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  1. https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Story_Arc https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Hero_Story_Arcs https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Villain_Story_Arcs Wiki might be your best bet - it has it organized by Hero or Villian, level, and then it shows which factions you'll be fighting in the story arc. It's not a complete list I think, but you can at least plan what contacts to take as you level up.
  2. Oh snap, I gotta check myself before I go off and talk about lore, it seems. Thanks for the correction, lol.
  3. I've said it in a few threads now, but now is the perfect opportunity for a Back Alley Brawler TF. I think a few people touched on it in the last General Topic of the Week. As for heroes who could be used as TF contacts, a redeemed Frostfire comes to mind. We also haven't seen Malaise in a while - maybe he could be slipping back to his villainous side and organizing Rogue Isles metahumans for an attack on the Vindicators. Lots of different threads in the game to pull from.
  4. This. A few TFs could really use the Positron treatment, especially Citadel. Synapse, while long, still has a few memorable moments - such as the Babbage ambush and the Clockwork king's lair - but it takes a long time with many kill-all missions with the same enemies. Same with Citadel. Bulwark goes down about the same quickness as the rest of the Council bosses, and Vandal isn't a particularly dangerous enemy. Anything to add more memorable moments and battles would be awesome. Another separate discussion could be about additional TFs. I think Back Alley Brawler is due for his own TF. It should tie up the loose ends after Eagle Eye's arc, a mid range level 15-25 TF. BABs takes revenge on Deadlock and takes down the remaining Skulls leadership. Could also have the Trolls get involved.
  5. @5099y_74c05 , I'm mostly looking at playing the game in a theater mode, so immersive mode seems to be the most promising to me. I have not purchased or used Vorpx at all yet. It sounds cool, and from the way you describe it, it seems like it has a lot of versatility if you put the time and effort into it. (Plus Full VR sounds awesome for other games that I own that don't natively support it.) Would you recommend Vorpx for immersive mode alone? Do you have any other recommendations?
  6. I'd be interested in playing CoH either in a VR theater mode or something similar. Wondering if anyone else has had more experience in this and if they enjoy it / how playable it is? I have a Samsung Odyssey + similar to @5099y_74c05.
  7. Had a few thoughts on how to add "new" and "hard-mode" content to the game. I feel like Incarnates need a bit more recurring content outside of Incarnate trials, not to mention a way to challenge the power creep. Hazard zones currently don't have a whole lot of content to bring players back or incentivize lower level teams to visit them over doing radio missions. These are all quick ideas, btw. Incarnate "Sortie" Trials The well of furies is surging, and empowering certain enemy types to massive power levels to rise up and challenge the incarnates. Luckily, these power surges can be sensed and it's up to a team of incarnates to stop them. Basic concept: Weekly 3 mission trials with incarnate level powered enemies. All enemies are level shifted to level 54. Players will need to seek out and destroy "monoliths" (similar to pylons) created by the Well of the Furies that are empowering these enemies. Must have Lore unlocked. Each mission has a twist for an extra challenge, enemies will be powered with 2 random conditions: 300% extra armor (absorb) Enemies deal x3 damage Enemies deal (random selection) of extra fire, ice, energy, negative, toxic, psionic, lethal, or smashing damage. Enemies heal damage over time. Endurance of players if halved Hitpoints of players are halved Cannot use travel powers Extreme cold: Slowed, -recharge +fog Extreme heat: -defense + small damage over time Radioactive area: -resistance, - health & -end recovery rate Random archvillain enemy at the end (respective to their enemy group). The final mission has damaging patches of surging incarnate energy that players must avoid (similar to Battle Maiden's orbital strikes). Finishing this trial will reward with bonus 1 empyrean merit, 1 random rarity incarnate salvage, and +bonus XP. Limit 1 run per week, per character for bonus rewards. Hazard Zone Bounties New zone event in Hazard zones: Bounties! Specific enemy types will be targeted in the Nav window (Hellion Damned, Freak Tanks, Nemesis Jaegers, Hamidon Devoured, ect). Players must defeat 100 of these bounties. ALL defeated bounties (including elite bosses and GM) reward bonus patrol XP and a bounty reward token. Tokens can be spent at the Recon Officer for temporary powers, SO enhancements (maybe?), and badges for bounty defeats. During this time, elite boss enemy types will spawn and will ambush players doing bounties. These enemies are worth 10 bounty points and scale to your level. When they spawn, he will be marked on the map. Once the bounty is completed, it unlocks a Giant monster rampage! Giant monster spawns in a random area of the map with a huge group of allies. (Think Ghost of Scrapyard.) They will rampage through a predetermined path in the zone and must be defeated within the time limit. If not defeated, then they leave the zone and the bounty resets. If defeated, they drop a bonus random rare recipe and 20 bounty tokens -plus the normal giant monster xp and drops. The idea is to add more team content for Hazard zones while making them potentially more dangerous.
  8. It's part of Number Six's arc in RWZ - one of the first missions has you visiting the Last Bastion to save Praetorian citizens. Part of a greater Nemesis plot, I'm assuming.
  9. Just realized that with the new update, you can get an Ouroboros Portal at level 1, and then use it to get to Echo Galaxy City. Granted, there are no missions available there, but I can at least street sweep as a lowbie in the Nebula District just as God intended. One step closer to having Galaxy City as a starting zone again! Thank you, devs.
  10. Can't you use the /enterbasefrompasscode from inside a base? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the command as it is now has a cooldown, so you could in theory travel to a SG base, use /enterbasefrompasscode and then pop from one base to the next without going back to a different zone. From there you should be able to travel to any zone that the base has a portal to. Is that not what you're looking to do?
  11. This is my argument to anyone who says RIP /enterbasefrompasscode. The command isn't gone - If you can place a base teleporter anywhere now, you can still use the command to go to your favorite warp base. Not only that, getting to a zone SG base is easier and quicker now. AND if your base teleporter is still recharging, you can use any of the OTHER teleporters available to you. You don't NEED to have the LRT Accolade to get around the game quicky. As a side note, the argument that fast travel is over-complicated is a valid one, but I think that mostly stems from the initial design of the game. This update is essentially a sweeping clean up of old teleport / fast travel mechanics while also removing what was essentially a dev command that was available to the public.
  12. I have a couple screenshots from Captain Mako Week back on live. The devs had fun that week.
  13. After completing the arc today with my mastermind, I must say, very well done! Awesome writing, cool villains and enemies, and fun set pieces. I think I like this arc more than the hero-side arc. I didn't come across any bugs, however I did take note of a few thoughts as I played. Spoilers below: Mission 1 1. This seems to be a running theme - the Freakshow fights on this mission are long over and the dialog has been expended before you can even make it to them. It would be nice to have them start talking / fighting when you're within earshot. 2. First ambush gets caught at the closed gate. Mission 3 1. Everything mostly worked as intended! The final room was a challenge, the small size made it easy for my pets to aggro the entire room. After a few trips to the hospital, I managed to take down all the enemies. 2. Rikti Eidolons spawning inside the tubes makes them difficult to target initially. Final Mission 1. Freaklok diversion team dialog happens all at once when you first enter. I didn't even get to see them fight after talking with Piecemeal! Kinda disappointing because they look so cool. I know they are fighting Longbow in the yard, but I can't target them and see what's goin on. I must see more of the Freaklok! 2. Escorting Bile from the Zig was easy enough, although the ambushes feel pretty overwhelming when you first exit into the yard. Perhaps sending the Freaklok to the sewer entrance of the Zig to help out, or have the ambushes spawn as you make your way through the yard would be helpful. Overall, very fun and straight forward. Made me really want to see more of the Freaklok! Here's hoping for more missions with them in the future.
  14. I know one of their long-term plans is to "complete" the Kallisti Wharf zone with full content. That zone is level 40-50 and Paragon planned it for being a stage for Incarnate level content on Hero and Villian sides. I don't think they are anywhere near completion to that goal, but the Homecoming devs have mentioned that they will be working on it. Gotta remember that all the content being worked on is by a very small development team on a part-time, volunteer basis with very little internal testing. I do think that would be a great idea for expanding on Croatoa - the Unseelie Court would be the natural progression of threat and they could be very dangerous enemies up close, perhaps even Incarnate level. They could do the Dark Astoria route - the entire zone of Croatoa enters the spirit realm and every magical entity within becomes a hundred times more powerful.
  15. Messing around with shoulder pieces, for some reason a bunch of the shoulder pieces get borked when on a huge body. They are *MUCH* bigger than their normal symmetrical counterparts and some of them, such as justice plates and valkyrie are kinda messed up. I tested this on some other upper body options because I was using robotic arms and this seems to be the same. See below. Here's how Justice Plates look by comparison:
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