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  1. Loaded in a heartbeat with cEdge browser. Any time you have an issue accessing a site, the first thing to do is try another browser. If it works, then clear the affected browser's cache. If you get the Same result, then the comment above about a DNS is likely more probable as the issue. Never hurts to restart your network as well just in case.
  2. @ozma22, you've got a very interesting case that I've not been able to replicate either native or in VM so far. Did you go back and retest what @GM Mangawrote above?
  3. Not directly related, but I've been disabling Windows SNAP feature since it came out. Minimizing the number of background apps (things you really don't need at startup) would also be good.
  4. It's easy to miss things when You're the one creating it. That's why the industry always has outside testers for apps. 😉
  5. Since I've been messing around with my newer Triple MacOS boot (all APFS volumes), I've been annoyed with this one lingering thing that I'm not sure if/how to do. When in Catalina/Big Sur, I can see the multiple "Update" volumes that appear to be system used, but they take space on my desktop and Finder. Now I "think" I can simply pull them off the Finder window, but I'm hesitant to mess with the icons on the desktop because those ARE the volumes (unlike Windows where they're just shortcuts). I've run across a command line or two that supposedly hide them, but I'm seeing conflicting answers that mostly point out there is an issue with Mojave and up (IE: All of my volumes). Anyone deal with this level of pickiness with a confirmed, safe method?
  6. Heh, I was just in the process of pasting that comment. :p
  7. Bad, BAD @Solarverse...no "Cake" for you!
  8. Have you tried any of these? I don't have it, so I can't test. For you as well: @Boudicia.Dark, @PaganSteel
  9. What did you click on to get that file? It doesn't match ANY of the links in the OP thread at all. I don't like the ".xZ" extension though, This is the link to download the launcher from above: https://manifest.cohhc.gg/launcher/hcinstall.exe
  10. Sounds like you're talking about the Tequila launcher. It would be best to check/post-in those threads as I feel like it's been answered (since it's asked often in the past). I think the answer is security based (what isn't TBH).
  11. Not sure what has been changed by HC, but the supplimental map pack is also in here. I haven't checked to see if he's got it separate or together.
  12. I'll make it short for now (on my tablet), but I wanted to point out probably the simplest tool I've ever used for making an installation media for MacOS. Something is either wrong or changed in Mojave and newer because I can't use the simple command-line to create bootable USBs. Even worse was when I briefly tried the latest OS beta. And the I came across the Patched Sur found on github (?) and man did that masks things simple. Not only does it do all the work, but it lets you choose your version of the OS you want to build. Having used the beta in a VM to nab the live edition (the tool was designed for beta), I can even use the live edition as a source. I already had the beta installed on my 3rd partition, but when I aimed the refreshed installer at that drive it did an in place upgrade. Now depending on your hardware and its "official support status (my MBP 2012 is not), you may have to manually install the preloaded kexts from the USB. The patcher is Supposed to automate that, but a simple sudo command (I'm super green on terminal) later and I got Wi-Fi. Oddly enough, it Says I'm on the 2.4Ghz band, but I'm getting 5Ghz speeds from the router. Either way, having the full 1.5Gb of vRAM is much nicer than the 3Mb you get in parallels. I can't see much of a performance difference when doing basic functions so far.
  13. I'll throw that on the list of things to look at for sure.
  14. Might I suggest making the suggestion to have it added to PW then since it's something that worked on Live and that would be the best/neutral location to put it.
  15. So just to finalize the answer here for those who come to read later: The basic solution is to make sure that you've clicked the "Remember Account Name" once you've gotten to the Game's login screen.
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