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  1. I'm telling Eris that you said that.
  2. Two asked for it. Another lurked around protesting but wasn't brave enough, so I took matters into my own hands and put them on ignore without being asked to do so. Anyone else that may have tried to step up was already on ignore. It's as I suspected. The number of people that want to behave badly on a team or are willing to defend others behaving badly on a team are a very small minority. And they are the same people that I felt behaved badly enough in the forums that I didn't want to bother with seeing their posts. So it's a win-win for me to use ignore
  3. The people that find this offensive are the culprits of like thinking. They aren't joining teams to be part of team. They are joining a team to show-off or be a disruption. They aren't recruiting for team and then trying to run away from their teammates. They are joining a team to show-off or be a disruption. Any more like villains that want to step forward and be put on ignore? Because that is what you are to me. You are villains that are trying to disrupt teams that other people have assembled. I don't have time for your obnoxious behavior. St
  4. Sure thing. Sound like you are the kind of player that I like to avoid interacting with.
  5. If your leading the team, that is exactly why you should have said something in /team. If you are leading, it your team. Let them know when you have an issue with something. Most people will respect the team leader because they hate to recruit themselves and are just glad to be on a team. That doesn't mean you should be a power-hungry dictator, but, if someone on YOUR team is offending you, you certainly have a right to say something in /team so the rest of the teammates know what is going on. I put what would be considered a lot of people on ignore, but I rarely kick pe
  6. Ran into this on a task force I was running recently. one or two that would purposefully try to run away from the rest of us to do whatever they were doing. They seemed to be fighting stuff so I didn't kick. I figure they are 50's trying to show how big of a phallus they can be. I guess they really intend to show how Elite or cool they are, but they are really just coming off as jerks to the rest of the team. At one of point two of them running around solo were bragging to each other about how cool they were. Very disrespectful to the rest of the players. It's kind o
  7. I almost always end up getting leadership. I tend the team. The bigger the team, the more of a benefit leadership becomes. If multiple characters on the team have leadership, they stack. +to-hit and + global defense go a long way. Assault doesn't even need to be slotted. If you primarily solo, there is no need to take leadership. You could always make multiple builds if you are into that kind of thing.
  8. I use hurricane and gale. both are passive holds (They can't attack when they are knocked down/back). Hurricane is a AoE debuff so why use it. I did put the KB to KD in the hurricane, but it still will repel enemies. The character is very fun to play, but I have so many characters that are fun to play that it becomes a bi random when I get around to playing them. I guess there is still a little bit of Hurricane Season left, so I should bring at least one of them out for some playtime. Won't be too long before I get to break my spooky characters out for some Ha
  9. The ignore cap is amazingly low, and it doesn't stop you from adding someone; it simply kicks the player longest on the ignore list off the list when adding a new one when full ... so you have to be watching for it to see it happen. But, even with all the ignoring I have done, I don't think I have every had to put anyone on ignore twice. Never been power-leveled to 50 before AE. Never been power-levelvel to 50 in an AE farm. Never intentionally didn't complete a mission order to farm it. Never door-sat. Never enjoyed the Praetorian content.
  10. I'm wondering if you have played through the game or if you are getting power-leveled too quickly to have gone through the process of learning how the powers work (individually, in combinations with your other powers, and how the can be a multiplier for your teammates) and how to fight different enemy types. There is always a pivotal enemy type in an enemy group that is their ace-in-the-hole; if you take them out, the entire group is easier to deal with - it generally isn't the boss. Some groups, like the Devouring Earth have more than one. This game has a lot of tactics that exper
  11. except for break-frees or enhancements that provide status protection like Aegis ... and Clear Mind from Empathy defenders and there is a MedPool power that also offers mez protection to others. If you are on a team and getting mezed too often, you are probably standing too close to the enemies, you have ranged attacks - use them at range. Blasters also have :: "Defiance Blasters’ earliest abilities come so naturally to them, that they are accessible even in states that normally prevent them from using powers, such as being Held, Slept
  12. To me it isn't a waste of time to experiment and I always go with character conception. If my conception is that the character has a shield, they have a shield. If I want them to taunt the team, then, of course, a tank. If I want to jump around and cause damage, then I would make a scrapper. There is obviously no reason that you can't make both and jump between your alts when the mood arises. I've kind of been anchored down by a teammate to play one character with them until we reach 50 - mix-and-repeat - when we game together. I like jumping around
  13. All tank sets are built with a hole in them intentionally. Their Achilles' heel as it were. You run into the enemy type that you are weak to and you are going to go down. They have your number.
  14. Elitism is Elitism. If it make you feel Superior, then you are an Elitist. I'll make sure not to invite "dedicated", players to my teams. My teams simply wouldn't be good enough for their elitist attitudes.
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