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  1. I don’t believe the client “knows” what the source of any given physics-enabled object is. And I don’t think there’s any despawn timer on such objects at all; they’re permanent until you zone or the client needs to delete some to make room for more.
  2. Vanden

    Hot Feet scatter

    You want the scatter effect from Hot Feet. If an enemy is running away, it's not attacking you.
  3. If you want to play Street Justice, play a Stalker. The set is nothing special on any other archetype, but it rips on Stalkers.
  4. I said my piece in the Kinetic Melee thread in Suggestions & Feedback: The TL;DR is Focused Burst should have a recharge of 10-12s with a matching increase in damage (preferably 12s) and Concentrated Strike needs something. I think @Galaxy Brain up there has a pretty good handle on what the set is lacking.
  5. Probably gonna have to work through all the player listings first.
  6. Doubling the recharge is pretty typical when putting a power into APPs. For a power as potent as Soul Drain, I don't expect it to get an exemption.
  7. Man if you think Range isn't a defense, try fighting a typical group like Cimerorans, Freakshow, Family, or Devouring Earth and see how much more quickly they can kill you in melee than at range. It doesn't make someone a liar if they say range is a defense if staying at range doesn't make you literally untouchable.
  8. There's over 10 million packs for sale now, so it looks like they're back up to 25 million each.
  9. It sounds like you're describing a Dominator, except enemies don't aggro while you use the control powers? Doesn't sound very balanced to me.
  10. Are you asking for a Power Boost-style Effect to other Absorb powers, or just to have these pool powers directly give absorb?
  11. In the past your character would have been eaten by langoliers, but they patched that out in issue 11.
  12. There's not a lot of players running out of End at 50. Plus, Spores basically just covers the cost of running about 2 standard toggles fully slotted anyway, so it's not even that powerful as an Endurance helper to begin with; Overgrowth is far more potent for that. I think Spiritual is a much stronger choice; Recharge and Healing are both things that Nature can benefit greatly from.
  13. Rularuu sentries have +100% ToHit buffs at all times.
  14. I crunched the numbers in the link in my sig, to answer exactly this sort of question. For the question in the OP, if all you have to work with is Health, Stamina, and four slots (assuming you're not including the slots they come with), the best options are, in order: Panacea Proc in Health > Performance Shifter Proc in Stamina = Miracle Unique > 50+5 End Mod IO in Stamina > Second 50+5 End Mod IO in Stamina > Numina Unique
  15. I guess the same reason you'd use Gambler's Cut instead of Flashing Steel or Smite instead of Shadow Maul.
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