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  1. Heroes! The Vanguard League of Everlasting is happy to announce plans are firming up for the 3rd Base in Paragon City Contest! We'll make a more detailed announcement as the contest gets closer, but the highlights so far: Date: 15 October 2020 Top Prize: 5,000,000,000 (Five Billion Influence) Total Prize Money: 15,000,000,000 (Fifteen Billion) New Categories! Special Guest Judge: Veracor You've got a little more than 2 months and we'll make more details available as we go, but this is your heads up to START BUILDING! -BluShield
  2. Hi Everyone! The Vanguard League is getting ready for this Fall's Best Base in Paragon City contest in October, and we'd like to pick your brains a bit. Currently we judge bases on Theme, Technical Merit and Creativity, e.g. Do you have a well defined theme and are sticking to it? Does the base do interesting or innovative things with the tools and objects we have available? Is it's design creative and unique, or is it one in a long line of common bases? The problem is, with these parameters we sometimes end up comparing apples and oranges. We've tried to address this with Judge's Awards so that bases that resonate with a judge (or two) get looped in, even if they may not have perfect construction or use the existing object set in conventional ways. This time we'd like to try something different. Stealing a idea from cinema awards, we are thinking about establishing some categories that contestants could join. Just like the Oscars have "Best Actor", "Best Supporting Actor", "Best Key Grip" etc., we'd like to add a FEW (no more than 4) categories to the contest, so we can better compare like to like. The question before the house: What should those categories be? For Example: Best RP Base, seems logical and obvious, but what else should we think about? I'm going to leave this thread up for a few weeks, so mull it over and let us know what categories you'd like to see and why. I can't promise we'll use them, and certainly we won't use them all (more than 4 or 5 categories will dilute the prize pool too much). But chime in and contribute your ideas for categories. -Blu
  3. Windows: Twice now I have gotten Windfall from a Lords of Winter Pack, but it doesn't seem to do anything. Looking at my influence gain both before and after using it, it's the same! Also it doesn't look like my drop rate for recipes is any larger than it was before I used it. Alt: Everlasting server, Quillamina, running Terminator Fire Farm. The first time I had 5 teammates, and they all reported getting the same influence as I did, which I thought was weird. The second time I ran the same fire farm alone. Unfortunately, I didn't capture a screen shot. I did write down the inf I was getting: 128164 - EB 64081 -Boss 20504 -Lt. 5979 -Minon Then re-ran the test after Windfall expired and got exactly the same numbers. I couldn't really tell if the drop rate was higher. I'll file this on the bug site.
  4. Apologies. Re-reading this, I see we were not clear on the process. A number of folks contacted us through in-game email and we were able to schedule almost all of them. We visited all the bases and announced ourselves. In a few cases, we got tours right then or set them up for later. Sorry for being unclear, and I'll make sure we're more explicit about how to get that set up for next round in the Fall.
  5. Outstanding, I am really looking forward to this. I have a large, fortress-like base I am working on, and this will hopefully help me around some problems I'm having. (especially with the stairs.)
  6. Congratulations to our Winners, and thank you everyone for participating! We'll see you again in the fall! First Place: Simulacrum Second Place: Black Friday Third Place (tie): R.A.T.S Third Place(tie): Price-Chatterton Estate Honorable Mention: Kamen Fighters Honorable Mention: Justice Sentinels of America Honorable Mention: Adamant Factor Blu Judge's Choice: The Sanctum of Shadows Ferrera Judge's Choice: The Craglows Deep Six Choice: Hallowed Grounds List of participant bases and codes (NOTE: SGs may change these at any time): Super Group Pass code The Lion's Den LEO-6594 Justice Sentinels of America JSAUNITED-5122 The Sanctum of Shadows - Wedding Edition! SANCTUM-2764 Mercy Island Slums SLUMS-11408 Legion of Valor Valor-30 Peacekeepers PEACE-1570 Erstwhile Bounties Inc. EBINC-12975 Adamant Factor ADAMANTFACTOR-2993 River Styx Styx-13041 New Praetorians Initiative BRIX-10044 Joker's Wild JOKERS-5378 MA Block MONK-11958 The Craglows CRAGLOWS-3450 Cu Sidhe Wilds Sidhe-12413 Penumbra PEN-13614 The Black Sheep DIAMOND-8022 The Vampirum Sanctum SANCTUM-12813 Price-Chatterton Estate MANOR-7356 Naraka Confinement Facility NARAKA-13039 Kamen Fighters HUB-7871 Simulacrum SIMULACRUM-6940 Big Shiney Heroes BIGSHINEYHEROES-6548 Omagatoki OMAGATOKI-11464 R.A.T.S RATCITY-2259 Hallowed Grounds GHOST-1471 Howe Avenue DEFENDERS-6615 Canine Chic CHIC-10348 Black Friday BLACKFRIDAY-4066 The Watchpoint WATCHPOINT-13202 The Blu Line BLU-8439
  7. The votes have been tallied! Come to Kallisti Wharf TONIGHT AT 7:30PM EASTERN! We will be awarding BILLIONS in prizes and, of course, bragging rights to having the Best Base in Paragon City! Party immediately afterwards at OASIS-3471
  8. As of this morning, Sunday 26 April 2020, Entries to the contest are no longer being accepted. We expect we will be doing a similar contest in the October time-frame. In total, 31 SG/bases have registered for this round. The judges have already made some preliminary visits. During the next week we will continue to try to narrow down the choices and should announce prizewinners next Saturday, 2 May 2020 in KW.
  9. Canine Chic, Black Friday, The Viper Room, and The Watchpoint have been enrolled in the contest. Good luck base builders!
  10. Just a reminder, today 25 April 2020 is the LAST DAY to enter the BBiPC contest. The judges will view the bases (perhaps several times) during the week and winners will be announced in Kallisti Park on Saturday May 2nd.
  11. Penumbra, Big Shiney Heroes, Castle Simulacrum, Omagatoki,R.A.T.S., and Hallowed Grounds have been enrolled in the contest. Best of luck to you all!
  12. The Craglows, Cu Sidhe Wilds, The Black Sheep,The Vampirum Sanctum, Price-Chatterton Estate , Naraka Confinement Facility, and the Kamen Fighters have all been added to the contest rolls. Good Luck Heroes!
  13. With 10 days to go in the contest, we will begin scheduling base tours in a few days. Email me in game with some times (@blushield) if you want to give a tour.
  14. The New Praetorians Initiative, River Styx and the Joker's Wild are now entered! Good luck to all!
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