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  1. You are absolutely right! That did the trick!
  2. Hopefully, all of you are able to fully enjoy the celebration of whichever of the many wonderful holidays you choose to embrace. In most cases, it will likely be a smaller event than usual, involving much less travel. But, we will all live to see better days next year, and that is what is most important. Thank you for all you do for us!
  3. Gladly contributed! Best wishes to you all, for whichever of the many wonderful celebrations of the season you choose to honor!
  4. I will resist the temptation to feel like I'm being patronized, and assume good intentions here. I believe the efforts on this side at least, are earnest. What exactly it is, or what the reception has been, or the mindset of involved NCSoft personnel, nobody knows. But, as the past few pages have indicated, it is fertile ground for speculation. Which is fine, so long as it isn't represented as verifiable fact, because at this point there really isn't any such thing.
  5. As I said before, for them it's more about their reputation. They can't snuff it out, so what are their other options? It's going to take some "outside the box" thinking, which is likely where the hang-up is.
  6. Because the game is out in the wild, and there really isn't much they can do about that. So, why not explore ways to capitalize on it, if only in some small way?
  7. NCSoft doesn't care about the money. Like you said, there is no amount this group could ever present that would matter that much to them. No...for them, it's all about their reputation. They threw CoH away, and somebody got it out of the trash can, and made something of it. You can't put the genie back in the bottle, so what are you left with? How best to spin it. That is what they are left with. But, that kind of a deal is a lot harder to reach, than anything concerning the almighty dollar. That too is sheer speculation, but it makes sense given what little we know.
  8. Because getting something for nothing, is ultimately better than getting nothing for nothing. That's a basic enough reason for any business, so long as they can distance themselves far enough to save face. That's probably where the difficulties lie. But, I restate that everything said in this thread is conjecture. The only fact we have is that there were talks going on. But, in the vacuum of solid information, it is easily filled with everything said about it (good, and bad) for the past 17 months.
  9. I will just state again that, without knowing the details on what exactly is being discussed, the schedule for those discussions, the degree of success already achieved, and projections for future milestones; everything in the way of comments on it are conjecture, speculation, and supposition. There was never any expectation set for a time schedule, and no promises made that it would be concluded by a certain date. At this point, we will know what can be known, when it is possible for it to be known. In the meantime, I will play the game. Mainly because I can do so without any difference between the moment the negotiations were still on-going, and that moment when they will be concluded. If there are some good things that come our way once it's done, great! But, for the moment, I have no complaints, and it doesn't appear that Homecoming, or any of the other servers are going anywhere, anytime soon as a consequence of the incomplete talks.
  10. I tried to do that. Just keeps getting further apart with every wise nugget I post. 😉
  11. Folks are entitled to their opinion on changes. The trap to avoid is feeling that the way we ourselves view changes, is the way everyone views them. That, because it negatively impacts one's own play style, that it must similarly impact everyone's. That is almost never true. So, before proclaiming something "bad" in whatever degree, or description you choose; let us check our egos at the door, and look at things from a more global perspective, before pronouncing judgement.
  12. ....ummm...conclusion of "The Negotiations".... 😶 Once complete, the most immediate effect would be allowing streaming again, and I would imagine all manner of making the world aware of our presence, which would attract more players. Certainly all those that played during live, who are still pining away for the game, completely unaware that it is back. We get a small trickle of them back to the game as word of mouth gets to them. But, we could get a lot more if advertisement became possible. Also, there might be a new crowd of folks who might like a super hero MMO that appeals to kids, and adults alike. I just see a lot of possibility if this process were to conclude in a positive manner.
  13. City of Heroes isn't just alive. It is flourishing, and getting better as we go! Just one element missing, but that is in the works already. Just with an indeterminate conclusion date. You know what I mean. 😉
  14. There is also a LOT of information, and background on the game at the Wiki site: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Main_Page Also, if you have any specific questions feel free to PM me here, or in Discord.
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