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  1. CSP is a wonderful, much cheaper alternative to PS (about $50). I used to use PS but now it's subscription based only and I can't afford it. I've been using CSP for years now and I love it. I recommend it to everyone I can. There's a ton of tools and editing options. It's got most of the things PS has except for the more technical photo-edity stuff. (I miss Liquify 😭). Another cool thing CSP has is 3D models and posable models, although I don't personally use them many other artists have found them very useful. I use 90% CSP and a little bit of Paint Tool SAI for some coloring/blending tools.
  2. Might as well post it here because it belongs here too
  3. I don't really do too many tutorials, I never know what people want to know, and I always get the feeling that I don't have anything new to offer. I have a pretty basic way of coloring (I am a simple person). This is a basic coloring tutorial I've done. It's what I use for my simple colored commissions. A couple more examples with the same technique below.
  4. I hope you guys like them!! Been going through a nasty art block this week so this helped a little. Thank you!
  5. I have 2 questions: What's his ethnicity and does he have a ponytail or is it just slicked back? Ohhh my god reading through those names, I recognize them! Bless you for doing this. That really means a lot. And thank you for the warm welcome! You're the one who originally notified me about Homecoming, although I finally got back on board a bit late. It's been a busy couple of years.🙂
  6. Hey everyone! Many years ago, I held an art freebie thread in the original CoH forums. Basically the premise is - want some free art? Post pics/screenshots of your toons and I may draw them! (please make sure the screenshots are clear and I can tell what items they're wearing) I don't know how active this current forum is, but I do want to mention I may not be able to get to everybody. For me, this is a small thing I can do in between my work. I also want to mention that if any other artists in this forum want to join in, please feel free! If someone posts a toon here that you'd like to draw, post it here! There's no pressure on skill. Just something nice to do. 🙂 For me personally, I'll be doing monochrome sketches like these. Same style except somewhere between headshots and waistups. You can find more examples here. I draw pretty much anything - guys, gals, non-humans, monsters, and robots (I really love robots...I worked on Transformers comics for a while)! As long as they are CoX toons! Also here's an album of all my super old CoH I did back in the day. If anyone still around recognizes their character, let me know!
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