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  1. You do have a right to be disappointed. But, that doesn't necessarily mean you are right. And, it's how you respond to that disappointment that defines you. So, before you articulate the reasons for your disappointment publicly, you might consider carefully first, the possibility that you could be wrong. An inability more, and more prevalent in our society in general these days. So, while you are certainly in good company in that regard, it does nothing to further prove your point. I will leave it there, as I'm sure any further comment would be futile.
  2. Tastes, and preferences are subjective. There is no accounting what will appeal to someone, and what won't. That said, assuming that your costume design is SO awesome, that if it doesn't get some kind of recognition, that it must be the judges fault, errs on the side of presumption, and arrogance. I was a GM for a time, and I can assure you that how you framed the process, is not correct. So, try to assume good intentions, and give them credit for being a little more engaged than that.
  3. Glad you were able to find you way home! Now, get out there and do some good!
  4. We all want to know all the salacious details of what's been going on with the legal stuff. But, I've always figured they'd tell us when they could, and not a moment sooner. So, in the meantime, I'll play, and enjoy the fact that the game is back, against all odds. Anything else is a bonus.
  5. I'd chalk it up to the cost of doing business, especially in a situation like the one we find ourselves. I mean, technically this shouldn't exist, and yet it does. That doesn't come without some legal vulnerability that HC is attempting to deal with. I can't speak for the other servers out there, as I don't play on them. But, they too are in a legal situation that they are likely just not prepared to deal with, should it become necessary. Frankly, I feel better about the continuity of this place knowing that what can be done, is being done, even if I don't know exactly what that is.
  6. Show me a lawyer who doesn't charge exorbitant amounts of money for services, and I'll show you a lawyer you don't want to be dealing with on anything important.
  7. If you have misgivings about it, feel free not to donate. It's totally your prerogative. They are upfront about the portion of donations that goes towards this, so nobody goes into this blind.
  8. I wanted to express my thanks to the GMs, and the Devs for their efforts, and information provided during this outage. If good customer server is not measuring IF there is an outage, but rather all the things that go into minimizing them, and how they respond on the rare occasion when things do go south; then you have acquitted yourselves well during this crisis. You worked hard at setting realistic expectations, gave updates as soon as they were available, said what you were going to do, and did what you said you would do. I have worked in IT for a very long time, bo
  9. It's been a bit since I checked in on this thread, and I see that we really haven't progressed too much on the issue. Still debating the semantics, the intent, and the outrage over something that is voluntary. Here is where I am, and have always been. Nobody is being forced to play, and certainly nobody is being forced to sign-up for becoming a GM. If you do either, it is best to do so in an informed manner, understanding exactly what acknowledging the agreement to play, or go down the GM road, really means. But, it is by no means mandatory. You have a choice. Apparently, so
  10. I'm playing on a 6 year old system, with an nVidia GTX960. I play with EVERYTHING (except shadows) turned all the way up, without any lag. So, with everything about your new PC surpassing mine, I'd say once you get all the settings the way you want them, you are going to see a noticeable improvement in performance, image quality, and pretty much everything else. That would be for CoH, and pretty much anything else you might want to play on that rig!
  11. Ya know, you have the choice to not become a GM, right? If you find the policy unacceptable, then don't join. Nobody is making light of your 1st Amendment rights. But, just as this endeavor is all volunteer, so is becoming a GM. There is nothing about the evaluation process that is more intrusive than what ANY social media platform does with your information, for purposes that are much more insidious, and exploitative. TL;DR, if you object that much, withdraw your application.
  12. Happy to have helped out for another month!
  13. I am gratified to have done my meager part, once again. 😎
  14. How many times do I have to say thanks? Always, just one more time. Thanks!
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