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  1. Step 1: Activate Fly, or any flight power with low air control Step 2: Fly close to the ground, and activate Ice Patch near a ledge so that your momentum carries you over the edge of the ledge, such that you are no longer close enough to the ground to activate Ice Patch Step 3: Ice Patch is now buffered. It will be summoned automatically the next time you are close enough to the ground, without having to spend endurance or sit through the activation time.
  2. Some might say your idea goes too far, but I say it doesn't go too far enough.
  3. 2 wouldn't work. Some maps you proceed further in by going up, and some by going down. It wouldn't be consistent in indicating to players which way is forward or backward.
  4. The only people talking about their tactics in the mission are the people that, like you, are missing the point. The issue is that if you die, you can get caught in a completely unfair death loop. The issue is not that it’s possible to die in the first place.
  5. You sure wrote a lot of posts and words to miss the point. So you use Drain Psyche and Force of Nature to survive on your Blaster? Cool. Too bad you can't use Drain Psyche or Force of Nature while you're animation locked standing up. Because that's the actual issue with this mission. There's literally nothing you can do. The enemies kill you while your character is not under your control. The Michael Jordan of CoH would have no better chance of escaping the death loop than a can of soda that fell on your keyboard and is holding down a few random keys. The only way it could be more unfair is if it killed you on the character select screen.
  6. Yeah, she looks... difficult.
  7. To be clear, you're voting in favor of leaving a specific, likely chance that a player will be completely unable to proceed, caught in a death loop that is literally impossible to escape without logging out or using an exploit command to leave the mission. That is what you want to keep in the game?
  8. That guy looks like an a-hole. I hate how he's the first face you see when you go to create a character. Male Face 7 or Male Face 10 would be much better default faces for when you first create a character.
  9. Bentley Berkeley makes a lot of claims, but this one was so ridiculous I had to actually test it. I set up an AE mission with an even-level Superfreak, a Freakshow Elite Boss. I hit it with Kinetic Melee's Assassin's Strike from Hide, with 100.8% damage enhancement, Build Up, Boost Up, 21.50% damage bonus from set bonuses, and the Superfreak having -30% res to Energy damage from its own resistances. All of that, on a very-high end build, was able to do 1/3rd of the Superfreak's health. So sure, these claims could be true, if you never actually fight anything, and instead exclusively Assassin's Strike from Hide and run away while it and Build Up are on cooldown.
  10. Sakura Tenshi's got it right. This mission is not a fair challenge, it's essentially killer GMing. You die before you even finish standing up from your defeat when you rez.
  11. My guess is that they wanted you to have to slot the power in order for it to result in a net end gain.
  12. Everything that Homecoming has done since it launched has been carefully considered and done surgically. If you are part of the closed internal testing of future changes you should keep your feedback internal as well instead of going on the public forums and announcing that dreadful nerfs are coming to the general population. Especially since, as the upcoming changes aren't being tested publicly yet, there's every chance they won't go through as-is.
  13. You've probably already said too much. You've definitely succeeded in scaring a bunch of posters with ghost stories about nerfs, and I'm not sure what you were hoping to accomplish with that.
  14. But they're supposed to be useless, they're just gangbangers.
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