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  1. Interesting how it swaps between HTTP and HTTPS. Other than that, IDK what's going on unless your AV had a patch too and no longer likes Tequila.
  2. I think it came about before the Vidiots map overlays, but helps a lot when trying to locate something specific like a hidden badge location or monster.
  3. That hardware's a gen up from mine, but not that different. I think I had that one day and ended up just changing the settings once the game loaded. I'd suggest you delete the registry entry for Cryptic/COH and then try restarting the game. Also, try the Safe Mode first just to make sure it loads at all.
  4. Huh, must not have seen more to the scroll bar when I was reading.
  5. I don't see any posts related to your problem(s). What's going on that makes you want to do this?
  6. TBH, I played some GW/WoW before CoX, but realized quickly that something felt right, but mostly off. I'm not ubber into supes (beyond the long running movies since), but CoX just seemed to fit all around when I found it. After sunset I tried some of those again and even looked forward to Rift (?), but after a couple hours of each I made it a hard no. Part of the reason was the damned squares all over the screen! The UI, as simple as it is, in CoX seems to work best for me. Would I like to play a CoX skinned/adjusted to be like my Other/console games? Probably not as they are really best enjoyed (by me that is) as a single player experience. While we might be able to improve say Fallout 76. It'd be too noisy of an environment for things like TLoU, Uncharted, or TR.
  7. Where Exactly is the game installed to? There are a slew of parent folders that windows will protect and auto-label their child folders as read only.
  8. Because they thought that they were done with CoX and some people don't like leaving their creations all alone? It's a thing...
  9. Shoot for the moon on suggestions, but remember to keep your feet on the ground when you consider typing out that "why isn't this done?" rant.
  10. If your heart desired, you could manually edit the file so long as the general format stayed the same. I strongly suggest Notepad though. And Don't do it while the game's running. >.< Note: the number at the end is the slot number starting from the first one (slot 0). If I felt like getting back into programming, then I could probably make something simple that would let you put the info in and it would make a file, but....nopes. :p
  11. Try playing in Safe Mode for a session or two and see if it does it then. If not, then try turning your GFX down a bit and making sure nothing else is running in the background.
  12. I swear I replied to this... Anyway, the game keeps a local copy to control the sorting and this file appears to be getting somehow corrupted or misinterpreted with HC as I never recall the issue on live. That said, there IS something about your installation that may be causing this IF this has been constantly happening since you've installed the game. Firstly, make sure you've installed the game as suggested: C:\Games\CoH as if you don't, then there's a chance you've installed it into a protected location (Documents, Downloads, etc) that Windows likes to not let you mess too much with. Secondly, the file you're looking for is inside of ...\CoH\[ACCOUNT NAME]\PlayerSlot.txt and is able to be edited by anything like Notepad, Word, etc. I highly suggest Notepad as it won't introduce nasty hidden characters like Wordpad or Word do. From here you can do a few things. You can simply delete the file and rearrange in-game at which point it'll recreate the file accordingly (make sure you don't have the file open!!!). You can copy it elsewhere and Then delete it (just in case). OR, you can simply remove the character that keeps going the wrong place. I don't suggest the last one unless you're comfortable with this sort of thing. Note: If you have more than one account, then you're going to have more than one file. See mine for reference of how the game does things. playerslot.txt
  13. So I've finished my round of alt transferring and I noticed some interesting things that seem to be related to the game's Memory Space. Firstly, I was dual-boxing in an effort to avoid losing names as I transferred. Since I ran into the 5 transfer limit, this allowed me to prep by reserving temp alts on my 2nd account on the desired server. This worked great...until I tried doing things a little too quickly (or too much in a session?) I think. Secondly, I'm playing in fullscreen for both on Ultra, but have the InactiveFPS set to 5. Toggling is still tricky (have to Win+Tab instead of Alt+Tab), but that's a Win7+ thing as I don't recall having the option in XP. The first thing I noticed is that I HAD to back out to the server list after transferring an alt for it to visibly take effect. If I DIDN'T, then one of the following would happen: The game has a nasty habit of moving the active alt selection to the first one in your server listing no matter What page of alts you're looking at. This may be WAI or it may be a new-ish glitch as I've noticed it do this when just idle in the server list. The side effect is that if you're not careful you can accidentally transfer THAT alt even though the name isn't the same (but the alt gets selected anyway). I've had the server selection screen not choose the right server. Now there's a "chance" that I'm just blurry-eyed enough to Think I have the right one clicked (Excel vs Ever), but I'm pretty sure I didn't today and it happened. I didn't know where it went until I glanced at the Server file. I think the server file (size / complexity) is affecting the load time on Win7. There's too many variables I can't test, but I quit an alt on my primary account 5s before that of my 2nd account and the 2nd loaded much faster than the 1st. I didn't catch just How quick, but it was noticeable. When I looked at the files, it's a factor of 8 More on the main account. Both accounts have an alt on each server, so it's not the individual server load time. (see files below) When I would delete a temp alt and transfer the original, there was no real delay needed (inherent 3-5s toggle delay) in most cases, but half of my transfers today required renames because the game hadn't let go of the information (from RAM). I had to completely close both instances (deleted the names in the files for good measure) before the game would allow the naming. I suspect that this was a combination of the Dual-boxing, game's Memory Space getting mixed between instances, and data transfer time between the client and DB servers. I'd recommend running a single instance, deleting alts, quitting, logging into the other account, and then perform the transfers if you use the name reservation technique. Anyway, those are some observations to chew on if the devs manage to walk through here. *coughs*@GM Widower*coughs* playerslot.txt playerslot.txt
  14. And always remember to install the Original maps before the updates or you'll get weirdness. Might also be worth it do delete the existing files in the /Data folder, but that can be complicated if you have other add-ons installed.
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