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  1. It's ok, because it turns out my dream job was what I was doing all along 😊I absolutely love doing commissions full time. No worries! Thank you for understanding. As for my art, well I'm not sure if anyone here would be very interested in my other work. My personal work is more horror/surreal. Here are my latest 2 drawings (the second one is a cropped preview of a comic cover so I can't show the whole thing). Here is a link to a gallery of my other personal work.
  2. Those were the designs we went with in the run of TF comics I worked on back in early 2019, all of which were directly based on the Siege line of toys they released that same year. But they look really good in that 3D animated format! I never watched the show though. Unfortunately, my experience working in comics completely destroyed my 10 year-long obsession with TF. It was at no fault of IDW, everyone there is great. It's an industry-wide problem in comics. I worked about 80 hours a week for $5 an hour, and the stress was so bad it messed up my hormones and now I have to take a certain
  3. Again, I do these in my free time. I'm working on covers for a comic right now. When I've got free time (and I'll be taking a break after these covers), I'll do a couple more freebs.
  4. Oh heck yeah!! I definitely remember that commission. I was in college at the time. Yeah that one wasn't in the freeb gallery because it was a commission, I found all those old images from my old photobucket account. Ohhh awesome!! so good to see more old forumgoers here. That's great!! Yeah as others said this thread is basically for when I'm in between commissions or waiting for a client to get back to me and I don't have anything else to do. It's been a busy/stressful time in the last month or two so I sadly haven't been able to do any in a while. I will say it
  5. Duuuuude that is so sexy!!! I love all of the little details and the fleshy bits in the bg. Thank you so much!! this is very kind of you 💖💖
  6. I love her design so much. I hope you like it!
  7. Oh wow this is lovely dude!! That's very exciting! 💖I love the intestines! and I love the scalpel/stylus combo. I need to get me one of those. I'm really lax on how other people interpret my characters so I don't really care about the eyepatch. You already seem to have a vision for what you're doing but if you want any inspo there's a few pics of Cashoo here.
  8. CSP is a wonderful, much cheaper alternative to PS (about $50). I used to use PS but now it's subscription based only and I can't afford it. I've been using CSP for years now and I love it. I recommend it to everyone I can. There's a ton of tools and editing options. It's got most of the things PS has except for the more technical photo-edity stuff. (I miss Liquify 😭). Another cool thing CSP has is 3D models and posable models, although I don't personally use them many other artists have found them very useful. I use 90% CSP and a little bit of Paint Tool SAI for some coloring/blending to
  9. Might as well post it here because it belongs here too
  10. I don't really do too many tutorials, I never know what people want to know, and I always get the feeling that I don't have anything new to offer. I have a pretty basic way of coloring (I am a simple person). This is a basic coloring tutorial I've done. It's what I use for my simple colored commissions. A couple more examples with the same technique below.
  11. I hope you guys like them!! Been going through a nasty art block this week so this helped a little. Thank you!
  12. I have 2 questions: What's his ethnicity and does he have a ponytail or is it just slicked back? Ohhh my god reading through those names, I recognize them! Bless you for doing this. That really means a lot. And thank you for the warm welcome! You're the one who originally notified me about Homecoming, although I finally got back on board a bit late. It's been a busy couple of years.🙂
  13. Hey everyone! Many years ago, I held an art freebie thread in the original CoH forums. Basically the premise is - want some free art? Post pics/screenshots of your toons and I may draw them! (please make sure the screenshots are clear and I can tell what items they're wearing) I don't know how active this current forum is, but I do want to mention I may not be able to get to everybody. For me, this is a small thing I can do in between my work. I also want to mention that if any other artists in this forum want to join in, please feel free! If someone posts a toon h
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