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  1. I am gratified to have done my meager part, once again. 😎
  2. How many times do I have to say thanks? Always, just one more time. Thanks!
  3. Tequila, or the Homecoming launchers (though preferably the HC launcher) should do the update automatically.
  4. I subscribe to their Discord channel, and it sends an audible alert when the announcement is made that the donation window is opened.
  5. That second thing. 😉 Donation window is announced, everybody digs deep for a couple of hours, and just like that...it's over. Typically.
  6. Next donation window should be Saturday, March 27. Just watch for the announcement on Discord, or here in the forums for the opening of the window. But, do it quick. They tend to hit their goal, and close donations within an hour or two these days.
  7. You are absolutely right! That did the trick!
  8. Hopefully, all of you are able to fully enjoy the celebration of whichever of the many wonderful holidays you choose to embrace. In most cases, it will likely be a smaller event than usual, involving much less travel. But, we will all live to see better days next year, and that is what is most important. Thank you for all you do for us!
  9. Gladly contributed! Best wishes to you all, for whichever of the many wonderful celebrations of the season you choose to honor!
  10. I will resist the temptation to feel like I'm being patronized, and assume good intentions here. I believe the efforts on this side at least, are earnest. What exactly it is, or what the reception has been, or the mindset of involved NCSoft personnel, nobody knows. But, as the past few pages have indicated, it is fertile ground for speculation. Which is fine, so long as it isn't represented as verifiable fact, because at this point there really isn't any such thing.
  11. As I said before, for them it's more about their reputation. They can't snuff it out, so what are their other options? It's going to take some "outside the box" thinking, which is likely where the hang-up is.
  12. Because the game is out in the wild, and there really isn't much they can do about that. So, why not explore ways to capitalize on it, if only in some small way?
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