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  1. A fair point, but pool attacks are intentionally undertuned compared to primary/secondary powers, not unlike Super Strength attacks, so it still doesn't unbalance Super Strength as a whole to have this advantage with non-Super Strength attacks.
  2. Still fixating on the negative! You see it as bad attacks that need an amazing buff to lift it up, I see it as an amazing buff that needs bad attacks to keep it in check.
  3. I think you better just explain what you think the word "balanced" means, because I don't think you and I are working from the same definition. Middle-of-the-pack =/= terrible
  4. It's hardly Super Strength's, or any other set's fault if players don't want to use it to do what it was designed to do. Oh, Super Strength absolutely does stand above other sets in certain areas, just not on the time it takes to defeat enemies. It's the only set I've ever played where enemy ToHit debuffs or defense buffs are barely an inconvenience. It's the only set I've ever played where Temporary Powers are worth mixing into the attack chain because they'll actually land and do decent damage all the time. And while this isn't unique to SS, the knockdown on every attac
  5. Again, fixating on the negative. The penalty period is 1/12th the length of the buff period. 6.5% of the time. And calling the player useless during this period is nothing less than hyperbole. You can still manage aggro, you can use the two AoE controls SS gets to stop the enemy attacking, both things that are well within the expected role of the tank classes Super Strength is available to. Wrong. Rage is the only melee self buff power that penalizes the player for using it, but that only means Rage itself should stand above all other melee self buff powers, and it does.
  6. What is “it” in this sentence? Super Strength, or Rage? If you mean Super Strength itself, then no. If they’d given Super Strength a power that is simply much better than any other power in any other melee set, and consequently Super Strength itself was also much better than any other melee set, that would be the opposite of balance.
  7. No, the original post is that Super Strength is an example of good balance because despite its self buff being heads-and-shoulders above the self buffs in other sets, Super Strength itself isn’t heads-and-shoulders above other sets, but closer to the middle.
  8. No, my comment is that Super Strength has the best, longest-lasting self damage buff in the game, yet in spite of that isn’t the undisputed top dog of the melee sets. Instead, it’s more middle, top-of-the-middle. Because it has been balanced.
  9. Now I have to eat crow My bad, I thought you were still talking about Aimed Shot. You're right, Snap Shot does do damage above the formula, but it's scale .84, so I still don't know where you were getting scale 1.39. Aw, you're right, I am.
  10. I’m always interested in what people think of my proposed changes to Super Strength, especially the Rage replacement for the Scrapper port. I think having Brutes and Tankers get Rage and Scrappers and Stalkers get something else is a passable compromise between the people who like Rage (like me) and the people who can’t stand it. (You don’t have to tell me you don’t like my proposed Rage changes, I assume people don’t unless they specifically say otherwise. So far I don’t think anyone has.)
  11. Blaster Aimed Shot is 6 seconds recharge and deals scale 1.32 damage - exactly where the formula would put it. Where are you getting that it does scale 1.39?
  12. Blaster T1/T2s still follow the standard damage formula, they just have different/higher base recharge times in some cases than they do on other ATs.
  13. Ah, so like a spherical cow, then.
  14. I’d prefer variety among the power sets.
  15. If the rest of the set was designed around it, and the 90% of uptime was spent at a higher baseline level than normal, yes. Absolutely.
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