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  1. Made a Fortunata calling himself Fatal Flaw. Through his highly-trained psionic abilities, he's become convinced he's trapped in a virtual reality where both heroes and villains are controlled by entities known as "players," and will stop at nothing to either escape the simulation or end it. 😛 In Uniform In his "adventuring attire" The costume he wears when he's infiltrating the "blueside"
  2. New hero I've been working on--Rift Watcher. Derron Sephini was a Midnighter training in Soul Mastery who ended up getting possessed by a hostile Nictus... but used forbidden magic to absorb the alien into his own soul, stealing its dark energy powers! However, the invader's consciousness wasn't completely eradicated. Occasionally it visits Derron in nightmares, and even tries to control his body in times of distress. He injects mystical potions to keep the Nictus at bay... but for how long? [Magic Origin Corruptor, Dark Blast/Force Field with focus on Experimentation Power Pool]
  3. I've been working on a queer hero that references LGBT culture without being too campy. This one is named Radybug on Reunion server and he has more than a few costumes inspired by different zones. His backstory is that he acquired a used warp backpack, tricked it out with some friends, and now fights crime and goes on adventures and makes webisodes about it (I don't actually do this in real life lol). He's a Psi Blast/Radiation Armor Sentinel with a Teleportation theme. Flexing in Atlas: On the beat in First Ward: As a cyborg in Praetoria: Leather daddy in Pocket 😧 As a dark reflection in Night Ward:
  4. For me, I try to think keep a character in mind rather than just a costume. I don't have a specific workflow, but in the past I've started with a primary color I've wanted to explore, then Googled personality traits and word associations with that color (there are many opinions out there--choose the ones that you like). I pick about 3-5 words and start thinking of a personality around them. Then I think about what goals that character is trying to accomplish, and how they want the world to see them. That's usually when costume ideas start coming to mind. Of course, this is a very general "character creation" strategy and not necessarily costume specific. I do, however, have a costume creation TIP that I've used when costume ideas just aren't jiving. First I save the costume I'm working on, then Link Colors and set everything including Skin to pure black. Then I set the brightness of the background to maximum white. That way, I get a silhouette version of the costume I'm working on. According to many animation guides, if your character is recognizable in silhouette, it's probably a sign of a strong design.
  5. Hello Heroes & Villains! I'm currently working on a Guide for Expressive Character Design for CoX. Since I love creating characters in games and speculative fiction, I thought I'd create a helpful guide to organize my research and hopefully inspire anyone who might be interested. I wanted to share my example hero I created for the guide: Kikkit!
  6. Hi Greycat and everyone else! Hope you don't mind me trying out your palette challenge. 😄 I made two costumes. I felt that the Freshhh palette used all cool colors, so I ended up using a fifth color as a warm contrast (brass/gold). Hope that doesn't break the rules! Thanks for the thread! -AA
  7. This is the best thread ever 😄 Wanted to try my hand at designing something with the lizard monster head. Something subversive. Presenting. . . Princess La Vah (pronounced "la-VAH") A mutant Earth (lava alt)/Savage Assault Dominator Plus an alternate costume She's 15 (in dragon years), half dragon, half human, with a dragon mother and a. . . Well, needless to say she has some daddy issues. 😆 She thinks she can do whatever she wants. Sometimes that's true. -AA
  8. After learning how to up the graphics and working on my "photography" a bit, I present my latest design: Busybee Tech Kinetics/Water Blast (colored to look like honey) Still working on an in-game bio. 😄 -AA
  9. Just read through this whole thread today, haha. Recently returned to CoX. I was never really good at playing--I just loved the costume creator and concept making. I prefer making characters with ambiguous morality--neither obviously good or evil. Here are a few hero concepts I made recently (still need to learn standard screenshot protocols): Justin Finity: Science Blaster Beam Rifle/Time Vala Atemu: Magic Mastermind Necro/Storm Doc Noxious: Science Corruptor Rad/Poison Wisp Engine: Tech Dominator Dark/Psi Now to work on taking better images... -AA
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