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  1. I got together with my regular Wednesday night group, where we play our Radiation characters. Out of curiosity, I checked the server status from the top of the forum page, and there were almost 3,500 players on, with Excelsior showing the infamous 3 red dots. I figured there would be a bit of an uptick in CoH play during these days of isolation. But, 3,500 on a Wednesday night! I'll be curious to see what's up on Friday or Saturday night! We could be seeing numbers not seen since shortly after the rebirth of the game (or the un-snap, as it's referred to). Obviously, I wish the circumstances were different. But, it makes me happy to know that there is still so much interest in the game, with so much untapped potential out there still waiting to learn we are here.
  2. My love for the game in general, has never wavered. But, at this point, 15 years later, to still be finding new things in it to make me love it even more? Well, that's pretty special. There just aren't too many things in life that just keep giving like this game does.
  3. I have a new appreciation for Tanks of late as well. My tank had languished in his 30s forever (post-snap) because I just wasn't having that much fun with him in teams, and soloing was no fun with him. After the changes, he's more fun to do in both, and is now L42, on his way to 50 in the foreseeable future! I love that after all these years, even the things we had kind of given up on during the live run, can be improved to the point of making them fun as well. It just keeps getting better, and I am eternally grateful for the confluences of circumstance that allowed this to not only happen, but to get better with each update!
  4. Heh! Bad guys. They just can't help themselves. Next thing you know, he will be promising cookies. The blue side just promises JUSTICE. 😇😎
  5. I had the opportunity to take one of my Blue side toons, over to the Red side recently to do the Patron arc. It was a blast! I'll be doing that more often in the future.
  6. One of my favorite quotes that seems relevant here "When you're walking on eggs, DON'T HOP!" (Comes from an 80's movie called "Blue Thunder"). In this case, when running what, for all intents and purposes, is an illegal server in the strictest sense, you don't go advertising the fact, and flaunting the fact to the world. Mainly, because that world includes NCSoft, who have stood by so far, and not done anything of a threatening, or legal nature up to this point. But, I'm sure if the players post their game play in a manner that gets undue attention, we run the greater risk that we could cross a line we didn't even know existed, and things will change in ways nobody would like. Might, or might not happen. But, do we REALLY want to take that chance, when the possibility exists that the negotiations could be successful, and this restriction goes away? Can't we just be a little more responsible, and self-disciplined than that, waiting until we hear something, one way, or the other? I don't think it's a lot to ask, if it means taking less chances in a situation that's been dicey since the beginning. People can say "You're not the boss of me!", and they are right. The HC team can't get videos taken down. But, they can restrict your ability to play here. Is your desire to post videos so overwhelming that it makes it worth the risk? Is it really so much to ask to just not do that until there is no need for the restriction? Granted, it would help if we knew, or had a rough idea of when to expect something like that, but to keep our game free of further scrutiny by the legal powers that be, it's in our best interest to tread carefully.
  7. You are absolutely right. From the beginning, they have run this place almost as if it were the REAL deal, back in the days of live. Professional, responsive, transparent as circumstances allow, and dedicated to providing improvements to the game we all love. I believe this was done to illustrate that such a thing could be done, which obviously would be looked upon as a positive in their efforts for legitimization. Act like a real/legal gaming organization, and it sure doesn't hurt your chances of it really happening someday soon.
  8. Passions run high, and sooner or later, things like this that touch on sensitive issues, eventually morph into something that encompasses the larger issues around the topic, as well as expressions of personally held beliefs on it. We all know where we stand, and we know what the established policies are.
  9. I consider my monthly contribution as my way of saying "Thanks" to the folks who make this possible, and for their efforts in legitimizing this whole effort, so that we have CoH back for as long as we want it, with no worries about potential future legal actions. I also consider it small repayment for all I get out of the game!
  10. Hmmm...I created characters the first day Torchbearer came online, and the earliest date I can find so far is April 29th. But, it's possible I might have concentrated on the first one in for a few days before I created the rest from saved costume/power files. In any case, we are at least 6 weeks away from the anniversary of Torchbearer. Perhaps a little over a month from the creation of the short lived "Bree" server anniversary, and just short of a month from the anniversary of the code leak. So, I say...let's establish exact dates, and organize events to commemorate each one in-game!
  11. I believe the code was first leaked in mid April, and the first server "Bree", was up a week, or two later, if memory serves. Then there was a fake C&D scare that caused the proprietor of that server to become alarmed enough to pull support, and shut it down. It took a few days, perhaps a week, before Torchbearer was born. That would have been early, to perhaps mid May, and has been in operation ever since. So, depending on which milestone event you are commemorating, we are getting close to the first of them. Personally, I still consider it to be one of the miraculous things I've seen in my life. Something that I loved, lost, wished desperately to have back, and actually got back. It's just not something that happens too often in life. There are so many other games that had devoted followings, that wished for the same thing, and never saw it happen. We really are quite fortunate to have this game back, and thriving, as we do.
  12. Once I got my video settings set properly (basically letting the GeForce utility handle Ansiotropic Filtering, and Full Screen Anti-Aliasing, and turning it off in the game), it has been buttery smooth, even in battle. I haven't tried an Incarnate Trial, or a Hami Raid since I made these changes, but I feel like it will behave better than it did before in those settings, just because the modern cards built-in controls are bound to be better than those in 15 year old code.
  13. When it came out, I played it for 3 months. So, I gave it a chance. When that was over, I went back to CoH, and never looked back. Not since have I heard anything that gave me any serious cause for regretting that decision, and this thread would seem to highlight the fact that most others felt the same way. Bottom line, it just wasn't as "fun" to play as CoH by any measurement that I found important.
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