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  1. Welcome home! Makes me happy every time I hear of another player who found their way back! As you have noticed, and others have said as well, it is a different experience. A couple of major things contribute to that, I think. First, this server was based on the I25 code (which was a lot of stuff that was under development at the time of shut-down, but never implemented. There was a server running in the 7 years that the game was gone, and certain changes were made to XP, and markets to compensate for the low population there. Many of those changes were there when Homecoming launched, and have prevailed. Second, the game is no longer profit driven, so there is no concern about folks terminating their subscriptions when they had played through available content. Now, we play because we love the game, and look forward to seeing how it develops from here. There have been some mission arcs added, some new archetypes, new powers, proliferation of existing powers. Given the fact that this is all run by a group of volunteers, it's nothing short of amazing. What we have now is a game with a LOT of content (between the blue, red, and gold stuff), that very few folks even make an effort to experience. It takes a little more concerted effort to do that, but it's more about the fact that you have complete freedom about how to go about it. Want it easy? Well, it's easier than it used to be. Want it harder, turn up the difficulty to meet your needs! Want to slow things down, stop XP. Want to speed it up more? Buy XP boosters! Want to do it all? Well, you might have to spread it between multiple toons, but it's totally do-able! Have fun, and welcome back! Also, feel free to reach out to the community in-game, here on the forum, and on Discord. Also, the GM staff is available for questions as well. There are many ways to help you find what you are looking for, so don't hesitate to use them!
  2. Yeah. Our methods are rather limited until/unless the negotiations are successful. On that day, by the power of the internet, ALL shall know and go forth! 😎
  3. I simply want anyone who ever did, or ever wants to, to have the opportunity to play. We have had the privilege of playing again for over a year, because we found out early on about it's return. Many who loved the game, and would be back in a moment, just stopped looking for CoH related information, because it was shut-down, and historically that is the last word on the subject. Getting the word out would reach corners of the internet where those folks would more readily see that the game is back, and they'd be here in a hot minute! Then there are those who never played before, who would be curious to try it. I want them to have that chance. Why invite more to our little party? Because I want this to go on for a long time, and the reality is that, folks will come and go over time. We need a steady influx of players to maintain the current population, and keep this community thriving for the long term. That ensures the enthusiasm for playing goes on, as well as that of the Dev team to keep innovating, and evolving the game. Yes, things are fine now, and they would probably be fine for the next few months. We saw a sizable uptick in player population when the "stay at home" orders went out, and it has slowly trickled down, as things started to open back up. When the world begins to return to normal, there will be less time available to play games like this, and folks will spend less time, or just leave. So, the hope is to keep the community thriving through a somewhat steady stream of new players. They won't overwhelm, and there is plenty of room. Of the 5 shards, only one of them (Excelsior) is populated anywhere near capacity. The others still have plenty of bandwidth, and resources. If every server was equally populated as Excelsior, with an average of 1,200-1,500 players on-line through a given day, nothing would be overwhelmed, the markets would thrive, and the game along with it. Being overly protective of our little corner of the world, to keep it all to ourselves is not a solution for long term survival. When the restrictions are off, I hope the word gets out far, and wide.
  4. We know from the slow trickle of folks who find their way here, that there are a lot more out there who just don't know the game has returned. But, the best way to reach them without crossing a line...I'm just not sure. I want to see them come back, but without knowing where the lines are drawn, I have not aggressively pursued it myself.
  5. Welcome home! This week, the Halloween event is going on, so go knock on some doors!
  6. Sometimes, the best things can't be explained. They just are... 😎
  7. Or, perhaps be willing to be patient. Good things come to those that wait, and the small "under the hood" tweeks are just as important in their own way. Those kinds of things are what give us the rock-solid stability we have come to expect, and are typically precursors for the cool stuff that we don't even know about yet. I'm good with that vs. the shiny of the week approach.
  8. I don't know if that's a record, or not. But, it was pretty darned fast! Looks like I didn't get to contribute this month, but I'll make sure to be right next to my computer on July 25, when the next window opens!
  9. Some of the potential benefits if a deal was reached: 1. Be able to openly advertise far and wide! Keep in mind that word of the existence of these servers has pretty much been person to person over the web. But, practically every day, folks arrive saying they loved this game, and only JUST found out this was here. Imagine how many more would come home with an active advertising campaign, and how many who have never heard of it, but might want to try! 2. Video streaming would likely be encouraged again. Something many are chomping at the bit to do. 3. Once the legal stuff is settled, the Devs can concentrate on doing what I'm sure they have on the back burner, pending deal approval. Things they want to do, but really can't dive into until the long-term legality is established, and there is nothing standing in the way to do what they really wanna do! Obviously, this is a lot of conjecture, based on information publicly available, with a heavy dash of extrapolation. But, it's probably not too far off the mark, given what we know. And, there are likely more benefits that I can't even imagine at this point, but will come to light soon after the deal is done, should that be the case. So, there is a lot to hope for here. But, be patient. The world has become an insane version of itself in the last few months. So, between that, and the slow nature of these things in the first place, patience is the name of the game here. But, I feel strongly it will be richly rewarded when (notice the optimism) this thing is done.
  10. Work continues as it has from the beginning. Perhaps more slowly, given the current state of the world. Perhaps more methodically, so that implemented changes are thoroughly tested before going live. Much goes on behind the scenes that we are always completely unaware of, but there is always something brewing. Considering the complete volunteer nature of this effort, I'd say we're doing pretty well. You might not get a new costume piece, or other shiny of the week here, but you do have a stable, 64-bit client for both PC, and MAC, and a high enough constant population to do pretty much anything you want in-game. All in all, not a bad situation which will only get better with time.
  11. Oh, don't feel bad if you take him down. I've done it myself quite often. It's somehow weirdly cathartic! 🤣
  12. My absolute favorite memory is one of the first I have of CoH. A group of my friends, who had been playing Everquest together for years, told me that they had been in the Beta for CoH, and that after years of me telling them I wasn't interested in their fantasy genre game, and having to listen to them talk about it whenever we got together; that I could finally join them in playing this game! They knew I loved the super hero genre, and this was our chance to finally be able to play together, and have discussions that were inclusive of ALL of us for a change. Two weeks after it went live, I had the game, and was preparing to play with my friends. I spent no less than 3 hours in the character creator (even as it was back then, with much less in the way of choices), because I had a picture in my head of what I wanted to see in my first hero. After all that time, it took me another hour to pick a name. What I came up with was what you see here as my user name, and the avatar is today's equivalent of that first character. I recreated him on Homecoming, albeit in a slightly different power configuration. But, when that first iteration first stepped foot in Atlas Park, and heard the theme, my heart soared as if in some way, a real hero was born. He is still a part of my pantheon of L50/Incarnate characters, and I don't play him as much. But, I still consider him my "Lead" character, now, and forever.
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