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  1. Mmmm, Space Vegas (plz ignore the idiot title)
  2. It was tried on live and broke the system apparently. So until someone gets REALLY bored and completely rebuilds the core game code from scratch, then that's our limit.
  3. Anything with a display resolution Maximum that is below the Minimum that the game offers.
  4. When coding standards go bad....Or more realistically, what happens when you have more code than time/budget.
  5. You're Supposed to be running through tequila, not the game app unless you're using some sort of custom startup thing.
  6. Considering it's a remake and not prequel like, unless they're talking about Caprica...either way, the tone of the classic BSG is Way different.
  7. Some of it, but then I Prime shipped All-of-it and now have it binder storted it accordingly for when I Do watch it. :D
  8. Well now a days they can get as dark or whatever because of the paywall.
  9. Sorry, didn't have the dough for anything better.
  10. Post PC specs Where is the game installed? What do the errors say specifically? Attach any error files to your comment replies
  11. There use to be a glitch where the colors would shift and some people managed to bypass it by changing the SG colors back and forth to trigger the change.
  12. Even without the AV supposedly active, make sure the game folder is whitelisted.
  13. Yeah, as mentioned, likely one of the biggest reasons for it not being currently allowed/able to happen would be the easy abuse of storage contents. IDK how you'd do it otherwise (program bases to avoid it), but I imagine it'd be kinda tricky unless it was a universal storage bin accessible everywhere ingame, then that would simply be a link to a completely separate storage bin.
  14. Yeah, it truly is unfortunately. Otherwise they'd have a much easier time optimizing things and adding content without stability issues.
  15. I think they're 45 min, but there's commercials. If they were a full hour, then I think it'd be better as I think most the shows I've watch that are an hour feel more cleanly broken up.
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