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  1. Oh, it sounded like you were saying that Pain outheals Empathy.
  2. Looks like you have an untrained level up; that might be a cause.
  3. Captain Powerhouse told me at my birthday party that he wants to make this happen, but it's not a simple matter of setting "Affects level 54 bosses?" to "TRUE" in the database, the power needs to be set at a high enough magnitude to still be high enough to overcome boss resistance to teleportation after being Purple Patch'd, but setting it so high runs the risk of making it possible to teleport things that are not meant to be teleported, so he needs to find the time to do a full accounting of all those things before he can make the change.
  4. The cards shoot straight up in the air even though you've got your arms hanging at your side. It doesn't look intentional to me.
  5. So maybe you've played a Claws Scrapper and thought, "Hey, this set is pretty good." But how good is it, really? Turns out, if flaunting the damage formulas were a crime, Claws would be Lord Nemesis. I went and ran the numbers on all the Claws powers, and what I found made my head spin. First, a note: all Claws powers have a 20% discount on end cost and recharge time. This is basically Claws' "secondary effect," since this is a set from back when a secondary effect was something that every power in a set was expected to share. That means that the recharge times and end costs of the powers are only 80% of what the math would want... but we'll quickly see that math has little power over Claws to begin with. Scrapper Claws Power In-Game Recharge Source Recharge Expected Damage Scale In-Game Damage Scale Difference Swipe 1.7 2.125 0.7 0.76 ~▲ 8.6% Strike 3.2 4 1 1.08 ▲ 8% Slash 4.8 6 1.32 1.32 0% Spin 9.2 11.5 1 1.58 ▲ 58% Follow Up 12 15 2.76 0.8 ~▼ 71% Focus 6.4 8 1.64 1.39 ~▼ 15.24% Eviscerate 8.87 11.875 1.801 2.289 ~▲ 27 Shockwave 12.1 15.125 1.099 1.05 ~▼ 4.5% Wow, that's all over the place! Obviously Follow Up doesn't do much damage, since the point of the power is the damage boost, but outside of that everything except Slash is a little off the mark. Of particular note is that Spin is way out of line. Keep that in mind if you ever ask why some other PBAoE attack isn't more like Spin; Spin probably cheats on its taxes or something, and other powers don't need that kind of heat. But we're not done yet! Claws is on 3 other ATs as well. Let's see how they look... Stalker Claws Power In-Game Recharge Source Recharge Expected Damage Scale In-Game Damage Scale Difference Swipe 1.7 2.125 0.7 .908 ~▲ 30% Strike 3.2 4 1 1.156 ▲ 15.6% Slash 4.8 6 1.32 1.412 ~▲ 7% Focus 6.4 8 1.64 1.487 ~▼ 9.3% Eviscerate 8.87 11.875 2.26 2.386 ~▲ 5.6% Shockwave 12.1 15.125 1.099 1.113 ~▲ 12.7% Well that looks nothing like Scrapper claws if you ask me. Now, the reason Claws doesn't quite follow the damage formula is that when it got its rebalance, they adjusted the damage of the powers taking into account animation time, using a different damage formula that no one can seem to agree on what it was. Maybe the reason it's unclear what the new formula was is because they used a different one for the different ATs. I don't have the answer, that's for sure. It looks like since the set doesn't have Spin, all the other powers got buffed in exchange, like the Marvel Zombies devouring Galactus and gaining his power. What's most interesting to me is that this is another set that's arguably better on Stalkers that has a non-Build Up type power outside of Stalkers, but here it's not because Build Up is better than whatever the set otherwise has, the attacks are just plain stronger. Another possibility is that this is a Power Siphon/Staff Mastery situation; the Stalker version of Kinetic Melee loses Power Siphon, but has its -Damage effect on permanently, and Stalker Staff Fighting loses Staff Mastery, but gets to be in permanent Form of the Body mode anyway. So perhaps since Claws lost Follow Up for Build Up on Stalkers, they buffed the base damage of the powers. I prefer the Galactus theory, myself. If there's one thing to take away from this chart, it's this: Stalker Eviscerate should be buffed. They changed it from a cone to a single-target attack when they ported the set to Stalkers, I think to give Claws a decent non-AS attack to use to get a guaranteed critical from Hide, but then the moon math of the rebalance came and apparently messed all that up. Losing its AoE should have made Eviscerate about 25% stronger, but it's only about 4% stronger. Well, two more ATs to go! These last two are the same as each other, however. Brute/Tanker Claws Power In-Game Recharge Source Recharge Expected Damage Scale In-Game Damage Scale Difference Swipe 2.4 3 0.84 0.83 ~▼ 1% Strike 4.8 6 1.32 1.24 ~▼ 6% Slash 6.4 8 1.64 1.48 ~▼ 9.76% Spin 14 17.5 1.436 1.89 ~▲ 31% Follow Up 12 15 2.76 0.8 ~▼ 71% Focus 8 10 1.96 1.51 ~▼ 23% Eviscerate 12 15 2.199 2.181 ▼ <1% Shockwave 14.4 18 1.281 1.13 ~▼ 11.8% Well, now this is almost concerning. Other than Spin, which still beats up other PBAoE attacks for their lunch money, every single attack is weaker than you'd expect. But on closer examination, it's fairly consistent; the stronger an attack is, the more its fast animation results in a decrease in damage. But even Eviscerate, an attack widely considered to be too slow, is lower than expected. Still, the DPA of these attacks is fairly good all around, with the single-target attacks trending upward in DPA as they get stronger. Well, I hope you found this interesting. If you take only one thing away from this post, make it this: buff Eviscerate on Stalkers.
  6. Using the cardtrick emote and then doing nothing afterwards will result in your character continuing to eject playing cards every few seconds for as long as you continue to stand still.
  7. I changed the damage of a KO Blow crit in my Scrapper/Stalker proliferation proposal from 25% more damage to 35% more damage, and I think the reason is worth explaining. I had it at 25% more damage because Total Focus on Stalkers, another scale 3.56 attack, also criticals for 25% more damage. But I was mistaken there; it turns out TF actually criticals for ~28% more damage. But TF also recharges in 20 seconds, not 25 like KO Blow, and it's also in the same set as Energy Transfer, an even stronger single-target attack at scale 4.56 damage. Since KO Blow for Scrappers and Stalkers under my treatment would a) Not be in a set with Rage and b) Not be in a set with an even stronger ST attack, I felt like it would be safe to let it crit for slightly more. Since the recharge of KO Blow is 25% longer than TF, I just made the crit damage 25% more (28 x 1.25 = 35). It's possible that could be allowed to be even higher, and the 50% more damage crit on Foot Stomp might not be necessary, either; I'm just erring on the side of caution. It's easy to get gun-shy when looking at these kinds of numbers in the hands of Scrappers and Stalkers.
  8. They saw how much we liked our new toy even though it was bad for us, and let us keep it while they worked on making an appropriate replacement rather than take it away immediately, and this is how they get thanked for it.
  9. Paragon Protectors with MoG suck. That's why they got rid of it for high levels. We hates it! We hates it forever!
  10. You sure about all that? I can see that sort of stuff on nearly all of my screenshots; the map I was on, my /loc in that map, my name, and the names of all my teammates. It's only the really old pictures, the ones from before the CoV beta, that are missing that stuff, but everything after that, going up to the screenshots I took of all my characters for posterity before the shutdown, has it.
  11. You mean this? I'm guessing they made Touch of Fear into the sustain power because they were just grabbing whatever was the level 20 power in every set and giving it the sustain treatment. Ice and Energy are the only 2 sets to buck this trend. Energy is probably different because the level 20 power there is Stun, a melee attack, and an unpopular one at that, and it made much more sense to convert Conserve Power. As for Ice, maybe they figured (rightly, if so!) that players would revolt if they had to sit through a 3.5s animation every 60 seconds. Believe me, I get it. I desperately want them to split Energize into an unslottable toggle that gives the end discount and a slottable click the gives the healing and regeneration. I hate having to click Energize every 60 seconds; it eats up my Build Up time, interrupts my attack chains, and it makes the heal basically worthless because I can't use it reactively to taking damage. And Energize doesn't even require a target!
  12. I think there's actually kernel of truth to that old belief. This is going way back in the game's history, like to year 1, but back then, the common understanding of Tanker and Scrapper melee sets was that Scrapper attacks were generally faster, but weaker, while Tanker attacks were generally slower, but stronger. Since the ATs didn't actually share any melee sets, this was done by just having the Scrapper sets have attacks that recharged faster, with correspondingly lowered damage scale. Most sets have had revamps since then, but you can still see that in a few powers. Old Scrapper-only sets like Spines, Katana, and Martial Arts have their first two attacks recharge in 3s and 5s, while old Tanker-only sets like Stone Melee, War Mace, and Battle Axe have their first two attacks recharge in 4s and 8s. It wasn't universally true, of course, but the pattern was there. Now, Super Strength's first two attacks recharge in 2s and 4s, and Haymaker recharges in 8s, where most other Tanker sets have their 3rd bread and butter ST attack recharge in 10 or more seconds. Essentially, all three of Super Strength's main ST attacks are basically a tier lower in strength than the equivalent powers in other sets. This is why Jab is so bad, it's essentially, by design, in a sort of zeroth tier of attack. And of course, Knockout Blow has that 5 second penalty to its recharge time.
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