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  1. I can see why Stun or Disorient would make more sense as the set FX, but what other power set would you give the END Drain to? They came up with the END drain concept during initial game development. I suspect that the concept was just too good to chuck out the window and ended up landing on the electrical powers. Might want to ask Jack or someone that worked on the game during the original development stage.
  2. If you solo, there is no need for it for sure. Taunt has range. Most tanker sets only have on other ranged power and it is only single target. So if you want to grab agro at a distance or if you want to grab some enemy that has run away to fight your allies, then taunt is very useful. And, no, your punches won't be enough to keep all the agro as you aren't going to be able to hit all the enemies in a spread out mob unless you are running around to corral them. If you feel Taunt is worthless because it does not do damage then slot it with Perfect Zinger
  3. Apparently. we do different conclusions about what defines playing a hero or villain. The poll that I created is about the game mechanics and not about a wish by some players that the game mechanics don't exist. My conclusion in general is malicious intent and self-serving interests that injury others (especially intentionally) are a primary clues as to who is a villain.
  4. I not trying to force you to chose, the game does that when you create a character. You have to create a Hero, Villain, or Praetorian. Once you are in the game, the Character you can create can be a Hero (hero or vigilante), Villain (villain or rogue), or Praetorian. You can switch (but not to Praetorian), but your character is one of these at any given time - they can't be two of these at the same time. Sorry, but that game mechanics.
  5. Another poll with comments or critiques that fall into the ranges listed below to this poll. 1) Troll 2) Harassment 3) Sarcasm 4) Two of these 5) All of these Sometimes it is hard to tell where a poster is coming from or their intent.
  6. "People have been playing City of heroes since it was shutdown." "What?" "Yeah, there have been some private servers running. Someone leaked that it has been going on on the internet." Time passes. "I'm playing on Homecoming." "Oh," I'm saying not too enthused. "Yeah, it's all free-2-play". "Oh," I'm saying still not too enthused. "They got rid of all the microtransactions. You should really check it out." "yeah sure." "You can make a thousand characters per server" "What?" I haven't looked back and felt bad about
  7. On the more populated servers, the chats were full of people wanting to doorsit to level to 50 and AE babies (new players that had been power leveled to 50) that didn't know how to get out of Atlas park .. and, of course, this was like a harvest coming in for ...you may have guessed it ... the goldfarmers - who were now more numerous and spamming even more than before. I wasn't liking the game too much But I had really loved the game. Sure City of Villains came out in there somewhere. I played in the beta. I played some of the content, but really didn't like it. I gu
  8. Then something revolutionary happened. We were going to be able to create our own missions. We would be able to add to the insanely awesome gaming experience that was City of Heroes. But there were things creeping around in the background. Gameplay styles and game activity that I didn't agree with. I avoided them as best I could. Teaming was set up so that mentoring/sidekicking could be use to power-level characters. I alway had felt that this was not in the true nature of the game and that it bypassed the experience of being a hero gaining experience and know
  9. So maybe this is where the answer actually begins. I buy parts and a friend of mine helps me assemble the computer so I can play CoH. I think I was in maybe a week before the drop of Episode 2. Finally, triumphantly, I was able to create my first character in a 3D superhero world! Finally. And the first character I made was character that I had played in a Champions campaign that was a group of supervillains. It was so great. The world looked great. I was excited. Ran out in the streets. Fought Hellions. Was scared to death to /quit out o the game. I though
  10. This is pretty wide and unfocused. So my answer will be in that mode as well. I have been into comic books since I was probably 8 or 9. I wasn't able really to try collect any series until I was a tween. My ability to expand my collecting occurred over time and expanded. In parallel to my enjoyment of comics, I was a gamer. I played board games, chess, etc. This expanded into Avalon Hill tactical board games. Then something happened, a kid that sat in front of me in Geometry class had a copy of the white box set of D&D. The original D&D. Not the Basic
  11. You are fully able to create your own poll. Think you can do better? Create one.
  12. It would be virtually impossible to play equal time between two let alone three, but understood that there is some very small percentage would indicate some level of equality between two or all three. You are free to create your own poll. Be free.
  13. This is not a discussion any more. You want an argument. And once again you are insulting me. Good day, sir.
  14. Even if you only play one character, you have an answer for this. Poll is open until the end of June
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