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  1. Thanks That is the work-around for the tables (tested all but two of them I did in my original posts), but it does seems like a workaround rather than something that is working as intended as here is a "surface" attachment mode ... and it works on some of the tables already. My big issue with the surfaces (grass, wood paneling) is I keep selecting them instead of the objects on top of them. Seems easiest to remove them and replace them after rearranging objects in a room
  2. I don't have any problem with mine using END if I don't miss. I have multiple stalkers. If it doesn't go off, it doesn't use END. Maybe this is some post level 50 issue.
  3. I already have more than one of each of them. That float way mechanic of Ki push (KB, Repel) doesn't operate the way the hurricane does. I operates more like controller telekinesis but toned down a lot and only single target. I went and monkeyed around with hurricane. I never put the KB to KD proc in it before the sunset, so I have always been finessing it and using my tactics for knockback which work for repel as well. There is a big difference in what the power does if you run into them and when you finesse it and tap them with it. They do go back father if you charge into them, but it simply doesn't behave in the same way that Ki push or telekinesis do.
  4. Fortunately, there is a whole thread about base issues his week, so you are ignoring the DEVs acknowledging the fact that base issues need a pass.
  5. That's why it should be fixed so that it is user friendly instead of hassle.
  6. I didn't say take it way. I said you the proc to change knockdown to knockback instead knockback to knockdown. And as you indicated if it starts with just knockdown, then even simply adding a knockback enhancement would cause knockback. But I'm glad that you at least explained your position. And, if you read one of my earlier post, I went into detail about how I use knockback which also works when using repel. To go back to a post on another thread, I run into situations where people say something about knockback the most when I first start using a power where it says in the description "knocks down enemies" versus knockback enemies. Regardless of how that term was used in the past, we know there is a proc that clearly indicates "knockback to knockdown" so, at the very least, the DEV that named that proc knows the difference between "knocking back an enemy" and "knocking down an enemy". So from at least that DEVs point of view, a bunch of the powers that say "knock down an enemy" are "knocking back an enemy" instead. Just because something has been worded some way in the past doesn't mean that it is actually saying what it means. In the case of my example (and there are many others), the power does not "knock down an enemy", it and, others like it, knock the opponent back. Since there are clearly powers that do simply knockdown or knock-up, I don't think it is such a stretch to think that the info you get when picking the power says clearly what it does.
  7. Explain your reasoning. I'm constantly hearing people complain about knockback or telling people to use the KB to KD proc.
  8. well, given this, I still stand by Repel work to at least reposition or pin foes if not stop them from attacking you - which the knockback/down part does.
  9. Might not be as clear on these two tables, but only the top book of the stack of three shows up on the top/surface of these tables. hard to get good under-table shots on these that show the book stack clearly enough to make a difference
  10. book stack seems to be attached to the undersides of the table :: Tsoo Table 1 Roman Table 1 Roman Table 3 Tsoo Table 2 - 1st book and maybe part of 2nd book below the table surface Waiting room table - only the top book in the stack of 3 is visible above the table top/surface.
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