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  1. Which powers would you take, and which would you skip? Also, how would you slot them?
  2. Thanks for thr feedback! I'm definitely giving that some thought!
  3. I want to run an emp, but want a controller to make him more useful. Earth and plant out because I simply don't have a concept that works for them. Out of what's left, what would you most want on your team (and why)? I apologize if I'm being a pain. I'm just trying not to waste time going in the wrong direction.
  4. My tank should hit 50 this weekend! What server is hosting next Tuesday?
  5. I'll do that. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. I want to make the absolute most durable Invulnerability/ Super Strength tank possible (PvE). Anyone have a build that accimplishes that? I suck at figuring that stuff out.
  7. I remember that, back on Live, Energy Melee was AWESOME...until they neutered the hell out of it with ridiculously slow animations. I see a lot of talk about it lately though, so I'm wondering if that issue's been fixed?
  8. I have all 6 enhancements for both Assassin's Mark and Stalker's Guile. I'm a Ninja Blade Stalker, and am trying to figure out the most optimal powers to put them in. Thank you in advance!
  9. Any ideas on how to build it out?
  10. I've been away from the game a good while, but I'm back and looking for a medium to heavy rp group that's fairly active. I'm looking to start some form of ninja melee toon. Thanks in advance.
  11. I'm thinking SR for a secondary because I like the concept of someone taking people down with skill instead of powers (although I suppose willpower could sort of be looked at that way). My budget is 750 mil, but it may be possible to push it a little higher if it'll make a real difference. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for the feedback all. I think a MM might be the way to go. Now I just need to decide between bots and thugs (I REALLY wish we could choose different bots. Some of the NPC bots look way cooler).
  13. Ouch. Good one, but brutal. 🙂
  14. What I mean by the title is an SG that focuses on weapons or skills rather than powers (things like ninja blade/katana, DP, AR, Bean Rifle, Martial Arts, Street Justice, etc). If so, I'd definitely like to hear from you.
  15. What kind of toon are you running?
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