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  1. Sounds like you might need to team up with a someone with AOEs. City of Heroes was designed to be a game that promotes building teams and co-operation between team members. I understand that there are solo players. I solo play some myself, but some missions require help ... those with AV's for example. To me that mission is like protecting a football/soccer goal. And, yeah, having someone with AOEs to hold them down from escaping until they can be eliminated is what that mission is all about. The thing is that people are hesitant to lead a team. On the flipside, many will tend to join a team ... especially if you yell out "I need help doing/with [insert info here]". Asking for help happens all the time in the /help channel. Helping other people is what heroes do. For some of us, that is why we play this game.
  2. That statement is an opinion and not a fact. Simply because you don't like... let's say "Kill All" missions doesn't mean that they are bad game design. Rescuing a kidnap victim or taking a witness to safety is very much in the super-hero cannon. It is logical game design. I can see someone that wants to be stealthy all the time not wanting to have to "decloak" and risk their exposure to enemies, but that is life. Learn to work around it. Deal with it the same way you would a "kill all" if you are all stealthed up. You still have to "arrest" them, but you do it your own way. Treat the escort the same way. What's going to happen? Worried about getting ambushed on the way to the door? I guess you know an ambush is coming. They rarely will kill an escorted NPC. So how would you deal with mobs when you didn't have an escorted NPC? Cloak up and deal with the ambush the same way you would any other mob. You can decloak after the mobs are dealt with in order to lead out the escorted NPC. Different sort of mission parameters are there to mix up the game play. I'm glad that there are escort missions. I like rescuing people from harm's way.
  3. They can move their characters from server to server for free. They could move over to the PVP server for a tournament and then move the characters back to their home server.
  4. Yeah, not only is it destroying your stuff in the base, but you had to pay for the base items with prestige that was earned by players in supergroup mode. If I recall correctly and I'm kind of half guessing even - I think it cut your influence gain in half when you were in supergroup mode earning prestige. Oh, there were definately people sending tells in PVP about what a loser you were if you lost a fight. Some of them would mock you until you put them on ignore. At least that was my experience. That didn't drive me form PVP so much as make it less likely that I would want to participate in it. You never HAD to get involved with base raids. There were these things called Items of Power. You would put them in your base they gave every supergroup member in supergroup mode a boost (https://archive.paragonwiki.com/wiki/Items_of_Power). As long as you didn't have one of these in your base, you couldn't be raided. But to your point, the number of players that want to participate in PVP in THE CITY is small compared to the population. The ones that want to base raid are a fraction of that. They are working to try to get others to try PVP so that they can put pressure on the DEVs to work on PVP. To make it clear. If you enjoy PVP, then I'm glad that you enjoy PVP. The variation in gameplay in THE CITY is huge. Explore it and make it the game that you enjoy coming back to for whatever reason. I already brought up in the past what drove me away from re-subscribing to THE CITY before the last year before the Sunset. It was no PVP that drove me away. PVP has always been optional in THE CITY. There is no requirement to PVP at any point in the game. Honestly, I even think most badge hunters avoid PVP even though it has a ton of badges.
  5. I used to love to run PuG teams before the Sunset. I'm trying to get back in the groove. Unlike other games, people are usually pretty accepting if you are leading the team. As long as you are honest up front with the "looking for group" content most people want to join and help. And, I think that you are correct, that a lot of people are scared to run teams. Players flee when you say "who wants the star"? They freak out. The thing is, THE CITY is not like other game. The majority of people that play CITY OF HEROES are not the kind of gamers that play other games. I do think that PUGs (pick up groups) are the best. No one knows each other most of the time so their really can't be any drama. It's just working together to complete the missions. I don't think anyone should be scared to yell out in "looking for group" - I'm looking for people to help me with Hollows missions... or I'm doing blah-blah. And, yeah, I mostly alt out and run lower level content. The end game gets too flashy for me. Eyes can't handle it so much and I can't see the enemies half the time. So I'm always looking for lower level and mid level teams and taskforces. I've been trying to lead DFB teams when I'm low level for the first 7-10 levels at this point. Not to bypass those levels, but because there seem to be a lot of people to run DFB but there are few that are willing to lead it.
  6. 🙂 This is no contest. You know you are older than me, Doc. And you know my line that I give people in-game about my age :: I'm older than the hills, but younger than the mountains.
  7. I disagree. My issues with the base raid system had to do with the fact that a large Supergroup could easily demolish a small supergroup's base. Also the random timing of raids allowed supergroups with people on around the clock to demolish bases of those that couldn't have enough players on to defend their base during the raid time. So this would lead to supergroups to not participate because they didn't have enough players/round-the-clock-coverage to protect their bases. This meant fewer people being involved in base raid and here weren't large number of players playing PVP in general. I can see why the stopped putting resources into the base raid system. Again, I can see why some would like to destroy other people's bases. Maybe you found enjoyable to try to stop other people from destroying your base. I don't have details so I don't know. Which one is it? Is Warbug the one that has the turrets and the Iconic encounters? That was the most enjoyable PVP for me. The NPCs and turrets added a balancing factor that allowed smaller groups to function in the environment to have an enjoyable experience with some PVP mixed in. I haven't PVP in THE CITY since I've been back. I don't really have time for it. It isn't the most enjoyable content in the game to me. I thought I would input on the thread as to the aspect that would make me more likely to PVP and why I don't PVP in THE CITY.
  8. I don't think it's necessary to point out that those that disagree me love or have passion for the game. They wouldn't take time to post their views if they didn't. Are you trying to indicate that I don't have love or passion for this game? Why would I have taken time to post in the forums if I didn't. If we are talking about "potential", then I think that lies in the level experience and not the end-game experience. I can voice that as my own view and others can voice their own views. The longevity of this and any MMORPG is a good gaming community, gaming with friends, and diverse play experience. I believe that COH is the first game that allowed MASSIVE Alt creation in order to explore the game fully. I understand full well that some people simply want to play one character, game with the same people all the time, and play at the very tippy-top of the end-game. That being said, the tippy-top of the end game is the top of the pyramid and there are few players there. Where are the mass of players in Homecoming now (as I see it - I shouldn't have to say that), above 50 and below 1/2 way to the tippy top. Players conditioned to not want to play lower levels for some reason. I'm assuming for some that it is simply a matter of having all their powers unlocked. I can see that, but don't agree with it. I will say that even content heading on level 50 is an issue for me due to all the flashing lights and simply not being able to see what I'm fighting most of the time. It turns into relying upon the targeting window and cycling powers, and that simpy isn't as much fun to me as the leveling experience, learning how to interact with new powers and Pick-up-group teammates. To each their own. I don't need to be told that other people love the game that I love for different reasons. That's a given. And, yeah, I'm being defensive because I feel like I was attacked.
  9. Wow, yeah, I see. I thematically have problems with which control set to pick, but I didn't even realize that they had the bird attacks in that set. Thanks for the info.
  10. I'm late to this conversation, so I'm not going to read all the threads that have already been posted. I'm going to comment on my PVP experience before the Sunset, my views on PVP based on that time, and my views on PVP in general. I do not know what changes were made to PVP here at Homecoming. So let's start with PVP in general. I remember when PVP was fun to me ... everyday all the time. I'm going to go old school to start. Pong was PVP. Yes. Pong the tennis game where it was player versus player in a game of tennis. Perfect balance. No difference between one side or other. All skill. No leveling. No P2W perks. Quickly boring, but honest balanced PVP. From there games advanced. I think that the first PVP or PVE with 2d human fighters that were more than stick figures or 72 pixel max was probably Streetfighter. I can't even remember how much difference there actually was on the original one. They may have been the exact same moves for each side with no difference. Now there were a good number of fighting games early on, but the one that really seemed to be the champion back then was Streetfighter 2. Streetfigther 2 had characters that were easily recognizable from one another and had different characteristics and abilities. I would even say that some (if not all) of them had super-powers. I think the DEVs of Streetfighter 2 did a really good job of maintaining balance. There seemed to be a little bit of rock-paper-scissors to it for me, but that may have been based on my skill level with the various characters. The game was fun to play PvP and my brothers and I did a round-robin thing where we did best 2 out of three complete battles and then whoever lost would let a brother that wasn't playing take a go at it - or, if there was just two of us playing, who ever won would have to switch characters (same with if one brother beat all the other brothers with the same character - they would have to change characters) So that covers the roots of my PVP. There were many other fighters that I played, but fighters is what we called PVP back then. We will roll forward to THE CITY. THE CITY was NOT designed with PVP in mind. THE CITY was based on the concept of getting players to work together as a team to defeat enemies that they could not defeat alone. Yes. A team building game with no infighting. Then someone or some people decided that what CoH was missing was PvP. So a system was created off of the PVE experience to try to make a PVP experience. The problem being that the game was written to be PVE and the mechanics of player characters interacting with each other wasn't built into the system. There was no combat balance built into the Archetype system. The archetypes were built to augment each others abilities for team synergy and not designed like characters were in Streetfighter 2. Episode 4 :: Colosseum (No Villain side until Episode 6) So the first PVP experience was pretty horrible if you weren't a tank (or maybe scrapper or blaster) and, if you weren't a tan, especially horrible if you couldn't fly or if an opponent tank could fly. I like to alt, so feeling like I had to play a tank to play PVP was step one in ruining my experience in PVP. I don't think they got around to an attempt to do some changes to beefed up Controllers and Defenders until after CoV came out. I have to say, I was probably one of the reasons why the quickly rescinded these changes. A Tank could not simply run up to a defenseless controller and rapidly pummel them into a trip to the hospital. I took in my Ice controller and a least one tank felt like a PVE enemy did trying to fight me. The tank was slowed. Really slowed. They couldn't get within melee range, but they were a tank. Agonizingly slowly, my cool powers peeled off their defense and ate away at them like water on an ice cube at slowed down to 1000th of the speed. To me, it was just slow, but I'm sure to the tank it was agonizingly painful for the long ten minutes or so until they finally fell over an I was still at full hit points. The forums were flooded with whining about it wasn't fair that a tank couldn't just run up and crush a controler. How could that possibly be fair?! Tanks had crushed in PVP. Aren't they supposed to be the best and most powerful? Why would any other archetype be able to beat them? See my notes above about Streetfigther 2. The point isn't that you can win all the time, the point is that you 1) have a balance fight so that when you play against an opponent on a level playing field and skill is what allow you to win or lose ... and 2) there might be a little of rock-paper-scissors in the mix (Controllers>Tanks>Scrapper>Blaster>Defender>Controller kind of thing) <-- but this isn't the major thing, the balance is. Why most people don't play PVP in City of Heroes. First off, City of Heroes is a team-building game at the heart of it. THE CITY is about getting together a group of heroes to pummel the enemy (my preference to pummel are those no-good, dastardly villains, but to each their own) Arena style combat gives advantage to melee as the space is small enough to not allow ranged attackers to use their maximum range to their advantage to avoid melee attacks. Melee wants to "catch you on the ropes" so you can't get away from their pummeling. Ranged attackers want to stay out of melee range and snipe opponents. Open-world PVP in THE CITY has goals other than just fighting PVE. This was a good edition to give Villains a little bit of a chance as there has always been far fewer villains than heroes. Most of the time in a PVP experience getting the drop on the enemy is the main factor in winning. Villains could sneak up on heroes working on a goal and get the drop of them. This allowed a single villain or a small group of villains to engage with a larger group of heroes and at least have some fun even though they knew in the end that the heroes would defeat them. But this kind of thing is only so entertaining on the one side and annoying to the otherside. The Goal of PVP Is the goal of PVP to beat your opponent every time ... relentlessly ... with no remorse... and being able to bad-mouth your enemy because you ground them into paste? If that is your goal, then there is no wonder no one wants to PVP with you. PVP has to be about having a good time and having the chance of winning against your opponent. If you have no chance of winning a PVP, why is that enjoyable experience worth continuing? Wrapping it up PVP in THE CITY simply does not work for me. PVP doesn't work in DCUO either, but they have even more factors to increase the imbalance than THE CITY does. At the core, the systems don't allow balanced characters to fight against one other. Even two teams with one of each archetype is only so balanced as a skilled team goes for the weakest enemy first (which tends to be the Defender or Controller) which causes a cascade effect. This situation forces you to throw character conception out the window and build a character that made cookie-cutter for PVP. Were DCUO went more correct was to have players play Iconics. Unfortunately, they immediately went with making the Iconic characters imbalanced intentionally. Good PVP is about keeping the balance without totally throwing the new player under-the-bus. If a player doesn't have enjoyable experience playing PVP and they have no choice of winning, why would they want to play PVP when they're are so many PVE enemies to defeat with the aid of your friends in enjoyable gameplay? City of Heroes was designed to be a team-building game where players work together to accomplish a common goal.
  11. So in-game most the the LFG chat for a task force messages are simply : ABC LF2M. Send tell. It is not intuitive nor is it inclusive of the rest of the community that don't know what an ABC is or what level it necessary to participate. The tasks forces have changed to some degree and, honestly, I don't even know how some of these abbreviations even relate to the task force names that I was familiar with before the sunset. Task Force Name Contact Min Size Level Range Merits The Rule of the Three Positron 3 10 to 15 60 The Fall of the Clockwork King Synapse 4 15 to 20 58 Clamor and Destruction Sister Psyche 5 20 to 25 50 *The Kheldian War Moonfire 6 23 to 28 32 Citadel's Children Citadel 6 25 to 30 40 *The MegaMech Cometh Ernesto Hess 6 25 to 30 15 Smoke and Mirrors Twilight's Son 1 25 to 34 4 A Tangled Plot Katie Hannon 6 30 to 34 7 Following Countess Crey Manticore 7 30 to 35 32 The 5th Column Overthrow Mender Lazarus 1 30 to 39 6 Soul of the Woodsman Numina 4 35 to 40 36 *Time's Arrow Imperious 6 35 to 50 25 *Explorers and Exploiters Dr. Quaterfield 8 40 to 44 122 *The Legend of Ruladak Sara Moore 8 40 to 50 64 *The Saga of Faathim Justin Augustine 8 44 to 50 42 *The Saga of Lanaru Faathim the Kind 8 44 to 50 73 Ms. Liberty Task Force Ms. Liberty (Independence Port) 8 45 to 50 37+2+2 The Lady Grey Task Force The Lady Grey 8 45 to 50 37 Trading Places Mender Silos 1 46 to 50 14 So what if any of this has changed and what are the abbreviations for these task forces? Example. I look at this list and I have no idea what an ITF is.
  12. I would like to see the game continue the way it is being run today - through donations as a non-profit. Keep the game free of P2W mechanics. I think this the best way to keep monetary corruption from damaging the player base. This includes gold farmers (the ones that sell in-game currency for real world dollars), elitism (there are going to be elite regards, but P2W mechanics intensify this behavior), and exploitation of those with compulsive behavior. The Homecoming team seems to have good judgement. If the Homecoming team believes that they need additional monetary resources or people-hours to work on specifici game projects, I would think this would work best if funds and personnel were raised individually for each cause. People volunteering to work on this game have the ability to prove what they have done to the rest of the gaming community and could very well be a foot-in-the-door for upcoming game programmers, zone creators, creative writers, scenery and costume designers, etc. Keeping the community small is a good thing. Keeping the game non-profit stops investors from forcing the game into becoming a money-reaping machine. And I am saying reaping versus profitable. The win for Homecoming is that it is not profitable. The game is more than adequately supported by the player base. Why so I say adequately supported? 1) The Homecoming team has enough to keep the servers operationational. 2) I don't know if it has taken more than an hour or so to get all the donations that the team needs for any given month. I would also like to point out that even donors really don't have a right to say, "I'm a paying customer, blah, blah" They are donating to something they support. They aren't paying anyone's salaries. They are volunteering their donation so that they can help all of us enjoy the game. There are many more that would donate, but the income need for the servers and operation is limited due to the non-profit status of Homecoming. The people that support this game love it for what it is. There is no need for big changes. There is no reason for it to move away from non-profit status. If legal licensing ensures that the Homecoming team has a continuing perpetual license to run game servers without outside interference then I can understand the Homecoming team wanting to do so.
  13. I can almost guarantee that those players (insisting it needed to have rewards) were all players that had already figured out how to exploit and an build missions already to do just that ... and, at least some of them, were gold farmers knowing full well how much these exploits would give them rewards that they could turn into real world money. - Plenty of players would have used it without the xp and influence rewards. It would not have been orphaned, and the game would have been better off for it. But I "remember when" I found this on the City of Heroes forums ... (it isn't mine, but I saved it because...well, it should be obvious that it how so many felt) It was about a year after I had stopped subscribing because of all the AE PL/farming/abuse that was going on had ruined my gaming experience. I still would log into the forum from time to time to see how the game was going and hoped that there would be changes that would bring me back to the game. I'll try to be quiet about my feelings on the issue. This picture kind of sums it up for me even if it wasn't created for that reason. I've very glad that Homecoming is here and I am able to enjoy the game the way that I enjoyed it before I stopped subscribing. Thank you, Homecoming team.
  14. I know. I was one of them. It could have been one of the best things. Easiest fix. No XP gain. No Influence gain. Then only the people that wanted to enjoy creating stories and playing stories would have had a use for it. Isn't that really what it was made for? The DEV post that I posted in my original post indicates to me that the answer is "yes". Alternate leveling path? Possibly. Definitely not created to power level past all content or generate huge influence rewards. ... but this is probably a discussion for another thread at this point. So do you "remember when ...", it was just before the CoV beta server was shut down?
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