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  1. SG name: The Viper Room Passcode: - SG Lead Global: @Xenotunak A spooky bar that only opens up for the supernatural beasts of the world and those who lie in danger when out i nthe forests of Dark Astoria. A dark gothic themed bar for all your chilling needs!
  2. Hello! Xenotunak#1911 I'm an amateur still my only experience being modding games like the Sims, Final Fantasy 14, and now City of Heroes. So I'm good with modifying textured 3d assets and toying with VFX! Right now I'm in college but my free days are mondays, wednesdays, then thursday-sunday CST! I'm comfortable using Photoshop CC5 to do textures. I'm hoping to modify and create some new textures for costume pieces! Mostly for men because that's what I've been working on lately. Right now I have three mods ready to go and I'm looking forward to showcase them 😄
  3. Um, not for me. It's just really disruptive for my gameplay, where I'd rather being using my buffs and inspirations for missions and not wasting them because i got stunned out of the sky just trying to get back to a contact or going to a tailor. I don't miss them at all lol
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