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  1. The problem is that numbers in the windows are static. If they could do something like when you activate the /showFPS, then it'd be live data.
  2. Try lowering your GFX and stepping them up slowly. Also try the safemode first and then the 32bit.
  3. Try revalidating the files in the Tequila options.
  4. I forget what it's called, but I've been seeing the old "Paragon Radio" (?) announcing through the forums since HC started.
  5. If that were the case, then they would have come by now. HC has been playing things as smart as can be overall to avoid such a thing. So long as some rogue part of the community doesn't do something stupid like attempt to profit off of the game (before negotiations complete), then I don't think we're in any real risk of shutdown.
  6. Not until someone knows how to easily convert the ingame Build files (/buildsave) to the Mids format. I mean, it looks painless enough, but I'm guessing there's some data it expects to see in the file that it doesn't because I get a blank build when simply changing the filetype (after a few errors). build.txt Pyromethious - DMG Focus.mxd
  7. I'm gonna be Real disappointed if it doesn't look like this: :p Oh wait, you mean more like that restaurant. :/
  8. What about a 3rd party time OSD? I'm sure Somebody has made one for gaming purposes. And a quick google-fail keeps coming up with odd windows things.
  9. This and they don't plan on doing so it seems. Just don't forget to add one of the combo power/control things to the base so your porters work.
  10. If you haven't already, I believe there's a link in the install guide for how to whitelist the game for Avast. The simplest way would be to take the whole directory (IE: C:\Games\COH) and put that whole thing in the whitelist. Also, try the Safe-Mode first to see if that works. If so, then go from there.
  11. Wasn't XP and 2k basically on the same codebase only 2k wasn't as game compatible? It's been a while since I've been OS info-diving.
  12. I literally dropped my Win7 install onto my Win10 device and besides some UI adjustments / Tequila file recheck, everything ran fine.
  13. Oh you mean like all the Mac purists in my FB groups...yeah, no...not unless it has a purpose that doesn't involve Information Security vulnerabilities.
  14. IDK for sure, but the game likely looks for the hidden "end of line"/"new paragraph" character at the end of each visible line as a marker for a new command. Open the same file in word and click the "show hidden character" button to see what I mean if you need a visual. So when it sees a Blank line and is expecting an argument, then it doesn't know what to do. That's likely why all of the files you can open are formatted that way. Using this "guess at understanding", I'd wager that there wouldn't be too simple of a "fix" for it either as it would have wide-spread effects and likely not worth the effort on the existing spaghetti code.
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