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  1. I been trying it out but worry how much I am gonna use it. I am not in melee distance nor can I survive. Should I stick with it or chose another
  2. I think Sentinel class should play more like a Arachnos Fortunata. I recently got my Fortunata to 50, and she plays very well. I took all range powers on her. Sentinels damage should not be as high as blaster, but they do need a boost. Also i feel that they could use an endurance reduction on there attacks and or toggles. Again this is just what I have been experiencing with this AT. Just give the sentinel some love please DEV Team 🙂
  3. This may have been asked but is there any chance to make it possible to enroll players during a TF/SF. It sucks when some people leave mid way through and we can’t refill the spot. I have been on TF/SF with my buds and nothing is worse then when a friend signs in and they can’t join the group. Just a thought
  4. Is there any way to have null the gull let players switch our origin. I know it’s just cosmetic really but like some characters I have created along the way I renamed and now their origin doesn’t fit the character. Just wondered if this could just be changed
  5. Hello is there any way to let power like magic carpet, void skiff, and hover board suppress powers rather then de toggling them. It would be most appreciated. 😊 thanks
  6. I understand what you both are saying, but that's why I said in the original post it should be AoE. I would not take the 3 powers in concealment pool for something my AT already does. I tried the temp power from the P2W vendor and that is how placate for a stalker should work. A stalker should be weaving in and out of battle. Seems silly to placate one foe, yet the other targets can hit you. The point of using a placate is so that you go back in to hide and can attack. Again, its just my opinion. Just think it would make the class better. 😊
  7. So question or idea. Is Savage Leap from Savage Melee suppose to take you out of hide. I know that with Lightning Rod from Electric Melee does not drop hide. Can his be fixed or changed?
  8. So I have played other games that had stalkers and one thing I would love to see in COH is Placate be an aoe. So basically it would drop all any threat on you. It works in other games, why not COH. Its just an idea. Hope I don't ruffle any feathers hehe.
  9. Stalkers are fun. I love the hide and assassin strike. Solo/duo is fun, but when it comes to big teams I feel left out. I don't mean to whine and for sure its just my issues with the AT but when I am on a big team especially with brutes, masterminds or anything with heavy damage, I start to feel like I am on the side line wanting to play. By the time I even get assassine strike or any of my attacks the mob is dead. Maybe I just don't understand my role on a team. I just hate feeling like I am not doing anything.
  10. Thanks for the post about savage melee, I am enjoying my stalker with this set. That said. One thing that bothers me about the set is savage leap take you out of hide. When I took this power. I thought it would work like lightning rod and not take you out of hide. Maybe the devs can fix that.
  11. I sometimes take powers like Void Skiff, Magic Carpet, or Rocket Board. I just don't like how it turns off all toggles
  12. I am sure this has been talked about in the many years COH has been around, but in hopes that maybe they could change this. I would be great full. One of the options I loved about Champions Online was that Travel Powers, were separate from your power choices. I had always wanted COH to some how make it so players could take a travel power at level 4 as well as a normal power. The choices would only by Fly, Super Speed, Teleport, Super Jump. You would not get the whole set. I feel like we should not have to choose a travel power over something we could really use in the characters build.
  13. Ok, so maybe we shouldn't get the whole set. I would like to see the Flight, Speed, Leaping, and Teleport act more like the new pools. For example, if you take mystic flight you get translocation on a sidebar. Fly+Hover. Super Jump+Combat Jump, Teleport+Team Teleport. Speed-Super Speed is the only one I don't know what I would put for its alt power. I personally don't like how travel powers count as a power choice. Even if they would like let us pick Fly, Teleport, Super Jump, Super Speed, Mystic Flight, etc etc as a separate choice and left he the other powers in the pool as is. I would be cool with that. I feel like I have to sacrifice a power choice just to fit a travel. Its the only good thing that champions online did, was make travel powers separate options.
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