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  1. Oh very nice! I'm going to shop me some procs then!
  2. So you're using it only for procs eh? I like the idea. I like it a lot. So if you proc for say, a damage type, and if it procs, does it proc for all targets in the AoE, or just the one that triggered the proc?
  3. Is there anyone with a decent DM/DA build that takes the recent changes to Touch of Fear into consideration? I can find quite a few good builds out here but they all date from before DM was tweaked. I'm just curious to see how people like to slot things now that Touch of Fear is all new and awesome. Thanks!
  4. I have my CoH and CoV boxes as well as a legion of those awesome comics they used to ship, all in mint condition. I'm a nostalgic 🙂
  5. Ok, let's shift this around and: what if I wanted to use the ISH out of the fighting pool. Cross Punch looks fun. Does it crit on a scrapper? Is is it worth taking punch AND kick to squeeze the 15%x2? I know I can test this all by myself, respecs are cheap, but I'm just curious to see what people think.
  6. I leveled a ranger to level cap a few years back but I hit the party wall really bad (where you can't solo anything anymore): I wasn't in a guild and the PUGs were either people who knew the game inside out or clueless noobs like me and there was no communication so every instance I played was a nightmare. I quit. A shame. The progression was a lot of fun.
  7. As far as Dark goes, I have a Dark.... something scrapper. Or is she a brute. Damn this Friday afternoon hits my brain HARD. Anyways, she's awesome. Hits like a truck. Debuffs everything. Never has any endurance. I should play her sometime.
  8. NPCs talk in Dark blue text in the chat window. Because reading small dark blue characters over a generally dark background in my futile attempt to follow the mission's story is a great way to murder my already declining eyes.
  9. I need to watch all of these tonight at home! Still, bomp bomp was a fantastic way to start my Friday 😄 Thanks!
  10. My friend used to play a Dark/Time corruptor and he claimed it was the best thing since sliced bread. And then he quit playing. But that's probably not because of his corruptor.
  11. Took me a very, very long time to get there but, there we go. Sounds adjusted and replaced, thank you most kindly @Solarverse, @Oubliette_Red and @AboveTheChemist
  12. Never had any issues there. Granted I still dabble in the low/mid levels so, no raid stress or no complex TF pressure so far. But as far as normal teams go, a CoH leader only has to recruit and select a mission. You don't really lead anyone on a map. We just jump from spawn to spawn as a collective bunch. Everybody knows every map by now, an active leader is not required in normal game content.
  13. 100% QFT. I wish I had been there. This is the teaming I want and love in this game.
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