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  1. Welcome back! We have all experienced that very same feeling of nostalgia, and joy to be back in Paragon City! We all hope that more folks who haven't yet found their way back, are able to do so ASAP!
  2. Alternatively, it can be the first step on the road to something wonderful.
  3. I've got all of mine tucked away nice and safe. It's been years since I read them, but I remember liking the story.
  4. Yup! Now, as it was then, when I am playing a Blaster, if I'm not dying, I'm not doing my job! If I can't do enough damage to gain the notice of baddies who want to end my existence (even those at +4), then I gotta rethink my build plan! 😎
  5. Yeah, I wish upon a star once in awhile for peace on Earth, goodwill towards man. But, of all things, human nature is the hardest thing to change. Folks are, as they are. The hope is that the nature of the game attracts the majority of folks who are just as you describe. However, we know that reality dictates there will always be those few who can't/won't subscribe to that ideal. It's a micro example, of a macro problem, and we are but humble gamers, making our way in the world. We do what we can, when we can, and hope it's enough. But, we can't solve the entire world's ills. So, I will play, and try to be an example of those higher ideals. If we all do that, things will take care of themselves.
  6. Something tells me if you wanted a textured cat model bad enough, it would happen @Jimmy! 😉
  7. Another hero has found their way home through the reaches of time! 7 years is a long time, but not long enough to snuff out the fire that burns eternal in Paragon City!
  8. What are your hopes for our home for CoH in the coming year? We've had discussions about what we'd like to see feature-wise in the game. But, what's on your wish list for the game as a whole here at Homecoming? For myself, I'd love to see the successful conclusion of the NCSoft deal, which I believe will open the floodgates for the kinds of real changes in-game that we have been waiting for, and to see the game flourish in the wake of it's new officially sanctioned status. It would also lift the specter of the gray-area legality which the game currently operates beneath, and with it, the underlying fear that we could wake up one day, and see it all disappear. I imagine that just from a resource perspective, completing that prodigious task would free up a lot of time that is currently dedicated to the legitimacy efforts. What would you like to see in 2020?
  9. Nobody's perfect, and we certainly shouldn't be judged by anomalous examples. Stuff happens. Sometimes it boils over into the forums. We might not be as good as we sometimes think we are, but I don't think we are as collectively bad as we are being painted here either. 😉
  10. Welcome back! I don't think there have been any organizational changes within Homecoming since the whole "Tony V. Departure" thing, and the negotiations are still going on last we heard. One tangible indicator of the on-going negotiations is the legal fees included in the monthly donation goals. Outside of those things, which are known, I'm sure there is a bunch of stuff going on behind the scenes, just ready to be announced, and we all live in breathless anticipation each day for some of that information to drop. At least, that's where I am.
  11. As I have stated, I am SO happy just to be able to play the game again, that even the parts that I detested before (Orenbega, Malta, and tri-level cave anyone?), are an absolute pleasure to experience again!
  12. I agree on both counts. One has to bear in mind that, unlike the game prior to shutdown, the emphasis in game design now is no longer to drag things out in such a way to keep you playing, which also kept you paying. Since subscription/profit is no longer the motive, the emphasis can be on having fun, rather than making money.
  13. It didn't suck, because we didn't have the comparison that we have today. It just was, what it was. I would say though that as things were back in the early days, it definitely made the thought of starting new alts a less attractive alternative than it is now. As the game matured, more QoL features started being added, more inherent things, Veteran Rewards, etc., that made creating a new alt much less of a daunting thing.
  14. I actually like playing on TFs that are comprised of ATs that are not necessarily balanced, or overpowered. I prefer being at something of a disadvantage, and having to overcome that disadvantage with strategy, or folks that know their capabilities, and using them to make up for it. That typically ends up resulting in more deaths than some folks feel comfortable with. But, I feel like if it's too easy, and nobody ever dies, it's not as challenging, and therefore not as fun for me. However, the bottom line is to play what you have fun with, and when you see a TF looking for members, shoot that requester a PM. 9 times out of 10, you will just get on the team. In some rare instance, you might get a question about AT, and that might be a clue that they are looking for that perfect (and again, for me, less fun) team, and might turn you down. But, another TF will form soon after, and hopefully that one won't be so discerning. 🙂
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