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  1. Pseudo-pet-using powers like Lightning Rod will inherit the Assassin's Mark effect, and it can trigger on the pet itself. Naturally the psuedo-pet does not have Build Up and can't actually benefit from it, but the message still happens.
  2. Game design-wise, it wouldn't break anything. CoH would still be perfectly functional if you could pick a t2 secondary on creation. Programming-wise, absolutely. The game is not programmed to let you take your t2 at creation and has several measures in place to prevent it. That's not to say that it can't be done, but it's a big task with major potential to cause issues if not implemented perfectly.
  3. People heap abuse on the developers trying to make something nice for them, draining any enjoyment the developers get out of making things, and causing them to stop trying.
  4. It’s probably because he made a slightly different claim on Reddit.
  5. There’s nothing in the game that says that Rularuu’s original backstory isn’t still canon.
  6. I think the issue here is that Defiance 1.0 sucked and everyone who had it back then hated it.
  7. Does anyone know when exactly Kora Fruit were downgraded to give level 2 instead of level 3 inspirations? I know it happened alongside or immediately prior to the addition of inspiration storage to SG bases, but I can't remember if bases launched with Storage in I6 or if it was added later.
  8. I think you're really overestimating how much time it would take to accumulate tons of tier 3 inspirations. You could set up a bind to upgrade the inspirations, then mash the Buy button at a store at the same time as the bind and have a full tray in about 5 seconds, maybe. You could then email them yourself to bypass the tray size limit, which takes only a little longer.
  9. Tier 3 inspirations were easy to get prior to the addition of inspiration storage (issue 6) in bases by running Kora Fruit missions. That's how people would fill their trays with them back in the day.
  10. You have to be joking. He's not even making the same claim as you.
  11. Sounds like you want great AoE damage AND single-target damage AND crowd control, which would be a bit of a tanker-mage and a balance no bueno.
  12. I'm on record that I don't want Energy Transfer's animation to go back to what it was. I like the current animation, and I'd rather find a way to buff the set while preserving it. That said, if you want to experience the old ET playstyle, I'd highly encourage you to play a Stalker. The fast Assassin's Strike animations out of Hide feel exactly like old ET did, and they even do as much damage with Assassin's Focus crits.
  13. Right now, invention salvage is split into three discrete tiers: Low-level (10-25), Mid-level (26-40), and High-level (41-50). Recipes require salvage from the tier that their level falls under. Now me, I don't sell all my salvage. Instead, I let it accumulate so I can craft any good recipe drops I get, to sell or whatever. However, once I hit the levels where the salvage tier changes, I won't get any more recipe drops that use the lower salvage tier. For example, once I reach the point where every enemy I fight is level 26 or higher, low-level salvage is no longer useful to me because I won't be getting any more drops that use that salvage, so I might as well unload it all. The problem is, there's no way to tell what tier a piece of salvage belongs to, short of memorizing it from a list. So, my request is that some sort of visual indicator be added to the Salvage window to clearly show what tier it belongs to. Something like a series of dots or stars in the name or over the icon, like 1 dot for low-level, 2 for mid-level, and 3 for high-level.
  14. A sack of health with attacks is what the Tanker has always been, and what it's always been meant to be. I'm not unsympathetic to the people who like it*, but Bruising has never fit what the Tanker is supposed to be about, and it was never meant to be a core part of the Tanker identity. It was a consolation prize for being forced to take the T1 attack, lipstick on a pig, and some people just got too attached to the lipstick. * I even suggested that the T1 and T2 swap from the first iteration of the changes be kept, and Bruising left on the original T1 powers so players that like it could still have it.
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