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  1. I went with Claws / Invulnerability as my first toon on live. My reasoning I think was almost completely random - I was like 11 and I just got the game for my birthday back in 2004. But after learning how to play the game with him and other toons and even after the claws animation changes, it was still a solid combo. He had a terrible costume though - big blue baggy shirt with an electricity pattern. He eventually morphed into a red leather version of Wolverine.
  2. I had a character named Gradivus on live - he was an Energy/ Energy Tech Blaster. I didn't really do much with him but I liked the name. I remade him as a SS/WP Magic Brute on Everlasting and I'm playing more into the Roman God of War / Superman aspect. He's much more fun and feels more complete as a character. I've also found the opposite - my main character on live was a Kinetic Melee / SR Scrapper named Hyperblink - she was a speedster and felt awesome to play and level up to incarnate. (Boosted up swift and SS speeds.) Every time I tried to remake her though (different scrapper combos with electric armor or electric melee), I haven't gotten her past lvl 16. Maybe it was because I played her through the Praetorian stuff when it first came out and now she just started in Paragon City? Or maybe I need to try a different build. Before Homecoming was released, I would often daydream about replaying her again, but now it's kinda meh. I like playing on the Homecoming servers though because it gives you much more freedom to try out different builds and remake characters with extra slots and custom XP gain.
  3. Yeah, I remember this too. It's odd that it's inconsistent, though, normally all prisoners will con below their current level. This might be where the inconsistency is coming from.
  4. I remember being teleported into the "Matrix Room" under the Arena buildings during the beta playtesting. That was pretty fun.
  5. Everyone loves the Time Gladiator mission, right? Gladiators would be a really great fit for Masterminds, so I came up with this concept. I don't have numbers for anything, but feedback is welcome and encouraged. :) Time Gladiators “You summon forth warriors from the depths of time and the far future to fight under your command. Time Gladiators have a variety of training and fighting styles to counter nearly every situation and can be improved with additional armor and abilities.” Features a crossbow as a primary attack - could customize from wrist crossbow or full size crossbow. T1 - Crossbow Shot: Ranged, Minor Damage (Lethal) T2 - Summon Warriors: Summon 1-3 Warriors Calls forth one to three Warriors (depending on your level) to fight for your glory. These warriors will be a Samurai, a Viking, and a Cowboy. Samurai - Katana, Invuln. Viking - Battle Axe, Shield Cowboy - Dual Pistols, Frag Grenade (dynamite) T3 - Crossbow Volley: Ranged (Cone) Moderate Damage (Lethal) T4 - Armorer: Ranged, Train Time Gladiators Upgrades armor for smashing and lethal resistance and unlocks additional abilities. T5 - Exploding Bolt: Ranged, Area of Effect, Lethal, Foe Knockdown T6 - Summon Challengers: Summon 1-2 Challengers You summon two powerful Challengers to fight for your glory; a cyborg from the future and a Falconeer from the Roman Empire. These Challengers have various buffing abilities and can do various forms of damage. Cyborg - Nano Heal (single target heal over time) + Recov, Pulse Rifle Blast, Seeker Drones (?) Falconeer - Call hawk, Caltrops (?), Call ravens, Tactics T7 - Rally Gladiators: Toggle PBAoE Henchmen, +Dam, +Res for every foe defeated. Stack to 6 T8 - Summon Mecha Champion: Summon 1 Mecha Champion You summon an incredibly powerful robotic mecha champion from the future. This champion is massive and uses energy fusion attacks to obliterate foes. You can only summon 1 at a time. Mecha Champion - Fusion Smash, Fusion Crush, Fusion Blast, Earthshaker, Grant Force Field, Invuln. (See Gotterdammerung from Summer Blockbuster event. This is a less powerful inspiration. Could also use Titan Weapons, and Invuln as well.) T9 - Pollice Verso: Ranged, Single Target Train Time Gladiator. You single out a gladiator of your choosing - This gladiator gains resistance to mez effects, increased accuracy, and a recharge and speed boost to all attacks, and gains a taunt aura. Depending on the gladiator, if the gladiator falls in battle, the Mastermind and all summoned henchmen gain this effect: T2 Henchmen, +Resistance + Recovery, T6 Henchmen, + Dam, + Acc, or T8 Henchmen, +Heal +Resist Mez +Def +Recharge.
  6. @Virtual Green Nice!! Did you get inspiration from the police in the new Watchmen series? Looks awesome.
  7. Not sure if you found them yet, but here's Rikti Crash Site and Rikti War Zone.
  8. This: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Canon_Timeline is a pretty good place to start if you want to see the canon timeline. There's a few spoilers, FYI.
  9. Goes without saying that Free-to-play without a cash store would be the smart way to go. I think the most important things for the future of the game would be transparency in funding, development, and management. Being player run, it's really important to show -how- it's being run and really solidifies trust in the devs. Continued community feedback and testing with changes and updates would fall under this and the devs have been good about this. Personally, I think the efforts made towards future game sustainability has been great so far. I'm just going to bullet from now on: Continued (and maybe expanded on) weekly strike forces. Maybe smaller rewards for specific story arcs or zone content? More community events Supporting and promotion of AE custom story arcs would be great and maybe get more people go jump into non-farming AE missions. Continued adjustment and improvements in balancing archetypes for PvE and PvP. As for new content, this is my personal wishlist (not sure how possible these are ATM, but "I want to believe": Completion of new pool powers from live (i25) (Experimentation, Force of Will, Gadgetry, Utility Belt) I highlighted this because it is very important to me. Wind Control for Controllers and Dominators. More Mastermind customization - colors, new skins for pets or custom costume parts More frankentypes? Some kind of melee mastermind would be sweet. New costumes / textures / patterns Asymmetrical gloves, boots, and shoulders. New trials and missions on the LFG finder (like Death from Below, Summer blockbuster, Drowing in Blood, ect.) Related to above ^ MORE incarnate trials and incarnate content More Lore pets More seasonal events and activities New task forces Completed content in Kalisti Warf? (this is a lot of work considering what Paragon Studios had planned, so I'm not sure what is possible) That's all I can think of right now. City of Heroes is really important to me - just having it back is a feat in itself. I really just want it to stay for good this time.
  10. No mention of Sonic? But I'm guessing it's pretty similar to Force Field.
  11. Hey! I was Sanyo (I know, like the TV) on live. Wondering if anyone from Angels of Wrath made it to Homecoming? I was on that SG for the longest time.
  12. I'm pretty sure that she's a reference to Doc Sampson from Marvel. She's an archaeologist while Sampson is a Psychiatrist. Purple hair, vs green hair.
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