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  1. Pretty much: "The only MMO I have ever played that doesn't feel like a chore." No dailies. No rep grinding. No pointless repetition.
  2. Wow... this is why I really love this place: ask one obscure question and get showered with answers, ideas, concepts and love. You guys are the best! I wanted to use force of will for my Kin/EA Stalker. Now I know that doing so IS a good idea 🙂 Thanks! I'll try to see what characters among my legions of alts might benefit from the two others I have yet to try.
  3. ... for a lack of better term. How do you guys call them anyways? I am of course speaking of the Experimentation. Force of Will and Sorcery power pools. I said "hybrid" because they combine elements from many flavors and add one travel power. Do people ever use them? I don't think I've ever seen a build with one of those on here. My guess is that they are levelling tools that you eventually spec-out when you reach endgame but I could be wrong. What's the general opinion?
  4. Taunt however allows you to 6 slot Mocking Beratement which cheap and awesome.
  5. I agree with that. I had terrible drops so my last farm made almost 18M in 25 mins so that's about 40M per hour. Factor in good drops and I could have pushed it to 60. With a more complete character, I will be able to kill faster so, perhaps 70 or 80. Pocket change, compared to what I can do with enhancement conversion/market in one hour. Speaking of, what do you guys think is the best strategy with Winter packs? Buy em, keep em until the event dies out is a no brainer, but what then? Sell them unopened or open them and market the contents at a nice profit rate?
  6. Oh wow! I'll switch to buying them until the event is done then! And I just did a little experiment of my own. My farming character is a spine/fire brute, all decked out, not entirely purpled out yet but the other purple sets would only add to my survivability which is already to the roof. I`m not 100% incarnate either but I have a solid alpha, judgement, interface and hybrid going already. Started a +4 x8 fire farm with well spread large groups that kept me in battle 95% of the time. Disables XP earning and went to town non stop for 25 mins. When I was done, net gain, including everything I could sell from what I earned in there (no recipes worth crafting alas) made me 17,750,000 inf. That is 630K by minute. I am starting to call BS on those "I can farm 6M a minute" claims 😛 However, since I adapted my pricing strategy as it was suggested by awesome people here, marketing things has never been so lucrative. Out of 30 things pur for sale, 26-28 will sell in the first two days for a reasonable profit. Thanks for the learning tip 🙂
  7. Very cool build! Is Rad a resistance set like Fire? My tank is Fire/Staff so I imagine it's similar?
  8. My tanker was used to fire-farm a while so I built him that way. Turns out I really enjoy farming so now I have a fire brute for the job. I'd like to make my tanker into a generalist again so I can play the game content. Is there anyone with a Fire/Staff build that is NOT geared toward farming? I'm already familiar with incarnated and, being an ex farmer, INF is not an issue. I really suck at making builds...
  9. They go for 10M right now, this is not their usual price?
  10. I didn't know packs went on sales sometimes. All of them or just the winter packs?
  11. Funny you should say that. I need to validate that I do not indeed have a CoH addiction. Back in 2000, i had a huge problematic addiction to Everquest and then after that, every MMO scared me a little. The WoW years were pretty intense too. Now, at my ripe old age, I like to claim "Pah! I can stay away as much as the next guy!" Can I? I have a D&D game this Saturday and I need to focus on preparation and really walk away for a few hours. Tomorrow is another day and my characters will still be there. If for any reason I log on tonight, even if it "just to check my auctions", I will know there's a problem...
  12. Well, I need to keep putting things for sale if I want the magical magic to happen 🙂
  13. Broke the 500 million bar yesterday. Would have been 600 millions (or even more if I had stayed focused on him) but my Farmer-in-training absorbed 100 Million for her mid-career build and of course, when I play her, I'm not marketting.
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