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  1. Is there a spot we're supposed to meet at though?
  2. So this is happening tonight? What time and where is the meetup?
  3. 00Troy00


    Thanks all. Any opinions about what secondary fits with Staff thr best?
  4. 00Troy00


    What AT fits best with staff. And what primary/secondary synergies with it well?
  5. Is it possible with all of the incarnate bonuses, to make Regen into the damned near unlikable machine that it used to be back before Diminishing Returns reared its ugly head?
  6. I know I've posted similar things, but bear with me... My tank is at 50, and I've out some good (unbreakable guard etc) enhancements in him, but he's not even halfway to being what other tankers are. If there's someone that can tell me what enhancements I need where to make a tank that's as ..well...Tanky as possible l3, I'd rally appreciate it!
  7. I know (and appreciate all who submitted ideas there). I just wasn't sure how much the selection of a specific primary would change things.
  8. I absolutely suck at builds, and would be genuinely appreciative of any help I could get.
  9. Can someone share a bit of wisdom about how to spot Inv. in order to make it as...well...invulnerable as possible? I'm taking War Mace as the secondary (not thr most popular choice I know, but it fits the concept). Thanks.
  10. Someone told me the other day that tanks got a damage buff a while back that made then comparable to brutes. Is this true, and do certain powersets take advantage of this buff better than others?
  11. Mind if I ask what are the pros/cons of each?
  12. Is there a minimum level to participate? Also, what server is the next one on?
  13. The title says it all, but I SINCERELY thank everyone in advance.
  14. I want to say SINCRELEY, THANK YOU for taking the time.
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