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  1. Is there any way to us ceiling items like lights outside of base?
  2. I hope your right. As of right now it seems indomitable has numbers to still do raids itrials etc. Just still worries me.
  3. Also any chance having glass floor a front and back or make one that has both?
  4. Man. I wish there was a copy paste feature to base building. Putting items down one at a time plus rotation can be quite mind numbing. I love to base build. Just need some more tools to do them IMO.
  5. If they were to merge. It would be a huge mess. People would more the. Like lose their character names. That would be my only worry.
  6. This has me a bit worried too. Indomitable is my home to all my characters. I would hate to try and move them. So many names are gone. I like the ones I have. Plus my bases I made. I hope they keep indomitable open.
  7. Here's what I'd do with Mind: t1: Mesmerize - leave as is t2: Dominate - leave as is t3: Confuse -leave as is t4: Levitate - leave as is t5: Mass Hypnosis - lower the recharge and endurance so it can be used often. t6: Telekinesis - leave as is but no knock back, lower endurance cost and recharge time. Boom it’s like and immobilized. Or Change to Mass Levitate (targeted AoE knock up damage. t7: Total Domination - Leave as is t8: Terrify - would be nice to have them go back into fear after being attacked. t9: Mass Confusion - mind does not have a
  8. I love the ideas being put on the table. Here is a few of my thoughts for force fields 1. Personal Force Field - I feel this power is pretty good at what it does. I love standing in a mobs and not getting hit. Not sure I would really change this power. 2. Deflection Shield - I love the idea of making this a PBAoE self and ally buff. Keep the duration and recharge close together and it’s golden. 3. Force Bolt - I always thought this power should do more damage and maybe splash damage. Knockdown if possible. 4. Insulation Shield - Same as Deflection Shield.
  9. Hello All So I would like to talk about location AoE. Some ATs have one while others have five. In this game and the era we are in. Things go much faster. I can understand certain powers using this function, while others not so much. Trick Arrow has I think four that probably don’t need to be location. Same with controller pets. Does the game really need this many location AoE powers and should they be changed to target AoE instead. I wanted to see how others felt about these types of powers. Should they be changed. Should they stay the same. I feel some of the powers s
  10. I say just lower the animation. This power is painful slow
  11. I do hope they update these pools. I like force of will. I really just want the animation short.
  12. Any thoughts on getting updates on force of will and fighting pool. Sorcery recent updates made this pool outshine compared to the of other power pool abilities. I would really love to see some updates to these pools. The damage, recharge and or animation times need to be adjusted. fighting -more damage force of will -faster animation -more damage -recharge reduction experimentation
  13. I think both Force of Will and Experimentation should be looked at. I feel sorcery is crazy good and would love for the other two to be just as powerful.
  14. I really like my dark/dark/soul build but I am finding my three PBAoE power to be my biggest weakness. I go in to try and use dark Consumption, soul drain and black star and my little body can’t take it and I die offer. Only in melee do I die. Not sure what to. Kind of wish that change some of the powers that force dark to go into melee touch of beyond doesn’t feel that I am getting the recovery buff
  15. So why did the developer of this set decide that it need a single stealth and a group stealth. I think it is kind silly to have two of the same powers in a set. Maybe I missing something. I mean they could have added another control power in illusions. So my main point is. What am missing, and should one of the stealth powers be replaced with something with aoe control?
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