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  1. Finished a first playthrough of the game and...damn, Naughty Dog went above and beyond with their story technique, covering all angles from what I can tell. Confused me for a while about just When I'd finished the game for sure...until I Did, then it was obvious. It'll make you Angry, Happy, Horny, and Sad (probably many times over). But it'll be fun and you WON'T want to keep the sound down. Cool controls too as it has a HUGE amount of game customization and assisted playing features too for those with restrictions.
  2. Never underestimate the power of the threat of percussive maintenance.
  3. If the PSU is dropping, then it's likely defective and due to heat. Keep that in mind as you may wish to invest in a new charger. Don't want to risk fire. :/
  4. In Windows, find the icon mentioned above, right click -> New -> Create Shortcut. Then drag (then) rename as desired.
  5. Yeah, if it's sudden like that after being smooth, then there's probably some measure of delay in what's coming to the machine from the server.
  6. As it should, it's the fastest way to play something you don't want to "feel out" or just want to see in action right away (AT based on another alt, just new costume really, etc).
  7. Fair enough, but generally I (and most I've been around) have viewed Apple as not being all that supportive (quantity/quality), but not outright against otherwise we wouldn't have things like Myst being so popular.
  8. IDK know enough about the history of SCORE itself (and the internal conflicts?), but from the outside I know there was a lot of IP related concern even back then, so maybe make something up, put it in the warmer, and bake whenever these "talks" cease. That way it's There, but not triggering any Google spiders.
  9. I would alter that to Bootcamp only until that goes out the window as well because of the extra strain using VM to run Windows for graphically intensive tasks. Hence my begrudging "better to just get the PC" response. You'll already want to have MacFanControl installed as it is with the fans on max when in windows. As for a random comment on here, from a (LARGE) Mac group that is very active online: (summarized) "[The CEO] has historically viewed games as waste of clock cycles".
  10. Once you've dragged/dropped the files, then you'll need to delete the original files or your desktop links will still point to the HDD (unless you remove it). Even if you don't do the above, you can simply change the path of the existing Tequila file to that of the new one (the shortcut properties) and it will then run from the new location. The system should automatically update everything in the registry, so that aught to save some possibly dangerous territory. Tequila May want to revalidate the files after doing so depending on when you last patched.
  11. But when it comes, you'll likely know about it (as people love new Alt / Costume options!).
  12. No link off-hand, but there's a laptop thread like this that went pretty in-depth. Think it was created by a mod.
  13. This sounds more like a need to tweak this mish than the AT itself (likely WAY harder).
  14. That's just a TF right? So it simply disables powers that you would have at the designated levels. So in essence it's as if you're that lower level (IE: You didn't know Anything about those powers). That's kind of the point of those. Gain the mish experience/bonus'/etc by not being overpowered (by a lot). Now I probably haven't had these Exact circumstances, but are you saying that it actually brings up the "choose your path" menu? That I can see getting annoying, but shouldn't take that long to do. Unless you're repeating that mission for reasons, then it'd be Really annoying.
  15. Ah, I got the impression otherwise. Might be good to note something like "Per Mod request for other users..." for posts like this then.
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