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  1. Sounds good. Nothing is really must have. I like seeds and the more I play it, arcane bolt is surprisingly great damage-wise, but I'm not tied to anything really. I grabbed caltrops at 22 and it seems to add some mitigation and a little damage. It is nice to have as another option for when my other big mitigators are on CD (seeds, poison trap, vines). It helps keep me moving on spawns and not having to wait on the others to recharge, but still maintain a decent level of safety. I'm not pushing difficulty or anything while I level up, at least not yet. So fa
  2. OK, I think I have pulled in all of the advice thus far. Thanks to @Armaaz (I think) I got the right settings going to see the suppressed values in Mids. So this build should have improved power picks and actually soft-capped R/S/L/E/N def. I just winged it on Caltrops and Seismic Smash, shooting for the last set bonuses to get me to the soft cap. This Hero build was built using Mids Reborn https://github.com/LoadedCamel/MidsReborn Click this DataLink to open the build! Arboreal Technomage: Level 50 Natural Controller Primary Power Set: Plant Control Secondary Po
  3. Wow, thanks everyone. A lot of great info! How many slots would caltrops need? I'm not tied to seekers, it just seemed like a decent one-slotter. I could definitely throw it out for caltrops. As to Seismic Smash, would it be worth dropping Earth's Embrace? I'll tinker with it a bit and post what I come up with.
  4. I wanted to make an alt with a different playstyle from my blaster main. After making a bunch of different power combos, I think I have landed on plant/traps. It is very different from the blaster style, has confuse (which I like), and I stumbled into an entertaining concept. There were a surprising number of skippable powers, from what I saw. I have put together a useful core of powers and filled in with some to get some set bonuses. I'm not particularly tied to any power choices, other than Arcane Bolt. I've never taken it before and it seems like a good attack to bump up
  5. I'm up to 32 with this build and going strong. If I can keep my alt-itis in check and stick with this long term, I think trying to fit more dmg procs in will be a good thing. I don't have a great frame of reference, but the damage "feels" a bit low for a blaster on this build. I hope getting GD in and slotted will change that feeling but I can see procs in AG being a big bump in damage. Those holds are real deadspots in my rotation and I need to use them to feel safe because my defenses are not great since I don't have the IO sets in place yet.
  6. OK, cool. There is so much to get my mind around (again) for build efficiency that I didn't want to miss something.
  7. Awesome, good to know I was decent at putting something together. I appreciate the improvements and advice to push it further. I take it getting more slow resist is something to shoot for, is the +rech good enough in the revised build? I get with +rech, generally more is better, but I'm not min maxing this build, so functional is fine.
  8. I looked at quite a few posts on both Dark/ and /Ninja to get ideas. Is there something specifically about dual pistols that is relevant for dark?
  9. So, I recently stumbled across the fact that this amazing game has been back for two years and immediately downloaded it. I've been playing around on several ATs to get my feet wet in the game again. Now that I'm getting comfortable with the game play again, I want to narrow down to one character to play up to 50 and beyond. I'd like it to be a capable all-arounder that can handle pretty much all PvE content and hopefully still be useful once I move on to higher skill/min-maxed combinations. I also mostly solo in general, so that is a bigger consideration for effectiveness. However, I do team
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