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  1. I actually came to the same conclusion soon after I made this post and set the colors to red and black
  2. I've seen the concept art piece but I also know it wasn't final. I have a widow sg and I want to give my folks all the cannon uniforms available.
  3. Did you find a solution? My Widow sg would like this too!
  4. Don't know how easy this would be but it sure would be nice to have a standard color Widow and a custom color Widow outfit
  5. Well it appears streaming is on the table now. So, that's that.
  6. I prefer this server but the new content here has just been a wasteland. What's going on?
  7. This is starting to feel like 2014 all over again. I mean what could POSSIBLY take that long to talk about? Seriously
  8. I didn't. Turns out its part of a glitch involving being in bases when you do it. Once I returned to my base several hours later I got the email.
  9. I emailed myself a crapload of influence and the email disappeared. Please help! I petitioned.
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