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  1. its a totally different thing , and it can be done . I know it . and I will join the test server and test it if they want . I would think people would be excited about new power pools , not complain and shoot them down . but I have found people here complain about everything , so it doesn't really matter what you say or ask for , someone is going to complain about it . I'm asking for it , and hopefully the person who can do it , likes my idea I don't care if you think its unnecessary , it would be fun and something new , and I am asking for it
  2. can we get arachnos patron pets and the back up radio crab into its own power pool , so we can make arachnos MM's . just remove the timers on them and you could make a hybrid build using the new arachnos mm power pool . It would be like a side power pool like flight or stamina . You could have a Mu , crab , night widow , tarantula , and bane . You could just pick which ones you want and keep your normal powers and make a hybrid character . That way I could be a fortunata MM . You can just pick which powers you want to use and you wont have to make a new MM class , just a new power pool .
  3. I made a video , not sure how to make the video show up in the forum
  4. I love being a fortunata and having all my pets out , I was like , this MM thing is pretty cool . One request for it would be that you can have confuse and maybe a confuse aura . I have to have confuse lol and maybe a psi whip . I was fighting some enemies and they had psi whips and I was like . OMG I want one I imagine being a fortunata MM like this
  5. I have bane spider and toxic tarantula as lore pets . I also have a Mu as my patron pet . Is there a way to get the Lore pet recharge down . It seems like it takes forever .
  6. I have always wanted an arachnos MM , but play as a widow . Right now I have a mu and both my arachnos lore pets , but I hate how they have timers . I have so much recharge slotted and still , it bums me out when they go away . I wish they would stick around till they died naturally . I would love to be a widow and be a MM . I would like to have bane spiders , Mu , crab , night widow , Tarantula mother , toxic Tarantula . It would be AMAZING . would it be hard to use the assets already in game and develope a Widow MM ? Is there a way for people to develop new things for the game ?
  7. I couldn't get the COV theme song or the Rogue Theme song to play in base
  8. just increasing the limit of how much the safe can hold would help . Be nice if the personal storage held more salvage
  9. are you going to be able to add more base items to the base builder ?
  10. Not sure if you are going to keep updating the game But I have some requests for Base items I love the new base builder , I am having a lot of fun making a base I would like some Arachnos , widows , spiders , drones and mu's . Just an assortment of Arachnos soldiers . Maybe with some weapons drawn , one giving a lecture , writing on clip board , chatting , drinking , talking . Just things you would see arachnos doing at a base . We have the arbiters , so maybe some that are not white weapons drawn and npcs with hands up Widows and soldiers using clip boards s
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