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  1. Hi folks, After playing since late 2007, I have finally gotten my first character to 50. I'm not tackling incarnates yet (but suggestions are welcome) and am after some feedback on my build. Some general questions / statements Now that I am 50, I should slot level 50 IOs rather than attuned ones, is that right? I know most builds go Scorpion Shield but hopefully Charged Armor is in the same ballpark. I quite like Shocking Bolt. I am not sure at all about Afterburner, its just a fill the gap choice that can take a LoTG. I have really en
  2. skeeze

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    My Merc mastermind's minions are all named after Steven Seagal characters Casey Ryback Forrest Taft Gino Felino Mason Storm Orin Boyd Austin Travis
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