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  1. That is an awesome example pic of what CoH is like. It's got the perfect amount of particle effects going on to give the feel without too much to busy up the screen. The Mob is in his 'oh no', bouncy mode when he's taking a ton of hits and the players are all in action/attack poses. This could have been a Cryptic/Paragon marketing pic from back when it was live. People often make them too busy and too much action to try and show how much fun it is, but this one has just the right amount.
  2. Lol, you're right... I forgot the 11th and 12th buttons are for INSPs.
  3. It was at first but it becomes second nature. It works especially well with the way CoH has coded their trays... 12 buttons, 12 abilities in #1 tray 12 buttons+Shift (instead of Alt) 12 abilities in #2 tray. 12 buttons+CTRL, 12 abilities in the way cool CTRL pop-up tray. I have 36 abilities at my thumb-tip without having to change fingers from WASD or take my hand off the mouse. And like I said it becomes second nature, Like I know my electrical affinity corruptor's galvanic sentinel is CTRL+BUTTON 3 and I know that just from muscle memory and I
  4. The only thing I'll use in MMOs (and once I got used to it other games as well) anymore. Razer makes something similar if brand means something to you... Corsair makes one, also... I can't play MMOs without these anymore. The thumb buttons prevent fumble fingers like me from mashing four different buttons whilst also WASDing my way through the game.
  5. Would it be too difficult to add the enemy target UI graphic (yellow/orange box) to the Target's Target system? (For those not sure what I mean, if you target a friendly and then cast an attack power you will attack their target if they have one) It would be great if that enemy had a target box as well as the friendly box when targeting a friendly. CoH was one of the first MMOs with Target's Target functionality, so I understand why it isn't in place, but the code objects to make the box are already in place and should just be triggerable for the UI to light up on the Target's Tar
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