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  1. Nova would be amazing for this LMAO. The Fallen Gunners around Prometheus Park would be good place to start - try to get them onto the pedestal under the statue.
  2. I'll do some further testing tonight, I was trying it out with base unenhanced lvl 50 run speed and then with speed of sound. The sentinel seemed to just be slow navigating around the Atlas globe - choosing to go around objects rather than over and took about 5-6 seconds to catch up with me after I stopped. However, I've seen other pets do the same thing before now that I think of it.
  3. Does anyone else feel like Galvanic Sentinel is pretty slow? Just running around Atlas with it, it feels like it has some trouble keeping up with me. Seeing as it's a floating ball of energy, I just feel like it should be within 10 meters of me at all times and easily fly over objects.
  4. I've noticed this too, but I wasn't sure if it was for just the fire sword katana model. It was visible for some people and invisible for others.
  5. This. I vote for Static Manipulation, but anything else would be better.
  6. I have so many alts, but here's a few of my main characters and my favorite costumes and bios.
  7. Instead of bringing Statesman back for LRSF, he should be replaced with Blue Steel. ... Why not? I don't think he shows up anywhere else besides some mission in Dark Astoria. I think he could hold his own.
  8. I think as it stands, no prestige and everything unlocked is great. I like having all the creative freedom to build my base. That said, I think it would be cool to get base raiding back - maybe in addition to the "free base" with everything unlocked and raiding turned off, we can have a second base or "Forward Operating Base" specifically where you can earn prestige to build components and fight in raids? No requirement for SG mode, if you're playing and you're part of a SG, you are earning prestige.
  9. Since the recent resurgence, has there been any interest in getting some questions together for a Lore AMA this year with the old Paragon Studios devs? The anniversary is coming up soon. We haven't had one since 2016, and I'm not sure who, if any, would be open to answering lore questions, but with the recent surge in CoH interest, there has got to be plenty of questions folks could come up with. Just wondering if there has been any talk about it.
  10. Glad it got fixed! My brother and I (Tanker and Brute) had to use jetpacks and spam nemesis staff in order to take him out, lol.
  11. I don't think there would be any downside to adding an extra 500 or 1000 characters to the limit. It would keep it readable and somewhat short, but also allow for some extra writing room. I often hit the limit when writing my character bios - which does help me be more concise... but I really wish I could add that extra two paragraphs of character development sometimes. A "Read More" would be an awesome addition! It would appeal to the long winded writers and the people who want a quick description. Of course this would all depend on the time and effort needed to work with the spaghetti UI code.
  12. I went with Claws / Invulnerability as my first toon on live. My reasoning I think was almost completely random - I was like 11 and I just got the game for my birthday back in 2004. But after learning how to play the game with him and other toons and even after the claws animation changes, it was still a solid combo. He had a terrible costume though - big blue baggy shirt with an electricity pattern. He eventually morphed into a red leather version of Wolverine.
  13. I had a character named Gradivus on live - he was an Energy/ Energy Tech Blaster. I didn't really do much with him but I liked the name. I remade him as a SS/WP Magic Brute on Everlasting and I'm playing more into the Roman God of War / Superman aspect. He's much more fun and feels more complete as a character. I've also found the opposite - my main character on live was a Kinetic Melee / SR Scrapper named Hyperblink - she was a speedster and felt awesome to play and level up to incarnate. (Boosted up swift and SS speeds.) Every time I tried to remake her though (different scrapper combos with electric armor or electric melee), I haven't gotten her past lvl 16. Maybe it was because I played her through the Praetorian stuff when it first came out and now she just started in Paragon City? Or maybe I need to try a different build. Before Homecoming was released, I would often daydream about replaying her again, but now it's kinda meh. I like playing on the Homecoming servers though because it gives you much more freedom to try out different builds and remake characters with extra slots and custom XP gain.
  14. Yeah, I remember this too. It's odd that it's inconsistent, though, normally all prisoners will con below their current level. This might be where the inconsistency is coming from.
  15. I remember being teleported into the "Matrix Room" under the Arena buildings during the beta playtesting. That was pretty fun.
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