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  1. Focused Accuracy still gives ToHit. If any character can take Aid Self and build for Defense soft cap to use it in combat, why does having self heals like Reconstruction or Healing Flames matter so much? You're right, it's actually much stronger. Because a cascade defense failure or all your powers not recharging while you can't run away will kill you very quickly, while you can still run away while under severe tohit debuffs.
  2. You can use the TUNNEL system, or there's a portal in Pocket D that will let you in.
  3. Only one set can ignore slows. Only one set can ignore defense debuffs. Are they OP? I don't think they are. And it's not only Super Strength that can build for ToHit. Anyone can take and slot Tactics and the Kismet IO. Any melee AT can grab Focused Accuracy. Further, you don't get permanent 40% +tohit for free just for picking Super Strength, you need to build for a fair amount of global +Recharge, and 40% hardly makes you immune to ToHit debuffs. Debuff-heavy groups can easily stack more than -40 tohit on one target, and since Super Strength is only available on tanking ATs, those debuffs are going to be coming their way.
  4. Are you being intentionally obtuse? No, it isn't. And I explained why. If being able to ignore tohit debuffs or defense buffs is OP, then so is being able to ignore slows on an Ice Armor character, or defense debuffs on a Super Reflexes character, or any damage type on the defense set that specializes against it.
  5. It doesn't matter if it's +40 or +80 or +10000, you can't have more than 95% chance to hit, and any character can easily reach that level in 99% of situations with a modicum of smart building, without any ToHit buff at all. All it does is help you in the situation where you're up against tohit debuffs or foes with meaningful defense. And the advantage Super Strength has in those situations is no different from the advantages other sets enjoy in other situations, like Ice Armor against lots of slows, or Super Reflexes against defense debuffs.
  6. I hope it keeps the ToHit buff, that's an equally important portion of the power. Not to mention important for the power's slotting opportunities.
  7. Strongmen are made from dead bodies, they probably don't need to eat.
  8. There's no call for such hostility. Six-slotted Gaussians's gives 2.5% defense to all positions, it's an excellent 6-slot bonus, probably one of the best.
  9. Vanden

    Hero Laws?

    Might for Right doesn't really say anything about who is allowed to be a hero, it gives the government the power to draft anyone with super powers into service.
  10. People have been complaining about the Defender inherent since before there was a Defender inherent. They only got the one they have because people complained that all the other ATs had some inherent. The fact is, Defenders work fine as an AT without an inherent, so if their inherent ends up doing nothing most of the time in teams, that doesn't matter.
  11. You can slot up to about 70% recharge in Build Up/Aim and still have a 90% chance to proc Gaussians, and OP has put lower-level IOs into BU to keep it under that threshold. Shiver is largely redundant with Snow Storm, and and Snow Storm is also the better choice than Flash Freeze. And you have to take either Flash Freeze or Snow Storm to get to Ice Shield and Hoarfrost. The OF proc is both a KB-to-KD and Knockback proc; it adds chance to Knockdown to any attack, in addition to reducing Knockback. As for your build, OP, you should shuffle around some of your slottings. Overwhelming Force doesn't give especially good +Recharge, so you should move it from Blizzard to somewhere else, and put in one of the ATO or Winter sets. I like OF in Frost Breath, since the KD proc gives it some decent crowd control ability. I have an Ice3 Blaster myself, with a pretty similar build. You can check out her build here if you want some ideas. I noticed your build is made to have some defense; my build didn't attempt for defense at all beyond taking and slotting Ice Shield and Hoarfrost, and it's still a surprisingly survivable build.
  12. It wouldn't look right unless you were the exact same height as Bobcat and lying on that particular couch she lies on.
  13. It's probably not meant to synergize with Fire Manip's PBAoEs. Those would be there for the Blaster who's not afraid to go into melee, while Hot Feet would be for the Blaster that wants to stay at range. Like how Energy Manip has both melee attacks and Boost Range.
  14. AFAIK no emotes have ever been taken away from players. I recall it being possible to do the vomit animation on command, but only because of a bug that triggered if you bound two different emotes to the same key or macro, then spammed it.
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