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  1. I’m still sitting here in atlas at level 1 waiting for my handout.
  2. Screw it. I bought a bunch of training SOs. I don’t need your scum scummy money soaked in scumminess
  3. Still waitin on my hand out. Hurry up, *snap snap*
  4. One of you rich scumbags give me some cash, ASAP
  5. With all the defense iOS plus the to hit debuff, my demon pets were effectively at the defense cap, with sizable resistance to boot. idk, maybe I’m just burned on ninjas from leveling a ninja/poison on live when villains first dropped. Yes, really. It just seems like theyd do better with a resistance set or a set with lots of cc, like dark. They’ll just get murdered even if they are at the defense soft cap. I’m talking about +4 x8. That many enemies? Attacks will push through and land regardless of their defense value and they’ll get one shot by +4s
  6. What about rad melee/elec armor? that should help with recharge speeds and energy issues, no?
  7. There a few posts here and there on this forum, with quite a few on Reddit. It’s always the same lamo argument of resist primary with defense secondary is sub optimal. I’m like “what?”. I mean, maybe if the defense from time was piss poor and the only way to reach soft capped pets was with pets that already have inherent defense, but that’s just not the case with time. I mean, I’d even argue that time is BETTER on a resist oriented primary, due to the fact that time is gonna get your pets soft capped no matter what anyway (if you build it right), so may as well pair it with resist. It see
  8. I’ve been using the set for everything, including +4 x8 AV killing. It’s got tools for everything. large mobs of enemies? Click based AoE hold/slow with power boost and PBAoE tohit debuff. AVs and GMs? -regen/slow/defense/resist/tohit debuff. one of the only lacking areas is a team wide damage buff and a Rez. It’s got a decent single target damage buff tho, which stacks well with hell on earth.
  9. A perfect blend of survival and kill power is what he’s looking for. How would rad melee/invuln be
  10. I’m not a brute guy, but my friend is brute obsessed. Problem is, we just started playing after a 10+ year hiatus and there are quite a few new brute sets. My question is, what would be the most powerful brute build with the least amount of investment? in terms of primary, secondary and power pools, which is all round best, if there is such a thing.
  11. Read through threads and forums on multiple sites, and keep see the same lame-ass arguments against time on a resistance heavy primary. I’ve been doing some testing of my own on the brainstorm server and I’m having a super difficult time seeing the bad in having pets that are defense soft capped/near soft capped with good resistance to fall back on in the event that they manage to get hit. perma power boosted farsight, maneuvers and the tohit debuff from time, WITH an aoe heal…. They aren’t going down. I mean, it doesn’t matter the pets you use, they are gonna be at the d
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