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  1. Currently the list of registrants is a s follows: Freak Town @owl Vanguard Halo The Grove The Revelatory Prestige Academy of the Etoile Islands @VileTerror Everlasting Server @shard Warrior Firemullet Groupies @Heraclea The Diamond League Imperial Resurgence @Dark Drow The Freelancers @Repunzel The Oasis @Deep Six The Arctic Wolfpack @Azorian Antech @Knight of Iron Star Acanthi @aeolius Global Defense Force @Starforge Crey Super Sporting League Incrediman Carma Island @Dropout
  2. Thank you all!! Some wonderful entries and an amazing attention to theme and detail! Submissions for the 2019 Contest are now CLOSED. Over the next few days the judges will be dropping by for a look. We'll see you on Wednesday at 7:30pm in Kallisti Wharf, and very good luck to you all!
  3. TODAY is the LAST DAY to enter! Please post here or contact @CU_Krow or @BluShield.
  4. Contest winners will be announced in Kallisti Wharf on Wednesday, 20 November 2019 at 7:30pm US Eastern.
  5. And Please don't forget your access code! If you don't want to share in the forum, email to @CU_Krow or @BluShield
  6. Some amazing work here so far, and still a week to go! If you'd like to schedule some time to give a guided tour of your base, please let either @CU_Krowor @BluSHield know and we can work out a time.
  7. Bumping! 2 weeks to go! There are some amazing bases out there, we can't wait to see yours! -Blu
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