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  1. In the description of Positron Cell within Atomic Manipulation, the last part should read as "Damage: Moderate,"*
  2. So after fiddling around with both of your replies. Default colors on Flash Freeze does fix it. Sadly I won't be able to keep my character as uniform as I wanted, so hopefully that gets patched. For Darkest Night, I was using Soul Noir since it looked really nice. After switching it to Color Tintable, it fixed the audio. Soul Noir seems to be bugged on Darkest Night. In short, well at least I can hear and see my abilities now. I just really want to be able to color my powers. It's still a bug that should be fixed hopefully in a later patch. Thank you guys so much!
  3. At the bottom of the post are two videos to both bugs being reported. Today I finally unlocked Flash Freeze in the Ice Control Powerset and was upset when I realized it didn't do anything. The mechanics work, but the visuals appear then disappear rapidly. They just kinda sit there doing nothing. Darkest Night in the Darkness Affinity Powerset does not have any sounds. When you use it, it'll just do the visuals. There doesn't seem to be any weird circumstances where it does work. It seems to just always be bugged. Videos; Ice Control>Flash Freeze https://streamable.com/voly6 Da
  4. More powers! Color wheel! Balance! Also, would love a customizable archetype. I’d just really love to see more unique ideas and customization.
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