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  1. Like the title says. This thread is all about creatures from the afterlife, if you have any Undead or beyond the grave characters, I'd like to see them. If you have any back stories for them, well thats even better! I'll start with mine, even tho he doesn't really have a story. Meet Skelecus, was trying to think of a Ancient Roman name to go with the fact he's dead.
  2. Xavier51

    Rad or Invuln

    Hi all, I'm currently playing a Rad/Fire Brute for farming inf and boosting up my other characters. I've yet to set a main character, I always used to play an Invuln/SS Tanker back on live, is Invuln still up there with the top tier armors like Rad/Bio as I'm torn between Rad and Invuln armor. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Here's my post apoc themed Rad/Fire Brute. Pandemick(actually spelling not avail, and my name isn't Mick either)
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