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  1. I would love to see dominators get this set. I don’t think illusion needs two invisible powers. It always seemed redundant.
  2. Also. I wouldn’t mind defense set apply to the caster. I have a force field controller and I like that she can use the dispersion bubble on herself and allies. It would be awesome if the other two bubbles would apply on myself and team mates whether it’s a toggle buff (dispersion bubble) or a pbaoe click group buff (group invisible). I for one don’t think it would make the classes overpowered. I guess it depends on how you look at it.
  3. The one thing I don’t not like about defense sets like bubbles empathy etc is ally target buffs. I know it sounds trivial but constantly putting speed boost, bubbles, etc is just annoying. I like the pbaoe buffs that last a decent duration. I wish some of the sets were revamp to act more this way. That’s why I like time and nature. That’s just my opinion though 😁
  4. I have a gravity time and I love her. She is fun to play. I was going to try illusion kinetic but not sure is pairs well with each other. was also thinking illusion time 🤔
  5. They were foe’s above my level. They were warriors cot. I did put a DO knockback enhancement in the power. I wonder if that caused the issue
  6. Hello So I played a earth controller/dominator back in the day. I recently made an earth/stone dominator. I really like her. The only issue I am noticing is that when I use earthquake it knock backs foe’s all over the place. According to HCwiki page earthquake is supposed to do knockdown. Was there a change to the power?
  7. So I am standing in zone with my combat attributes open and when I turn on each toggle my defense drops a good 20%. Then it goes back up. I don’t think my defense so go down just for turn on a toggle. What’s the point of having stealth when my powers such as distribution aura, scorpion shield, or assault suppresses my defense out of combat. I just went near some foes. To see what happens with my defense and as soon as my aura hit them my defense dropped. So that make sense. If that’s how it should be working. Eating an inspiration should not suppress defense while out of
  8. ok. That make me feel better that it’s being fixed I don’t want to do respecs on my alts and take powers that don’t work with each other.
  9. So I am confused. Some of my characters use the leadership pool and had stealth, invisible. When I use my ow. leadership power toggles or with friends that have leadership pool, will it suppress my stealth all the time. I don’t want to take stealth if leadership cancels it out. 😞
  10. So stealth and infiltration don’t work at the same time. I thought they did.
  11. Just had another though for telekinesis. Just remove the repel and make it just a toggle hold. That could be an easy fix.
  12. I like the idea merging force bubble and repulsion field into one power for a T7. Make it a tad bigger the dispersion bubble, lower endurance cost to use it. I mean they basically do the same thing. Silly to have two powers that do the same function. I like detention field functionality but the way it works now is the team is not going to want to stand around to wait for the field to drop to kill the target. So like what they did with dimensional field in gravity set. Making it toggle with recharge will make it more functional. They don’t need to change the stats of the power ie rec
  13. Had another thought what is dispersion bubble and force bubble was one power and the T9 was a pbaoe bubble that gives everyone defense and resistance buff for a limited time.
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