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  1. I see from the Beta forums that they've added kittens and pandas to male access. Step in the right direction!
  2. Yeah. It's a different world than it was when the game was sundowned, let alone created. Unisex it all, please!
  3. CVT, I think that there are enough kids playing that I wouldn't want bare-breasted toons running around, were I a parent. Why borrow trouble? I'll settle for everything but that. 0_^
  4. (No, I don't think that Metallic Skin qualifies as bare-chested, before you ask.)
  5. Okay, I would REALLY like to be able to give my female toons Metallic Skin. Can this be added sometime soon? Or, heck, make all costume options that aren't "bare-chested" unisex. Please?
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