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  1. Kinda got the same message on my tablet, working fine on my main computer. No idea what may be causing this, was working fine before may 30th's update.
  2. Hello there, guess creating art assets for the game will take a while, not sure whats the status on demystifying the developer kit is at the moment, but i'd like to pitch in when the possibility arises: Discord: @Mikazuki#7052 Applicable skills: 5 years of creating 3d assets. 2 or so years of working with animation pipelines. Not an illustrator but capable with general 2d graphics. Little experience with VFX. Spend most of my day on discord(even at work, i know, bad example.) Availability: Few hours each weekend, not much to offer here sadly
  3. Kinda wanted to multibox, but then found out that for some reason autohotkey's controlsend doesnt work on CoH, and i dont want to pay for a multiboxing software right now(and not even sure if any exist), so... right now the only purpose i can imagine for actually multiboxing(unless you found a Multibox software that works on CoH) is for farmers to have a slave buffer following them around. ...or just for masterminds on follow i guess? that works at lower levels and at lower difficulties but i fail to see the purpose, imagine the nightmare of having to tab just to move your second charact
  4. That is actually the same issue i have on my windows 10 tablet. Can't start CoH at all until both my bluetooth keyboard and mouse are connected, but after that there are no issues. So if you are running on an actual desktop, not sure what might be it.
  5. Regardless of being worthwhile or not, it is quite possible to make something like this if someone is willing. All combat information is instantly logged to a log file if you have the option selected, wont even need to scan the game's memory. ACT provides a good framework for it if anyone with the appropriate knowledge feels like investing their time into a CoH plugin: https://advancedcombattracker.com/
  6. Using a mini Bluetooth mouse right now, the tablet keyboard case i got didnt have a touchpad sadly. But can look into virtual mouse programs, not sure how those would work with touchscreens tho.
  7. ...Way to go at answering my own question, while looking for the original post i downloaded the version i have, i found a post with a newer version that fixed the issues i have. Leaving this here just in case anyone else needs it. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,541.msg15109.html#msg15109 note: we could use a sticky post with the latest version of pines, just a thought.
  8. the above link leads me to a login prompt, and http://www.cohplanner.com/ seems to still be stuck in 2012
  9. Well the new build planner doesnt seem to have an official place and is just handed around like an illegal substance(albeit freely, unless its using my machine to mine for bitcoins right now). First: was wondering if there was any location where updates would be posted, website, reddit thread, etc. If not: Was wondering if there were any newer versions after the 19/05/16 version, just noticed /rad doesnt work for masterminds there, builder thinks its so ludicrous it crashes once i select it. ( ' - ')b
  10. Can run CoH on my 300$ windows 10 tablet quite well, no video card involved. Bizarre thing is if i dont use a mouse CoH wont start at all, gives me a direct x error telling me to update then the next message up is that a mouse and keyboard could not be detected, but works fine once i activate a blutooth mouse. Pretty sad, was hoping to mess around in coh during my commute, using a mouse in a bus is kind of awkward.
  11. I personally like tier lists, a lot of people see them as "dumbing the game" for people as they can just pick whatever is at the top, but it leads to a lot of thinking and understanding for those making and discussing said list. That being said, Top and bottom tiers are very clear, but mid tiers kinda need a bit more shuffling i'd say. I'm not sure what the actual criteria each set is being judged on, but i'll comment based on party utility: Pain Domination) I feel like this should be at least one tier higher than empathy, it has overall lesser heal numbers and is definitel
  12. All I remember is that whenever MM pet customization was brought up positron’s reply would be something along the lines of “HAHA no.”
  13. That is mostly correct, yes. But: 3) Defense debuffs and +to hit on enemies as well (we all love nemesis, dont we?) Only other factor is the rank multiplier plus difficulty setting. ie: a +4 boss(which cons +2) will have a 5% extra to hit bonus against you. a +4 archvillain will have a +20% to hit bonus.
  14. But remember that the secret badge for defeating the entirety of DFB with nothing but brawl is going away soon, so dont miss it!
  15. i've taken 90% of my characters from 1 to 50 doing nothing but task forces. Its pretty fun but: Once you reach lv40 prepare for quarterfield. (and the other subsequent shadow shard TFs.) Hope you have a lot of free time lol.
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