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  1. It's been quite some time since I logged into the game. I do have my game account name, but have forgotten my password. How can I go about either retrieving it or re-setting it? Nevermind, I think I found it.... I'm a derp-a-derp
  2. p-string weirdness... happened back in the day all the time.
  3. daayuum ... sorry to hear that.
  4. Double check that the homecoming exe is added to your graphics card "priority list". I had window crashing issues on my laptop which has both an Intel chip and an NVidia chip. Had to go to the NVidia control panel and add the homecoming exe to the list (and set the desired graphics for it as well).
  5. Gotcha... Of course. Hence, the Echo cities workaround (derp!) But what about using the crystal to access/start missions?
  6. Hmmmm... according to the P-Wiki: Is this outdated info? I know a character is now allowed to be in the zone at a lower level (10?), but don't you have to be higher (25?) to start an Ouro mish (regardless if it is started via base pillar or Ouro pillar) ?
  7. Honestly, we've been hearing this for weeks. I've been sitting on an extensive base building manual because I don't know how to format it for the new forums. And yes, I always enjoyed perusing the art and multimedia forums. Creativity is contagious. Soon™ is getting less cool as time passes.
  8. This is correct. The number that the game appends to your word is your SG ID number. You can change the word any time with the slash command, but the number will always be the same.
  9. I could swear I saw a screenie of tintable blocks being tested. Dunno if they will actually materialize, but they looked pretty nifty. Clusters of pieces would be nice, but I think I'd rather see a function where we can create our own cluster/group items. Either way... same idea. Rename teleport points might be tricky, because you'd also have to rename the beacons. Alternatively, would love to have clickable items with editable text popups. Have a feeling that's a long shot, though.
  10. Snow, sand, lava, and a few other textures have all been mentioned in the Base Requests thread. ;D
  11. Love the "forge" for a crafting/salvage room. Hawt. ;-p If I recall, the forges were tables that you could craft raid items with. Since those items are now free decorative items, I think the crafting is disabled for them.
  12. I honestly can't say that I've had this similar experience. BUT, My base is so far pretty low on item count. Will keep an eye on it as I add more to it (and I do have quite a bit planned for it).
  13. Well, /tells and discord are kinda similar. Though some might just have their settings at "super private" or "no notifications". *shrug* I dunno. I'm not on FB, and I generally don't put my game email out there (and I rarely check it anymore). I was never one for really getting overly involved in the social platforms (I didn't do CoH Faces, no Twitter, no Instagram, etc.,.) As for the forums, I know some folks who avoid them, some who check them periodically, and some who check them regularly. It may be a case of folks just getting the messages late and then figuring it didn
  14. It's .... kinda messy right now. I'd love to see a consolidated and organized list of some sort... maybe like the passcode sheet... that people could add to, or someone would be willing to maintain. But I could see that getting blown up, too (because we want ALL the shineys!). lol
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