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  1. I think this is a pretty good idea. A problem with the suggestion forums is that good, uncontroversial ideas tend to just sink quickly off the front page before they have a chance to get any real visibility.
  2. The four power pool limit really only seems like an issue for people making min/maxed builds. I'm not really in favor of removing it if the only practical effect it will have is to let players make more cookie-cutter CJ/Maneuvers/Tough/Weave/Hasten builds.
  3. Alright, I was finally able to make a character with all the Cosmic Corsair hook and peg leg parts without getting an error, and I was happy to find you can have the pirate peg leg on both legs. I was disappointed, however, that the pirate hook seems to be only available on the left arm, and not the right.
  4. Mesmerize works on bosses in one shot even without an Overpower.
  5. That's how much bigger the other numbers are getting
  6. Merit rewards are based on median completion time. Lou Pasterelli's arc is very long for example, but if you Stalker to the objectives like OP did, you'll finish it much faster than the average. In addition, a lot of old arcs, like Lou Pasterelli's, had their typical completion time inflated by virtue of the fact that they'd been available since the launch of the game, when players were worse at the game and characters were weaker, and so took longer to complete them.
  7. You think Thunderstruck by AC/DC is obscure?
  8. Atlas is ded too but I don't see my dearly-desired giant globe back detail in the costume creator.
  9. Except Malaise, for whatever reason.
  10. Really, it wasn't that bad, it was just long. There's basically nothing noteworthy about it, which is why OP was able to run the whole thing without even realizing it was supposed to be a task force. If your team quit, you could just solo it. Back in the day I ended up just duoing it with one other guy after everyone quit.
  11. I'm bumping this thread because it seems like every time I go to RWZ on Beta to test something the gosh darned dummies aren't freakin' there.
  12. I think there's two major reasons there's no Shield Throw power in the game. 1. There's no way for an FX effect to inherit color or geometry from your character's costume selections 2. The set is about defending yourself with a shield, and you can't use your shield to defend yourself if you've thrown it at an enemy. Also, some of those Elemental Shield options are clearly meant to be your character using their control over that element to create an barrier to block with, not a physical object you could throw at someone.
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