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  1. Regrettably, I do. I'll wager there are similar threads in any game forum currently in existence, highlighting the fact that it always has been a problem, and (unfortunately) always will be.
  2. I like this endeavor! I'll be watching this thread for a Friday event when I'm free, and can join in!
  3. I like that one! Here is one from VERY early in CoH history, that I always liked: Justice Video
  4. Regrettable that some folks main enjoyment (likely not limited to their time in CoH) comes from pissing other people off. We all know they are out there, but it is just unfathomable that is what they consider the best use of their time. 🙄
  5. Nice find! I was overjoyed to do a "kill all" ITF yesterday, as a matter of fact, and we looked high, and low for every Roman soldier, and 5th Column thug. We found them in places I had never thought to look, and before it was over, I had put almost 2 veteran levels on my L50 character, and was able to craft her 5th T3 level Incarnate power. So, good stuff all around.
  6. I believe there were legal ramifications involved with the database from the "live" days. More serious than the ones for just running the game stripped of all that, which would have put a bigger target on their back than there already was at the beginning. I believe that, in order to avoid that level of concern, there was a conscious decision made to not make that data available, and to just start from scratch. If it meant reducing the chance that NCSoft would come swooping in and end this endeavor before it ever really got going, then I was fine with it. I had a considerable investment in characters, and a lot of in-game cash at the time of the original closure. I gladly, and wholeheartedly write that off, if it means we get to have what we have now.
  7. Is it really math, or statistics? Granted, there is some math involved to add percentages, etc., but the Mids builder can do that for you. It seems like having a head for statistics would be the real advantage in this process. Keeping track of what sets enhance which set of abilities, to what degree, and the overlap between sets that combine for the increases you want to end up with. Or am I way off there? Then, of course, there is the administrative logistics of gathering all of the materials/resources to make a build happen. Either of these can be daunting, but the combination can be overwhelming. There again, I speak as someone who has avoided this for at least a decade, and finally dipped my pinky toe into that pool. But, that is how I see it in my mind. You're mileage may vary. 😎
  8. As is typically the case in discussions of this kind, I believe we have arrived at the point where we all agree that CoH provides multiple avenues for acquiring XP, and folks are free to choose which best suites them, their time availability, and their play style. Thank goodness for a game that provides all of that, and for a community that recognizes that differences don't necessarily equate to argument, or ill will. We all play the game because we love it, and how we play is as different as we are as individuals. I see nothing wrong with any of that.
  9. Oh, I don't regret it. Not one bit. I love the difference it has made in the character. I'm just not sure I'm as content hunting down all the components on the Auction House. Still, if I do it more often, the theory is, I'll get better at it, and then...who knows. Oh. and "Hey!" back sir! 😎
  10. Whatever our opinions on the topic, let's try to at least keep it civil. Yes? 🙂
  11. I'm sure everyone would love for there to be a top-to-bottom refresh on the mission content. The problem is, this is still essentially a rogue server, operating on voluntary monetary contributions, being tended to by all volunteer staff. While I'm sure they'd love to be able to provide even a small percentage of what you suggest, the idea was to just be able to play CoH again. The fact that we got the updates/changes that we have is nothing short of miraculous. Now, things could change if the deal with NCSoft goes through. Advertising to the world without fear of legal retribution, in order to attract a larger player base, and from there, begin to map out what is possible in terms of baseline changes. But, at this juncture, I just don't see it being possible. Heck, news of the deal could come at any minute, and totally blow everything I just said out of the water. But, as things are at this moment, QOL, and some cool stuff will likely come our way sooner, than later. However, the big ticket items are probably not in the foreseeable future.
  12. Absolutely! I believe I'll embrace the strategy of going the extra mile on those characters I REALLY want to keep playing into the later veteran levels, and not worry too much about the ones that will only get hauled out of mothballs when a special occasion arises where they would be thematically fun to play for a short while.
  13. I agree wholeheartedly! I love that the game provides various methods to players about how to power their hero/villain/rogue. That's what makes this game so awesome! Choices! I was just having some difficulty reconciling my reticence to do this for so long, with the obvious value it brings to any character. And, like so many other things in this game, there are trade-offs to deal with, and as long as you are good with the trade-off, then everything is great! In this case, it is the time/research/effort/in-game resources, and brain power it takes to do this vs. staying with the less resource intensive methods that are not as powerful, but still quite viable. The take away here is not feeling like this is a must for every character. I will take this kind of time for those that I just have to see their ultimate evolution, and not worry about it for those who I deem "fine as is".
  14. I did find one helpful thing that I had never really considered, until it became necessary. While I was in the process of building this awesome set, I respec'd the character to adjust for the different slotting, and the powers I never used before, that added to the bonuses of the build. From that, I created a secondary build to further the building process, while still playing on my primary build (the old fashioned crafted enhancement build). It helped being able to continue playing the character, while still assembling resources with which to complete the secondary (I/O set) build. Up to now, I had never had a use for additional builds. This experiment finally provided the scenario where it was quite useful.
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