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  1. Any other sujestions? I've tried the above and am sstill getting the error. Was working fine yesterday when I was looking over a build.
  2. Needlez!!!!!!!! <--- formerly known as none other than DJ Dazzler 😄 How ya doing?!
  3. Just curious why Katie Hannon never made the list for Weekly?
  4. Hey everyone, I've been wondering have there been set MSR's, Hami raids on this server? And typically if there is what time zone/day have they occured? I'm in RAIDtastic global channel but haven't noticed any chatter for them anywhere actually. So I was wondering are these things just not really being done here due to it being the "unofficial" PVP server?
  5. Just wondering if it is possible to make it so that there is a warning in game, (or a message once you've logged in) Stating that there will be a server maintenance at such and such time. Reason i'm asking, is not everyone checks the forums or uses Discord so if its posted on discord they have no idea why server is down and panic. Occassionaly I've seen a warning when a GM has been in during those times but not always so if it pops up when you log in that its scheduled those that don't have discord will be notified.
  6. Down for maintenance atm. But generally check server status here but its down atm too https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/board,30.0.html
  7. maintence should be back in 30mins or so
  8. @ Darklite is alive from the Liberty Server :D Can't wait to see you guys in game!
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