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  1. Most people aren't zen monks who've mastered their emotions. Emotions are the polar opposite of logic, and you can reason that "oh, it's some random stranger, I shouldn't care what they think or say," all you want, but their words can still have an effect. "Words will never hurt me" isn't a statement of fact, it's a mantra one repeats to try to master one's feelings in the face of such abuse. So you can confidently state that it doesn't make sense to you that people are upset by strangers' words, but that doesn't change the fact that they are, and you shouldn't consider such dismissal the final word on the subject.
  2. Ice isn't the only set to get its sustain before 20; Energy gets Energize at 16.
  3. It sounds like you want to either nerf an amazing power just so it’s slightly better with IOs, or you want the power to be allowed to cheat the IO proc rules. Either way, it’s a definite No from me.
  4. That info is pretty much already on the character screen. You get one bar of patrol XP every 24 hours you're logged out, so the "days since login" number tells you how many bars a character has.
  5. Hah! Recovery set bonuses are straight garbage. An even-level Clockwork minion will drain 5 endurance with Charged Bolts, the weakest attack they have. It would take an Ultimate Recovery Bonus, the strongest one there is, 75 seconds to get you back that much endurance. A typical Clockwork fight is going to have far more end-draining attacks coming in than you could possibly have +Recovery set bonuses, and Clockwork don't even have -Recovery on their attacks. -Recovery debuffs typically come in around -50% to -100% debuffs, and even -25% is over six times as powerful as the Ultimate Recovery set bonus (again, the strongest one you can get), just from one attack. Saying +Recovery set bonuses could help with end drain is like saying a single tree could prevent a landslide. More info here.
  6. 98% accuracy enhancement will get you to the 95% chance to hit cap against +3 enemies, but you need 143.6% total to hit +4s. And that's not considering enemy defense buffs, tohit debuffs, or powers with less than 1.0 base accuracy.
  7. Unnerf Regen? Unnerf Regen. Unnerf... Regen... Oh! "Un" is an indefinite article in the Italian language, the equivalent of "a" or "an" in English, and it can also be used to mean "one." I get it now, you're saying you want to nerf Regen one more time. Yeah, let's do it! Sounds like a great idea!
  8. I've never done such testing myself, but people do those tests with scripts that parse the text in the combat log; it'd be easy to write the scripts so they ignore any attacks that are forced to hit by the streakbreaker when tallying the results.
  9. BAB can't hang out in Echo:Galaxy City all the time, he'll be eaten by Langoliers.
  10. So, from the way this suggestion is written, it seems to me that this is pretty clearly a plea to make min/maxing easier, so from that perspective, I'm not on board. However, Corruptors and Defenders both have Ice-themed primaries and secondaries, so I'm totally fine with adding an Ice APP to those ATs (though not necessarily with the powers picked by OP). Until there's at least one powerset to match the stone/earth theme for those ATs, however, I'm gonna vote no on a Stone APP.
  11. AoE placate is already available from the Concealment pool and as a purchaseable temp power.
  12. Known bug, Burn summons one Burn patch for every target affected (including the player), up to 5(? I think?), and all those overlapping flame patches get really bright.
  13. The ghost people in Vorpal judgment are FX, not NPCs. AFAIK the doppleganger code only works for NPCs, so this is not an easy thing to implement. It would also carry big performance concerns, since there'd suddenly be potentially dozens more full-featured character costumes, with things like capes, auras, and multilayered costumes, all on-screen at once.
  14. The detailed info for powers only shows slotted enhancement, not buffs applied to the character. Set bonuses are the latter. You won't see accuracy or damage increases from set bonuses in the info windows, either, for example.
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