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  1. Stuff we expect from Yomo. Really cool idea. Go now young heroes and rattle that auction market like a Christmas tree in a blizzard!
  2. Last december I bought about... errr I can't remember. 150 packs maybe? Anyways, I opened them all, planned to sell the IOs, never did, they're all in my storage now. 150 packs. I thought I was a big shot. Then I see your numbers. Little shot.
  3. Yeah I meant Greater Ice sword and I don't particularly like the animation (actually it looks kinda dumb) but I liked the power because it felt more powerful, maybe it's because I use it so late in my build. I can easily respec it out in favor of regular ice sword which animates a full second faster. Arcane bolt has two advantages: double damage when it procs, and it's ranged. And as you said, I could probably spec it out too. Respecs are cheap so I really don't mind trying things. For endurance management with this Tank, it's all about Energy Absorption. You want th
  4. Though I play CoH a lot I'm a very slow player, I always want to try another combo and I spend lots of time being an ebil marketer so, levelling projects are slow. Still, this nice little project here has been keeping me completely enthralled lately. First off, this is not even a tanker. Ice/Ice doesn't fit the bill. It's actually a hard hitting controller in a very sturdy armor. And I freakin love it! She's 40 now. I wouldn't be surprised if she was my first real 50. (I have a farmer, which I never use, those don't count) Here is the build
  5. Very much alive, new expansions still coming. It's not massively populated but most people who play are dedicated. I have rarely seen such an intense level of roleplay and commitment in a MMO. Seeing 25-30 players in band formation, all dressed up, playing their instruments is something rather spectacular. I don't really RP much there though. I tend to find LOTR roleplay too serious. I just explore and read the story. It is a HUGE game.
  6. Exactly. This game manages to give some to everyone: casuals, fans, hardcores, min-maxers, math crunchers. It`s all doable.
  7. Different people, different tastes. I never play to murder faster. The word gimp does not have a place in my own CoH vocabulary. Sometimes, I wanna play a Ice tank because I wanna play a Ice tank.
  8. City of Heroes. So many alts, so many Heroes, Villains, Preatorians. Has the following ever happened to you? I was looking at my few character pages, trying to decide which of my characters I would use to try and make a Badger. My Rad/Rad Scrapper? Nah, she's too slow. My Claw/Bio Brute? Maybe, I dunno. My Water/Elec Blaster? Nah. I suck at Blasters. My... wait. Who are you? *Cue ominous music* When did I make you? Why do you have so many levels? I don't even know your powersets. [Logs o
  9. Domination. The FLASH red-blue-red-blue-red-blue-red-blue-red-blue-red-blue-red-blue-red-blue-red-blue I just can't.
  10. HAH! Now I remember why your name rings a bell! You're the one who hosted the only Mother Ship Raid I have ever attended (That was months and months ago). It was all through broadcast, all instructions were clear and easy to follow. I agree with everything @Oklahoman said there, it is the most basic logic to me. Looking forward to join your events again!
  11. I have a SR/Savage tank. Maybe I should send her there. No heals though. "There's always the medicine pool."
  12. This brings a very interesting question: Suppos I would like to experience the whole story (at a reasonnable level, say, +0x2 or +0x3 TOPS), what would be a good AT or powerset combo? Because, you know, I read it somewhere that this game allows you to have alts.
  13. Make sure you have the latest Mids installed, as Afterburner has been changed recently. then, to remove a power, click on it in the power list, not in the build.
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