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  1. For normal play I think it will work fine, if you plan on stealthing any missions it may be worth grabbing the +stealth IO and recall friend. Celerity can be slotted in sprint, don't forget you have a high chance to crit when you attack out of stealth. Touch of Death is fine in Shin Breaker and If you want to go expensive blistering cold could be good for Crushing Uppercut.
  2. I'm currently leveling a StJ/Nin scrapper and am finding it an enjoyable combination. What are you planning on doing with this character?
  3. I soloed Moonfire TF on a lvl 32 (popped to 33 during the first mission) StJ/Nin Scrapper, No insps, temps, deaths. While being essential at work.
  4. So, I made a character that I really like except for the name. I know that I could just reroll but I have a full-time job and a wife and kids so the time I've put in is pretty precious. Now I know I can play around with server switching but I don't know how receptive of this type of thing is with this company. Is there another way that I'm not thinking of or do I either need to bite the bullet and reroll or play with server jumps.
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