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  1. Oh no, I mean the life of the hardware itself. While some of us fair better with our tech, I almost always encourage new components if looking for a device that otherwise may not have a singular purpose. IE: Purchasing the PPC for the purposes of testing and running that platform natively.
  2. Honestly though, for longevity sake, I wouldn't waste money on something that isn't from the last 2-3 Gens so that you get the most out of it (because the board is likely brand new still).
  3. I ended up sticking with YouTube Music for the online side of things, but I'm also using AMZ music since I purchase albums from there that come with digital versions often.
  4. Historically, the 32 bit version of the game always seemed to push the 1.5 Gb envelope (and crash), so machines with only 4 Gb of RAM (my first laptop when playing the game) are going to have a hard time. That said, I HAVE tested this game to function on a 1 Ghz Intel ATOM convertible with an APU and 1 Gb of RAM (because I could). If I were to build a minimal PC now a days, then I'd be looking for semi-recent Gen CPU, 16 Gb RAM, Discrete GPU with 4 Gb vRAM. That should do most things one might need without going overboard, but that's the low end of what I'd Really want.
  5. This machine has run at nearly max settings since originally built back in 2012(?). Back then I only had 16 Gb RAM and a GTX 770 Ti. I've tested this machine at max settings as well and it performs even better visually...which makes sense because it's nearly a decade newer. This one handles almost as well as the first one, probably because they're Basically the same architecture at the core.
  6. But...it has Own Club with a separate forum... Using the "Search" function that like 90% of the internet has (per site) would easily bring it up.
  7. Oh good, that's what this is about because there's a Wentsworth in The Outer Worlds video game and it made me wonder if there was a Real Wentsworth this was All based on.
  8. You shouldn't have to change that Every time. What's the path that this is installed into?
  9. For files that you may have, check this out as well: For Installing: Checkout the links in my Sig
  10. For those that don't know about their work on HC/COH helpful stuff. http://www.shenanigunner.com/
  11. I knew something existed, but didn't know the formatting: EDIT: Oops, that's Summoning at your feet
  12. Just in case, do you Happen to have a power icon mod installed?
  13. You can try sending an ingame email as well. I think it's /getglobalname Brou in this case.
  14. Perhaps it's the lack of need for mods beyond what exists?
  15. If you wanna go internet archive diving for old mods we can add.... 😉
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