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  1. It wouldn't bother me so much if I didn't also have to do it on every costume I have as well.
  2. Of course it matters. The amount of effort the development team puts into maintaining and improving the game is going to directly affect how willing players are to join and stay part of Homecoming’s community.
  3. Putting out power sets with lazy, hacked-together visuals is not a good look for any development team.
  4. No more reusing FX that were never designed for the powers, thanks. That’s the reason I’ll likely never make a Rad Melee or Rad Armor character. If they’re gonna put Wind Control in the game, they should do it right and make FX that fit the powers.
  5. This sounds like it would make for a good Equivalent Power for Rage. Call it Might, and players have a choice between consistent performance, or spiking higher with the risk of survivability hits and periods of weakness.
  6. If you're double stacking, you get the 10 second debuff every 60 seconds, not every 120.
  7. What level is the Exploit Weakness enhancement you're trying to convert? It's the only Sniper set that's available below 20, so a level 10-19 Exploit Weakness IO wouldn't be convertible to another Sniper IO.
  8. Masterminds being tanks is part of a design concept that never actually got put into practice. The only vestige of it left in the game is the high threat modifiers henchman have.
  9. That’s exactly what vorpal is generally understood to mean. Whoever named Vorpal judgment back in the day was going way against the grain.
  10. Yes people will care if random players start walking up to vomit on them. Obviously.
  11. Well, most Support Lores are pretty bad, so it sounds like Drones are par for the course.
  12. Being able to walk up to someone and vomit on them is on a level above (or maybe below?) any other emote we have access to...
  13. Yes, I actually managed to level my Fire Brute to grab Burn since I made that post and confirmed that's what it does. I tried to find the post, but it seems to have vanished. Maybe the thread was deleted? Anyway, that'd also explain why Burn sends enemies rocketing off with the Avalanche: Chance for Knockdown proc, since it'd be making up to 6 proc attempts on targets at once.
  14. You've probably encountered this bug yourself: a power's icon in your tray is full-sized and lit up, but you go to activate it and you get the "Recharging..." message. Maybe you get hit by some recharge-modifying effect and the client recalculates all your power recharge states, and the power greys out on its own to show it's still recharging. It happens when there's some kind of hiccup in the mapserver and the client gets ahead of where the server says your powers are. It seems to be happening a lot more on Homecoming than it did in the old days on Live. Now, I don't know anything about making this stop happening entirely (though that would be ideal), but I think I have an idea to keep the bug from tripping us players up in combat. In the General Combat chat channel, every time a power recharges you get a message about it. "Hasten is recharged," for example. These messages come from the mapserver, and they aren't affected by the bug. If there was an option to only light up powers after use when this message is received from the server, the client should stop getting ahead of the mapserver when depicting power recharges. The General Combat messages are already being sent from the mapserver to the client, so this option wouldn't affect network traffic at all.
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