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  1. 2 questions: 1. What about pairing the to hit debuff of dark blast with the defense of shields? 2. If the goal is to use the secondary as a primary, would it work better to play a corruptor instead?
  2. If you pair the -to hit of Dark and the high defense of FF, can you effectively circumvent the softcap for defense?
  3. If you pair the -to hit of Dark and the high defense of FF, can you effectively circumvent the softcap for defense?
  4. 00Troy00


    I want to make an Elec blast corrupter to get in on the super team event on Excelsior this Sunday. Any ideas about meshes well with that primary? (I looked at Electrical for the secondary as well, but am not really thrilled about a power set that requires I have to have someone to bounce stuff off of). Thanks
  5. I'm going to hit 50 in another day or two, and would appreciate any and all guidance about what enhancements would help me close the psi hole in Invul (or at least close it as much as it can be). Thanks Troy
  6. I played from i3 until the last 6-8 months before Shutdown. I remember tanks being MUCH more plentiful on live than what I've observed since finding my way to Homecoming. Why is that? Did they get nerfed all yo hell or something? Has the tankers role changed somehow?
  7. 00Troy00

    Most resistant

    Keep us posted. I'm curious as to whether or not it's ppssible.
  8. And you took it upon yourself to bring that up about a post I made nearly a week ago. Obviously you have a lot more time on your hands than I do, so you'll have to find it in your heart to forgive my cardinal son. That or block me. I'm ok with either.
  9. Are these arranged in order of DPS?
  10. 00Troy00

    Staff / Bio Forms

    Have you tried this on a crapper or a brute?
  11. I'm thinking staff (with it's ability to provide +def) would be most complimented by a set that provides high res like Inv or Bio. Perhaps with the right pool powers and slotting, other damage types (beyond s/l) can be covered top (this making an incredibly survivable toon). Thoughts? Has anyone done this?
  12. Is this group still active?
  13. Two questions for you and Bill Z: 1. I take it you don't think Claws/Inv would do as well? 2. How much do each of you have invested in your builds?
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