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  1. Not true. That's your opinion. The levels scale so if you run at a lower level, the enemies are scaled down to that level as well - so you don't need the powers you think you are missing in most cases.
  2. I know that you all have seen it. There are far more people that will join a team rather than trying to recruit one. There are far more team leaders that will only lead a team if they know the people on the team (on their friends list). I've always wondered why people are so hesitant run/recruit/lead PUGs (Pickup groups). What is the fear of the Star?
  3. what? You've never been on a team where someone that is below level 50 was running the team and a level 50 comes on the team and insists that they are given the star because they want to have access to more of your powers? I see this kind of behavior all the time. It's obnoxious.
  4. I know that you all have seen it. There are far more people that will join a team than will run one. There are far more team leaders that will only lead a team if they know the people on the team. I've always wondered why people are so hesitant to try try to use the LFG to recruit. What's the worse that can happen? 1) No one joins No big loss. Try again later on or at another time. 2) A player joins and then quits Oh, well. Their loss. Or you didn't make it clear enough what your team was going to be about doing. 3) You recruit
  5. Are you trying to slot the Taunt-IO for the taunt aspect? You seem to be simply wanting to slot it for the proc. Even if you had a taunt, your taunt wouldn't override even a scraper Challenge or a stalker's Provocation. It would be in a tier below those three and I think even those two might be able to be overridden by the taunt of damage in some cases. I don't think taunting fits with the Sentinel archetype. I don't think that Sentinels should have the advantage of being able to slot a taunt proc any more than a melee archetype should be ab
  6. Great. You have proven my point. from WIKI "City of Heroes (CoH) was a massively multiplayer online role-playing game which was developed by Cryptic Studios and published by NCSOFT." City of Heroes IS an MMO. So if you want a superhero game that isn't an MMO, then you should find another game to play. Not sure what that means. It simulates Superheroes fighting crime, hanging out with other superheroes in their bases and in other environments, all kinds of other things, and has a EXTREMELY in depth character customization (Biography area s
  7. Yes. Heroes and Villains should be separate. That's one of the core points of ANY superhero genre game. There are Heroes and Villains. We don't need this to be gray morality world. That is not CITY OF HEROES. No. It is easy enough to go to Nul the Gull and change alignment if that is what you want to do. Vigilantes and Rogues can already use teleporters to go to either side. Again. This is CITY OF HEROES and not Gray Morality World. I know some players play it like it is Gray Morality World, but I'm here to play CIty of Heroes where
  8. Doesn't that help older characters keep their dentures in place?
  9. The OP was complaining about teammates. I was giving suggestions for avoiding bad teammate situations. Like Lu Da says in The Water Margin, "Out of the 36 ways to get out of a bad situation, the best one is to leave" My issue is that I'm leading a taskforce - even a short one like Yin - and some (insert necessary expletives here) level 50 (insert necessary expletives here) decides that they are going to stealth/speed the TF for everyone else and doesn't (insert necessary expletives here) care what the rest of the team thinks or wants. They are the (insert nece
  10. I started in Episode 2 so I saw the game evolve over time (eventually to the point that I stopped subscribing and playing altogether (partially because of what F2P had done to the game on many levels) about a year before sunset for multiple (additional) reasons - Homecoming has removed many of the reasons that I stopped playing) I had full character lists on all the servers before the sunset. Each server had its own character/favor. Kind of like it is now. one server wants to be the RP server. one wants to be the PVP server. one (or two) is where the Europeans tend to ha
  11. either you are targeting the same thing as everyone else or the other characters that you are running with have power-levels much higher than the foes you are facing. I actually do what I can to avoid running with players that have veteran levels just because of this reason ... well .. and others ... You see, some people just level past all the low levels to get to 50 and then think that that they know how to play the game since they have a 50. They just want to plow through everything and show off how super they are and could care less about what the rest of the team thinks
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