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  1. do you always make sure to log out in the portal corp portal room in IP (well any one of them i suppose)
  2. What do ya mean if, i can request anything i want heh
  3. Always wanted to do this more myself
  4. Ive heard stj is great on stalkers.
  5. perhaps, grab some shift AT base it somewhat of of kheldians (use existing models, if no custom ones could be done, i suppose) get a primary with some elemental support and or human form powers, in both primary and secondary, could even put in some soft control forms. heck the forms could be full on elemental embodiment forms ala when iceman goes ice skin, human torch goes flame on, ect
  6. How would khelds work based off of other elements. Ie cold fire psy. Not just energy and neg energy,?
  7. right, it generally ammounts ti just the maximizing part of the term in online games and such, but i guess it could be minimize the number of bad choicies to maximize the ammount of power? i guess?
  8. Generally means minimizing the impact of flaws ext. While maximizing certian powerfull aspects. Well in games with flaws and the like.
  9. Man i remember when db came out and groups if 8 using db on the test server. Dostinct sounds. Heh.
  10. alright level 23 so far with the DB/rad and loving it, grabbed hasten because hey perma hasten, should be easy enough here, esp if i do an alpha slot that does recharge lol
  11. i do have a DB rad, stalker i could bring back up, thanks
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