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  1. Chiaroscuro. n. An effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something. Kyaroscuro. A North Korean mutant refugee who can manipulate light and "anti-light." (Mutant Illusion/Dark Controller)
  2. Here's my fan take on one of the villains of the manga and anime Berserk--Void. V01D (Magic Controller Gravity/Time)
  3. Compelling characters come from moral choices that those characters simply cannot walk away from. Epic characters--that is to say, characters who's actions tend to determine the fate of the world--are usually built on an interesting character flaw or moral obligation. Since you mentioned that your character is a former Seer, a recurring character trope is "Kali the Destroyer," or the mythically-powered woman who has the power to bring armageddon (like Dark Phoenix from X-Men or Kerrigan from StarCraft). "Kali the Destroyer" characters are usually sympathetic to the audience when th
  4. Decided to make another Praetorian and flesh out the backstory of one of my other characters, Lost Little Boy a bit more. Here is the ex-Seer, codenamed "Psikosis," who is the biological mother of Lost Little Boy. A native of the city now called First Ward, she was a star-crossed lover of the mutant technopath hero Tech Shepherd who was one of the first field operatives from Primal Earth to explore the Praetorian dimension. Unfortunately, with Marcus Cole scouring the globe for potential psychics, Tech Shepherd defied his lover's wishes and took his newborn son back to Primal Earth
  5. I think one solution to this would be to have it as a Prestige Travel Power. Logistically, it would probably be something like Professor X's hover chair, and would be an alt animation for Jetpack.
  6. Shadowshow, a costume design inspired by iamamiwhoami's song of the same name (Magic Dominator Dark/MA.) Edit* Sorry for the typos >.< "Kayla Melnichuk was a young, up-and-coming dancer in New York City back in 2001 when the 9-11 terrorist attacks occured. After a plane struck the first World Trade Center tower while she was in the street below, she was killed in a rain of glass. She spent the next few decades in a dark, purgatorial mirror of New York, coming to terms with her existence as one of the restless dead. Kayla eventually found a mentor
  7. Path Polaris, a Science Radiation Blast/Regeneration Sentinel and all-around reluctant hero.
  8. The Arachnos Wolfspider Ibex hails from Phi Gamma 25-8, a dimension of anthropomorphic animals. After a volcano erupted near his home town, Portal Corps took an unusual stance and intervened, offering asylum to its inhabitants (probably with the added motivation of establishing diplomatic ties to such an unusual society). Shortly afterward, Ibex migrated to the Rogue Isles and joined Arachnos simply because his native culture values strength and competition far more than compassion for those less fortunate.
  9. The Maharathi Djinn: cantankerous, crotchety, and acerbic, he WAS planning on sleeping until the collapse of human civilization until SOMEONE just HAD to wake him up early. . . (Magic Defender Thermal/Psi)
  10. I wonder if your character has heard of Gaucho Gil https://theculturetrip.com/south-america/argentina/articles/the-untold-story-of-gaucho-gil-argentinas-legendary-cowboy/
  11. I thought to mention that there's a "post your awesome bios" thread but then I looked over there and nevermind. 😅 Personally, I write backstories for characters to help give context for why they look the way they do. A great costume produces a suspension of disbelief, helping the viewer's imagination take over. Just an opinion, but when you include a description of what the character is "actually" supposed to look like, it takes away from the costume you actually created. Anyway, the Nyghtmares sound more like NPCs. They might make cool antagonists in an Architect missi
  12. Not much is known for certain about the mystic Mu'Khopesh save one thing--he betrayed Ghost Widow and lived. Some say he dealt in secrets mortal minds weren't meant to know and that it drove him insane. Others say he sold his soul to the devil, but the devil gave it BACK. Perhaps the most interesting rumors come from the Mu themselves--alternatively the Destined One and the Harbinger of the End Times, it is said that those who listen to his teachings either end up following him immediately or plot his death. What cannot be debated, however, is his formidable psionic power and command over the
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