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  1. So something seriously wacky has occurred. Somehow, the bounding box on my Secret Entrance has... inverted. I draw your attention to Exhibit A, a screencap of the portal in question. And for reference, I draw your attention to two other portals for two different groups, B and C. As you can see clearly, the portal on the top has somehow magicked itself to the top of its bounding box, which causes all sorts of accessibility issues. They aren't insurmountable, but they're a PITA. For the moment, until I can figure out a way to remedy this situation, I've isolated my ent
  2. This is ultimately the answer I was casting around for, thank you. I've seen the Arbiters, the Operatives and others, but I've also seen Strike-Captains, Captains, etc. Was wondering if the community had set up some sort of unofficial classification. Thank you! I think unless anybody else has anything to add tangentially, this resolves my dilemma well enough.
  3. Okay, so am I high or crazy, or blind, here? I see a lot of people sporting titles like 'Operative' or 'Hunstman' or whatever on their Soldiers, which I dig, but I can't seem to find any information on what each specific title is or what makes it different from the others. I vaguely remember there being some resource with that info, but danged if I can find it now. So question is Operative Huntsman Poobah Head Cheese etc Stuff I Made Up Is there any lore rhyme or reason to some of these in terms of duties or privileges, and is there any place that lists such? Thank
  4. Dropped 100 in, seemed like the least I could do. Use it well and thank you!
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