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  1. So I have a love hate relationship with these types of power. Sometimes they make sense and other times not so much. Powers like Freezing Rain, Rain of Fire, Ice Storm I think should just be a targeted AoE. Things like master mind pets I get could be target location. Overall I would prefer that they would make some of the powers into targeted powers instead of location. I am not a huge fan of constantly clicking power and then clicking the area. It’s starts to hurt my hands using the mouse like that. One of my main toons is a Electric-Storm controller and she has a lot of location powers. 😞
  2. My question is what do you for characters that are heavy in ranged locations powers like freezing rain tornado static field. They seem be hard to use on the battle field. I have a controller Electric Storm build and a game pad doesn’t want to work that great
  3. I would love to see this power looked at. I prefer it just to be a confuse like how entangling vines is on nature Affinity. This power lacks so much
  4. Thanks for the information. I like to hear everyone’s thoughts and how they play the class. Again I just thought blasters were more than f a ranged class then an overall damage class. I figured melee classes are melee and ranged classes were ranged
  5. I have come to love blasters. I use to always play dominators and controllers because well I am a control freak hehe. The one thing I never understood about blasters is their secondary power set and some of their T9 powers. A blaster in my opinion should always want to that range. They make no sense going in melee since we have very little defense until IO sets. That being said. I wish all blasters T9 powers were ranged. Secondary sets can be melee if need be but I personally don’t like getting in melee to do my nova power. Wish they could give us a choice or change T9. That’s just my wish
  6. I must say. Putting some damage procs into weaker powers like jolting chain and gale make a huge difference. This build is quiet fun imo
  7. As a Electric Storm controller. I have no clue what to take for Destiny. Ageless Barrier and clarion all sound good
  8. Would damage procs work in tornado
  9. Also. How does one not get mezzed so much as a controller
  10. Thanks for the information. It helped a lot
  11. So I have been playing with mids to build my character and I wanted to go for procs in my powers. I just don’t want to waste time and influence if they don’t work. So my question is will the procs below work effectively in said power. Tesla Cage - devastation mag 2 hold and lockdown mag 2 hold. Will this give my single target good a chance at a higher mag hold if it goes off? Snow Storm - impeded swiftness Chance for damage. Will this go off constantly as it’s on or just at start? Freezing Tain - impeded swiftness Chance for damage. Again will this go off multiple times or just at the starts? I guess what I am getting at, is it worth putting damage procs or any procs for that matter in toggles snow storm/hurricane , targeted location AoE freezing rain/static field, or pets like tornado/lightning storm? its all a bit confusing and I don’t want to waste time and influence for nothing. Also Is there a way to keep T9 troller pets alive. Nothing is worse then summoning them just to die right away.
  12. Would Force Feedback chance for recharge And or Exlosive Strike chance for smashing damage work in hurricane
  13. Give pets more custom looks. Like gremlins for example. I would like just balls of Electric. Make pets a bit less squishy. Especially for controller since it is our only damage output. I would like to see pets come earlier in our careers since it would give us a little solo play when we want to
  14. Hello So I made a Electric storm controller and as you know slotting can be very difficult. I am trying to figure out what to put into storm. Should I go with procs, sets, hamios. Any help would be great
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