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  1. With the power of make-believe(Illusion Control) and compassion(Empathy), he is In the Neighborhood!
  2. Cause I'm a terrible person, I made Mender Sears ...
  3. The power Radiation Therapy(Brute, Scrapper, Stalker, Tanker)/Proton Therapy(Sentinel) in the Radiation Armor power set has a color palette bug. Instead of using the Bright Radiation color palette it's all using the Dark Radiation color palette.
  4. I think we've been leaning too much into Greek and Roman pantheons (Even though I know that CoH lore is ingrained with the Greeks/Romans influences in much of its origin stories.) and this would be a prime opportunity to expand into other pantheons, say the Norse. It hasn't been touched outside of Valkyrie/Battle Maiden and even then they still lean towards more medieval imagery of knights of England and France (5th - 15th c.). Could it be argued that we have enough "barbarian" clothing options to make it more viable for the Warriors to be more in tune with the Danes/Vikings and Norse gods lik
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