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  1. When you say reset do you mean the mobs respawn back to default? If none of the usual techniques are working I’d recommend leaving the map, and a mission map will usually reset after about 30 minutes of inactivity
  2. You can buy unslotters from the AH, and then you can just drag them from your slots and into your tray, consuming an unslotter each time. No stupid questions, ask away 😀 For more immediate response try the help channel in game, there’s usually a few of us on there answering queries like this 😊
  3. What about something like electric control/radiation? I’m not familiar with electric control, but the electric gremlin pets would be pretty cool. /Dark is great for Controllers too. Or you could make a Dom if you wanted a more aggressive play style. There is also Gravity Control - Propel summons lots of city items to whack the enemies with, and you can teleport things around.
  4. Oh that was it.. yes I definitely went Resistance on that. Which is strange in a way, because Kang himself remains a loyalist cop, so really we should have been able to side with him without ‘joining the resistance’. Surely that is what being a Responsibility loyalist was all about. Resistance should have been kill Kang and blow up the reactors or something! I think I was already resistance by this point, I’m not 100% sure. I think it was with Vanessa DeVore and Mother that I switched, because the character Peacemoon is a psychic himself and no way was he siding with Mother. Although all Seers are female, so no idea what would have happened to him if his psychic ability had been caught...
  5. Is that the one with Cleo? I think siding with Kang is actually a Loyalist move if I remember correctly..!
  6. Yeah it does become difficult to stay a Loyalist once you get into Neutropolis. You start dealing with Praetors who are just in it for themselves and politiking, and it is less about being a law abiding law enforcer. But having done the Crusader arcs for the first time they are equally bad. I probably should have stuck to Warden and Responsibility and left the extremes...
  7. That would be great. Specifically a lot of titles from the trainer are restricted based on whether you're Primal (Hero or Villain) or Praetorian (Resistance or Loyalist). Even Praetorians lose access to their unique titles once they join Hero or Villain allignment. They're also restricted by what Origin you are, but unfortunately most of the Mutant ones seem to think I'm a monster from Resident Evil...
  8. Oh it sounds like what I would suspect. I just find on some global channels there is too much noise that I'm not interested in, which I don't enjoy. I quite like the Help channel for general play because it is more focused on answering questions and discussing game mechanics, and sometimes you can have a nice chat as part of that. LFG is a good one to keep seperate because you tend to know if feel like you're open to teaming or not...
  9. I actually don't follow General channel because I've never had a good experience with general chat channels. How is CoH's? I just have 3 tabs - Chat (Help, Team, Local, Broadcast, League, SG, private messages, etc) Looking For Group (LFG, Private Messages, Everlasting TFs global channel..) Quiet Time (Just npc dialogue and cutscene captions) For the top half I haven't actually set much up yet. Just have Global and Combat...
  10. Its for when I do solo story arcs and don't want to see constant blabbing from any global channels! 😄 Otherwise I end up on the Help channel a lot getting caught up in people's problems...
  11. The rest of the Animus quotes because they made me laugh 😂
  12. Its okay, I think I might have to give up on my quest. Some background - one of the reasons I made my character Praetorian was to have access to the cool titles at 15 and 25. Particularly the loyalist ones. So at 15 I chose the title I liked ("Benevolent"), but along the way I got so immersed in the story of Praetoria that I forgot why I was there. The Loyalist arcs were rubbing me the wrong way and particularly the Mother Mayhem arc (my character is a psychic...) was the final straw and I switched to Resistance. Then later on, I realised I'd potentially locked myself out of the title I wanted! Oh well. That's morality for you 😉
  13. I remember those Scrapyard Demolistionists from when I played CoV on live with my MM. They were one of the first mobs to really cause me problems.
  14. Does anyone know if there is a way to switch from Resistance to Loyalist at level 25? I've completed the story arcs, and if I redo the morality mission via Ouroboros it doens't seem to stick. Is there anything like Null available for switching?
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