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  1. and in regards to having unwarranted advances and what not or even insults/bully behavior. that is something that can be minimized, if you were in my discord all you would have to do is tell me, and i would remove the individual. the trick is to join a group is suits your personality and social standards. as in any where there are jerks, perverts and morons. i recently joined a discord where the person who owned it was toxic AF, after a few minutes of adjustment, i opted out of that discord and deleted it from my list. this of course wont prevent these behaviors from happening, but will limit
  2. i mean 90% of these issues can be solved by using push to talk, i dont want to hear anyones back ground while they are not speaking and in my own discord i enforce the use of ptt. i agree that chewing noises and overly loud music can be annoying, but with ptt those things are drastically reduced.
  3. all these excuses to not use discord is dumb, just tell people you are too shy or dont know how. seriously you can easily keep one earphone off if you need to hear real world sounds. most of the rest of these excuses are silly, i am sorry if this offends people but once you find a group of people with similar interests, discord or otherwise it makes the entire experience better.
  4. what arc numbers are these AE missions that you are doing, id love to try and do them:)
  5. yea it sounds like that specific power could use some love, is that an outlier or are there any other abilities that are that bad. mind you i do not think primary powers should be discussed in the same way as assault powers, while damage maybe a consideration on control sets, i do not think they should be measured by how much damage they do.
  6. i agree. i also did not know that half of that damage was over 7 seconds, i have never been a fan of fire abilities in this game. that being said making sure the whole picture is painted, is more important when comparing abilites.
  7. i see, and i do understand your point of view, however i think that utilizing all of your ccs makes for a strong defense as well as pool powers to add to defense, as well as secondary effects such as KD or -to hit etc. this offers you enough leeway to blow some dudes up, of course getting the timings down for each AT can be tricky, but that is one of the things i appreciate about dominators
  8. that would not be good at all but to my recollection most immobilizes have a duration of around 20 seconds or so. with 3 Immobilize duration S.O. s that is around 40 seconds of immobilization. immobilizes are also on very short cooldown which enables you to stack magnitudes extremely easy. also these immobilize abilities are not meant to be a primary source for damage.
  9. comparing the animation times without damage is misleading, i appreciate you took the time to list them here, but all you are really saying is that these attacks have different animations. which i assume means something to you, however to me and maybe others without both sides of the equation...i am not sure what you are trying to point out. for example : Martial Assault -Dragon's Tail 1.5 seconds - 55 smashing damage +kd 17 sec recharge (36 damage per animation) Fiery Assault -Combustion 3 seconds - 75 fire damage 17 sec recharge (25 damage per animation)
  10. just casually glancing at mids most of the control sets damage per animation seem fairly equal but i can totally get behind normalizing the damage per activation with fire control getting a bit higher because fire jsut equalizing the animation times will create a larger discrepancy between the different sets instead of aligning them more closely with each other
  11. comparing the damage between all of these different powersets i have a feeling you are not using DP animation to show proper damage comparisons, however plant does have a higher DPA than some of the control set equivalents. my suggestion is to bump up the other control set aoe immobilizes to plant level. id be pretty surprised if people even noticed a difference.
  12. if you want to buff power sets up to plant control or Psi then i am 100% on your side even energy secondary for doms now is pretty tight, changing domination though i am not a fan of
  13. i feel like you are looking to remove the fun from dominators, imho building for super high recharge is why i love dominators. this "polarizing " is what makes this class extremely fun for me and as i said I would love for EVERY AT to have something along these lines. when insta snipe was affected by Accuracy that was a really awesome aspect. I would love to see Critical chance on stalkers and scrappers be reliant on some sort of enhanceable effect so i can control it, and yes i want to fill up a bar for everything and if i can make it permanent to drastically improve its performance and eli
  14. i am not understanding why people want to change it at all, remove the build up bar??? wtf?? how does that make it more fun, i propose adding those types of build up bars to all ATs that way they are more how i want to play.
  15. i believe building a character for max recharge or any other goal is fun to me. all my doms now have a goal of perma dom without hasten, i still of course slot hasten because i love it, but if this was a time before attuned enhancements were a thing than maybe you would have a point but getting such a low amount of recharge(123%) including hasten is easily achievable. even at levels as low as 27. most ATs are weak before hand. changing domination in a meaningful way would drastically change the way this AT is played and id be against it, unless you want to make it MORE powerful. if your a
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