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  1. im also confused here i downloaded the updates but my MRB already has a data and images folder...so do i add the contents of the updates to existing or do i copy the new folders over the old ones
  2. i just want to say that i tried this Primalist over there on cake and i had them level it up to 50 for me and did a couple AE missions for inf ...i couldnt even slot any enhancements in ANY of the powers. i did enjoy some of the game play but even discounting any of the animations being glitchy, the fact that i couldnt even slot SO in them was something very weird going on. even if the devs were working on this even with assistance from cake, there is still a HUGE amount of work to be done. it does seem like a cool idea for a third VEAT/HEAT but i want to say i personally would prefer other powersets to existing ATs rather than Primalist. on that note i did try out some of the other power pool sets and they are pretty freaking awesome and they felt more complete.
  3. One of the reasons i like your idea is that it takes away an RNG factor out of the game, i have never been fond of Randomness that cannot be avoided or modified to be permanent. RNG has its place in so many things such from to hit checks vs defense all the way to which door is the council going to be hiding behind this time. While those are firmly situated in unavoidable game mechanics, things like chance for kb or chance for end drain is one thing that actually prevents me from choosing those particular powersets. in the case of energy blast the addition of sudden acceleration proc made that set available to me because i could then eliminate most of the randomness of the set. i could now guarantee that my enemies will always stay in range of my attacks. the type of change you have asked for allows me to go in the other direction and say "ok now i can slot for high accuracy like people were doing with the original fast snipe mechanic and guarantee that all my attacks will knock mofos back or drain endurance or what have you. this i do believe would fundamentally change the way these sets are treated. you could now slot for hi accuracy and abuse the kb-kd enhancement, to really soft cc bad guys reliably. now if only we can come up with an idea to improve endurance drain powersets to work on AVs/Hard content. ps i think your idea is in the 10%
  4. actually what i am suggesting is that all suggestions are equal and nobody outside of the developers should be the ones stating what should or should not be done, i am not sure how my point equates to nothing should be suggested ever. i at no point said the developers are too busy to do anything, i merely stated that if somebody posts a suggestion that there shouldnt be that one guy saying the developers should focus on something else because reasons. i guess i did not make myself clear at all and i apologize for that. i love reading suggestions but i dislike the fact that almost every suggestion thread equates to: OP-COOL IDEA First poster- i like it! Second guy- that sucks why would devs spend time on this my point is the second guy shouldnt use that as a reason. since he cant possibly know the capabilities or priorities of the homecoming developers. and to be completely clear, i believe that if you dont like it, say you dont like it!! instead of using dev time as an excuse to why it shouldnt be done. come up with reasons why you dont like it to help further the idea into something you would like.
  5. that was my ENTIRE point from the beginning... and because you misread or didnt care to read what i wrote you assumed...something you love to do. my entire point was obtuse for a reason,people come here suggesting ideas and people come in saying that it would take too much time away from x. when what we need to do is look at these ideas as they are not something that is taking away from something else. it is the developers decisions on what they do or not do.
  6. actually i can say that it is factual, because you have no idea if the dev team has ANY intentions at all of making a new AT or powerset. so fundamentally i am Right...if they do intend on large changes like this anytime soon they have not said it or even implied it. the fact that you "feel " that the devs are working on them is based on an assumption. if you want to believe your assumptions as facts, that is on you.
  7. ok now you are stretching, first you did not quote my complete sentence i said it does not take time from anything except there personal lives. which kills your magical thinking philosophy, secondly you still assume that your idea or what you want to happen is somehow a priority to the developers. so on that basis i dont think i should continue this further, its obvious you are going to use anything it takes to validate your claim even if it means misquoting and insults. good luck and sorry to derail this thread
  8. i never said it did not apply to me, but i am not the one saying that one idea will take any time way from another.
  9. that is the point it does not take any time away from anything, you HAVE no idea what time they have or want to put towards new power sets or anything else for that matter you can only verifiably say that any suggestion will take time. in your world you believe that the developers are right now using every available amount of time to do your amazing new powerset idea, or one you agree with at any rate, and you also believe that you personally know exactly what it will take to do both ideas. Unless you ARE a homecoming dev, you have no CLUE what takes any time away from anything else. put simply we can guess that these guys are super busy working on supernew powerset that will change everything RIGHT NOW and any other idea is taking time away from this powerset. this is just a guess that has ZERO basis in fact. the FACT is we have no idea what they want, where they are headed or there plan for the game in the future. so the idea that this idea will take time away from anything but their personal lives is actually wrong. and the Tanker changes did literally nothing except slightly buff tankers to a more equal footing with brutes and give them a slight advantage with some AOE powers, this didn't change the game to where everyone is now saying brutes are useless now, it just gave people a reason to bring tankers. nothing amazing or world shattering at least not to me, more of a "well it's about time". i do value the changes and i was happy to see how the discussion and changes of the tankers evolved, but it wasnt enough for me to say woo this is AMAZING! of course that part is subjective. either way if they come out and say they are actively working on a new AT or powerset instead of the pet customization changes that we last heard about then, i stand by what i said.
  10. For the record i love the idea as proposed. the problem i have with arguments against this change ,and any other that is not "universally" wanted, is that while its is fact that our dev team is all volunteer,this does not mean that a change like this going to take time away from new ATs or new powersets. It just means that this will take time to do. I have always hated the guys that say, "im a programmer i know this is too difficult to do", because i said so. maybe this is a rationalization defense mechanism to the idea that dev x didnt input my amazing idea. it must be too hard. therefore anything that is not my amazing idea is, either super easy to implement and fine, or way harder than my awesome idea and should in no way be done because my super amazing awesome idea did not get done. assumed difficulty of the different idea is based on a sliding scale with regards to how much i like or dislike the idea. i am not arguing that they dont have limited time and, i am not arguing that nobody should disagree with ideas however, let's remove the argument "they should do something else because i dont like it and something else is better(maybe my super awesome idea)because they have limited time". I don't claim to know what our homecoming devs are alloting for time for our beloved CoH inbetween real life and managing this wonderful place, however i am 100%% sure that ONLY they can say if they have time for certain ideas, if they like the ideas, or if they think the ideas are super amazing awesome. I will say this, since the snipe changes that originally were accuracy based to now insta snipe in combat, a change like this is certainly possible if not MORE likely than say adding ENTIRE powersets, only because homecoming devs have historically{since april 2019) done small changes such as tanker changes. while it was a strong improvement to the tanker, it did not OMGCHANGETHEWHOLEGAME. sorry for my rant, just had to get it out ignore if you want.
  11. I like this idea, would this affect non damaging powers such as hurricane as well? it would make me fall in love completely
  12. Chrome

    Earth Energy

    yes this is true its only 30% ish with the achilles proc but still very worth it, the updated build i am working on right now:
  13. Chrome

    Earth Energy

    i am going to try the force of will idea and see how i like it, it seems intriguing.
  14. Chrome

    Earth Energy

    i realized i didnt address your tactics solution and again it is something i failed to mention which could have prevented your suggestion in the first place. i enjoy grouping and solo so i place the gaussians in soul drain because the only advantage from putting it into tactics is when running closely with groups. i have a tendency to rush ahead(dominatorlock??) which ends up removing the advantage of having it in tactics. again ty for feedback! edit: this is the updated build
  15. Chrome

    Earth Energy

    i concur with the power bolt change i will probably never use it at all i fully intended on +5 the recharge ios throughout the build i just didnt do it in mids Whirling hands fully agree on. Total focus, this is where i start to disagree, i see the set boni would add alot to the build over all but i am hesitant to lose the extra damage from the procs. Snipe and power burst, again the set boni are nice, but losing the damage from procs and the loss of recharge procs would put the entire build at risk of falling apart or relying on ageless for extra recharge, the swaps my come out to the same, but i really enjoy proc builds as well, so it may be my personal bias here as well. all in all i can see a lot of your ideas are solid and am going to swap in the oblits for sure, if this was for a different power set i would agree but taking thekb and turning themm in to kd and recharge boosters is my reason for using energy at all( i should have made that clear at the first post) ty for your feedback !
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