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  1. I prefer this server but the new content here has just been a wasteland. What's going on?
  2. This is starting to feel like 2014 all over again. I mean what could POSSIBLY take that long to talk about? Seriously
  3. I didn't. Turns out its part of a glitch involving being in bases when you do it. Once I returned to my base several hours later I got the email.
  4. I emailed myself a crapload of influence and the email disappeared. Please help! I petitioned.
  5. It sucks we only get one uniform for our VAT characters. How about at least one more? That way we can have one custom colored and styled and the other one can be more canonical in color and ranking within the Arachnos military? Would that be difficult to do?
  6. Need yall's expertise!
  7. irishhawk


    You're right. I read it wrong in a hurry.
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