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  1. I absolutely would be. But, I know it can't be, and here's why. Historically, the Universe sees to it that those kinds of titanic things don't come with a nautical mile of me, or anyone I know. So, if history is any guide, we are entertaining a tantalizing indulgence of fantasy, and nothing more. But, wait....Hold the freakin' phone! I pined away for 7 years when CoH shut-down, and dreamed of playing it again, and here I am playing it!!! So, perhaps I just didn't recognize a change in fortune for what it was, and my life will be henceforth be filled with huge (positive) happenings! So, yeah! Why not! Welcome Rya...I mean Flea!
  2. Hmmm....not conclusive. How about this: Deadpool is __________!!! That should do it!
  3. 64-bit client is live, but still a choice on the Tequila menu. Some changes from Beta also went live, but not all of them. There is a list of what did go live in the patch notes here: Patch Notes August 22 and here: Patch Notes August 23
  4. Let's put him to the test. Aviator Gin is __________!!!
  5. Great work guys! Don't ever think it's not appreciated!
  6. I went silent on the topic a week ago, and while I've watched from the bleachers, I stand by that decision. What is known, is all that CAN be known at this point. You are either good with it, or you're not. Further debate served no purpose, other than to potentially antagonize folks that I really like talking to in these forums, Jubakumbi included. After 28 pages of comments, I think we've talked this one out to the extent possible. Unless we want to keep talking about the D. Then, let's keep it rolling! 😉
  7. Somewhere down the line, perhaps they will. But, that would be a pretty fundamental change to implement in just a couple of months from being back, and before they know for sure how long it will be around. Once that deal is done, and the future is assured, I'm sure they would be willing to look at a bigger scope of things to go after.
  8. I suspected as much...but I just couldn't let myself go there. Reality smacks one like a 10 pound sledge. 😁
  9. Great guide! It addresses SO much! One thing folks should know though. If you create a character on the Beta Server (justin), level that character up via the slash command, give them 2 billion in influence (also via slash command), go through the power selection, and slot assignment, you can then craft Incarnate abilities completely free, and quick! So, you can not only become familiar with the mechanics of the crafting process, but also with the powers themselves. You can take them for a test drive, and see how you like them before you commit to any of them on the Live server! After that you can take that MIDS build you worked so hard to fashion, and also build that. Kind of a live action MIDS builder, complete with enemies to test stuff on!
  10. One other way to get a feel for it. Go to the Beta Server (Justin), spin up a character, level him up to 50 with the "/" command, then craft a T4 version of the ones you are curious about. The whole thing takes about 20 minutes to get to that point (due to having to choose powers, and slots to fill out the L50 set by the slash command). Crafting Incarnate powers is free (as is pretty much everything else), and is really quick. So, you can test out whatever you like! I have been doing that for builds, and testing out Incarnate stuff I was curious about, but didn't have the time to explore on live. This test server is like a real-time version of the Mids builder, where you can build what you want, THEN go test it out! It's awesome!
  11. I'll give him another try then. Perhaps it's because I concentrated on all of the healing, and power pool stuff (leadership), and bypassed most of my attack powers. For a Defender, they always seemed like the weakest part of their build to me, but perhaps I need to even things out. We'll see!
  12. ...and so, I remain firmly in my "good place", having never really left it. 😎
  13. IF this all works out, and Homecoming is recognized as the recognized legitimate home of CoH, it's only going to be the start of issues that surround the other servers. Since I don't play on any of them (and in some cases, don't care to try), whatever is proposed won't affect me. But, I'm certain there will be some thought given to that aspect of the community. The only thing I am certain of there, is that we know less about what that would mean, than we do about the deal currently being talked about. However, that comes after a deal is finalized, so I'm good with waiting on the first being completed, before starting, or participating in a thread about what happens afterward. I get my fill of speculation, and conjecture on a daily basis right here in this thread, thank you! 😉
  14. They could. It would just be the least productive, and least profitable move they could make. They wouldn't be at the negotiating table if they weren't interested in something, some potential thing of interest here. Nobody forced them to do that. Granted, they could have ulterior motives to gather specific information only to turn-around and use it to destroy everything. But, there are other ways to do that, that don't require the facade of talking to Homecoming/Titan team at all. Obviously, I don't know how all this will turn out, any more than anyone else here. But, I feel like, unless there is some huge secret they are harboring about why they are there in the first place, the indicators are more positive, than negative.
  15. I wouldn't play like I do now, but by god, I'd play! It might be almost as quiet as Icon was, before Paragon Chat came along, but I'd still play! I have enough friends that play, and two of them already have servers of their own, that I could make it work. It obviously would not be the same experience, but...I'D PLAY! 😎
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