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  1. I thought if I made an I/I/I Dom I would have a good feel for it since i leveled an I/I/I blaster to 50 pre shutdown. I was wrong. I have no clue what kind of playstyle this toon should take. Focus on holds and ranged and give up the high damaging melee attacks? Focus on holds, ranged, melee at the expense of slotting? Focus on IO bonus sets for survivability? Which powers does this toon absolutely need and which ones can be skipped? I need a Dom tutor since I never got one to 50 before shudown.
  2. How about get rid of them when you are not in a Crab build. It is so annoying to have a Bane build on your second build to run around with a crab backpack that does absolutely nothing for a Bane. It should be an easy fix.
  3. Is there a stone armor guide out there that is updated? I have some questions regarding a Stone Armor/SS tank I have: 1- what powers/toggles still run or are active with Granite running? (Does granite shut off tough/weave/maneuvers?) 2- can you make a viable Stone tank by skipping Granite? 3- How important is mud pots and if you need it how do you slot it? many thanks
  4. Greetings to all. I want to make a Dark/Dark/Soul Mastery Dominator but I am wondering what powers from the Primary and Secondary are must haves and which are skippable. I am not as familiar with the dark powerset as I am with others which is why I am asking the collective group. As for my playstyle I tend to favor characters that can fill multiple roles so in this case I would like to be ok at ranged, control, debuffs and melee. I know I cant have it all but close enough is OK as well. Tips are always appreciated in regards to strategies in playstyle and IO slotting. Many thanks.
  5. Do set piece IO bonuses you slot in human form powers carry over when in the other forms? Say if I slot a Res/def IO in human form will it apply when I go into flying blast mode? Trying to make a survivable flying squid.
  6. Than you all for the many replies and tips. I decided on Earth Control to pair with Sonic. I will get a Mind controller with a different non-empathy or bubble secondary afterwards.
  7. Has anyone leveled up one of these? If so can you provide tips or tactics on how to play them as you quest for 50? I would also like to see a viable build if you have one, taking in mind I do not grind influence so purple IO sets are probably out. Many thanks.
  8. Can someone give me the layman’s explanation on what this defender bonus to soloing is?
  9. This is a quick starting point for what i think i can do to make the build enjoyable to play. Taking the advice about travel power and costume pieces I added flight and group fly to take the pets with me. Basically I want good defense for me and pets to survive at ranged distance. This won't be an expensive purple spending build but what I think I can afford. Thoughts and tips are appreciated on IO sets, set bonuses and slotting . Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/ImaginaryDevelopment/imaginary-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the
  10. Looking for any advice on game play strategy and tactics, power selection, skippable powers, and slotting for a Mercs/Traps MM. I envision him a completely normal human military commander type and am wondering if he can get away without a travel power (by purchasing the jetpack frequently), how that plays out at the higher levels.
  11. I have a lowbie widow that I intend to level as a fortunata. I was wondering if anyone has a fortunata build that focuses on mostly psi damage, some control and buffs for teaming. I do not farm so buying a lot of purples is out of the question. Thanks in advance.
  12. @Coyote- many thanks for the info. Next Question- How would you slot the build? What IO sets to focus on? @ Oedipus_Tex- I understand the Psi Epic pool, I use it on my mind controller, but I am more concerned with character theme.
  13. I plan on making a new controller that will be ice control and storm summoning with the ice mastery epic. What would be the must have powers to take from those groups and what would be the skippable ones? I expect to play both solo sometimes but mostly on teams. Many thanks
  14. My first lvl 50 after return is a Mind Control/Emp/Psi Mastery controller. She does not do the confuse route but does have Dominate built for procs. Not too sure about this incarnate stuff. The guide reads like the tax code to folks new to the incarnate system. Anyway, I was thinking of going the Nerve route for my Alpha. Not sure if this is a good idea, not too much exposure to the +lvl 50 content. No clue what to do for the Judgement and Interface that I also have unlocked. Any advice would be appreciated.
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