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  1. I was just looking at the feedback at the beginning of the thread about too many different portal transport powers and how it is cluttered and difficult to understand, and that was my reasoning for one central hub for all players. Like a place with portals to everywhere. Somewhere for people without their own SG or base perhaps? Like I mentioned though, I’d gate the portals until the player has learned all the exploration badges, or some other method which perhaps could be really cool (like complete the story arcs/TF of a zone to unlock transport to it). The problem with older games is you can end up with many layers of systems and abilities and it’s becomes quite complex and needs a reset. Just seems like a good time to standardise and think about how people are ‘suppose’ to travel around the city.
  2. This would be my tidy solution. What I would like to see is zone hub built for Heroes, and one for Villains, which everyone of that faction can access, from a low level, and has access too via an inherent teleport power that is unlocked at say, level 10. This means players don’t have to create their own base, or sit in their own SG, and it is freely available for everyone. Ideally the portals to each zone would be unlocked by getting the zone’s exploration accolade, but only if access could be an account-wide unlock. So once your main/first character unlocks them, they’re available for all your alts. Give the teleport power a 15 minute cooldown. That seems like a very forgiving compromise. Then, because the power is an inherent power, you could add power customisation to it. So that people can tailor their ‘recall’ power to their character’s theme. Fire, ice, a massive jump into space, psychic, shadow, etc etc. I think this would be a perfect solution, and you could do away with a lot of the messy temporary/paid teleport powers.
  3. I think assault rifles burst and full auto are examples where the mechanics can make missing infuriating. Full auto only has one hit roll. So you either land every shot or miss every shot. Imagine what your character must be doing to miss every shot 😄 and I always think some aoe attacks should always hit if the enemy is caught within. Patches don’t miss so.. And maybe have diminishing returns for accuracy over 95% - especially if you debuff a targets defence some of this would smooth the edges without making any big changes to the core mechanic. I think it would be good myself.
  4. I would say because it has 3 powers that focus on knockback/knockdown, which in today’s modern CoH can be useful but often not essential. So powers that have those qualities as their primary purpose are often overlooked, especially compared to some power pool benefits that can’t be replicated. It also has an intangible (questionable use) and force bubble (repel). We live in a game that really benefits from buffs/debuffs, particularly from ATs that can select FF, and lots of their powers bring neither. I’m not saying those powers are useless, but trying to explain why they’re skipped. Things that might help the offensive FF powers - adding some debuff to Force Bolt/Repulsion Bomb that links for 20/30s. Maybe -regen/-dmg.
  5. The biggest issue with TP is simply that you have to keep clicking where you want to teleport to. With flight, super jump and super speed, you can use the travel time to chill a little. Too much button mashing for me!
  6. The fact you can skip so many FF powers can actually make it quite interesting in a very different way. You can play a FF defender much more aggressively, for instance. Or pair it up with medicine. It is a great set if you want to be good in teams at minimal power/enhancement investment, and use what you save to play with power pools etc that you can’t usually find space for. Also not only is it light in powers/slots required, but it is light in time consumed. You pre-buff your team, and it doesn’t require you to really cast much in combat, so you can focus even more on what it’s paired with and other powers. So in a paradoxical way, it’s weaknesses can be turned into a strength, and do give it a fun type of play style of its own. I really wish FF defenders could shield themselves somehow though. It would make them much tankier and make up for the lack of debuffs, and really would suit the vibe of the set. I wouldn’t want the set to have debuffs added personally. I think being the premier set for making everyone hard to kill should be it’s thing, and that would be fun for a lot of people I think.
  7. RIP GM_Cyclone/ Robotech_Master. I did not know him, but the stories about him in this thread show how much of a kind and giving soul he was. It takes a special sort of person to selflessly support a community, and he was one of those people. I like the idea of his character in his usual hide and seek spot. Maybe a low level mission where you have to find him, and he could continue to give out items to help new low level characters get started. It sounds like a fitting tribute to his legacy and the type of person he was. My thoughts will be with his friends and family today. Peace
  8. I suggested this months ago when we had a weekly discussion on Corruptors. But since we’ve not had any updates to the game in so long, I’ve sort of given up making suggestions in those threads because I’m not sure the replies are listened to. Or even archived and dug our when something is being looked at a later time. Which is a shame, because some of those weekly topics had some amazing ideas. But it felt like just the players talking to ourselves. This isn’t said with anger, just an observation coupled perhaps with some disappointment.
  9. I haven’t posted for a while, but just want to say I’m watching HC with interest and what the devs have outlined in this thread (and others) is looking amazing. Keep up the great work!
  10. I must be the only one who also assigns uses the smartphone emote with my /ah macro!
  11. I never use the temporary attacks as they don’t feel very in-character...
  12. Actually speaking of inventory, a bigger inventory for higher vlevels would be nice. Anything like that which improves your convenience would be great. Im a bit late to the party on this thread, but I always thought an additional enhancement slot for every 50 vet level would be cool. The amount of effort would be huge, but imagine getting a few extra enhancement slots? It could be awesome. And would be quite fitting of a heavily experienced hero/villain. Maybe even an extra power? I don’t see the problem myself. If someone wants to devote that much time to one character then a few extra slots and an extra power or two would not break this game. Arguably the game’s balance is already borked 😉
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