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  1. Aren't Crossfire and SLI going away? IDK, thought I read something to that extent, but I haven't researched new tech in a while.
  2. The 2012 Macs should be able to handle Catalina just fine. Mine does.
  3. A lot of people also create Mule Alts on a 2nd account so that they can fire it up and trade. Maybe make one alt for each type or something like that? I forget the character maximums, so I'm not sure if it would be better to do that or just dump a bunch of stuff on several.
  4. Haven't watched, but the concept is awesome! The cautious part of me is concerned about how this relates to the general gameplay posting ban. It's not gameplay, but it's related to CoH and I'm not sure how NCSoft would view it.
  5. RAM requirements are questionable depending on need, but I wouldn't go below 8-16Gb anymore for those that game or multitask.
  6. Granted it depends on your lighting, but what's the flare factor on something like that? I've shied away from curved screens (in general) for that reason alone.
  7. Yeah, you must have accidentally created a new game account
  8. Ah, I've read that many simply play in one screen and run things like forums or other apps in their other monitors.
  9. From what I remember, I don't think it plays nice when stretched across screens. But that's from vague discussion memories.
  10. Mind you, I'm using my GTX 970 now a days, but my 3770k ran the game just fine on live without any adjustments. Granted, I was still running Win7 and 16Gb RAM. I'm in the process of migrating everything to my Win10 SSD install on the rig, but a little config adjustment here and there and I could test in time.
  11. I'll just point this out: http://www.shenanigunner.com/
  12. Make sure they're on a flat surface as it's easy to get little things in the way.
  13. Make sure the maps are (re)installed to the correct game folder. It's possible that the change in launcher cause a new installation folder which no longer has the /data folder that you installed the maps to.
  14. Heh, IDK about Ultra mode, but I know that I initially tested this i7 3770k / Intel HD 3000 with the game (desktop) and didn't notice a need for "shims" or any errors with the game (that I can recall). I actually played using it for a while as I ran out of $$ for a GPU with the build and it took a year or so before I got one because the game sunset by then.
  15. Seems to be a good, working, starting point. I didn't really test the file afterwards and I noticed a quirk, but the app corrected itself. The one thing I noticed was that when dragging, it chose to increment the number assignments by one, but then corrected when letting go of the name. Note: For those wanting to test for themselves, this WILL trigger your AV and may be blocked for downloading. Just follow your onscreen options to allow the download and running of the app. I know it's beta, but I've already flagged it as safe with MSFT.
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