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  1. Well, it gives them an extra +1. It doesn’t force the other setting to +4.
  2. Hey, there's a few sound effects that are actually in the game, and the music track from the Cannonade neighborhood in Boomtown. Plus, Statesman used Air Superiority on that Rikti Drone!
  3. If there’s such a focus on range, why not make it a Ranged Damage/Ranged AoE set?
  4. It’s clearly, “The brothers and the chutlers say, ‘UK!’ in the house!”
  5. Its not a true arc, it’s one of those chained mission sets where completing the mission automatically gets you the next one, without returning to the contact, so it wouldn’t be in Ouro.
  6. Maybe it would help to know what it is about the shields that renders the game unplayable?
  7. A power like Triage Beacon would use the proc formula for toggles, which doesn't factor in recharge.
  8. Check it, @KaizenSoze, I did you a solid and did an end cost test with a Night Widow. Same conditions as in the other thread; 2 even-level Recharge SOs in each power, powers used in basically a random order, favoring the strongest power that was recharged. The Night Widow also had Mental Training, because of course it would. Power # of Casts End Cost per Cast Total End Cost over 60s Follow Up 7 7.8 54.6 Swipe 2 4.16 8.32 Strike
  9. I've never said everything is fine. What I actually said was: I'm trying to point out that the issue is more nuanced and complicated than "Night Widows have end issues." Nearly all sets have end issues to some degree, so you should provide some evidence that Night Widows truly are exceptional. Your Time to End Crash videos are interesting, but not particularly compelling as evidence to me, because the details of your build make it impossible to compare to other sets.
  10. I think the source of the confusion is that you're looking at Claws powers, which famously don't follow the standard damage formula.
  11. You're just proving my point. As Epic Archetypes, VEATs are already unique from the get-go with branching power sets no other AT gets. No thanks to further homogenizing the game. Not really sure what your point about toggles is, since they're generally one of, if not the smallest portion of any character's end costs. Usually the only things that cost you less end than toggles are situational powers you don't use off recharge.
  12. I have to imagine that with the 40-foot radius, the proc rate is terrible.
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