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  1. I never use the temporary attacks as they don’t feel very in-character...
  2. Actually speaking of inventory, a bigger inventory for higher vlevels would be nice. Anything like that which improves your convenience would be great. Im a bit late to the party on this thread, but I always thought an additional enhancement slot for every 50 vet level would be cool. The amount of effort would be huge, but imagine getting a few extra enhancement slots? It could be awesome. And would be quite fitting of a heavily experienced hero/villain. Maybe even an extra power? I don’t see the problem myself. If someone wants to devote that much time to one character then a few extra slots and an extra power or two would not break this game. Arguably the game’s balance is already borked 😉
  3. Once we can stream videos it would also help ☺️
  4. I’ve seen Badge Tours in game. No need for teleporters in the Hollows anymore, and not because it’s too easy. There is a hospital station at the entrance so if you release from death you get ported back to the entrance gate. Back in the old days you’d get sent to Atlas Park hospital...
  5. Well I suppose to go way back to the start the brute was a more aggressive version of the Tank villains. Lines got blurred when every AT became available to everyone. The same issue applies to Defenders and Corruptors. For quite a few builds a Defender will outdamage the Corruptor with the same sets. So the elephant in the room is a lot of these ATs were not designed to be direct competition with each other.
  6. People who have a bad attitude. Whether you’re technically right or wrong, if you have a bad attitude I really can’t be bothered. If you’re nice, funny and polite but the worst player ever I will at least make sure I help you finish whatever thing we’re doing, and sometimes might just stick around for company too!
  7. You know sometimes I read these threads and feel like melee players have their own little balance game going on, completely oblivious to how they fare compares to other ATs 😏 I don’t think Brutes will ever be useless whilst we still have controllers, defenders, corruptors, dominators and masterminds who have a fraction of the defence and even less damage, and control and support that is not as important as it once. 😏 Sometimes it does feels like a two tiered game, but that’s just my current mood.
  8. Is this because tanks AoE hits more targets, rather than the actual damage themselves? Damage multipliers only account for half the story. To be honest I think all melee are overtuned in this game, even in the 20s Brutes and Scrappers especially often run off and solo the whole TF, even at +2 or +3. And if you always have to trade off damage for more defence, then surely the sweet spot is where you’ve traded off as little damage as possible to get enough defence to survive. Anything more than that is superfluous. Which is why people prefer Brutes and Scrappers generally. Also the game is about having fun - tankers should do enough damage that they can have fun. To be honest i wish the same principle was applied more to other ATs, like Defenders and Corruptors, who take a big hit in damage for the support they bring.
  9. This is also why I think we’ve moved into a meta where damage trumps all. A good character, and a good team is largely dependant on how much damage potential they can maximise. Things that offer great defence are unfortunately less important to these days...
  10. I think you should be able to cast them on teammates to give them temporary powers 😄 Cause in teams, your teammates are basically advanced henchmen!
  11. Peacemoon

    MM Duo?

    Demon/cold and demon/thermal has been awesome for me and my husband. You get two sets of shields (defence and resist) to make your pets really tough, plus heals from thermal, and some great debuffs later on. The demons bring their own shield and heal, plus /cold brings even more res with their arctic aura. Thematically it fits beautifully too, since the demons themselves focus on fire and ice, and there are even useful ice and fire apps for later on. You can have a lot of fun with character creation. We went for arcane mages, inspired by the Ancient One and her monks from Doctor Strange. If I could I’d give them martial arts too! was tempted to go ninjas, but we really wanted the sorcery. Freezing Dragonfly and Flaming Dragonfly MM is not my favourite AT, but together these two have been a blast!
  12. I think I would just highlight a lot of support-type ATs can feel a bit defeated on speed runs. MMs do have a problem bypassing mobs with their pets active, but if you’re with a few melee or ranged that can run to the end and brute force the mission, then half the team can often feel like a third wheel. It’s probably the weakest part of the game. My advice would be to not feel too defeated on your MM, as this effects other ATs too, and if you are in this position focus more on your secondary. It’s what a lot of my controllers do when they’re in this position.
  13. I’m not very sympathetic to the ‘plight of force fielders’, sorry 😏
  14. Well, I’m sorry if this is too direct, but there is a stigma because it is an incredibly lazy way to play, just casting a few shields and thinking this is your contribution sorted and let everyone else do the actual fighting. Even though shields are amazing, playing with someone with this mindset feels like trying to lug a deadweight up a mountain. You might as well play without them because they’re just slowing you down rather than speeding you up. And I’ve played FF Defender before the shields were AoE, and it takes at most 30 seconds to shield a whole team for 4 minutes. So there really is no excuse for standing around doing nothing. Luckily we have the MM AT now, which accommodates this play style much better than a Defender does.
  15. @MTeagueis right that Praetoria is more of a solo 1-20 experience. It tends to be slower but that’s not always a bad thing when relearning the game. There are a handful of missions with difficult ambushes, so don’t be too disheartened if you struggle against those, they don’t happen that often outside of Praetoria. Biggest advice I can give you is get familiar with bodyguard mode for your MM (activated by setting pets to defensive+follow) as ambushes will tend to aim for you directly and ignore your pets; bodyguard mode will split the damage between you and your henchman.
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