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  1. 33 minutes ago, PsiBug said:

    Hi, (Breakthrough in green text below)

    I am using modder version 1.68. I don't believe that I have used a different one in the past.

    I ran the modder again today and uninstalled vidiotmaps I26 (V6).

    Then I deleted the whole data folder

    Then I ran CoH and confirmed the original default maps were working. Then I exited CoH.

    Then I used the modder to install vidiotmaps I26 (V6) again.

    Then I ran CoH. The Siren's call map  (Juggy's version from 10-7-2020 I think) was scrambled . Warburg (and presumably all other maps) displays correctly.


    Then......... I changed my Menu>Options>Graphics and Audio>WORLD TEXTURE QUALITY from MEDIUM to HIGH. and the Siren's call map displayed correctly


    @Icecomet, are you able to get the same result?



    Confirmed that the 3 new maps from "vidiotmap_updates_feb_2021" also display properly for me if world textures are set to HIGH or VERY HIGH.

    All maps now working at HIGH World Texture setting.


    -Hope that helps,




    Hello, yes, I can confirm that this corrects the issue.  Now the larger question is WHAT did the devs do to THIS zone when they rotated it that causes this issue?  SOMETHING had to be done that makes this zone special that requires a world texture detail of HIGH in order for that to happen.


    @Jimmy or @Cipher, are you aware of any underlying reason why AFTER Siren's Call was rotated that a world texture setting of HIGH is required to make something like vidiotmaps work correctly in game?  Every other zone works 100% perfect on lower settings (as did Siren's Call before the rotation).  We'd appreciate any insights you might be able to share so we can put this topic to bed!


    Thanks in advance.


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  2. The lengthy steps I conducted through 2 solid days of doing nothing but troubleshooting this are as follows:


    1. I have deleted my entire CoH installation out and installed the homecoming launcher.

    2. I wiped out the fog of war map cache in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\NCSoft\CoX\VisitedMaps

    3. I installed the vidiotmaps installation via cohmodder (map was scrambled).

    4. I installted the optimal path patch via cohmodder (map was still scrambled).

    5. Removed the SC overlay and the map displays correctly.

    6. AboveTheChemist sent me many various revisions saved in varying formats all were still scrambled and a few were just black.




  3. 28 minutes ago, AboveTheChemist said:

    Just to be clear, are you using my updates to the Kallisti and Warburg maps from Feb (the ones I posted in this post)? If so, that shoots some holes in my working theory, but I suppose it brings us ever closer to a potential resolution. If not, do you mind trying them and reporting back? And make a backup of your existing textures should mine prove problematic!


    Ok, I just tried all 3 of them again and as reported earlier by the other person.  Khalisti Wharf is BLACK, Warburg and Siren's are "scrambled" like the previous screenshots I provided you!


    I was sure I tested your files previously, but I suppose maybe not, I did so many things in that timeframe it's hard to recollect what all I did and did not try map wise.




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  4. 23 hours ago, AboveTheChemist said:

    Do the other two maps included in the vidiotmap_updates_feb_2021 (Kallisti Wharf and Warburg) exhibit the same black/blank map issue (or perhaps other issues), or do those maps appear normal?


    Hi ATC, I think we covered this, but for my personal situation it is ONLY Siren's Call that has the problem.  Khalisti and Warburg and every other zone in game works absolutely perfectly (and Siren's Call worked before it was rotated for some unknown reason AND it worked for a short time after December 5th when Michiyo provided a quick rotation of the existing vidiotmaps badge.  But since about February it simply stopped working.  Nothing on my client PC has changed (aside for the crappy forced windows 10 updates).  😧

  5. After watching the discussions and conversations that go on here, the lack of any real dev engagement or willingness to change a direction on these powers.  I had a more generic suggestion regarding the beta of changes.  Instead of a closed beta, where a small collection of minds decides the direction for everybody to a point that when it hits open beta we're basically going to be stuck with the chosen direction with maybe being able to get a few % tweaks around whatever the point is.


    I am not entirely sure that a small collective should be base lining the direction for the servers at large from the first iteration and I would ask that in future decision making that the beta is open from the beginning before a "general path" is set in stone to a point where many are unhappy, except the chosen few that laid the path out.  Please consider changing your approach in future development so the people paying for the monthly support of costs can not only know they are directly supporting the game financially, but providing valuable feedback at a time when suggestions can be realized.


    I want to be clear that I am appreciative of the devs time and willingness to keep things fresh in game while making no money or profit for their efforts.  In the MMO world companies shove their choices down the consumers throat and they just have to take it.  I do also recognize that you'll never please everybody with any given change (i.e. a camel is a horse designed by committee, I get that), though I can't imagine anybody (including me) with being upset at flying faster. It's the renaming of powers, addition of unnecessary powers in a system tray that I think was avoidable and simply modifying the powers that exist would have accommodated the desired changes and you'd have seen FAR less push back and complaints if you simply said "we are improving the powers as they exist today.  Fly will be faster, AB will have it's affecting self removed and some 'defensive' bonuses added, etc".  People could say, great, the powers we have are just buffed up more, fantastic.


    Anyway, thanks for reading, though I know this won't necessarily change where we are today with the current changes.


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  6. 1 hour ago, Darmian said:

    Odd thing is, Studio 55 feels MORE like a club than Pocket D LOL.


    But PDP feels more like an underground rave or whatever which I thought was the vibe they were pushing with it.  Pocket D just has too much of a polished 'space' look that should be somewhere out in the shadow shard whereas PDP really feels like its a secret dance location in the city.  Again, nostalgia, lol.


    PDP has the same potential though, give it the NPC's that PD has (p2w and such).  I wish I was a developer, I'd get into the code and rewrite it and send them code over to the team to check out, but alas, my coding days are long behind me so that's just a pipe dream...


  7. 7 hours ago, Naomi said:

    There's already 'Dance Legend' in Steel Canyon, which I believe is just outside one of the door entrances to it, so people who collect badges know it's there.


    People don't really go to PDP for a number of reasons, most of which were fixed with Pocket D (less grungier theme of the warehouse club, more space for chat spam with large crowds, missions, npcs, chalet, and now AE).


    If it were to be made more accessible somehow (which is fine) I'm still doubtful as to whether people would go there, as Studio 55 is also just as dead.


    While I'd prefer to ask what types of places people would like to socialize in as opposed to what could be done to draw players towards a particular area, if the latter is the goal, then I think you'd need to come up with a reason to incentivize socialization there, beyond just people coming in and out to do missions, farm, or grab a badge.


    Player made club bases are also popular (beyond their design) because they can offer rules, privacy and membership that you don't get with a regular area of interest, so that also factors into the equation.


    Thanks Naomi for the input, I do appreciate your time.


    I suppose based on some of your feedback perhaps the zone would need a slight overhaul and lighten it up a lil and maybe cleanup some of the junk (not completely, so it keeps that vibe it has).  I just thought perhaps it were far more easily accessible with a LRT (and maybe a base portal) to get there, heck even add p2w or some of the other stuff there that is in Pocket D that it would be an alternative 'public' place for when somebody might want to hold a public DJ event or something.  Just hate seeing a zone like this forgotten about is all and as I mentioned, its a bit of nostalgia.  As for Studio 55, well, at least on Everlasting, the lion share of people are on the hero side, our villain and praetorian population is rather low compared to the hero side and I don't think there's much to be done about it.  The villain zones kind of suck, are dingy and depressing looking and the praetorian side while beautiful, doesn't offer a lot of higher level content, but this is an entirely different discussion.


    I don't have all the answers, but I was hoping if the effort for a destination point for LRT and base portal (and now, maybe a few of the cleanups mentioned) that it might be more appealing to the masses for public dance events.


    Maybe it's a crappy idea, but I thought I'd toss it out here nonetheless because I am told if its not on the forums it'll never have a chance...


    Thanks for reading and the feedback, your time is appreciated!


  8. 18 hours ago, siolfir said:

    Now THIS I like. If we have to have a nuisance bar, put more options in it, and having the flight poses as macros (which likely don't have little icons made) would be a good place for them.



    I hope this comes across as an explanation instead of an attack - it's certainly meant as one. Using the approach they took the new options are rolled into the existing powers. One just happened to be renamed.


    In the older builds, if you change nothing, you will move as fast as you did before - faster if you didn't have the old Afterburner because the flight speed cap increase was rolled into the existing power called Fly. If you slotted Afterburner for flight speed (to increase the cap) it's possible that the reduced flight speed increase from this patch will mean you need to move those slots to Fly to be faster.  If you had Afterburner before, will have also more options for what you can do while Evasive Maneuvers is active than you did using the live version of Afterburner because it's not limited to Only Affecting Self status. The "new" bits added to Evasive Maneuvers - the knockback resistance and immobilize protection - are purely optional if you really just wanted to Fly but if you had Afterburner before you get them, so they're rolled into "the existing power" which was renamed Evasive Maneuvers. If all you cared about in the current Afterburner was flying faster, you can even respec out of it (while moving slots, for example) and pick up a different power entirely. On top of that, you can use the new Afterburner to get even more speed, just not all the time.


    If the argument is "I want to go 101 mph all the time" that is the sticking point for you, that was addressed by the devs in the earlier threads: they want Fly to be the slower option as a balance point for it being the "point and forget" (inactive) option. The difference in times to reach mission doors is insignificant in most cases, and for the longer travel you're likely going to be cheating through a mission teleporter of some sort (team, individual, even base teleporters) rather than using a pool travel power the entire way. While it's true there is some condescension about this, it's because of 40+ pages of the same thing being brought up after they have been specifically answered through a variety of threads.


    You can say you don't like it until you're blue in the face. I certainly have in the Rune of Protection changes, and that's for a power I don't even take. It won't change what they're going to do, and at the risk of speaking for others, adding extra defense to Hover as bullet point 1 in your suggestions when adding defense to hover-blasting isn't in any of the options presented so far (power creep!), and then wrapping up with full-time 101 mph when that's already been vetoed (despite many attempts from others to ask for it after that post) is likely why you're getting flak for the suggestions.


    Hi, thanks for the feedback and the perspective.


    I just want to be clear, my suggestions or dislike has nothing to do with speed.  Let me say that again for the people in the cheap seats: I have never advocated for more speed, point of fact, I am content with my speed exactly how it is on LIVE right now and if the speed wasn't changed at all, I wouldn't say a word.  All I stated was, roll whatever speed increase that's being proposed for fly into existing fly along with the "defense" buffs into Afterburner (instead of EvMa) and remove the AB "only affecting self" thing.  That's it, I am not asking for and simply don't care about what the speed cap is, I don't care if I fly faster or not (but I don't want to fly any slower).  Oh, and maybe a 1-2% base defense increase to hover, but that'd be a nice added bonus, but certainly not necessary.


    I honestly feel that the existing powers with the increases and additions as proposed would work perfectly fine in the existing powers.  People who don't have AB today, will likely then need to take it, but then they'd have to respect to take EvMa also, so, it's a wash.


    I'd just simply like to see this style of change dropped on beta and let people play with it and see how it fleshes out.  If my idea isn't the chosen one, so be it, at least it got a shot for people to evaluate it (myself included).  I just feel like the pool itself is being overly complicated with renaming a power, moving AB to be some system tray "Freebie" or whatever.


    K I S S = Keep It Simple Stupid (the golden rule of development)



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  9. 17 minutes ago, Apparition said:

    Having events in the Paragon Dance Party zone would lock out villains.


    If they want to just be villains, sure, but I don't personally know anybody that stays full time villain, go rogue/vigilante and you can go wherever.  I personally have moved all my toons to vigilante (unless there is a reason to go rogue or villain, but I immediately switch back when I am done) so my LRT will take me anywhere in game, anytime.  If you want to not leave villain side, well, all I can say is oh well, that's a choice that is made and ya have to deal with the consequences of it.


  10. 25 minutes ago, Grindingsucks said:

    @Darmian  Okay, actually, given the subject of your topic, I could totally get behind a change like this.  I'm all for making the place(s) more interesting by making them very useful to the whole player base.  👍


    Absolutely, probably a good percentage of the player base (those that weren't live or the early days) that aren't even aware of this zone at all.  I think the theme and environment really sets a dance club atmosphere a LOT better than PD.  I've never been that crazy about Pocket D when it comes to theme and vibe of how it feels, but PDP has the feeling!


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  11. 9 minutes ago, Grindingsucks said:

    Well, I know it exists, but I never go there.  Honestly, with Pocket-D and several score player-owned Bars, Clubs, and Pubs, I feel we have more nightclub scene stuff to utilize than I would ever use.  Granted, I use Pocket-D pretty much for Gull the Null, AE, and P2W.  I may use cool-looking player  bars as set pieces to set up heist/contact rp's and the like but, other than that, that's about it.


    I suppose you're feeling some strong nostalgia from your live experience here and, though I never played during live, I do get where you're coming from.  Having said that, I would rather have the teams limited time and resources focused on things that the entire player base would find appealing, not just those that played during live.


    Still,  apart from pulling time and effort away from more interesting projects, I'm not really against it in any way.


    Hi, thanks for the feedback.  Yeah, I get what you are saying, but as I had stated, given that they just waded through all the code for exploration and LRT stuff, I don't think this would be a massive effort.  And, yeah, there is some nostalgia involved, I played live from launch to close and Pocket D was brought online and it just makes me sad that I never see anybody in this zone when I pass through and I figured if the effort wasn't a lot, it'd be nice to see it made accessible easily with LRT...


    Anyway, appreciate the comments...


  12. You know, I was thinking the other day that it kind of makes me sad that this zone has become somewhat forgotten.  While I know that Pocket D "replaced" this zone, I was thinking that this zone could use some love.  How can we utilize this zone and make it a place to go?


    1.  Put 1 exploration badge in it so it becomes accessible with LRT (or just have it unlock when Pocket D is opened in LRT automatically)

    2.  Put the Paragon Dance Party portal name in the list right below Pocket D in LRT.

    3.  People like to host DJ events live in game and stuff, so, why not make this zone more attractive as an alternate gathering place for events?


    I don't think this would be a massive work effort, given how recently you added exploration points to places like Khalisti Wharf and the entire LRT power, so, let's show the original party place some love and make it easier to access for people to get to quickly for gatherings and the like.


    Thanks for reading!!


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  13. 2 hours ago, Wavicle said:

    You can, of course, turn off the extra tray, don't put the new AB on your bar, and you'll have the exact same playstyle as today, only it won't say OAS. Nothing will have changed for you. No one is forced to take advantage of the new options.


    Or, the devs can adopt a different approach than the currently chosen path based upon player feedback, which I was led to believe the purpose of this thread was for.


    No one is forced to take advantage of the options?  Why can't the new options be rolled into the existing powers?  That's the question that is being asked.  It's not like me and the other people that aren't crazy about the proposed changes are opposed to the speed changes and other benefits, but why can't they be rolled into the existing powers?  Even if it was an "I don't like it" opinion, the opinion is valid from the point of view of a player.  Maybe you don't like my alternate proposal, that's perfectly reasonable and you're entitled to your opinion, but to tell me or anybody else what we should do and to just accept some change as it's proposed without expressing our opinions on the matter is really counterproductive.


    I mean, the level of incomprehension of an expressed alternative and the condescension to those ideas is why more people don't come and express their opinions on the forum.  People tell me all the time on Discord what a train wreck this place is when it comes to this sort of thing and that it's why they don't come here and post anything and now I can clearly see it only takes a thread like this to see it in action and prove the point.


    Lastly, keep in mind, it's one thing if I came here to just bitch about the changes, but at least I am offering an alternative approach to a change that not only embodies all the proposed changes in an attempt to structure them into the existing power layout after I spent my own time on the test server evaluating the currently proposed changes.


    Is that not what a thread like this is supposed to be for, @Jimmy @Cipher?  If not, I'll stand corrected and apologize at large for offering my opinion and suggestion.



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  14. 1 minute ago, Wavicle said:


    I think it's pretty clear that Always On AB without OAS was never going to happen. You can have it Always On or you can have it without OAS but not both. Slotting Fly OR taking EvM lets you go at current Live AB speed always on AND without OAS, so basically you got what you're asking for.


    It's strange, I keep getting this exact comment about "speed" and what "I am asking for", but I've never once mentioned speed, anywhere, ever.  With flight + AB on live I am quite content with my travel speed and nobody can point to a post or quote where I've ever asked for more speed.  I was simply looking for a way to roll up the changes they want in the powers how they exist right now without all the mumbo jumbo of a "free" power.  You know, you reach a comfort level with the powers how they are, your playstyle is adapted to that.  That's me, I just want the powers in the pool to remain exactly how they are, just roll up the speed changes and whatever else they want in EvMa to just be rolled in to AB and call it a day.  🙂

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  15. On 3/30/2021 at 4:15 PM, Icecomet said:

    So my counter proposal on the flight pool proposed changes would be as follows:


    1. Hover would get a 1-2% base defense buff.

    2. Fly would be increased to the same speed and caps as what is on beta.

    3. Evasive Maneuvers + AB on beta would be rolled up into the existing AB, including removing 'affecting only self' portion of AB. (AB will remain a full time toggle and if a slight overall speed adjustment has to take place, thats ok too, any way you slice it, we'll be profoundly faster than we are on live today).


    To me this is way more simple and elegant than this massive pool revamp and introducing a system tray power and all the like.  I have a hard time understanding this massive overhaul when the existing powers could just be tweaked to achieve exactly the same result without messing around with what we have.




    Yes, I know, quoting myself seems like bad form but since my last post was on another page, figured I'd quote it so it's here as a reference for anybody that hadn't read it.


    I'd really love to see what my suggestion above would look like on test or something?  How hard is it to put this sort of iteration to the test, see how people feel about it?  Also interested to know if it was even looked at or considered this way before the rework took place?  Were them some barriers or issues preventing something more simplified like this from being implemented?


    In closing, I know I get all passionate about some of these subjects, let's call it a character flaw and sometimes I struggle to sound more constructive in my feedback.  It's not deliberately being a jerk, like I said, my passions get the better of my fingers sometimes!  👍  It's a work in progress, like anything else in life...


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  16. So my counter proposal on the flight pool proposed changes would be as follows:


    1. Hover would get a 1-2% base defense buff.

    2. Fly would be increased to the same speed and caps as what is on beta.

    3. Evasive Maneuvers + AB on beta would be rolled up into the existing AB, including removing 'affecting only self' portion of AB. (AB will remain a full time toggle and if a slight overall speed adjustment has to take place, thats ok too, any way you slice it, we'll be profoundly faster than we are on live today).


    To me this is way more simple and elegant than this massive pool revamp and introducing a system tray power and all the like.  I have a hard time understanding this massive overhaul when the existing powers could just be tweaked to achieve exactly the same result without messing around with what we have.



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  17. 22 minutes ago, Xiddo said:

    Office Politics/ Meeting Adjourned: defeat the 6 leaders of The Council
    Outmaneuvered: the Malta AVs
    A Worthy Adversary: Nemesis AVs
    Show Stoppers: Freak AVs
    Curtain Call: Carnies
    Little Green Men: Rikti
    Thumbscrew: longbow heroes
    Cobweb Cleaner: Arachnos AVs


    Good work on some names there, I think the easier we can make it on the devs, the more likely they might consider implementing it  👍

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  18. 3 minutes ago, srmalloy said:

    If you're going to add new defeat badges, add one for Snipers; there's as much justification for them as there is for the Nemesis Jaegers and Warhulks, they're multi-faction (Nemesis Comets and Tirailleurs, Crey Sharpshooters), they're annoying (tooling across the zone, and *zap* some sniper shoots you), and they're common enough to make getting the badge viable with a little work.


    Good call, I hadn't considered that separately, but back on live when I was leveling up, I used to hunt them exclusively because they were only as difficult as a lieutenant but gave more influence than lieutenants, so, more reward!  😁

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  19. Hello devs, let's be honest, people LOVE badges (me included) and I had a few ideas for new badges and I was directed from discord to post them here, so, here it is:


    1. Defeats:  First and foremost a "defeat" badge for defeating all the various AV's (or Hero's) in game.  While I know there are many, it's still an achievement for  your character to have taken part in defeating the AV/Hero.  Can be associated with an already defined and not live badge in point #2 below.
    2. Associate the badges that were never implemented.  I am sure there are more I don't know about, BUT, the ones I do know about and what details I know about are as follows:
      • Accolade: Iron Man/Woman (Undefined) (+10% Max HP, +10% Max End)
        • So many possibilities of what to do to tie into this one!
      • Accomplishment: SG Mission Computer (Base Mission Computer) (Undefined)
        • This could still be neat to have in base instead of having to earn the AE computer on every toon.
      • Defeat: Street Crime (Undefined, defeat 1000 of all street gangs, all outdoor)
        • I am reaching far back into live on this one, but I had notes here on my live tracker that this was supposed to be like 1000 of all the various street gangs (Hellions, Skulls, Vahzilok, 5th column, Family, Tsoo, etc). 
      • Accolade: Super Patriot (Undefined) (+5% Max Endurance)
        • This one would need to also have an alternate for villains, like "Super Villain" and could easily be associated with say the AV or Hero badge I mentioned in point #1.  So, as a hero, if I defeat all the AV's on the list,  you get Super Patriot or as a villain if you defeat all the Hero's you can achieve Super Villain, so on and so forth.
    3. Veteran Badges:  I know that technically, there is end to these because folks can keep leveling, but 33 in this category is still kind of a low amount.  You could keep the names simple and just continue with Overpowered and make the next one Overpowered 2, Overpowered 3, etc.  In addition to adding more of these, I think some empyrean merits should also still be in order.  I had suggested previously that starting at 105 you aware 1 empyrean merit for every 5 levels.  This would at least keep it from being as many as what was previously given but also provide incentive of some sort beyond just a badge.  Also and lastly, you can mark these badges beyond the Vet Level 99 one to NOT count toward the badge total (just like Bug Hunter and Flames of Prometheus) but merely symbolic to show the accumulation.  We don't want the total badge count to be unachievable by the masses.  These would need to be retroactively awarded if implemented.
    4. Achievement - Souvenir Badges:  Currently, we have badges for 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200.  I submit that we need a 150, 250, 300 and 350 (at least).  I know I am personally up to 261 and I am nowhere done with arcs as I am personally aware of 368 and I find new ones every week.  These would need to be retroactively awarded if implemented.
    5. Achievement - Interaction Badges:  Interaction badges are earned by interacting with objects (i.e. 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 objects) interacted with in game (bombs, computers, etc).  Any objective that requires you to click it to disable or collect it.  Easily earned by simply doing missions.  This could be associated as the SG Mission Computer above in point #2.  If possible, these would need to be retroactively awarded if implemented to save folks like me that have done the lion share of missions already from having to repeat so many missions for work we've already done.
    6. Achievement - Incarnate Trials:  These would be badges for completing 10, 25, 50, 100, and 200 incarnate trials.  People love doing these trials as they're end game content, so why not have badges for completing amounts of them?  This should also be data mined and and retroactively awarded to be fair.
    7. Wentworths:  These can easily be expanded to 8000, 9000 and 10,000 badges for general selling, quite easily achievable.  Also, increase the badges for selling recipes, inspirations, enhancements and salvage by adding 100, 200 and 500, again, quite easily achievable.
    8. Exploration - Khalisti Wharf:  While not necessary for the LRT power, expand this to be 8 badges to be consistent and add the accolade for it.
    9. Exploration - Cimerora: Again, same as point #8, not necessary for LRT but nice to be consistent.
    10. Exploration - Pocket D :  Again, same as point #8, not necessary for LRT but nice to be consistent.
    11. Souvenirs Tab:  While not necessarily badges, we need a souvenirs TAB added to our character info to display all the souvenirs that we've earned.  Additionally, we need to associate actual graphical icons to the souvenirs which was something that NCSoft never got around to doing.  I have personally volunteered to hunt down and provide graphical icons for reach souvenir to the dev team, you'd simply need to put it into the game.  I only require that the dev team provide me with a COMPLETE in game list of all possible souvenirs so I can make the list complete.  This is pretty straight forwarded, my idea is that if that arc already has a badge, you use the same icon for the souvenir.  Another nice to have would be a command in game like /souvenirdump in game that will dump a .txt file of all the souvenirs that a given toon has earned.
    12. Badge dump:  Again, this isn't a new badge implementation, however, I'd like a command like /badgedump in game that will dump a .txt file by category of all the badges that a given toon has already earned.  Sometimes my count is off and hovering over each icon one at a time and cross referencing to my checksheet is tedious at best.
    13. Lastly, with all the badges listed above, you might need to add a 1,750 total badge collected badge because we are starting from a 1,547 baseline and I think you could easily get these to 1,750.
    14. Defeats - Snipers: Offer a defeats badge for 100 sniper class NPC's.  Call it "One shot, One kill"     😄


    That's all for now, I apologize for the lengthy message, but I was asked to port it all here.


    Best regards,


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  20. Hello.  It was suggested to me by a GM that I bring my feedback from Discord and put it here as a formal suggestion because he liked the idea, so, here it is.


    I was thinking today, something else I'd like to see expanded and I would expect it wouldn't be difficult (but we know that the game code is a mess and nothing is ever really easy, lol), and that is, add MORE titles to the trainers to choose from.  I have so many toons that there is NOTHING that's really applicable to my concept or how I view them.  Expanding that list would be fantastic!!

    Or, and even better thing would be to find a way to allow manual text input?  Though I know that can be problematic because some people would be trying to put vulgar, profane or suggestive things in there, so, something like that would likely require significant code work to check for those sorts of things so maybe not as doable.


    Additionally, as a start, Take One on Discord also said a good start make all origin titles available across all origins?  To be honest, I didn't even know the titles varied with Origin because I usually just default to magic, lol.


    Lastly, Veracor suggested rolling the resistance/loyalist titles into vigilante/rogue alignments.


    Anyway, thanks for reading.


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  21. 19 minutes ago, GM Lines said:


    No, hover and fly are still two different powers.


    Afterburner has been replaced with Evasive Maneuvers, which provides a lot of the buffs that Afterburner did and more, and can be used in combat.


    Fly now has its own Afterburner built in, which gives a temporary speed buff.



    Would be nice, if, like change ammo on DP, that we could put the AB icon wherever we want without the constant pop-up bar coming and going and it would simply be "disabled" when fly isn't being used.  Not unlike self resurrect powers being gray while you're alive...



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  22. 1 minute ago, Greycat said:

    OK, so, concealment.


    The biggest issue here, to me, is that we lost Invisibility, for two reasons -

    1. Both stealths (the stealth and the new travel power) have a 35ish foot PVE radius, versus Invisibility's 55 (ish) foot. Which means that, unlike Invisibility, I can't just walk up to a mob and - Perception buffs or ignoring invis (like Rikti drones) aside - not be noticed.  (Example, live, walking up and firing off a nuke or rain.)


    2. There's no power making you *invisible.* You're now translucent. OK, yes, aesthetic thing, but it fit some characters.  You can make others invisible with Grant Invisibility, or be Illusion or a stalker, but it's been lost for everyone else.


    Potential Suggestions:

    1. +Stealth IO/enhancement, only works in Stealth powers. Boosts stealth range.

    2. Celerity +Stealth. However, I don't consider this ideal because I may not *want* the movement boost from Infiltration.  (Plus, for the second point, it doesn't do anything for the "I'm invisible!" aspect.) I suspect this will happen quite a bit. Especially for those who like toe-bombing.

    3. Remove the exclusivity between stealth and infiltration - again, wouldn't change the graphical aspect of it.

    4. Grant Invisibility becomes a self-affecting toggle. (May annoy teammates.)


    CAN the graphical aspect of being *invisible* (with the aura) be put in as an option, at the very least?


    I know there are tailor settings for this very thing in the tailor for my /dev blaster, I actually turned off the invisibility aspect of her toggle so she's just be translucent on the screen, so while I have no experience with the powers you mentioned, it can clearly be accomplished via tailor if they choose to implement it...


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