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  1. I have been testing the /reloadgfx command the past week. When that command is activated the memory usage drop approximately 100 mb when you stay in the same zone. So far the only way to release memory from the game is to switch from one zone to another.
  2. Hi again CoH community, More information about memory and crashing clients! If you stay in the same map (like Rikti War Zone) for extended periods of time without traveling to a different map (like atlas) the memory of your computer will continue to climb (not released by game) until game crash (~3.5gb). I learned this while watching the memory, while leading 5 MSR back to back. I suggest traveling between maps (memory gets released) after 1-2 runs of anything that takes lots of graphics like a MSR and Hami Raid.
  3. Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver (Ndu) Service Defaults in Windows 10 http://servicedefaults.com/10/ndu/ It is for monitoring the network usage slowing down any connection, by setting to 4 is the "Disable" command. Remember to restart the computer after editing the registry.
  4. There were multiple things wrong. Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction. Reinstalled updated display drivers manually with the ones from last month. In services.msc, disabled the service "superfetch" In regedit, disabled Ndu HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Ndu changed "start" modify to "4" Those steps fixed the issues, now there is no more memory leak!
  5. Running Asus Laptop Intel i7-8550 16gb ram 64x Windows 10 Intel UHD Graphics 620 Its a clean system except for firefox and CoH. When I run the COH in windows 10 mode the game crashes quicker. When put in compatibility mode (windows 8 or windows 7) it crashes slower.
  6. Hi Community, I have been having problems with the game randomly crashing on me. I am looking for solutions. Homecoming.exe is having a memory leak. I watch the amount of memory creep up to about 3.5gb then the game gives me a message like below: 07/15/19 @20:24 C:/Storage/City of Heroes/piggs/texGui1.pigg: Failed memory allocation (zip'd size 1199418, unzip'd size 3145931) Read failed for file: texture_library/GUI/CREATION/Login/coh.texture -1 The game ran out of memory and must now exit. Any idea how to solve this problem of memory leak. I happens between 1-2 hours of play time.
  7. Under the base building tabs where are the "Supergroup Glass Logo 1 and 2? I can't find them.
  8. This error is also happening to me. The Show new replies to your posts.
  9. Guess what community? I figured out how to edit the old vidiot maps overlays and get CoH to read them! Yes I know I made atlas all red but that is an easy hex code to read. I want to start work on an i26 overlays for fellow badge enthusiasts, but need help with compiling new locations of badges on the map. (images with little red X's would be nice) Take a screen shot and share.
  10. I have a very technical question for the community! How about a new form of maps to be updated from vidiotsmaps? I just need to have someone point me to the correct encoding of the texture file then I can start making new maps. Can anyone else help search for this data?
  11. Bloody Bay accolade should be called: The Bloody Mary Caption: After all that fighting, its time to sit down for a drink!
  12. Hi CoH community, I am attempting to open the .texture files from vidiot maps. What program do i need to open them? I am looking to start creating updated maps, any information of how i can do this would be helpful. I use paint.net currently. If anyone from the original vidiots please let me know if I can use your old maps, or your process?
  13. Hi Homecoming team, I was wondering if there is a way to unlock costumes that NPC characters are wearing for character creation? I was looking at the Sybil costume from the roman cimerora.
  14. Yep Kat Type M reporting in! currently playing on torchbearer
  15. I was badge hunting in the Rikti War Zone and could not find some of the badges. Anyone else find these badges? Ace powerful Under fire scarred asunder eyewitness
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