafter/Oro portal/Team tp etc.. is a slight modification just for ease of use etc, instead of clicking the Handy and then a space, this command line auto does it... Option "&3 Oro" "powexec_location forward:10 Ouroboros Portal" Option "&4 Portable Workbench" "powexec_location forward:10 Portable Workbench" Option "Team Transporter" "powexec_location forward:10 Team Transporter" Also, theres 2 I added, a Straight to Desktop Quit Auto yes click and one For when Im swapping Toons, Straight to Character Select I have an Alt Problem lol.... Option "&6 Alt" "quittocharacterselect$$dialog_yes" Divider Option "&7 Quit" "quit$$dialog_yes" Divider And one last contribution to All the incredible work/sorting/organizing.. For any of your Farmer Folk, or just want to Maximize your Inspire Usage, I call it PillMill lol, I hope you've heard of Inspcombine, it takes 3 of any you select"tag" and converts them into "whatever".. I use it mostly for Reds/Purples/Greens tier 1-3, but you can sub out any of the inspiration names however you'd like... Also, For the ones I leave in my tray there is Another Form of Macro called Macro_Image that Swaps the Dull Grey icon out for the icon of your choice(CoH Icons, all of them in a google doc Spreadsheet)https://tinyurl.com/yxw5oj54/ My personal Favorites, and examples of the tiers... Numbers 1-3 /Macro_image "Brawling_ComboLevel1" /Macro_image "Brawling_ComboLevel2" /Macro_image "Brawling_ComboLevel3" Greens /macro_image "InherentBase_Fury" red "$$inspcombine awaken respite$$inspcombine break_free respite$$inspcombine catch_a_breath respite$$inspcombine insight respite$$inspcombine sturdy respite$$inspcombine enrage respite$$inspcombine luck respite" //Possible /macro_image "NatureAffinity_Regrowth" /macro_image "Manipulation_Unrelenting_Heal" /macro_image "Inspiration_Health_Lvl_2" g2 "$$inspcombine bounce_back dramatic_improvement$$inspcombine emerge dramatic_improvement$$inspcombine take_a_breather dramatic_improvement$$inspcombine keen_insight dramatic_improvement$$inspcombine rugged dramatic_improvement$$inspcombine good_luck dramatic_improvement" /macro_image "Inspiration_Health_Lvl_3" g3 "$$inspcombine uncanny_insight resurgance$$inspcombine righteous_rage resurgance$$inspcombine phenomenal_luck resurgance$$inspcombine second_wind resurgance$$inspcombine robut resurgance$$inspcombine escape resurgance$$inspcombine restoration resurgance" /macro_image "InherentBase_Anger" red "$$inspcombine awaken enrage$$inspcombine break_free enrage$ $inspcombine catch_a_breath enrage$$inspcombine insight enrage$$inspcombine sturdy enrage$$inspcombine respite enrage$$inspcombine luck enrage" /macro_image "Inspiration_Damage_Lvl_2" r2 "$$inspcombine bounce_back focused_rage$inspcombine emerge focused_rage$$inspcombine take_a_breather focused_rage$$inspcombine keen_insight focused_rage$$inspcombine rugged focused_rage$$inspcombine good_luck focused_rage$$inspcombine resurgence focused_rage" /macro_image "Inspiration_Damage_Lvl_3" r3 "$$inspcombine uncanny_insight righteous_rage$$inspcombine resurgance righteous_rage$$inspcombine phenomenal_luck righteous_rage$$inspcombine second_wind righteous_rage$$inspcombine robut righteous_rage$$inspcombine escape righteous_rage$$inspcombine restoration righteous_rage" /macro_image "BanishedPantheon_Desire_Terrify" purp "$$inspcombine awaken luck$$inspcombine break_free luck$$inspcombine catch_a_breath luck$$inspcombine insight luck$$inspcombine sturdy luck$$inspcombine respite luck$$inspcombine enrage luck" /macro_image "Inspiration_Defense_Lvl_2" p2 "$$inspcombine bounce_back good_luck $inspcombine emerge good_luck$$inspcombine take_a_breather good_luck$$inspcombine keen_insight good_luck$$inspcombine rugged good_luck$$inspcombine dramatic_improvement good_luck$$inspcombine focused_rage good_luck" /macro_image "Inspiration_Defense_Lvl_3" p3 "$$inspcombine uncanny_insight phenomenal_luck$$inspcombine righteous_rage phenomenal_luck$$inspcombine resurgance phenomenal_luck$$inspcombine second_wind phenomenal_luck$$inspcombine robust phenomenal_luck$$inspcombine escape phenomenal_luck$$inspcombine restoration phenomenal_luck" And lastly, I attached a .txt file of image/power names as well, when it comes to Computer Language and coding, i am a total N00bert, so if I can sort this out, after many many failed attempts and get to the point where I can help out with an INCREDIBLE resource, anyone can... Infinite thanks, and I hope seeing these Incredible possibilities, will Spark a Fellow UberDork into RockStarDom!!! Good Hunting CoX_Power_Icon_Namelist.txt
  3. Absolutely remember running tons of stuff with you!!! Incredible!!! Can't wait to see you in Game!!!
  4. Missed you all Incredibly much!!! I'm @choake.. Mostly ChoNoes, Kreature Feature, Cho the Fro, Cho... Everyday an Old global pops up in Excelsior chat and it's beautiful!!! Miss you all, hope you had/have good memories of me, and if you don't I'd love to hear them lol.. Moar SB!!! k.. <3
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