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  1. Now i just want to organize a nunch of lady gray taskforces. Enough to trigger a raid in every zone. But on test. Anyone up for it?
  2. or has nobody ever tried the combo?
  3. just looking for advice as i am slowly working up one the incarnate path, and thinking of builds and such, or if i took any bad powers, ect so going to respec soonish
  4. Spent like 100 bucks or so on tokens. Days before the shutdown announcement.
  5. Yeah i figure code could be an issue. So it would be an issue of if the special procs are even possible. However it winds up happening. If it does of course
  6. thinking something along the lines of the AT ones where one of the enhancements provides a boost particular to that set example could be, for street justice add in a proc chance to give an extra combo point just tossing out ideas for more vairety i suppose, but this would be a huge thing with all the power sets in game
  7. hey, i remember hearing about, hellion golf back in the day, like stacking tons of KB on power thrust, or something to send low level mobs flying, but what is the best way to set this up?
  8. I e make new 8incarnate components (drops perhaps) instead of shards, and only unlockable vis incarnate trials. Perhaps only for the current top tier so catchup is easier some Thoughts. ideas. Jrangers?
  9. i do play mainly on excelsior, but its easy enough, i am maily looking for a group to form a power rangers team with cause why not lol or some crossover or whatever
  10. figured it may be fun to play on a team of power rangers for nostalgia sake
  11. do you always make sure to log out in the portal corp portal room in IP (well any one of them i suppose)
  12. What do ya mean if, i can request anything i want heh
  13. Always wanted to do this more myself
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