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  1. ITs been almost a year. But I dont even care. Im burning out on my other games and about to come back again.
  2. Lousy with all the Echo in here. Keep feeding each other. Yum. How do i turn off notifications again?
  3. WEll obviously someone doesnt like me having a voice here. Getting warned by a GM for having an opinion that isnt the mainstream just got me a GM warning. So im done. You guys want to ride the train thats fine. Im getting off.
  4. What makes you think he wants to? You do realize our service personnel work and train their ASSES off for the RIGHT to wear that uniform? So again I ask, what makes you think he wants to?
  5. I have withdrawn all my support from NCSoft. Besides, Since City Of heroes whas shut down from live? All their games are shit.
  6. Just lost my Financial support on this project. Im sure mine isnt the only financial support they will lose. Maybe if they stop feeling the need to be political they can win it back.
  7. Amazing statement. I spent years just outside of a Rez and NONE of us ever had a problem with being called "Indian" My whole childhood I kind of wore it as a badge of Honor. My mother and Grand mother as well. I wear the badge proudly. And I dont need some guilt ridden individual to try and make me feel BAD for being who I am.
  8. EXACTLY, I am a faceless entity of NEUTRAL ORIGIN. I am EVERYONE and NO ONE!!!!
  9. Well think s about this. Think what is going to happen When NC soft gets wind of this. What happens when NC soft hears that CITY OF HEROES is picking sides in this nonsense? I really hope they are as "Understanding" as our development team. I bet they are going to be REALLY interested to see that this is dragging their name into an Arena it doesn't want to be in. This Really does need to be put to an end. It is already getting out of hand. This should honestly have never been let to happen. I have several friends on the GM staff who have themselves aired concerns about this VERY THING happenin
  10. Wow, short sighted. Do you have any idea who I am? Ohhh thats right. YOU DON'T. LEts pretend like you dont have more than one account. Wait, lets pretend like 90% of the SERVER doesnt have more than 1 account. Uhhh huh.
  11. How about talking about it SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!! And Not in the COH forums. This is supposed to be for CITY OF HEROES!!!!! Not Real world Politics.
  12. LOCK THIS FORUM Before the REAL shit gets out of hand. This should never have happened. You WILL lose a lot of people over this.
  13. Dude, DONT call me chief. Im 60% Arapaho Indian. and I find it HIGHLY disrespectful. How about we leave GAME in GAME and Real world in the REAL world. Dont bring the two together.
  14. Look, I Play this Game to GET AWAY from the Real world crap that is happening outside of my Walls. It seems I can not even escape this bullshit HERE. WHY??? Why do you feel the need to drag this garbage into CITY OF HEROES????? Do you know what color I am? Do you know how I feel about this shit? YOU HAVE NO IDEA what my feelings are. I really do not appreciate having one of my last bastions of escape being invaded by REAL WORLD SHIT!!!!! I so NOT appreciate it. I DO NOT approve of it. And I DO NOT WANT IT HERE in THIS Universe. This is supposed to be a place where WE(YOUR FAN AND
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