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  1. This is good advice. I think defender or maybe even some controllers are a good way to go. Certainly my Earth/storm has carried many lowbie TFs before. A mixture of earth controls all doing massive -def, freezing rain and also the o2 heal (which is admittedly weak). It’s a great combo for locking mobs and making them vulnerable for allies. If you properly slot stalagmites too it is an amazing aoe stun. Also earthquake keeps everything knocked down. Not sure if you’re talking about being level 50 and exemplering down, but if you are then the epic enhancement sets for stun and hold would make you pretty godly at all of the above.
  2. Speaking again about mobs. Sometimes there is such huge variance between the new and the old. I was fighting the max level family group in a praetoria mission, and their heavy weapon gunners just tore through my controller. It was a bit of wake up as I’d been happily hopping through missions until then. But their massive damage, control resistance and perception through stealth just made me have to reduce the difficulty as just one would kill me in seconds! I was fighting each group based on wether they had a heavy gunner in it or not. So on one hand they made the game more challenging and interesting. They have new powers (based on the resistance group?) but on the other hand it was a bit of a gear change in difficulty. But maybe this shows that some of the older groups could be buffed up a bit. Like Crey, and that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Although I realise once Homecoming starts changing stuff too much, it might turn people off the game. So not sure how much can be done?
  3. Some thoughts: At low level I think things are generally fine. After level 20 player power goes up substantially in a curve and mob power doesn’t keep up any longer. Mobs are not balanced around IOs. They are still balanced around DO/SOs. I still remember those days clearly, and thinks were so much harder. Teams of 5 or more after 20s just steamroll everything. Particularly as high geared melees can take on a whole spawn themselves without the team supporting them. Task forces are much easier now because everyone is sidekicked/exemplered to the max level. ‘Back in the day’ it was not unusual to start a Synapse task force with half the group as level 16/17, and it made it more chanllenging when fighting level 20 clockwork. Now a days everyone is at the top of the bracket. I actually don’t have a problem with incarnates as much because by the time you get to 50 I think you’ve deserved the chance to overspec your character. They aren’t active below 45 anyway. I think for these reasons I can pay a lot more solo content, or team up for low level stuff, as I find the higher end team stuff a bit boring to be honest. So suggestions and advice? Well here are some ideas: 1) For Task Forces, especially signature ones, mobs should really be at least +2 or +3. With new sidekick system they should be made higher level. Their level should be based on the team leads level and not auto set. 2) Ouroboros allows you to challenge yourself on its story arcs. Allow us to do the same for TFs. The option for no enhancements, no inspirations, mobs buffed, players debuffed are already there. However they’re never used because why would you? Allow rewards for a TF to be substantially buffed if these options are selected. E.g. double merits for choosing a no enhancement run. (Random numbers- but the principle would be good). Pros: people can OPT IN to more challenging versions of old content, and get more rewards for doing so. For those that like it as it is, things continue as normal. 3) Consider buffing mobs above 30 to take into account IOs. Yes we have to be really careful here as the variance between low geared and max geared is extreme. To be honest I’m really hesitant with this unless we... 4) Standardise enhancements. Get rid of SOs and let the shops sell IOs that scale. (Make crafting regular IOs cheaper than buying them). This lets shops be useful again and reduces the gap between the haves and have nots. Give the shops mission arcs that reward you with some ATO enhancements. Or random IO recipes, to encourage people to get into crafting. Put crafting stations in every shop so you don’t have to goto the university. Enhancements are a lot more complex then ever before. 5) Travel - okay this is not completely related but travelling at the moment is a case of hopping everywhere via your SG base. I think that’s fine, but the /enterbasebypasscode command should only work at base portals. Occasionally I’m in a team where someone doesn’t know about this and they are seriously disadvantaged (and yes I do try help them out), but it’s another example of hidden power not available to the masses, or else it would simply be a power unlocked at low level. There is already a base teleporter power as a day job, so... So in summary I suppose it is a range of issues from mob difficulty generally, to how things like sidekicking work now to change everyone’s levels, to fully decked out IO’d characters next to someone with DO/SOs, and hidden advantages if you know how to use them through / commands. Some of these are not healthy for the game, but this is just my opinion. Peace out!
  4. Just to add to what is mentioned here, mob awareness is as always, critical. Unfortunately this often comes with experience and failure, but pin point the most damaging enemy mobs to your minions and isolate them with anything you can. Holds, debuffs, overwhelming damage etc. Enemies with lots of aoe and splash damage are particularly good at wiping out your henchman, so start with them first.
  5. So is it more AR for Defenders do you think or AR in general?
  6. In addition to the other replies, you can move powers such as Sorcery’s translocation to a different place, have it take a spot on your normal power bars (with your regular keybinds) if that is useful to you.
  7. Yep I’ve used that trick too, works really well! I play Earth/storm and there’s a lot you can torture the enemies with behind a wall. Quicksand, rain and earthquake..! As mentioned it’s particularly good at low levels for accuracy. My unslotted aoe immobalise has 95% accuracy on same level mobs that are in quicksand.. it’s amazing! Also as a patch, it doesn’t have a to-hit check itself. I think I only dropped it later on in favour of more diverse powers, and also better slots and bonuses.
  8. Quicksand also has -25% def. The only problem with the power really is it sits in a great set of powers, and takes ages to cast!
  9. People are allowing themselves to be advised because they want what is best for the game and these servers. They understand the HC team have not made this decision lightly. Basically they are acting responsibly putting the good of the community above any personal needs.
  10. Haha! Yes Black Swan it was.. 😆
  11. I just spent almost 2 hours trying to find Black Swan on the Maria Jenkins mission. The one with the floating islands and the heavy fog. I didn’t realise you could enter the big sphere at the back of the map until clearing the whole map and exploring everywhere multiple times! 😞 It gets worse, I am a dark/dark/soul controller and the shadow enemies are resistant to negative. Ahh!!! Help me feel better heroes, what’s the dumbest thing you’ve done on CoH? (Homecoming or live!)
  12. Mind control/illusion control or Mind control/mercs (these soldiers were sent to arrest me.. now they fight for me!) Storm/Empathy might be fun. Although you’d be killing things with gale, lol.
  13. Great reply from r0y. I’m not sure about his ordering in terms of power though. Dark, storm and rad are definitely my favourites.
  14. Peregrine island was effecting my character as well. I went there for the first time after a GM rescued me from Galaxy City and got stuck on the loading screen there too. That was when it become more than just a nuisance and I started running the tests described above. Have to confess I’ve not made any villains yet so hasn’t tried port Oakes.
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