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  1. Well, actually I have one thing I can add to the ongoing story point - I really like Arachnos. I don't want them shuffled off. If anything I'd like to see a true clash between the Rogue Isles and Paragon City become more of a thing. That was always where I thought the story was going before time travel and dimension hopping (other than the Rikti of course) took center stage.
  2. I can't speak to the future development of the story for reasons that are about to become clear, but I would personally enjoy it if some of the content with Statesman from before he died was restored in some fashion (Oroborous possibly) just because back on live I never got far enough to experience it before he died, but that was the era I played in. I, didn't have the attention span to level a character to 50... lol.
  3. I wholeheartedly support more hair options! (Though I understand that it is more work for the Devs and other things may be higher priority than giving me more ways to beautify/differentiate my growing legion of characters...)
  4. Hihi! So, first I just want to say that I've read the pinned topic about the Holy Trinity and I understand the roles don't have to work like this, it's just something I want to do. Two of my favourite roles in games have always been Tanking and Support (be it heals or buffs), but it's not often you can make a character who is dedicated to just those two things. I'm hoping that the freeform nature of CoX will help me in that regard. Basically, my goal is to make a character who Tanks while focusing on buffing and/or healing his allies. I'm fine with also using CC for Agro Management, but I want to be able to take a serious hit. I'm trying to figure out how best to accomplish this. Most ATs that have support sets are pretty squishy, and most ATs that can take a hit don't have much in the way of support, so after some research I'm thinking that the answer is a Bodyguard mode Tankermind. I'm thinking Necromancy for the ToHit debuffs, but don't know if there's something hiding in another set which would make it better. I was also planning on either Pain Domination or Empathy, but don't know which would be better for this concept, but I'm not wedded to them either. For power pools I'm guessing I'll need at least the taunt out of presence, but I'm guessing that's not the end of it. I probably want some powers which reduce the damage I take even further. Would Leadership: Maneuvers be good and would I want anything else from the pool? Would Fighting be worth investing in? For Epic pools, all of the Patrons and several of the others have further defensive abilities, not sure which would be the best though. Of course I'm also happy to consider whole other concepts if that would work better 🙂 . Lastly, I would prefer to first look at builds that don't operate on making something that normally has a long cooldown always on, but if that's the best way to make this work I'm willing. Thank you very much! EDIT: A word.
  5. I did some poking around and found out that this is not a new issue, but I just wanted to give a heads up that antivirus software still hasn't given up on the idea that Mids Reborn is a Trojan. I'm trying to download the thing and Malewarebytes won't even let me connect to the webpage because it can't provide a secure connection and sent an invalid response ( ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR ) while the little popup tells me it stopped a Trojan.
  6. Thank you very much! This will help a lot. And based on the various input, I think I'll go with CJ. This toon may not be strictly melee, but they are pretty close ranged at this point, and with a lot of other drains on endurance. Travel powers are definitely QoL, and I normally do try to grab them but with how much I seem to need for this build I don't think I can justify spending a power on one if I can get by without one, which it seems I can.
  7. Wow, this is a lot to take in. Let me first say thank you all so much for taking the time for me 🙂 . There's a lot of good information here. Thank you kindly! It's an honour to serve. This sounds more like a benefit - being able to destabilize a potential competitor simply by ignoring him? Seems like a path to promotion... And yes she does 😄 . (Like, she was totally cool with my level 14 ass helping a Fortunata conspire against here, that is surprisingly chill.) I didn't know that there were so many different spider bots I could get though, it does seem a bit of a shame to break up the set... I like the personality your breakdown shows, by the way. On the advice: This actually sounds like a really good idea for figuring out some of the more complex mechanics, I should get the Beta client. Thank you for explaining this, because that was a trap I was primed to walk into face first! Sorry for the confusion, I should've checked I was using the right terminology. Worked out well though because while I just meant the Leadership Tertiary Pool and its Arachnos Soldier equivalent, that included Tactics, which is apparently not worth stacking. I'll see if I can make room for Vengeance and Victory Rush. Hopefully my time as a Defender will help me stay aware enough to use them. I like panic buttons and making my friends better - why I'm after Leadership stacking in the first place. But, if Assault isn't really worth it and Tactics definitely isn't, that's a few slots I can free up for other things. Interesting. I wasn't sure if the redraw stuff actually took time or if it was all fluid like SWTOR. Good to know for all my builds. After reading all the different summaries, I think I'm going to focus on Crab powers. They seem fun. I'll miss Pummel - the disorient saved me many times during leveling but hopefully I won't need that anymore and right now I'm pulling out a rifle just to smack people with it, which while amusing, seems inefficient. I'll have to see how many I can fit in, but @Omega-202 thank you, your breakdown of the AoEs was very informative. I'll make sure to get Venom Grenade though. The general consensus seems to be to skip the Travel Power and I'm okay with that. I can get my Sorcery Flair back with Soul Mastery 🙂 . Its interesting seeing the disagreement on the Armours and CT:Def, I guess for now I'll just take two of them and see if I wind up having a spare slot. Though I certainly like the idea of auto resist for now I'll go with CT:Def because... This is one Enhancement concept I do understand thanks to the Warshade. I wasn't planning on it but now that I know I can it's certainly tempting, even if sacrificing three powers is a big tradeoff. As I may have alluded to earlier, I like pets 🙂 . Two quick questions though In the sample build you gave (thank you very much by the way, it's helpful to have something to compare to, I just didn't want to ask too much), you had these for slotting Luck of the Gambler. 1) If I remember correctly my Warshade build used Combat Jumping, are there any other options worth considering? 2) You have two different Luck of the Gamblers slotted into Weave. If I need 5, and there's one in TT:Maneuvers, Maneuvers, CT:D, and Stealth, couldn't one of those be dropped if two can fit in Weave? Or more if we just put multiple in the one's I'm already getting? In general though, to everyone, thank you very much for the advice on Enhancements, like I said, they're the biggest hole in my knowledge and this will really help me figure out something workable. I'm going to poke around the AH like @Six Six suggested, but I'll make sure to slot some End enhancements into my attacks, but that does raise a question. Is there a golden ratio for damage to accuracy to endurance to secondary effect Enhancements when it comes to attacks? I've been keeping Pummel slotted for Disorient because of the previously mentioned life saving, and other than that just mixing Damage and Accuracy but once I'm not just slotting whatever I mugged someone for, I'm not sure how much of each is a good idea, or even how many slots most attacks want. Thank you all again, so much! You have been very helpful. For the Glory of Arachnos!
  8. Hi all, semi-newbie here. I've played the game a fair bit but never at level 50, so I understand how the game works, but not how it works, if that makes sense. I'm trying to figure out how I want the Crab Spider I'm leveling to look in the end, which I really have no idea on. With most toons I have more intuition but with this one, I'm not sure. Do I want attacks from the base Soldier list? Do I want to stack Crab and Wolf Armours (I read somewhere that their resistance bonus is negligible?)? Is Combat Training: Defensive worth it? How do the Grenades, Suppression, and Heavy Burst compare? There are so many abilities I want and nowhere near enough slots. I'm not overly concerned with my build being the best, just viable and fun, and perhaps not too squishy. I'm also not asking for anyone to make the build for me, just some tips to help push me in the right direction. What I know I'm after is stacking AS Tactics with the Tactics pool (is Vengeance good?) and getting all the Summons. I've been using the Sorcery pool for Flight/Teleportation, and used the Knockdown spell before the level 24 Respec, but I honestly don't know if there's space for a travel power. If not I can get by on Ninja Run but I would like it. I was also planning on taking Soul Mastery unless there's a good reason not to. Idk if it's practical or not but I want Omega Maneuver just because the concept of warping in a Doomsday Bomb makes me giggle. The other thing is slotting. Oh gods, slotting. When my Warshade got AE Powerleveled into the 40s I started reading guides so I understand the basics, but I don't know what I need outside of "I will need so many End Reduction Enhancements for my toggles" and I really don't know about set bonuses. Any advice in that regard would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much!
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