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  1. i was going to say something very similar, i also have well over 100 toons and about 20 of them are 50 and about 11 of them are well built. long story short...you are not alone!
  2. Chrome

    Duo Help

    may be a bit late on this one but a Plant /Dark Troller would be awesome for your partner, Creepers give great damage when procced and he can be almost a tank himslef with /dark as well as great debuffs and heals not to mention seeds of confusion is damn near broken it is so good.
  3. does elec control prevent the kb/repel from hurricane?
  4. I understand and am well aware of the time resource being scarce, you keep saying it as if that is the part i dont understand, and that is just plain wrong. while humorous your comparison is not what i am saying at all. for example: if i were a clothing maker with limited time but the knowledge to make some really cool stuff, and if my customers all wanted a shirt with hundreds of sequins and lots of quilting in a very complicated pattern, then only i could say whether i wanted to spend the time on it or not. just because one of my customers is also a clothing maker says that is way too difficult to make and I should spend time making blue T shirts instead does not mean i cant or wont make the fancy item. my customer who thinks it would take too much time is wrong. If i as the designer decide to put the effort into that item and everyone is pleased with the result then i as the designer am happy and my customers are happy. If on the other hand the idea of the fancy shirt never gets brought to my attention and anytime somebody brings it up it gets drowned out by it would take too much time then all i make is blue t shirts, and my customers will want the fancy shirt but settle for blue t shirts. I would rather the ideas get put forward and let the people who are the ones doing the job decide whether or not it will be done or not. and nobody says i cant just make both my customers cannot say what my priority is, only what they prefer my priority to be. unless of course you are a Psychic wizard who can time travel.
  5. I am trying to phrase this in a way you can get behind, and it is apparently not working. I absolutely want to hear how much time my or anybody elses idea will take. that is educational and will help me perhaps tailor my idea on how broad or narrow it gets defined or changed. my issue is with non devs claiming to know that it is TOO MUCH time, you can not possibly know that...even if you know that an idea will take 6.2 years 3 months 42 days and 6 minutes to accomplish, you literally CANNOT know that it will take too much time. only the devs can decide that, and that is considering they even agree with the idea in the first place. So i suggest that instead of telling people it's gonna take too much time just say "hey thats gonna take a lot of time maybe if...(INSERT EXAMPLE)" and add to the conversation instead of "too much time not worth even chatting about"
  6. that is not what i said or what i meant, i dont want to hear it from anyone but the developers because nobody but them have the exact real answer. You literally skipped half my post or ignored it, i made sure that i was clear that random non devs spouting off its too much time instead of offering constructive criticism is what i dislike.
  7. i am not trying to suggest that the things suggested wont take time to do, my frustration lies in the fact that people say that will take too much time as a reason not to do a thing, regardless of there development experience ( hell they may be a dev of another CoH public server and know exactly how much it will take) i think the hubris of people claiming they know exactly how the developers of homecoming feel about said ideas, or whether it is not worth the time, is what really bothers me. go ahead and tell me how much time it will take! it could take months and months, even years! but none of you can claim it will take TOO MUCH time. if every single suggestion on here takes TOO MUCH time because joe programmer says so then delete this section of the forums. I never claimed that any of the ideas put forward would be easy, nor did i even think that. Dev Time has become the champion of the nay sayers. let's imagine i am a programmer (i know i am not, but hey it's the internet) and any of you come up with an idea that would make a new AT or new map or what have you. you take the time to figure out the ins and outs and how you imagine balancing would go. you even had the skill set to know aproximately how long it would take. you took the time to post it to the forums to share and the first response to that is "NO" or "that will take too much time to do ". My immediate response to those people is who the flip are you and are you kidding? Regardless if these people doing this have the technical knowledge and know your idea will take months or years. IT DOESNT MATTER, the developers should be the ONLY ones that say, "thats gonna take TOO MUCH time we cant get to that anytime soon" if these people (non devs) were to say i know your idea will take x time and open up a conversation on how it could be done relatively efficiently instead of saying TOO MUCH! then i could get behind that, but its like anybody here with a modicum of programming skill immediately feels they have a right or a duty to point out that this will take way too much time and the devs should focus there time on something else. i challenge then what are these magical "other things" that dont take TOO MUCH dev time or what is more important. as somebody who Use to love coming up with ideas and sharing them, the idea that everytime one gets posted the first response will be TOO MUCH, it starts to wear thin. edited a smidge for a clarity
  8. i guess i would be ok with it more if the actual devs said it, opposed to randoms who have nothing to do with development. it often seems like people use the "dev time" reason when they dislike an idea, instead of actual inside knowledge or direct confirmation.
  9. This is my updated build in case anyone was wondering i jsut realized i have an extra lotg in vengeance which goes over 5 in the build you can slot anything or put any other one slot wonder there, my fault:) actually replacing the LOTG in Shadow meld with a +5 Recharge io brings the recharge of it down even farther:)
  10. i understand your reasoning i personally prefer recharge over max HP at least on stalkers i can see more of an argument for that on tankers, i might look at that for some of my tankers
  11. I am not sure about Beowulfs build, but with my build i 6 slot all def toggles with one lotg unique and 5 red fortunes, great set bonus and amazing recharge Disregard this, i realized this is an older version of my current build i will repost updates:) my current build does indeed slot 1 lotg and 5 red fortune:)
  12. honestly i normally havent had much issue with your posts, and i have actually been shocked at the amount of negativity coming from your posts lately and it made me think differently about you...those layer cakes caves are not especially hard and while i admit that i have never had to lead people through them as you have, i dont look at that as challenging content, just maybe people who are new to the game or something like that, i dont want to take challenge out of the game but any idea i have posted about increasing difficulty has been met with sarcasm, abrupt dismissal, and brick walls. I apologize for anything i might have said in a negative light about you as looking back it was uncalled for. i honestly would prefer if the devs went through and FIXED those caves to look nicer, work better, but almost any argument in favor of this "amount of work" always ends up in that would take to much dev time, they are all volunteers and they have better things to do. so my addition to this topic was to possible remove the layer cake cave and update it with something better , while maintaining the three dimensional aspect, or at the very least maybe same basic design but using the snake cave style of caves instead, this wouldnt remove what you like about those caves, it wouldnt take away from the learn the map style layer cake functionality but it would widen the tunnels a bit so i can create a taller character and not have my head through the roof. Again i apologize for speaking out of turn in regards to my assumption about your negativity, my fault for reading between the lines without reading the lines. I will disagree with one of your points, i learned the maps, its not something that was a challenge for me , but i am asking them to at least be changed to work better, so at least one person would like to see work done on those maps for the better,and removing them wouldnt offend me at all. if they took the time to actually redesign them and make them more functional and better looking then i would be happy but after so many times of being told that "that would take too much dev time" i wonder if just removing them would be the only answer or ignoring it and i just grumble about it when i get those maps randomly. i am more than a little irritated when "too much dev time" is a valid argument against ideas being put forward. i over reacted towards you and i shouldnt have
  13. I apologize for my mistake, i had thought you were interested in coming to these forums to have intellectual conversation regarding the game we all love, instead i now realize you dont care about anything and just here to say no vote or wrong and you are entitled to your opinion, i guess i feel like intellectual conversation is better. to each their own.
  14. this is an interesting take on it, i think a lot of us would agree that the issue with the caves isnt in the shape, but the fact that mobs get lost in the mix and having to go back and hunt for the stray is just annoying(not difficult)perhaps adjusting the "hitbox" of the caves so that mobs dont get stuck in walls would be an even better option.
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