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  1. I didn't know there was a new launcher. I'll find it, see if that helps, thanks!
  2. I ran the patcher, multiple times. Logged in fine. Click on Brainstorm, and get this error message. Running patcher again has no effect. Help?
  3. The issue I have here is that this is the ONLY sniper power where, *even though I defeat the enemy with one use of the power,* the can still damage me. That's... uncool. And I do like the rest of the set, so would hate to just put it on the "don't use that set" list.
  4. Okay, first; can we PLEASE get rid of the pulsed effect on Proton Volley from the Radiation Blast set? I'm sorry, but I'm SNIPING AND DEFEATING characters, they should NOT have time to hit me with poison (Blood Widows) or, for the love of SANITY, projectile vomit on me (abominations/cadavers, who are SLOW TO BEGING WITH!), or otherwise do me harm before they fall. Why does Electricity Manipulation need both Dynamo and Power Sink? I've not used PS since the revamp of of the set, and see no need for it. Maybe something new to go there? And finally, a couple of power cu
  5. Oh! Hey, while we're on the subject of costumes, I know that ALL PARTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE, but when I do a first time respec on a toon, it always says "new costume part available!" Anyone know which part that was? Just curiosity, but hey!
  6. Hmmm. More varieties of quivers would be nice, while we're talking bags. And maybe (I realize that I may be being unreasonable here) actual holsters and scabbards for guns and swords? BUT IS WANT MY METALLIC SKIN FIRST!
  7. I tend to not make male toons. What other differences are there, everyone?
  8. That's a metallic outfit, to my way of thinking, and I want the metallic 2 for females, yes!
  9. I still haven't given up on this. I WANT METALLIC SKIN FOR MY FEMALE TOONS!
  10. The salvage "psionicly charged brass" should be "psionically."
  11. Yesterday, I played my dark blast/electric manipulation blaster. I finished the Keith Nance arc with hunting my evil mirror self. I have Dynamo (LOVE that revamp, thanks), and so did she-- but both times I encountered the EVIL version (not the good me), she was very low (at about 25%) on Health, and I saw her taking damage from her floaters. The amount and timing seemed to indicate that she was taking damage from her Dynamo power, not healing. I dropped a note to Support, and GM Aurarius was able to confirm my suspicions, and suggested I post here. Hope this is useful.
  12. I see from the Beta forums that they've added kittens and pandas to male access. Step in the right direction!
  13. Yeah. It's a different world than it was when the game was sundowned, let alone created. Unisex it all, please!
  14. CVT, I think that there are enough kids playing that I wouldn't want bare-breasted toons running around, were I a parent. Why borrow trouble? I'll settle for everything but that. 0_^
  15. (No, I don't think that Metallic Skin qualifies as bare-chested, before you ask.)
  16. Okay, I would REALLY like to be able to give my female toons Metallic Skin. Can this be added sometime soon? Or, heck, make all costume options that aren't "bare-chested" unisex. Please?
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