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  1. As a "casual" player myself, it's a big hard no from me. I'm level 20 and have 83 million influence (mixture of selling stuff I crafted, running missions/TFs, converting merits to things I could sell in the auction house). I'm really not in any hurry to get purples either.
  2. I played on live and always enjoyed the Hollows. It always felt like a rite of passage to traverse the zone and avoid mobs without travel powers. 😄 Just a correction to an earlier post - it was 7 years between the Hollows being released and travel powers (fly/sj/ss/tp) being available at level 4. In all that time I personally do not remember any "uproar" about being able to travel through the zone.
  3. stanld03


    Hi all, Afro Storm from 1AT here. Plus 10 million alts...
  4. Chill out, you'll all get your turn.
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