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  1. I’m running two monitors. I play full screen on my laptop, then wiki and and references on the 2nd screen. Guess that explains why adjusting the gamma did nothing.
  2. I’m looking for help to tweak my laptop/game graphics settings so I don’t feel like I’m blind during nighttime periods in the open city zones. Fixed color displays (trays, target box, etc) are all fine. The problem is the muting/shadow effect from extreme low light conditions. Colors and details become nearly indistinguishable, to the point that I may not visually see an enemy until I am right on top of them, or see a path between buildings/walls/obstacles until I am already in it. Primarily this happens during night in the open zones, but can happen on some maps with poor or extremely dim light sources. I’ve tried tweaking different settings (like brightness and contrast), but the results end up worse if they have any affect at all, with everything washed too bright or dark, or saturated too far with a given color. I like my color balance pretty much where it is. So are there any specific settings that would help make nighttime periods not be worse than DA fog for visilibility?
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