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  1. I like to lead TFs and I tend to get into character when recruiting. It creates a bit of fun and attracts attention. Eg - Citadel TF, 25+, 7 spaces. BORING! John Spartan (one of my toons) - Attention Heroes! The notorious villain, Simon Phoenix, is on the loose! The mighty hero, Citadel, has indicated that he might be hiding with the Council! Come join me in my hunt for Simon Phoenix! Along the way we will bust some Council bases, earn XPPoints, influence with people and Merits! I am in need of 7 brave Heroes to join me in my mission. Are you up to the task?
  2. Had to Google this and you made me go to a fandom page. I now hate you 😂
  3. It's just you. There's always 4 for everyone else. Nemesis is messing with you.
  4. UK or US billion? I'm assuming US as the UK adopted the US version in 1974, but worth checking 😉
  5. I have two favourite comic book universes and my top toon would not survive in either 😆 My top toon, Phoenix Bramble, is a radioactive plant-man, permanently on fire. In the world of Judge Dredd and Mega City 1 he would likely be hunted down as a dangerous mutant and sentenced to many years in an isocube. In my other favourite comic books he would never survive A Fray with the Mighty Hero Barbarian Groo! (If you dont know who Groo I suggest looking him up, hilarity will ensue 🙂 )
  6. 😃I am reminded of a TF I did a while back, can't even recall which one, but I was on a toon that cannot stealth in any way at all! The rest of the team continued to race to the boss rooms while I just cleared the opening rooms while repeating in chat that I don't stealth. No one had TP and no one wanted to not race to the end so I just carried on regardless.
  7. Conversely I'm pretty sure I havent explored all of the game content yet, let alone the "endgame" stuff.
  8. Gotta disagree with nearly everything you say there. I can do the Incarnate stuff without needing a third party piece of software or a mic (that I don't own and have no intention of buying). If I find myself on a team that requires VOIP of any kind I will politely leave. I don't need it, don't want it, and my play session will be better for not being on that team. Each to their own.
  9. Most boring TF I've ever done (since HC, there's probably a few from live) involved discord. I joined the TF, started chatting, sometimes in character, sometimes just asking questions. When I noticed the question I was asking the most was, "why am I the only person talking?" We get to the second to last mission and someone finally says something in the chat! They just post a URL. As it was a shrunken tiny URL I had no idea what it was and had no intention of copying it and following it! I repeatedly ask what that is and why I am still the only person talking? Near the end th
  10. Seems like the kind of thread to post a rant 🙂 Was just milling around when someone in LFT channel said they were running radio missions and looking for team members. I joined. 2 others joined. After 1 mission the leader said he was going to take a break and logged off. 1 other just quit the team with nary a word. Star fell to me so I said, to the remaining team member, that I was previously doing missions in FF and would they like to join me? They said yes. A few minutes later they just quit the team with no other word said. Almost immediately
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