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  1. Records of past Thematic TFs ran... >>> Forces of Nature <<< Date: November 18, 2020 Task: Imperious Task Force Focus: Beast Mastery, Bio Armor, Earth Control, Nature Affinity, Plant Control, Plant Manipulation, Poison, Savage Assault, Spines, Stone Armor, Stone Melee, Storm Summoning, Thorny Assault, Water Blast Roster: 1: Ultraxx 2: Vinyardeen 3: Natural Warface 4: Ejderha Glacia 5: Always Wet 6: Lucky Jax 7: Saffron Spice 8: Infinity Stoner
  2. Part of the appeal of City of Heroes is the vast amounts of power diversity and ability to overcome nearly any task with whatever team combination you can assemble. Sign up for an upcoming event by either posting a response here or sending me a /tell in-game to @SupaFreak LFG Recruitment for an event will start @10 minutes before the listed time. If not enough participants or interest by the launch time, the event will be cancelled and open to all. I've been wanting to do this for a while but was hoping the ability to post videos of events to YouTube, etc. would be lifted by now. I've decided it is time to move forward with the thematic events now regardless. Let's mix it up and have some fun! For the week of November 16, 2020-November 22, 2020 >>> Damage Incorporated <<< (saved for later date due to lack of interest) Date: Task: Restrictions: Stalker, Blaster Current Roster: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: >>> ??? <<< Date: Task: Restrictions: Current Roster: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: >>> The Gun and Knife Show <<< (saved for later date due to lack of interest) Date: Task: Restrictions: Assault Rifle, Beam Rifle, Dual Pistols, Claws, Dual Blades, Katana, Mercenaries, Thugs Current Roster: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: Coming Soon An Epic Encounter (Epic ATs), To The Extremes (Fire and Ice), Skyjacked (Flight)
  3. My initial thoughts after testing the proposed SG-related teleportation methods is that I personally like them. Issues: 1) Power customization - Other (White/White) doesn't change the colors of blue to white. Intended? 2) What effect will this have on the numerous individuals I see that have been using public codes? I am not one, but should they now consider joining a SG or forming their own for faster travel? Great work, HC team and keep up the progress!
  4. Since the addition of the absorption mechanic, I thought it would be nice if it stayed a T1 power and acted as a "absorption-regenerating force field" toggle that you could attack with while up. I would think at maximum enhancement it could give +5% Def (All) and an absorption rating of 50% of your health or something similar. It could regenerate somewhere around 3-4% of its absorption per second, I dunno. I haven't crunched the numbers or anything for balancing the powerset but one of my mains is a FF Defender and I can't foresee that being too overpowering. Just a thought.
  5. My goals on this suggestion: Don't add new currency to the game. Make Vanguard Merits more desirable and accessible. Incentivize players to do content outside of the Reward Merit or Incarnate realm. Make playing your story arc or others (outside of Flashback) more desirable. Make Safeguard & Mayhem bank missions more rewarding / desirable. Suggested new NPC to possibly be located near the P2W vendors in starting zones: Vanguard Scout Offers simple task / mission or simple chat explaining they are seeking help against non-Rikti forces interfering with their interests outside of the War Zone. Requirement: Level 10 Reward: The Vanguard Initiative badge (You've gained the ability to earn Vanguard Merits while not in Mission Architect or on a Alignment Mission, Task Force, Strike Force, Incarnate Trial, or Flashback against enemies that award you experience) Possible Table Percentage chance by enemy Rank: Underling = .3% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit Minion = 1.5% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit Lieutenant = 4% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit Boss = 10% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit Elite Boss = 25% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit Arch-Villain/Hero = 66% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit Possible Bonus Table Percentage (if possible) to each team member per mission required objective completed: "Collect an Object" = 4% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit "Destroy Object" = 7% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit "Free a Hostage" = 10% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit "Escort Ally" = 25% chance of 1 Vanguard Merit In addition, Safeguard and Mayhem Missions will reward the following: "Bonus Time" = 100% of 3 Vanguard Merits Currently 30 Vanguard Merits = 1 Reward Merit and Reward Merits cannot be broken down into Vanguard Merits. I am suggesting this be left as is under this suggestion for the following reason: There is no ability to re-acquire the bonus powers from Safeguard and Mayhem missions, but what if there was? What if by having either the Force of Justice or Force of Nature badges you were eligible to craft at the Vanguard Crafting Table the following: Raptor Pack = 300 Vanguard Merits Zero-G Pack = 150 Vanguard Merits Resuscitation = 150 Vanguard Merits Summon Teammates = 600 Vanguard Merits Movement Increase = 150 Vanguard Merits Endurance Increase = 600 Vanguard Merits Health Increase = 600 Vanguard Merits Life Insurance = 150 Vanguard Merits Regeneration Increase = 300 Vanguard Merits Note: If you have a Vanguard Power active, you will not be able to craft a duplicate of that power (no Vanguard Merits lost) Thanks for taking the time to look over this and comment (if you do) in advance and cya 'round in the City!
  6. Just checked it out again. Sneaky placement. I did something similar with some Ouroborus crystals. They're buried into purple crystals and a lighting effect in our teleporter room.
  7. My base ('The Eternal Guardians') is the same way. I didn't get what I wanted and we went with theme over efficiency. Nothing wrong with that at all and hoping no one takes anything personal here. Some designed their bases with efficiency as the focal point. I still want people to check out all the bases if they so choose because the ones at the top of the list may not be the best looking to some of us but I don't think their efficiency can be denied.
  8. That's why when I discover a base code that I'm still going to post it. I check out bases regardless but for those who want to be able to get in/do stuff/get out (and I've ran into a few of those teaming)… I thought giving a list and seeing their options would be helpful. I personally go for a theme or aesthetics over efficiency but we're not all the same.
  9. After second thought, I determined ZacKing had a point, so changed the presentation and wording.
  10. I'm not going to get into a debate or argument here if that is the goal. To me, "a trainer" is "a trainer", "a zone portal" is "a zone portal" and 'traveling 100 feet' is 'traveling 100 feet'. The closer to the entry point they are, the better labeled or easily identified... the better.
  11. If you go supergroup-less and still searching for a supergroup base to use on the fly? Here's a list of passcodes and how easy I personally found them to navigate, get what you want done and get out (opinions may vary): ***** (Extremely Easy) ***** UBER-8642 = Taxi Cab Service Incorporated TBTP-7677 = Torchbearer Teleport TACO-9652 = MAGIC HUB ***** (Very Easy) ***** E-1254 = Badgers POP-4840 = Protectors of Paragon AUTI-7639 = Storwell's Vaults MEOWMEOW-1006 = Feline Fellowship ***** (Pretty Easy) ***** LABYRINTH-5186 = Haunted WARPZONE-4141 = Warp Zone ***** (Relatively Easy) ***** AMAZON-963 = Amazon Army TORCHCS-5949 = Torchbearer Champions ***** (Difficult) ***** TORCHBEARER-5951 = Torchbearer Arena SEPT-3012 = Eternal Guardians ***** (Somewhat Difficult) ***** ***** (Very Difficult) ***** PIZZA-2544 = Anti Unwise Council 'My Main Items of Interest on List' Level Up (Green Ring at base of feet) Buy/Sell (Blue Ring at base of feet) Zone Teleporters 'minimal travel within base' Ouroborus *Aesthetics and theme are not factored in. If you don't see your public base passcode listed here, feel free to reply here or send me a private message. *list likely to be updated from time to time
  12. Supergroup Name: The Eternal Guardians Motto: "Forever carry the torch and oppose the darkness." Theme: While our base is of mystical origin, our members are of varying origins from Natural to Magic to Tech and everything inbetween. We are strictly a Hero (and Vigilante) supergroup. Recruitment: No longer recruiting. Membership: Membership ranking has no significant value when it comes to inviting members, MotD or storage. Base editing, Coalition settings, Kicking members all falls strictly under SG Leader responsibilities. I am primarily active most evenings (EST) and weekends, but here is what the current roster looks like: Highly Active: 1 Moderately Active: 2 Lightly Active: 2 Rarely Active: 4 Events: I generally form TFs from the LFG channel. Coalitions: We are still interested in partaking in Coalitions. Contact Info & Social Media: In-Game: @SupaFreak Discord: https://discord.gg/6tD8WVT YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH1-WVsUANre02Hhyn4uvuA (Note - this post may be frequently edited/updated for clarity and further general updates)
  13. Mr. Bleek says he's going to create a YouTube video as a compilation of the bases later on... but here's his video stream archives: https://www.twitch.tv/bucknuttygames/videos
  14. First off, I want to say 'thank you' to those of you that funded and organized this contest. Secondly, 'thank you' to all that participated. There were a lot of things I saw when bases were streamed that I found so super creative and inspirational. Such as the 'private hell', the 'water door - warp hallway', the 'carnie ferris wheel', the 'donut stop', the 'space attack' and so much more. We were so honored to be a part of this and planned on giving thanks regardless of how we finished. I've always said the best feature about CoH isn't one the developers put into the game... it's the community. I 100% would not be still playing if it weren't for the community here, despite how great the lore and mechanics of the game are. Take care and hope to see you all in game!
  15. Thank you for the reminder... it was late last night and slipped my mind.
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