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  1. I started playing just after launch when I was 11, back in 2004. haha. My dad got the game for my birthday not realizing it was an MMO at the time. We've always played as a family until the servers shut down, and now we're playing together again. I'm 28 now. (I knew this was a game for old people, but I didn't realize HOW old everyone was. 😛 )
  2. The other day, I discovered a Freakshow encampment in Faultline in the far South-west corner of the map before the dam. I also went badge hunting in the Abandoned Sewer Network, and while looking for the "Living Dark" badge, I learned that the Arachnoids have made their own little nest in Paragon's sewers. These were all news to me!
  3. For me, Mercy Island, even with the redesign, is incredibly slow and painful to play through. I don't feel Villainous at all, I feel like a lackey punching snakes and groveling to my contacts. DFB helps, but it takes a while to find folks on Redside most days. Once I get to Port Oaks, it opens up newspaper missions and much more interesting content and from there I'm good. Also, I feel like making a villain concept character, at least from a RP perspective, is really hard for me. Hero character concepts come a lot easier to me when making an alt.
  4. If more enemy groups were to be added as lore pets, I think the Animus Arcana would fit really well. Spell casters and magic themed characters would look so great using them. https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Animus_Arcana Another enemy group I would love to see as a Lore pet are the Animated Swords from the Apex Task Force. It would be so awesome as a melee weapon user to summon a group of floating swords to hack your enemies apart!
  5. Not sure if this was called out already, but our team noticed that Diabolique is missing her entire description in Maria Jenkins Part Nine: Find Positron mission.
  6. Just a suggestion, but I think it would be nice to have a button in the launcher that lets you toggle if you want the City of Heroes login screen, the City of Villians login screen or the Going Rogue login screen. It would be a nice throwback. I think there's a launch parameter that allows you to do this anyways? But I don't think most people know or bother with it. Might be cool to add a toggle to allow you to use the OG CoH music or the CoH Freedom music as well.
  7. Here's one I recently put together: Danger Claw - Natural Claws/SR Brute Really happy with how it came out. I wanted to have something visual where the claws would be hidden in the gloves and the Banded robotic gloves worked out nicely. I also wanted an excuse to use the samurai menpo mask (which should really be ported to non helmet options.)
  8. My two cents: A game about customizing super powers needs an "Invisibility" power. It just ain't right not having it in. Also, Superior Invisibility would no longer be superior to Invisibility!
  9. Thanks for all the hard work, devs! Can't wait to try it out.
  10. Since it seems we are posting Fire/ Ice characters... Here's one of my mains; Matchlight - Fireblast / Cold Domination Corruptor. She was a former Outcast with temperature manipulation powers.
  11. Did you try lowering the FSAA (Full Screen Anti-aliasing)? I recently changed monitors to something a bit bigger, and I had that setting all the way up for some reason. It was giving me around below 30 FPS on medium settings no matter what I did, but when I changed it to my correct monitor resolution and switched FSAA to 8x (I believe?), it made everything a lot smoother and back up to 60FPS on max settings.
  12. There's a good link to the old loading screens here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lraeslcbbfhd08v/Old_Loading_Screens.zip?dl=1 They are just Jpgs, 1440 x 994 ppi. Seems like decent quality but they will have some upscaling issues with bigger screens for sure.
  13. Has anyone come up with a solution to this? I would really like to see the old loading screens in-game again, I like their designs a lot. It would be cool to replace them with our own loading screens too. This previous thread mentioned that it is pretty difficult to replace those images, but I do still really like the way the old loading screens look. It would be cool to mod them back in.
  14. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Story_Arc https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Hero_Story_Arcs https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Villain_Story_Arcs Wiki might be your best bet - it has it organized by Hero or Villian, level, and then it shows which factions you'll be fighting in the story arc. It's not a complete list I think, but you can at least plan what contacts to take as you level up.
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