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  1. Hey! I understood that reference! - Captain America, The Avengers 😉
  2. Come on folks. Let's not read RL issues into the game, and come to verbal blows over them. This is a 15 year old game, and many of these sets were already named by the original Devs, and being completed by the current team. There is no offense intended here, and this is where we come to escape this kind of thing in the real world. Yes?
  3. Welcome back! Another wayward hero who found his way home!
  4. True! They likely wouldn't be wasting their time if they knew it was not for the long-term.
  5. That is exactly what I try to do with the majority of my posts. There are exceptions, but I think they are rare. 🙂
  6. No, and very likely we won't hear anything until they are concluded. In fact, since we don't know what the terms of the likely NDA that governs communications on this, we don't even know if they could tell us if they fail. So, we will have to just keep on playing, until we hear different. There's really not much else we can do. I'd love to know too, but since we have no control over any of this, and the frequency of asking about it does not change their ability to answer, we just gotta do what we do, keep fingers crossed that it is successful, and that it concludes sooner than later. 😎
  7. He has more posts than me! He has more reputation points than me! NOOOOOOOOO! Life is WAY too short for such petty stuff. I'd rather be playing CoH, than waste time being concerned with this minutia. 🙄
  8. To have to re-roll to accommodate great new stuff. What a wonderful predicament! 🙂😎 This stuff sounds quite interesting, and fun.
  9. Following this, because I'm legitimately curious too.
  10. Absolutely this! 👆 Most folks that complain that there is nothing left to do, really mean they have done the things they are familiar with over, and over again, and become bored. But, I would wager most of them typically don't actually explore all that the game actually has to offer. Especially considering that there are three different places (Paragon City, Pretoria, and the Rogue Isles), each with huge amounts of content. The Red side is hardly touched by most, and Pretoria even less so. If one wished, they could explore a combination of those three worlds, and find things they have likely never seen. Now, obviously that doesn't apply across the board. There are those that have literally done it all. But, that is a rarity compared to the numbers that complain about the lack of content.
  11. I have always felt like the Incarnate System does exactly what it was originally intended to do. After fighting, and struggling through your journey as a hero, or villain (or whatever between), you are allowed (not forced) to take the next step, and achieve incredible levels of powers to deal with threats that required it. Now, if there is anything missing, it is just more content to challenge a team that are all endowed with these powers. I'm sure there were plans to do just that, but the announcement for the end of the game came before it could come to fruition. Now, we are left with 6 of the 10 powers, and a limited amount of content where it is perhaps not required, but certainly can make the crucial difference in victory, or defeat. I use the system to augment builds, and to feel like a true super powered being, which I consider the natural evolution of someone in a world like that. I feel it definitely has a place in the game, and for those that don't like it, as with everything else, it's totally optional. I don't feel the need to change the system, but rather to develop more end-game content to push things towards the Incarnate content originally envisioned. Complete the last 4 sets, and content to go with it, and I'll be quite happy.
  12. Seeing as how this thread has gone so far off the rails, that there is no going back...ok. I'll bite. Personally, I have no problem with ya man! If there is any issue on my part, it is not necessarily the bluntness, or the topics involved. Not even necessarily the ideas, or convictions. I'm just as passionate about the game. But, we express our enthusiasm in different manners. For me, it's the generalization. The homogeneous application of blame, and accusation on the community as a whole, for the few that cross your perceived lines of offense. You seem to perceive the whole thing as a self-righteous, self-aggrandizing, self-congratulatory, self-indulgent group of fakes, who like to think they are much better than they really are. I obviously don't agree. I feel that it might not be as righteous as it believes itself to be, but it's nowhere near as bad as you make it out to be either. But, that's life in general...isn't it? I'm sure this thread will soon be noticed by the Devs, and closed because it now represents nothing resembling the topic presented by the OP. But, perhaps it will serve some purpose before that happens, because we all seem to love the drama of these kinds of conversations.
  13. Well, this one has now officially been from one end of the spectrum, to the other, and back again. We've managed to regurgitate all of the old disagreements, and as has been the case in the past, no minds have really been changed, no opinions or perspectives shifted, and nothing really settled. But, we're 8 pages in, and quickly headed for 9. So, why do we bother? I imagine because we are all passionate about this game to varying degrees, and express that passion in different ways. Well, that and we apparently just love to go through this exercise on a good old forum. It's what we do.
  14. Another wayward hero, found his way home! Welcome back! I love to see these kinds of posts, where players who loved this game become aware that it's alive again, and find their way to one of the servers. It's kind of a trickle, because it's pretty much "word of mouth" that they find out. Imagine if the day should come when they (the Devs), can advertise their presence in the open, without legal issues to be concerned about! There will likely be a lot more folks out there, who are still lamenting the loss of the game, unaware that we are here, and waiting for them. They are going to be SO happy when they find out! I am very much looking forward to the possible day when the flood gates open, and the numbers of these kinds of posts grows exponentially!
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