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  1. Yup. Ferrera has your prize, ping her and she can get you set. And, of course, congratulations!
  2. On behalf of the Vanguard League and our Special Guest Judge, @ironjoe, I'd like to thank all the participants, entries and supporters for the 2021 Best Base In Paragon Contest. Every year we see an amazing array of bases, and every contest is more difficult than the last. We'd love to give every entrant a prize, and every time we end up adding more prize money to the pool because the bases are just that good! Below is the final list of prizes awarded for 2021 representing a total of 27,000,000,000 influence. Congratulations to everyone involved! Prize
  3. Can do, thanks. It was clear to me, but I'm not really the audience.
  4. Tonight in Kallisti at 7:30pm Eastern
  5. A quick note on Collecting your Winnings: In the past we've had trouble getting winnings to people. The reasons vary, e.g. "I gave you the wrong global" or "It never showed up", etc.. Once again, we are only paying out the @Global we have registered for your entry in the contest. Our preferred method is as follows: The Vanguard Judges, BluShield and Ferrera will stock their in-game mail with the prize money just before the contest winners are announced. After the ceremony is over, we will meet the winners individually and open a trade window. We will confirm this b
  6. I'm assuming you mean Thursday? I need to double check to make sure someone will be on.
  7. Tours are limited to 20 minutes so plan accordingly! Usually it take about 5 mins at the beginning to assemble and that gives us 5 mins to write up some notes. While we'd love to spend an hour in your base investigating every nook and cranny and learn your whole backstory, it's just not possible (we know, we've tried) Sign up below and I'll add you to the table. Timeslot Signup (Please use the base code or your Global) Tuesday, 20 July 2021 7:30pm EDT
  8. Soon, probably this weekend. As I mentioned, there are some RL issues that are slowing everything down a bit.
  9. Quick Program Note: We're a little behind due to some RL issues, so we're going to do the awards on 24 July. This will also give us some time to do base tours.
  10. Ok, just to be clear: here's what we don't want: We don't want someone re-submitted the same base that has already placed at the prize level in last contest. (Really, we've had some awesome winners, but we want to give everyone a chance. Unless you really want to go up against Veracor every time we run a contest). We don't want anyone winning more than one prize. There are lots of corner cases like multiple globals, commissioned bases etc. We're not going to make a complex set of rules because you're all very clever and will find a way to create exceptions we would
  11. LAST CALL!!! Base Entries close on the 30th. For those who want to give guided tours, we'll have a sign up sheet posted with times in a few days.
  12. Yes. That contest was more than a year ago, so you'd be eligible .
  13. Thanks, fixed it. It should have ready Global ID or SG.
  14. The Vanguard League, Everlasting's most chillax SG is sponsoring it's annual base building contest. Some Details below: Entries Close: 30 June 2021 Contest Judging: 17 July 2021 24 July 2021 Prizes: First prize: 10 Billion inf! 20 Billion in total cash and prizes! To enter: Post in the thread below, including your @Global and SG. Either post or email your base entry code. Fine print: One entry per global ID, or SG. We’re very pleased to announce a special guest judge has been added to our roster! @ironjoe will be serving
  15. So, I promised to post our Away From Keyboard (AFK) FF template. Theory craft: The goal here is to build a farmer that you can leave unattended for long periods of time, i.e. Fire and Forget. You don't have to do it this way, there are dozens of builds available on the CoH forums, but it does make operation simple. On most of my FF Brutes/Tanks I have an AFK build (patterned below) and a street build with better rounded defenses and a little more attack UMPH. You want a Brute to start. We've done this with tanks, but Fury is a thing that exists and it works in your fav
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