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  1. That's ok, historically,computers can't estimate time properly either. 😉
  2. Use the links above to file a support ticket so they can walk through verificiation.
  3. Well it's surely a bit better than standard email attachment/storage limits. >.<
  4. Set the process to realtime? Manually pause system updates for like a week? Bribe it with candy?
  5. True enough, I guess I just never thought about using an external site (beyond sourcing memes).
  6. So many of us are aware that you can only put so many images in each posting, but I wasn't quite aware of the following until I stumbled upon it looking for a forum setting. Now obviously we don't want to eat up the team's storage allocation, but I was a bit taken back when I saw the limit. Has this been reviewed by the team at all? I don't know if this is just comments or includes my guides, but while I'm notorious for using up storage on personal devices, I've never done this to my knowledge. 😛
  7. Game aside, run through Windows Update a few times to make sure you've got that squared away. I'd pay attention to other apps as well to see if it is giving issues with those.
  8. Sounds like there's a short or something then with the PSU or the cable between. I didn't look, but I'm assuming that's "swap cables to test" capable unit?
  9. What they said and obviously this works for those using Other launchers as well. So long as none share a root directory, then all is well.
  10. Yeah, not everyone knows the old commands, so having something like this for personalization Would be cool.
  11. Mine's all well below eye level, so I don't bother with them. That and the case actually Does have a controller built into it for some of the fans (LED's builtin). I'm guessing you're talking about some sort of separate RAID that the platters are part of? Did you not tell the BIOS which is the primary drive? Or maybe the board is stupid enough to dictate which SATA ports boot and which are not. Other than them somehow having a boot partition on them, I can only think of some sort of electrical short.
  12. You'll know by the 100% auto-follow and random attack patterns. That and you'll get to see how well their' V2T auto-correct works. :p
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